Top 19 Wilt Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Wilt Quotes from famous people such as Confucius, Marcus Aurelius, Saint Augustine, Oliver Goldsmith, Dennis Rodman, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Speak the truth, do not yield to anger; give, if thou a

Speak the truth, do not yield to anger; give, if thou art asked for little; by these three steps thou wilt go near the gods.
Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig.
Marcus Aurelius
Grant what thou commandest and then command what thou wilt.
Saint Augustine
Be not affronted at a joke. If one throw salt at thee, thou wilt receive no harm, unless thou art raw.
Oliver Goldsmith
Wilt Chamberlain lied when he said he had 20,000 women.
Dennis Rodman
I want to be strong, dominant. Like Wilt Chamberlain.
Shaquille O’Neal
You have to decide if you’re going to wilt like a daisy or if you’re just going to go forward and live the life that you’ve been granted.
Kevin Costner
First get an absolute conquest over thyself, and then thou wilt easily govern thy wife.
Thomas Fuller
Today, I am a touring standup comic who cannot stand up. Within three minutes, I begin to wilt, lose my balance, and topple over. I can tap dance and run in heels, but I need to use a wheelchair to navigate airports.
Maysoon Zayid
I remember one time I wrote something very, very critical about Wilt Chamberlain. The next time I saw him – and Wilt was not a man, as huge as he was – he was not a man of confrontation. And we were in the Lakers locker room. And he sent Jerry West over, and he said, ‘Frank, Wilt would like you to leave.’
Frank Deford
If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires.
And thou wilt give thyself relief, if thou doest every act of thy life as if it were the last.
Marcus Aurelius
There is no excuse for a well-dressed gent to wilt in the warm months.
Roger Stone
Any kind of blockage is heart disease; when you have a blood clot anywhere, that’s heart disease. When Wilt Chamberlain died, strongest man I ever met in my life, I started paying attention.
John Salley
I am the flower child who will not wilt. You couldn’t have asked for anything more.
Annie Golden
My top three were Jim Brown, Wilt Chamberlain and Bo Jackson.
Dick Schaap
If I’ve gone to the market on Saturday, and I go another time on Tuesday, then I’m really prepared. I can cook a little piece of fish; I can wilt some greens with garlic; I can slice tomatoes and put a little olive oil on. It’s effortless.
Alice Waters
You don’t have to be Wilt Chamberlain to get into the Basketball Hall of Fame. If you don’t have a sweet turnaround jumper from 18 feet, the best route to the Hall is fatherhood. Daniel Biasone, aka the ‘father of the 24-second clock,’ made the cut.
Brendan I. Koerner
Being able to go forward has been good, you know? I’m lucky to have that ability, to pressure guys and make them falter and wilt.
Daniel Cormier