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God bless Chris Guest... and I mean it sincerely.

God bless Chris Guest… and I mean it sincerely.
Fred Willard
I finished ‘Bigg Boss.’ Why should I go on the show again? What is the need for it? If I have to go in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, I will go as a guest, exchange pleasantries and leave.
Shehnaaz Gill
I don’t mind doing occasional guest appearances on shows, but I have other things I’d like to do in my life now.
Jodie Sweetin
When you’re on a show that is so free with the body and nudity, you get a guest director every episode, and you want to make sure that they’re not trying to one-up each other. It will take away the integrity of our show and the character if you’re just gratuitously showing boobs.
Shanola Hampton
I get a guest on the air, and they’re weird or strange, and I help them tell their story. I don’t laugh at them. I listen.
Art Bell
A common mistake people make regarding dining rooms is to buy a matching set of table and chairs, which can be monotonous. I like to mix guest chairs in one style and head chairs in another for a more interesting, dynamic look.
Candice Olson
What’s more important to ‘SNL’: comedy or buzz? To the writers, players and guest hosts, it’s probably the former; to Lorne Michaels and the suits at NBC, it’s ultimately probably the latter.
Rachel Sklar
I’m a really good dinner party guest. I am always so appreciative, impressed that anyone has even managed to turn on the oven and cook for me.
Lucy Punch
I am a guest of the French language. My poems in French are born of my interaction with the French language, which is not the same as that of a French poet.
Tahar Ben Jelloun
Chris Guest has his own form. It’s a way of working that is really intense, and you can commit a lot, and you focus a lot. You get to bring a lot. You get to bring things maybe you haven’t seen before. You’re asked to care a great deal for these people who you’re playing and create heart and empathy.
Parker Posey
When someone stays with you and they’re not your guest, even when they are your guest they get on your nerves. When people visit for long periods of time, that just happens.
Sean Durkin
I’d never done a sitcom until the ‘Michael J. Fox Show.’ I’d never even guest starred in one until then. So it was definitely a learning curve, which is what I wanted. I wanted to do something new, to challenge myself.
Betsy Brandt
The federal government secures the border; Californians decide how we want to treat our population. I think we need a vibrant guest worker program. If we have one, we’re going to stop having a lot of issues at the border.
Elizabeth Emken
Every person is also a citizen of some country. In their country, they have rights and responsibilities. In every other country, they are a guest.
James Lankford
Nobody can be as agreeable as an uninvited guest.
Kin Hubbard
When I was 10 or 11, I was on this TV series called ‘Dead Man’s Gun’ and Henry Winkler was a guest star. He hung out with me and my brother the whole time. We had no idea who he was. Our parents were star struck.
Reece Thompson
What I really want to do is comedy. I would love to do some guest star spots on some single-camera comedies.
Katie Featherston
Sometimes jobs are jobs, and when you guest star on television, you’re also working with a guest director. You’re the new kid on the block, because everyone else is already in the ensemble.
Robert Englund
Probably the most common question I get is, ‘Who’s your dream guest?’ That’s kind of annoying because there isn’t one.
Billy Eichner
So often people read conspiracy into a thing when it’s really a confluence of cock-ups and the wrong button being pressed at the wrong time, or the guest you wanted gets into the wrong taxi and doesn’t show up.
Emily Maitlis
I’m the only talk show host, I think, if there’s such a category in, what’s called, the book of records, to have a guest die while we were taping the show, yeah.
Dick Cavett
Let me say this: I have said, any time, if it’s Martin Mull, I will say yes. If it’s Christopher Guest, I will say yes.
Fred Willard
Doing that, then doing a lot of theater, which I love. Doing guest stars, did two independent films that are going around to all these festivals. Both of them are going to be at the Lake Tahoe Film Festival.
Austin Peck
It’s nice to go and be a guest on a television sitcom. It pays well; it’s easy because generally it’s a supporting role, so you go, you do two or three things, you’re in touch with people there. They’re widely popular, so they’re seen by many people.
Isabella Rossellini
I love dress shopping, and I love talking about the wedding food. That’s what makes me happy. If you tell me to do a guest list, I cry. I hate it.
Chrissy Teigen
My dad sung and played piano. But he was also a man of God. He was a minister. So when Sam Cooke would come in town, you know, with The Soul Stirrers at that time, he was singing gospel, they would end up at my dad’s church, and it would always be a guest singer for Sunday morning.
Merry Clayton
I used to be the chief guest in all the prize distribution ceremonies of shooting competitions. I tried my hand on a lot of guns, and my aim improved. I started hitting tiny targets, like a mineral bottle cap.
Nana Patekar
I would love do a guest spot on ‘Castle’ because Nathan Fillion is so dreamy, and he and I are friends. And I think we could have a lot of fun.
Callie Thorne
Six good guest shots on top shows during one season are more than enough and any producer who wants to make me happy could offer some floating guest dates for discussion and panel shows. It’s generally agreed that I love to talk, so shows of this kind are right down my alley.
Nipsey Russell
The guest to me was always paramount.
Larry King
‘So You Think You Can Dance’ comes on as a high-minded leap up the evolutionary ladder from other reality shows – on this one, you’re supposed to learn something, and the guest judges are fellow dance professionals rather than actual celebrities.
Rob Sheffield
I'm Latino, progressive, and I have deep roots in the w

I’m Latino, progressive, and I have deep roots in the working class – my father was a bracero, a guest farmworker and cook, and my mom worked as a nursing home laundry attendant.
Jimmy Gomez
The lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house a guest, and then becomes a host, and then a master.
Khalil Gibran
I’d rather be a good guest in someone’s home than tell them I don’t like their food or make fun of them.
Andrew Zimmern
I’ve been watching ‘Californication’ since the pilot aired and had always thought that it would be so much fun to guest star on.
Callie Thorne
Arranging an official dinner in an embassy is a little like writing a script for a play. The prolog is the guest list, often the most difficult part of the whole creative operation.
Letitia Baldrige
I finished ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ in 2012, and I’m living in my agent’s guest bedroom in Los Angeles because you don’t make a ton of money writing an animated film. The movie makes a billion dollars, and you make ‘twelve cents.’
Jason Fuchs
There’s a couple of movie parts that I can’t remember. There was always something kind of lurking, because when ‘The Office’ started, I wasn’t a regular. You’re a guest star, so they don’t really need you. They didn’t say that, but I’ve seen the show – with or without me, it’s still funny.
Craig Robinson
Enforcement is the long overdue step to protect our Nation from external threats in a time of war. And then once we do that, we can effectively discuss a guest worker program.
J. D. Hayworth
I had actually auditioned for a guest star role on ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ and the show had the same casting director as ‘Riverdale.’
Madelaine Petsch
Getting those parts in the Christopher Guest movies was the second biggest helper to my career after ‘Fernwood.’
Fred Willard
Sometimes, as a guest actor, when you come on, you’re coming into a show that’s already been established, and the wheels are already in motion. It can be very nerve-wracking, jumping in as a newcomer, but everyone on ‘Saving Hope’ was so welcoming.
Erin Karpluk
If you are someone’s guest on a corporate jet, the most important thing to remember is not just to be on time, but to be early. If you hold up the departure of the jet by as much as 10 minutes, you may cause the plane to wait in line for another hour or two before obtaining new clearance.
Letitia Baldrige
We’ve had some really good guest stars. But I have to go with Alec Baldwin as my favorite. He is so neat and such a movie star. He’s handsome and quirky. I was in heaven the week he was on the set.
Nikki Cox
I’ve been offered guest spots on the TV shows ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ and ‘Martial Law,’ along with others.
But the calibre of actors that they attract to come and do the guest leads on ‘Doctor Who’ is fantastic. You weigh it up, and in this series alone, there’s Hugh Bonneville, Frances Barber, David Walliams. Toby Jones has done it.
Daniel Mays
I for one believe that we absolutely need an improved guest worker program, one that holds immigrants and employers accountable and yet still enables us to get a crop out of the ground in south Georgia.
John Linder
My first paying job was guest starring in ‘Touched By An Angel’ when I was 12. It was very exciting. I couldn’t believe you got free food all day and people were so nice to you.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
For me, for every single job, I don’t care if it is a reading, I don’t care if it is a guest spot on a TV show, or a film. I always get the heebie jeebies.
Tamlyn Tomita
One of the tricky things about running a TV show is that you just never know how good the guest stars you cast on a weekly basis, how good they’re going to be in the episode. Sometimes they surprise you in good ways and sometimes they surprise you in disappointing ways.
Shawn Ryan
I did a guest appearance on The Practice and loved it.
Sharon Stone
I had five years in the business in Canada, and then I came down to the States in February of 2010. I had a good pilot season. I started getting guest star work. I started to get bigger stuff.
Stephen Amell
I would love to be a guest on a talk show or a panel that shows women who have been on reality shows who’ve had success, to prove to audiences that you don’t have to be a fool to become successful.
NeNe Leakes
My mom and I built a guest house on my property so that my mom could help me fostering animals. I do multiple fosters a month.
Nikki Reed
A lot of people ask me, ‘Are you going to do a sequel to ‘The Guest’ or ‘You’re Next?’ – those movies weren’t financially viable, so even though there are a lot of fans of it, it’d be a pretty small market we’d be appealing to. It’s got to be a big hit for you to really justify that.
Adam Wingard
My mobile rang around lunchtime one day, and it was George Michael. He wanted to come in on Friday. We were like, ‘okay, if that’s what you want’. And he was a very good guest. That’s a real exception to the rule.
Graham Norton
My friend Jerry Falwell was the one who said it, and he was a guest on my show, and it’s hard to take the blame for everybody who shows up on your show.
Pat Robertson
People didn’t stop me before for a guest spot that I did on ‘Smallville.’ Nothing against ‘Smallville,’ but people didn’t freak out in traffic to tell me they love my show.
Diego Klattenhoff
The first time I was on ‘Johnny Carson,’ I remember being so scared, but the minute he started talking to me, I felt a little more comfortable because I just knew he was going to take care of me. Hopefully, I have learned something from watching him for so many years that I can offer that to a guest.
Bonnie Hunt
With the long-format interview, I can get into really interesting conversations with my guests. You know what it’s like to get the opportunity to speak to really interesting people and pick their brain about things. To have time to let a guest actually speak and tell a story and get into detail is really exciting.
Tom Green
The coolest thing I’ve gotten to do in the past few years is guest star on Sesame Street.
Norah Jones
The first acting part I ever got was a guest spot on ‘Chicago Hope’ playing a security guard. I thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be cool.’ But a little bit later, I got a vague part on this short-lived show called ‘Marshall Law’ with Arsenio Hall and Sammo Hung. It was a poor man’s ‘Rush Hour.’
Maz Jobrani
We rarely find anyone who can say he has lived a happy

We rarely find anyone who can say he has lived a happy life, and who, content with his life, can retire from the world like a satisfied guest.
When you’re a guest star on a movie or a TV show, I always say it’s like being invited to a family reunion, but it’s not your family. So you don’t belong – they’re being nice to you, but you don’t fit in completely; you don’t know everybody’s story. You don’t have a history.
Ato Essandoh
He was J. DiMaggio, and that was his business. He always was served and hosted – he was America’s guest. And I really I don’t think we would have the athletes that we have today and the social system in which they live without DiMaggio and what he did.
Richard Ben Cramer
My dream was maybe someday, one night I can be a guest on a talk show, and then I will have achieved everything I want.
Dick Cavett
Every person is created in the image of God and has value. Every person. Every person is to be treated with respect. Every person is also a citizen of some country. In their country, they have rights and responsibilities; in every other country, they are a guest.
James Lankford
Although we are being presented in Carnegie Hall, we have to furnish a budget for our guest stars, and for the music writing – which is a huge budget in any orchestra that plays popular music.
Skitch Henderson
Christopher Guest, he’ll call and say, ‘We’re doing this movie, and I’d like you to play _’ and he gives you the character, then I always like to enlarge on the character.
Fred Willard
I had played many gay characters before, but they were finite – guest characters in TV shows or characters in plays.
Eric McCormack
I feel a tremendous responsibility to my crew, to my cast, to every guest star that comes on.
Julianna Margulies
If there was any show I could guest star on, I would want to guest star on ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ because I am such a nerd and I love that show. If there was ever an opportunity to be on that, I would snatch it up.
Atticus Shaffer
The Doctor’ is the kind of character – because the guest cast is changing all the time, there are very few constants in the show, so the ‘Doctor’- when you’re there, you’re in it a lot. You’re speaking a lot.
David Tennant
I don’t have some sort of moral dilemma with coming as a guest to an event or a fashion show.
Derek Blasberg
I suppose the White House thinks it’s doing what Big Business wants, but it will lead to vastly increased taxes, because all these guest workers are to be allowed to bring their children.
Peter Brimelow
I think we were in London for TV and David Hasselhoff was guest host of ‘Raw’. We had the match where we did the slo-mo entrance run. It was really funny.
Gail Kim
Writing ‘The Noonday Demon’ turned me into a professional depressive, which is a weird thing to be. A class at the university I attended assigns the book and invited me to be a guest lecturer.
Andrew Solomon
For years and years, I was doing extra work and guest spots and anything I could cobble together.
Adam Scott
Christopher Guest movies are my top of the line favorites.
Nina Blackwood
Business owners have made a strong case to me that they need guest workers. But none has suggested that these workers should be placed on a path to citizenship.
John Shadegg
The New York Times published the guest list on the front page. The masks were a brilliant concept.
George Plimpton
It is difficult sharing and capturing so many years of memories and the people behind the words-and even though that guest book can speak volumes, in between, the pages remain so silent.
Eugenie Anderson
Regular panelists on shows can be terrifying. They own that space, and many guest comics suspect they are favoured in the edit, while their own hilarious jokes end up being ejected into the ether.
Jo Brand
That was the first time ever in history that anybody got Special Guest Star. I started that whole nonsense.
Jonathan Harris
Yes, I’ve already done a couple of guest voices.
Gary Cole
When I did the film Generations, in which the character died, I felt like a guest for the first time. That made me very sad.
William Shatner
I had no portrait, now, but am small, like the wren; and my hair is bold, like the chestnut bur; and my eyes, like the sherry in the glass, that the guest leaves.
Emily Dickinson
In most cases, the only genuine victims of the ‘safe places’ demands for censorship are conservative student groups and their invited guest speakers.
Tom Tancredo
I have the version of me where I’m interviewing someone, where I definitely am the straight man, and I like to show a lot of respect to my guest and let them take the reins. I don’t like to compete with my guests. I don’t like to be funnier than my guests or get into a ‘Who’s wackier?’ sort of thing.
Tom Green
Americans have the right to choose to be unarmed and helpless. Be my guest.
Ted Nugent
I’m ready for whatever D.C. can throw at me. But if he stands there and tries to dish with me, be my guest.
Anthony Johnson
The most important thing you can do is make the distinction between customer service and guest hospitality. You need both things to thrive, but they are completely different.
Danny Meyer
I went to Broadway and I’ve been doing some fun guest spots with ‘Entourage’ and ‘Glee’ and I’m ready to have my own show.
John Stamos
Jesus is a divine guest inside of you all the time - on

Jesus is a divine guest inside of you all the time – one who loves, understands, sees and hears you. He wants to live in oneness with you… to be the centerpiece of everything you do.
Joyce Meyer
I becan acting when River was doing this TV series and they needed two kids for the show, so they got me and my little sister, Summer, to do it. After that I did some really weird guest spots with orangutans and stuff.
Joaquin Phoenix
You notice patterns. White guests often are mortified – that word again – when they learn their ancestors owned slaves. But I’ve never had a black guest who was upset to learn about white ancestry that probably involved forced sexual relations.
Henry Louis Gates
So many actors started on soap operas. So yeah, I’d graduated Julliard and done some theater. I’ve done a few guest spots on TV but nothing that long-term. I did a little ‘E.R.’ back when it was on, and a pilot for ‘Cold Case.’
Finn Wittrock
On August 28, 2010, Fox News messiah Glenn Beck hosted a ‘Restoring Honor’ revival meeting featuring sexy guest star Sarah Palin, much as Bob Hope would roll out Raquel Welch in white go-go boots on his U.S.O. tours to give our fighting men a morale lift in their khakis.
James Wolcott
I think that curiosity happened on these reviews where I was just a guest of the reviewer, because it introduced me to new cuisines and to the idea of cooking as a mechanism for studying other cultures and understanding other parts of the world.
Ted Allen
My favourite TV show is ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ and I actually made a guest appearance on it. I didn’t really have lines for my character, but I definitely want to get more into those kinds of shows.
Maddie Ziegler
My house was a guest house of many Jaina saints, Hindu monks, Sufi mystics, because my grandfather was interested in all of these people.
I was always prepared for my ‘Fringe’ journey to end immediately. I had only signed up for a guest role but they kept bringing me back in the third season as a recurring character. So pretty much every time I went to film a ‘Fringe’ episode I kind of said goodbye to the show, but then they kept bringing me back.
Seth Gabel
I actually never auditioned for ‘Full House.’ I had done a guest appearance on ‘Valerie’ as the next door neighbor’s niece, and from that I got into ‘Full House.’ I was only five years old, and I was on the show until I was 13.
Jodie Sweetin
Stephen A. Smith is the hardest-working man in sports show business. The ubiquitous basketball pundit appears on ESPN about 10 times a day as a regular on the show ‘NBA Fastbreak,’ a guest commentator on ‘Sports Center,’ and a pundit on ‘ESPNEWS.’
Stephen Rodrick
I was on the show previously as a guest host, so I had a little practice.
Rocco DiSpirito
If I’m not in the theatre, I’m in an open mic night or doing a guest set at the Comedy Club, or whatever, just trying to develop stuff.
Ron White
I like everybody at ‘Criminal Minds.’ I would like to guest star, but I don’t know if that is in the cards.
Paget Brewster
I teach jazz dancing and I can be a guest teacher whenever I want.
Ann Reinking
When we were getting married the Hindu way in Arrah, we had an old guest who asked my wife what her ‘good name’ was. I think she’d heard that I had married a Muslim. When my wife said, ‘Mona Ahmed Ali,’ the lady looked at me and exclaimed, ‘Oh, so you’ve married a terrorist.’
Amitava Kumar
Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
A beautiful soap left in the guest bathroom, some fresh flowers by the bed, or a small gift of chocolates in their room will make anyone feel welcome.
Tinsley Mortimer
And so, little by little, I gradually divested myself of pretty nearly all of the guest conducting I used to do, because I was at the same time working in the places like the Met, where I could work in this sort of depth.
James Levine
There’s a lot of comedy in ‘The Guest,’ so it was a bit more fun in a sense – it wasn’t so heavy like ‘It Follows.’
Maika Monroe
If you’ve made it big in Bollywood, such as Kareena Kapoor Khan and Katrina Kaif, and then you do an item song, it becomes a ‘guest appearance.’ That’s how it works. Sadly, that’s the attitude of our Hindi film industry.
Daisy Shah
I would say that one of the things that we are proud of is that we are attracting very interesting guest stars. One is Tyne Daly, who has done a wonderful job.
Michael Biehn
As for my stuff, I’m just doing guest verses for other people’s records. I try to stay recording, because if I don’t, I get rusty.
It’s often the guests you don’t expect to be interesting who are the best. On ‘Light Lunch,’ I remember a guest called Ivor Spencer. He was the Royal Toastmaster and he was great, a real good-time guy.
Mel Giedroyc
In an industry where actors are known to steal scenes and roles from under your nose Sohail bhai has been going out of his way to be good to me. It’s true he got me Subhash Ghai’s ‘Paying Guest.’ The role was offered to Sohail bhai. When he couldn’t do it, he recommended me.
Vatsal Sheth
Lance Guest in ‘The Last Starfighter’ had such integrity and held himself to such a high standard that I just wanted to raise your own standard to meet it. He is a hard-working, giving actor. He made me feel secure and better in my role opposite him.
Catherine Mary Stewart
I had been doing plays in New York and on a whim we packed up and moved West, I started doing commercials and plays and guest star spots on TV and one thing led to another and I got Knots Landing.
Joan Van Ark
Our guests, in fact, who buy online with Ulta Beauty and in our store is our best guest. But what she is buying online is quite incremental. She is not just replenishing like-items: she is buying new and exciting things all the time.
Mary Dillon
It’s a fascinating job, to come in and be the most interesting person in an episode. Whoever the guest star is, that’s the job – to maintain the interest and the focus for that 42 minutes or whatever, and it should be a huge relief to those people that are the leads in the shows.
Mark Sheppard
I cannot stand when you go to a wedding and get fed tiny portions. I want everyone to have a good feed on my wedding day, so I plan on having several types of sausage, mash, and gravy up for grabs. Every guest will have a Yorkshire pudding, too!
Jon Richardson
I have sort of made it my mission to be treated less as a foreigner, less as a guest.
Kenny Omega
I always did TV commercials and made great money to put

I always did TV commercials and made great money to put myself through school. That became guest starring roles on TV shows.
Malin Akerman
I remember reading ‘The Guest’ and thinking, ‘This is going to be something!’
Maika Monroe
It is fun to do the one-off guest stars on stuff.
David Denman
When executing advertising, it’s best to think of yourself as an uninvited guest in the living room of a prospect who has the magical power to make you disappear instantly.
John O’Toole
My appearance was always good and my ability to play on the piano, especially ragtime, which was then at the height of its vogue, made me a welcome guest.
James Weldon Johnson
I’m a comedic actor, not to mix words, but it’s something I think about. A comedic actor. I like to think that Christopher Guest, Phil Hartman, Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness are comedic actors. And Dan Aykroyd, too. Those are my heroes.
Mike Myers
The first day one is a guest, the second a burden, and the third a pest.
Jean de la Bruyere
Perhaps host and guest is really the happiest relation for father and son.
Evelyn Waugh
Everything at Airbnb is a continuation of what it’s like to be a guest in somebody’s house. We think about how each stage makes people feel.
Joe Gebbia
I do guest vocals all the time.
Alissa White-Gluz
I remember playing six nights at Wembley in the 80s. I partied for three of those straight, with our friends Duran Duran. Back then, the fun was about the after-show – who was coming to the party and whether they had a guest list pass.
Martin Kemp
Like, on the ‘Parks And Rec’ set, I still feel like I’m a guest star. Being a fan of the show, it’s really surreal to be on the set and see that it’s not real, and getting to know the actors and they’re not their characters.
Adam Scott
No guest is so welcome in a friend’s house that he will not become a nuisance after three days.
I’ve been on a lot of shows that I like, doing guest appearances and little things. I’m just trying to have fun with being retired.
Chuck Liddell
I first met Jim Valvano in the 1980s when he was a frequent guest on our CNN ‘Coaches Corner’ show based in Atlanta, as he was always in the area recruiting the next North Carolina State basketball phenom.
Craig Sager
When I was studying at The Lawrence School, Sanawar, Sanjay Dutt came to our school as the chief guest on the Founder’s Day. He is an alumnus of the school.
Varun Sharma
I have such respect for guest actors. They don’t know all the characters as deeply as the regulars, and the cast isn’t your family, so you have more at stake.
Brenda Strong
I always wanted to be a Muppet. So when ‘Sesame Street’ approached me to guest star, I thought: ‘I’m going to be on this!’ It’s pretty incredible stuff.
James Blunt
I got my feet wet in a couple of shows. I did a cameo on my favorite show, ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ And I guest starred on a show called ‘Kickin’ It’ on Disney.
Gabby Douglas
I remember we would get young, aspiring actors to come on ’77 Sunset Strip’ – I remember George Kennedy was one of those – and they would do a big guest star part, a lead, and they’d be paid maybe $850.
Edd Byrnes
It took a while for the first ‘Blade’ to get made, and Marvel decided they liked the Whistler character so much, when Blade guest starred on the ‘Spider-Man’ cartoon, they put Whistler on the cartoon, and the movie hadn’t come out yet.
David S. Goyer
You know you’re getting older when – well, first off, when you read almost any story that begins ‘You know you’re getting older when.’ But you also know it when you not only never heard of the musical guest on a given ‘Saturday Night Live’ but never heard of the host, either.
Tom Shales
When I first began doing TV pilots, my expectations were high. I didn’t understand that world. So when ‘Weeds’ took off, I was so happy. Especially as I was just a guest star in the pilot. But once it got picked up, they made me a regular cast member.
Kevin Nealon
In 1956, I received an invitation to a dedication of an observatory in the Soviet Union, in Soviet Armenia, as a guest of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.
Nancy Roman
There are so many restaurants that cook for themselves and think they are different. But it is always about making your guest feel special.
Johnny Iuzzini
I wasn’t offered a role in ‘Expendables 1,’ and I’m a guest star in ‘Expendables 2.’
Chuck Norris
I don’t know how ‘X Factor’ works. I was only there as a guest judge for a day. But I watched ‘The Voice’ a lot; I respected how it came across on TV, and I love the freedom we get as coaches to do what we want.
Rita Ora
I started acting, when I was 15, in commercials and guest roles. I was definitely a working actor, so I was thankful for that. But I never had to work at a store, although I would have liked to.
Evan Peters
In the Philippines, the host should always be willing to defer to the wishes of the guest.
Ferdinand Marcos
We still lend our old house out to relatives. They keep a guest book for my fans to sign.
Loretta Lynn
I think education was the key for me, and that’s what I tell kids. That base in the classics gave me something to springboard from, which I wouldn’t have had if I’d come out to Los Angeles early and been guest punk of the week on ‘Hill Street Blues.’
Jimmy Smits
I don't know what my next dream role gig is, but I have

I don’t know what my next dream role gig is, but I have so, so many shows that I’m like, ‘Oh my God, can I guest star on ‘New Girl?’ Like, that would be amazing!’
Allison Tolman
Our guest likes the convenience of being able of drive up to the store and not necessarily walk through a mall to find Ulta. This kind of shopping has been trending for some period of time.
Mary Dillon
It was a lot of fun doing ‘Felicity.’ She had just won the Golden Globe, and she was huge at the time, but she was like the nicest girl ever. As a guest star on a show, you get on the set and you feel out of place, but she was so nice to me and really cool.
Simon Rex
The main prank that we play with props is for people’s birthdays. The special effects people will put a little explosive in the cake so it blows up in their face – that’s always fun to play on a guest star, or one of the trainees or someone who’s new.
Catherine Bell
I know what she used to do sometimes. She kept her best cape she wore on the street in there, and she used occasionally to go up there to get it and to take it into her room. She kept a great deal in the guest room drawers.
Lizzie Andrew Borden
I did a guest appearance on ‘Entourage.’ That was horrible, because I’m used to analysing the characters, working with all the details… and they said, ‘No no no, walk and talk, walk and talk! It’s energy energy energy!’ – so it didn’t quite suit me.
Stellan Skarsgard
My first appearance as a guest on The Tonight Show was in ’81.
Garry Shandling
I believe it is wrong for Canada to follow the path of countries who exploit large numbers of guest workers, who have no realistic prospect of citizenship. It is bad for our economy in that it depresses wages for all Canadians, but it’s even worse for our country.
Justin Trudeau
Oh my gosh, I would love to guest star on ‘Entourage.’
Autumn Reeser
When you’re guest-starring, it’s very nice, but you’re there very briefly, and it’s right there in the name: You’re a guest. It’s very hard to get a real sense of belonging. With recurring and regular roles, at least you have a sense that this is a home and a steady place.
Zeljko Ivanek
Should we attempt border security first, which I believe we should, we still need to face the fact that comprehensive reform is necessary. This must include a guest worker program and dealing with the 11 million people who are here today that are contributing to our economy.
Jim Costa
Someone asked why I invited Jon Stewart to be the first guest on the ‘Journal”s premiere in 2007. ‘Because Mark Twain isn’t available,’ I answered. I was serious.
Bill Moyers
When I gave a direction to an actor in the show, I know their whole journey better than a guest director could know it.
Miriam Shor
Ab-Souls Outro’ serves as a jazzy, spoken summation of ‘Section.80’s themes. Guest cohort Ab-Soul opens the song with one urgent verse after another: Flowing freely like the saxophone behind him, his words advocate veering outside life’s most predictable pathways.
Anthony Fantano
I’ve been told I’m a good guest. I don’t take up much space, I don’t eat a lot, and I keep my complaints to a minimum.
Carole Radziwill
The one show that I will continue to be a guest on is ‘The Daily Show’ with Jon Stewart, if he’ll have me. It’s not competitive with CNN and it’s too much fun.
Fareed Zakaria
Never met Levinson. Ever. He directed those American Express spots for us for Seinfeld, and I was off on some guest spot that I didn’t even want to do… and I got talked into doing it.
Patrick Warburton
I’m incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to bring Mae to work with me as I take on the guest role of ‘Mary McGowan.’
Laurie Metcalf
I’m very much looking forward to relentlessly focusing on ensuring an excellent guest experience, removing unnecessary complexity from our operations, championing innovation, and pursuing our mission of making better food accessible to more people.
Steve Ells
But also, the guest workers program, it’s quite often misused, meaning people could come in as part of a guest workers program and after two weeks in the fields, they’d run off to do every other kind of job that isn’t covered by a guest workers program.
Dana Rohrabacher
Being a host or a guest or a pundit, you really want to say something that’s interesting and potentially provocative, that’s going to stick with people. The last thing you want to say when you’re a politician is something provocative.
Krystal Ball
K. Michelle was the worst guest for me.
Angela Yee
I had told my agents that I didn’t want to do television. I can’t believe I had that gall, looking back on it. I would never condescend to do TV, and then ‘Taxi’ called up for a guest spot in the first season. And my common sense kind of took over, I guess.
Christopher Lloyd
With Christopher Guest films, we have a lot of say.
Jennifer Coolidge
It’s so funny, I’ve done so many projects where I’ve been interrogated. I guest starred on almost every hour drama, and I’m always the guy they think is the bad guy but then they find out is not.
Aaron Paul
When I was born, my parents – my mother especially – couldn’t come to terms with that fact that they had another baby girl. I know these stories in detail because every time a guest visited, or there was a gathering, they repeated this story in front of me that how I was the unwanted child.
Kangana Ran
I came to bobsledding quite by accident. I was on a skiing holiday in St. Moritz and took a guest ride. I liked it. I thought it was a thrilling experience. It is scary. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was apprehensive at first.
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
I was once asked to be a guest presenter on ‘The Big Breakfast’ for a week while Chris Evans was away, but I said no as I knew I’d be hopeless. If they asked me to guest present the ‘Today’ programme on Radio 4, however, I’d jump at the chance.
Harry Enfield
I did a guest episode of ‘Royal Pains,’ and then right after that, ‘Supergirl’ happened, and I was like, ‘How did I get here?’ Every day, I walk on set, and I’m waiting for someone to be like, ‘Ma’am, you can’t be here.’
Nicole Maines
My favorite Luna disc is our third, ‘Penthouse,’ a sparkly, moody album that works from track one all the way to track 11. Tom Verlaine of Television and Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab make guest appearances. I am also fond of the final Luna album, ‘Rendezvous.’
Dean Wareham
I love my regular job playing with Alice Cooper, I love doing my solo stuff, I love doing guest spots and guest tours. So I just love to play, and I’ll play with anybody that’ll have me, just about.
Nita Strauss
I got the first thing I auditioned for - a guest role o

I got the first thing I auditioned for – a guest role on two episodes on ‘All Saints,’ and I don’t think I had ever been that excited.
Mia Wasikowska
Lissa Treiman is an artist who submitted a guest strip to me back in 2008 and whose work I’ve followed since. She works in animation. When I first mentioned on Twitter that I was interested in writing a series but not drawing it, she got in touch.
John Allison
One sometimes feels a guest of one’s time and not a member of its household.
George F. Kennan
You know it’s funny that none of the regular late-night shows now use guest hosts the way Johnny did. No one talks about it much, but it’s curious that they don’t do it. They would each have to be asked the reason why they don’t.
Garry Shandling
My very first role was the character of Barbara Winslow in the movie ‘Marmaduke.’ Up until that point, I had only done commercials. I had never done a guest star role or a series, and yet they cast me!
Caroline Sunshine
Unless you’re a salesman, or a bad guest on a talk show, you don’t call someone by his name that often.
Patricia Marx
I started on ‘Saturday Night Live’ the same time Conan started on Late Night. We just had a relationship because I would be upstairs in the studio and whenever he couldn’t get a guest – which was often back then since he was just starting out – he would just call me down to be a guest.
Norm MacDonald
I have to say, working with Dan Stevens in ‘The Guest’ and seeing his transformation was incredible. Also Kate Winslet. Off set, she’s loud and sweary, but when she walks on set, she has this calmness and is so centred.
Maika Monroe
Actually, guest star roles are really hard. Since you have to walk into a show where the cast has been working together for a long period of time, it can be a real challenge. And you have to feel your way around that while still making an impact on the overall effect of the show.
Jane Badler
When I first worked with Mark Harmon I was 15 years old on ‘Harts of the West.’ He had a pretty heavy guest role as a drunken rodeo clown in our second or third episode.
Sean Murray
Some of the Christopher Guest movies, when I’m not really like myself, when I have my hair dyed blonde or had a faux-hawk haircut. Those I like to watch because it takes you away from your real self.
Fred Willard
Chris Guest movies are funny.
Michael Keaton
I do think sometimes there’s danger in guest appearance mania. I’ve seen too many examples that sound cool on paper, like ‘Oh, get that guy to sing the hook on that guy’s song,’ and then that’s all it is. It’s a cool idea that sounds good on paper.
Ezra Koenig