Top 19 Power Plant Quotes

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One of the workshop participants had shown me a single

One of the workshop participants had shown me a single 8 X 10 photograph of a power plant where he actually was the general manager of this power cooperative. It was quite magical to me.
John Sexton
Barium, which is commonly found in power plant waste and scrubber wastewater, has been linked to heart problems and diseases in other organs.
Charles Duhigg
And also, we are providing, you know, a nuclear power plant in the north, two light water systems, so some 4 or 5 billion dollars we are providing to meet with North Korean requests on the condition North Korea will not produce a nuclear weapon.
Kim Dae Jung
The EPA issued the MATS rule in 2012, and it is the first national standard created to address power plant emissions of toxic air pollutants. Under MATS, power plants are required to install equipment to reduce emissions of specific pollutants, such as mercury and sulfur dioxide.
Seth Moulton
It’s obviously tricky to convert cellulose to a useful biofuel. I think actually the most efficient way to use cellulose is to burn it in a co-generation power plant. That will yield the most energy and that is something you can do today.
Elon Musk
As a black person in America, I am twice as likely as a white person to live in an area where air pollution poses the greatest risk to my health. I am five times more likely to live within walking distance of a power plant or chemical facility – which I do.
Majora Carter
Our nation’s power plant fleet must include a mix of solar, wind, hydro, natural gas and nuclear plants.
Lynn Good
I hope to attend it as Japan needs to tell the world the lessons, knowledge and reflections learned from the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant.
Yoshihiko Noda
You know, one of the great things about most renewable technologies – not every technology, but many of them – is the jobs have to be local. When you’re talking about a power plant and power generation using solar thermal technology, the jobs will be where the plant is.
Vinod Khosla
People don’t understand that, when I was at WCW, if I wasn’t wrestling that night, I was down at the Power Plant teaching. I was teaching people how to do stuff, but every time you teach someone, you learn more. The more you learn, the more you teach. The more you teach, the better you get.
Diamond Dallas Page
When I started walking and I looked down and I saw on the floor this water, which looked like, you know, water in your basement except it happened to be in the auxiliary building of a nuclear power plant.
William Scranton
Specialization makes it easy to forget about the filth of the coal-fired power plant that is lighting this pristine computer screen, or the backbreaking labor it took to pick the strawberries for my cereal, or the misery of the hog that lived and died so I could enjoy my bacon.
Michael Pollan
The first day at the power plant I found myself photographing some steam vents on the roof of the structure. And I remember consciously thinking that they were just like trees but they were metal.
John Sexton
I remembered seeing it and it was this metallic turbine and I thought it was beautiful. I had never been in a power plant before, but I felt, without being overly dramatic, compelled to make photographs of this for myself.
John Sexton
All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk.
Ronald Reagan
My first memory of cinema is my mother taking me to see ‘Silkwood,’ which is about a whistleblower at a nuclear power plant.
Joshua Oppenheimer
I think my mom drove by a nuclear power plant when she was pregnant. But I wouldn’t be in ‘The Station Agent’ if she hadn’t.
Peter Dinklage
You don’t build a new power plant in the United States overnight. It takes years to build.
John Abizaid
No one in the United States has become seriously ill or has died because of any kind of accident at a civilian nuclear power plant.
Joe Barton