Top 19 Pandering Quotes

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It just seemed the timing of it was a little bit of pan

It just seemed the timing of it was a little bit of pandering to the public at a time of an election.
Matt Gonzalez
Because it’s so easy to medicate our need for self-worth by pandering to win followers, ‘likes’ and view counts, social media have become the metier of choice for many people who might otherwise channel that energy into books, music or art – or even into their own Web ventures.
Neil Strauss
Radio is not a partner in the industry. I think that the music industry has continued to depend upon radio, but has ended up pandering to a medium that doesn’t care.
Don Rose
You know, there’s so much imitation and so much pandering in Hollywood.
Tom Selleck
There would be plenty of justification to raise revenues in order to subsidize businesses that employ low-wage workers. But there can be no justification for pandering to the economy’s entire bottom half merely to attract its votes.
Edmund Phelps
To me, draining the swamp means draining it of pandering and opportunism and filling it in with the fertile soil of freedom.
Madison Cawthorn
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you like what you like. But I felt like with ‘Pride,’ certainly when it was released in America, there were certain things that went on with the marketing where I though we’re pandering to whatever the vibe is of that area.
Faye Marsay
We’ve got to stop pandering and start leading.
Victor Mitchell
Our pandering politicians compete to add names to the dependency of entitlement rolls instead of evaluating the success of these programs by how many people leave the dole and are restored to an independence. And these bulging entitlements are saddling our offspring with unsustainable generational debt.
Ben Sasse
Some people think big audiences are crass and that, say, a comedy that appeals to a wide audience is pandering. Other people would argue that you could say that about Moliere.
Theresa Rebeck
They who gain applause and power by pandering to the mistakes, the prejudices and passions of the multitude are the enemies of liberty.
Robert Green Ingersoll
There are real tricks to getting a job that I just don’t like or understand – it feels too close to pandering. I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t work.
F. Murray Abraham
The big cop-out would be to accept popularity rather than opting to try to create potent work. It’s so easy to do the popular thing, the expected thing, and that’s where you start to cheat yourself – and your fans, in the end – because there’s an inherent dishonesty in pandering and dishing up what everyone’s expecting.
The Edge
Liberals in Congress have spent the past three decades pandering to environmental extremists. The policies they have put in place are in large part responsible for the energy crunch we are seeing today. We have not built a refinery in this country for 30 years.
Marsha Blackburn
Pandering to the scandal hungry public is a total lack of responsible journalism.
Dick Van Dyke
I don’t want to ever write a book that seems like it’s pandering to younger people or talking down to people who I know are very smart.
Ransom Riggs
I’m not homophobic, I’m not a bigot, I’m not pandering to hatred.
Sonny Bono
Because even at the age of fifteen, I used to go see all the Broadway shows and feel that they were sentimental, that they were pandering to the audience and trying to manipulate the audience. I had no use for practically any of the shows that were hits.
Richard Foreman
Plans without price tags are simply pandering.
Ayanna Pressley