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No hidden talents, but I have a lot of hobbies. Acrylic

No hidden talents, but I have a lot of hobbies. Acrylic painting – I got a whole set, and I light candles at night and sit there and paint and look out on Lake Michigan.
Christen Press
I filed a brief as a friend of the court in the U. of Michigan to keep affirmative action at the U. of Michigan, which I attended the law school. And I was one of the original sponsors of making the Martin Luther King birthday a federal holiday.
Dick Gephardt
The most powerful recent innovation in government is when states aggressively use community colleges for retraining. In Michigan, where large numbers of workers were displaced from the manufacturing industry, we created a wildly successful program: No Worker Left Behind.
Jennifer Granholm
Growing up in Flint, Michigan, I saw so many kids from my school end up in jail or unemployed, and gangs would hang out and cause trouble in my neighborhood. I had to learn how to protect myself, because it didn’t feel like anyone else was protecting me.
Claressa Shields
Living in New York, you get a lot of confidence; when I go back to Michigan, I realise how obnoxious and demanding and straightforward I am.
Angel Haze
We obviously – I’m from Michigan, so we saw a disproportionate number of these social media ads targeting us, targeting our population. So I want to close that loophole. That’s my amendment, so that no foreign entity can buy an ad for or against a candidate in our democracy.
Elissa Slotkin
Hockey is my favorite because I’m from Michigan. I used to figure-skate and root for the Red Wings.
Jana Kramer
It was 1967, and the hippie thing was happening. I got into experimenting with drugs while I was in college in Michigan.
Glenn Frey
I used to live in an old historic shipyard town called Trenton, Michigan, and a month after I moved in, I started hearing this woman screaming my full name at three in the morning, every night. Finally, on the seventh or eighth night, she screamed it again, and I woke up.
Zak Bagans
People in north Michigan are not different at all from people in southern Alabama. Trust me, someone who’s spent a lot of time in both places. They’re all hardworking, simple people.
Kid Rock
Neither the University of Michigan nor its law school uses a quota system.
Adam Schiff
I’ve lived all over the country – Michigan, California, Texas, New Jersey, Rhode Island and, now, Maine – but I never understood springtime until I spent 25 years farming in the Ozarks.
Sue Hubbell
I went to the University of Michigan for two years, and I auditioned for ‘Bring It On’ during my sophomore year, so I got to finish my sophomore year, and then I joined the cast – the touring cast.
Taylor Louderman
I am old enough to remember when America’s K-12 public schools were the best in the world. I am a proud graduate of them, and I credit much of my success to what I learned in Detroit Public Schools and at Michigan State University.
Eli Broad
It’s a success story here in Michigan. We have hiring going on. We have new industries going on.
James P. Hoffa
Michigan is my antidote to Manhattan. This is where I come to relax.
Mario Batali
Michigan will be Democratic in some years and Republican in some years. I don’t think we’ll ever make the mistake like we did in 2016 and not turn out again.
Gretchen Whitmer
As a former stand-up comic from my University of Michigan days, the opportunity to participate in a Friars Club roast was bucket-list stuff.
Rich Eisen
Michigan State means so much to my life and me.
Draymond Green
I’m a member of the Michigan Democratic Party, a DSA member, member of the League of Women Voters, ACLU.
Rashida Tlaib
I had a wreck during a race in Michigan, which led to the hyperextension of my left leg and subsequent amputation.
Mike Schultz
Michigan’s problems are not partisan problems. Potholes are not political. There is no such thing as Republican or Democratic school kids or drinking water. These challenges affect us all. They make Michigan a harder place to get ahead. A harder place to raise a family. A harder place to run a business.
Gretchen Whitmer
There’d be a call from Michigan Scout, then Michigan Rivals, then Iowa Scout, then Iowa Rivals. These guys are competing, and I’m just the guy in the middle giving them the story.
Myron Rolle
I went to Holland Christian High School in Holland, Michigan, and to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Lisa McMann
I’ll always be a fan of coach Harbaugh. Not too sure about Michigan.
Colin Kaepernick
I don’t want people to feel like I’m upset or bitter with C-Webb or the University of Michigan. I love them both.
Jalen Rose
My mom graduated from the University of Michigan, which is a great school. Then she got her Master’s from NYU. She wanted to be an actress, so when she graduated, she had a dream, and she started following it. She moved to New York and took acting classes with people like Denzel Washington.
Big Sean
I think Michigan keeps you sane and on an even keel through the ups and downs. In Michigan, I do fireworks, shovel snow and live life.
Jeff Daniels
I used to drive up from theatre in Michigan to Stratford, Ontario to watch every show. I idolized the actors from Stratford. I was very influenced by them because they would come down and work at my theatre and get time on their American Equity union cards.
Robert Englund
I love fan bases where it matters so much. In that state, with both Alabama and Auburn in the same state, it just makes that rivalry so unique. You guys live it 52 weeks out of the year. Ohio State fans live it 52 weeks out of the year, but their counterpart, Michigan, doesn’t.
Kirk Herbstreit
I did study with Anne Carson briefly in Michigan. She taught there, and that’s where I first encountered her, in her class.
Julia Holter
But I love Chicago summers on Lake Michigan, Philly che

But I love Chicago summers on Lake Michigan, Philly cheesesteaks on South Street, falling in love in Brooklyn, street fairs in Asheville, North Carolina.
Vic Mensa
It is my responsibility to always have my ear to the ground on issues affecting the people of our district, and whether it’s supporting the veterans of Michigan’s 8th district or anyone else, I will always do my best to listen and follow through on the needs of folks here.
Elissa Slotkin
By 1968, I had lived 10 years in Michigan. Gradually, I had come to love watching Detroit’s baseball club in its small, beautiful, antiquated Tiger Stadium – a baseball park as fine as Fenway Park or Wrigley Field, though it never got the adulatory press.
Donald Hall
So whether that’s taking a bunch of people from Chicago down to Standing Rock or being in Flint, Michigan, or being in Palestine or Baton Rouge after Alton Sterling’s killing, I’ve been trying to, just as a man, be present and stand with the struggling and oppressed people around the world.
Vic Mensa
I have a lot of family in Marquette. I’m way more familiar with the U.P. than I am with the lower peninsula. I’ve visited Michigan every couple of years since I was a kid.
Adam Conover
It was just a decision I made from the heart and that was it. I was going to go to Michigan.
Jim Harbaugh
Michigan is a very special place and the college experience only comes once.
Caris LeVert
I had full rank scholarship to the University of Michigan, which anybody in the north will tell you, I don’t know anyone that has had that at the University of Michigan, which tells you that I was a stand up student.
Brandi Rhodes
Being with my family is my favorite thing about being back in Michigan.
Jim Harbaugh
I’m very proud of the auto industry in Michigan.
Rick Snyder
When I went to Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, what I really wanted to be was a radio announcer.
Mike Wallace
When people ask if Marquette University is in Michigan, and I tell them my alma mater is in Milwaukee, they sometimes say, ‘What’s the difference?’
Steve Rushin
A lot of people talk about the Fab Five, and they were wonderful, one of the best teams you’ll ever see in college basketball. But the ’89 team is the best one to ever play at Michigan in my opinion because they won the national championship. Winning a championship is winning a championship.
Trey Burke
I was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, about 20 miles from Kalamazoo. I lived around there for about seven years. That community is one that I really care about.
Frankie Ballard
I’d have probably gone to Michigan. Only because one of my friends, Vada Murray, who passed away, went to Michigan and as a freshman and sophomore he was my big brother at Moeller.
Ken Griffey Jr.
All the people who can’t get into Michigan go to Michigan State.
Jalen Rose
When people think about Michigan, they usually think about cars.
Sander Levin
I worked with several writers at the University of Michigan: Nicholas Delbanco, Peter Ho Davies, Eileen Pollack, Laura Kasischke, and Thomas Lynch, who told me the same thing over and over again: Persist. Read, write, and improve: tell your stories.
Jesmyn Ward
I’m from the Detroit area, just north of Detroit. But then I went to boarding school in northern Michigan, so a little bit colder up there. But beautiful, very beautiful.
Dan Amboyer
During my senior year, when I was attending the University of Michigan and getting a drama degree, the Purple Rose Theatre was in its second season. The year before was the company’s inaugural season. I, of course, wanted to work there. It was started by a really prominent local actor, Jeff Daniels.
Matt Letscher
They said a Republican could never win Michigan. I knew better, you knew better, and Donald Trump knew better. We all know – never underestimate Michigan.
Ronna McDaniel
My wife and I now live in the summers in northern Michigan in an environment which is wonderfully conducive to research, and where most of my work in the last 15 years has been done.
Douglass North
I think the most important thing to know is I’m running for governor because I love the state of Michigan.
Gretchen Whitmer