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Voice actors I used to know who were starting out in co

Voice actors I used to know who were starting out in comedy were guys who did a lot of voices. They were usually comedy actors who developed their comedy by doing tons of impressions and voices that were usually very funny. And I never did any of that, so that’s, I guess, why I don’t consider myself a voice actor.
H. Jon Benjamin
The NHL’s got tons of players from different backgrounds from different places around the world. That’s what makes this league so special and that’s what makes sports so special; it brings everybody together.
P.K. Subban
A lot of Washington state is beautiful. You have just tons of mountains, beautiful bodies of water, you have a lot of rolling hills in eastern Washington. I’m biased, obviously, but there’s not a lot of places in the world that are like where I grew up.
Joe Harris
I’ve been eating tons of organic foods, staying away from processed sugars, white flours, and anything artificial. It’s the same as my normal regime, but I’m being even stricter, because everything I put into my body is literally building this precious baby inside me.
Danica McKellar
In ice dance, the practices are huge. The judges are there, they’re talking. Your judge is trying to sell you to the other countries’ judges – ‘Look at that lift, they have tons of speed’ – and you have to be on.
Scott Moir
Making the record was tons of fun, the most fun I’ve ever had.
Iris Dement
Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago and living in New York, it didn’t even strike me as a possibility that a place could really exist without tons of Jews.
Molly Yeh
Material comes all kinds of ways, and it’s never a question of a lack of material or a lack of projects – I have tons of projects. The issue is to convince someone to give you the money. And it’s a very different business than it was just 8 years ago.
John Landis
I had a good time working with Russell Crowe, Ron Howard and Ed Harris. It was a great cast and Russell worked really hard, doing tons of research and questioning everything.
Jennifer Connelly
I thought my second record was good, but it didn’t have that smash hit we did on the first one that somehow found its way onto tons of formats of radio stations.
Mat Kearney
Normally, making polenta means having a convenient excuse to use all the butter, milk, and Parmesan in my fridge. Using miso and water instead builds tons of flavor but keeps the texture light.
Chris Morocco
I sent in tons of submissions and proposals, and I collected my share of form rejection letters. Eventually, I found myself working at a comic book shop, where I met my future collaborator Brian Hurtt.
Cullen Bunn
Google is in an amazing position to be the target of tons of lawsuits that will set precedent for many important things for us on the Internet.
Joichi Ito
My parents were kind of like me in that they had tons and tons of weird, amazing stuff.
Jaron Lanier
We now think it hilarious that medieval streets were used as open sewers. Equally, our descendants will say: ‘You won’t believe this, but people were once allowed to hurl a couple of tons of dangerous metal around smashing into each other.’
Norman Foster
I have tons of art books. I have them all over the place. They are in my car, in my bag, and in my studio. There are books around me all the time.
Barry McGee
And since plastic does not naturally degrade, the billions of tons sitting in landfills, floating in the oceans or piling up on city streets will provide a marker if later civilizations ever want to classify our era.
Tatiana Schlossberg
There’s tons of members of the Carradine family. It’s more like a clan than it is like a family, and it’s rare that we can get a bunch of them together. We do once in a while.
David Carradine
When I’m on set, everybody always hangs out, especially on ‘Euphoria’ we’re all the same age, so we would do tons of things together, which is a lot of fun.
Sydney Sweeney
I mean there are tons of reasons. Well first of all. I write my own record. I don’t take other people’s materials. And I have a job which is being Willa Ford on top of getting back in the studio and writing and recording.
Willa Ford
When we were presented with the opportunity to start this group, we were just like, ‘Why don’t we?’ The name stuck. You can also apply it to tons of different things. Why don’t we spread positivity? Why don’t we love each other?
Jonah Marais
Yeah, tons… fillers and botox and I’ve definitely made some mistakes but it’s hard to watch yourself get older on television.
Brandi Glanville
But I want people to understand that poker’s not all glamorous, it’s not all being on TV and making tons of money. It’s a hard life. It’s a lot of travel. It’s a lot of weird hours.
Chris Moneymaker
I made tons of mistakes. Who hasn’t?
Jodi Lyn O’Keefe
I like squats because they help build that foundation of strength. I do tons of single-leg moves for strength and balance because they let you test your strength in one leg at a time. But even on my leg days, I make sure to fit in some core work.
Sam Darnold
It’s kind of like, I love doing tons of different things. The only thing I hate is not being in ensembles.
Topher Grace
Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.
Rick Warren
How I learned to read was by reading the captions on TV, and I grew up from a really young age watching tons of movies and television. Also, at the same time, I was a pretty hyperactive kid, kind of ADD.
Cameron Monaghan
For me, vision is just about the most important thing. So goggles play a huge role in my sport. I come to the competition with a bunch of different goggles and tons of different lenses in multiple tints. The weather can always be changing, and you have to have the right thing to make sure you can see perfectly.
Gretchen Bleiler
As for testosterone, it’s gotten a bum rap. Yes, it has tons to do with aggression but it doesn’t cause aggression as much as sensitizes you to the environmental triggers of aggression.
Robert Sapolsky
A huge potential audience, great interaction with your readers, the ability to see what people like and what they don’t, the ability to see how people respond to what you’re doing in real-time – there’s just tons of great stuff that you get by being online.
Ryan North
I have a huge breakfast every morning because I never k

I have a huge breakfast every morning because I never know if I’ll have time for lunch, especially during Fashion Week. It keeps my mood positive all day. And my parents taught me to have tons of fruit and vegetables, which I think helps my skin.
Constance Jablonski
You see a comic, and you’re like, ‘Oh wow: the Riddler has been drawn this way, and he’s been drawn that way.’ There are tons of looks, and his personality changes based on who’s writing them.
Cory Michael Smith
How many Americans, for example, are aware of the fact that U.S. planes dropped on the Korean peninsula more bombs – 635,000 tons – and napalm – 32,557 tons – than during the entire Pacific campaign against the Japanese during World War II?
Mehdi Hasan
I listened to Bill Bennett and tons of other talk show hosts who talked about that and other policies and started branching out and caring about other issues in regards to politics.
Jonathan Krohn
I try to eat healthy. But sometimes, though, I eat cheeseburgers. That’s good for the soul. I make sure to balance everything out. I drink tons of water.
Gal Gadot
Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show is pure madness. Big personalities, big hair, and tons of press.
Erin Heatherton
By packaging a full album into a bundle of music with ringtones, videos and other combinations and variations, we found products that consumers demonstrably valued and were willing to purchase at premium prices. And guess what? We’ve sold tons of them.
Edgar Bronfman, Jr.
There are tons of wonderful places to eat in London.
Yotam Ottolenghi
I’ve read a lot of bad books. I used to review books for a living, and when you’re a reviewer you read tons of terrible books.
John Green
The second-most abundant biopolymer on the planet is called chitin, and some 100 million tons of it are produced every year by organisms such as shrimps, crabs, scorpions, and butterflies. We thought if we could tune its properties, we could generate structures that are multifunctional out of a single part.
Neri Oxman
There are tons of really good writers out there, but for one reason or another, they just have not had the support that allowed them to build audiences.
Janet Evanovich
There are a lot of guys who do this job, and they have tons of assistants. They all kind of write together, and for me, it’s basically me here in this room, and that’s it.
Michael Giacchino
Sixteen Tons was written eight years before I recorded it.
Tennessee Ernie Ford
Every month, about 20 tons of paper are wasted in restaurant menus alone, and so, you know, by that rationale, if you just ate your menu that was made from organic, local products, you could eliminate that paper waste.
Homaro Cantu
We go to Italy every winter, and my husband’s mother has a bingo party on Christmas. Every woman brings a dish: lentils, cavolo nero, tons of beans, polenta, every type of cheese, bruschetta, fresh vegetables, and local olive oil and wine.
Debi Mazar
In reality, there are tons of unrepresented voices that we don’t see in comedy.
Franchesca Ramsey
The factor most ignored in discussing interstellar flight is the kinetic energy that must be invested in the ship to make its tons of matter move at a substantial fraction of the speed of light.
Barney Oliver
I read tons of comic books. My favourite is Grant Morrison, a Scottish comic writer.
Frankie Boyle
Philly’s busy enough. There are tons of record stores and record-head friends and plenty of D.I.Y. shows. It’s a place where people pass through and bands don’t usually skip on tour. There are lots of music resources, but it’s not too over the top.
Kurt Vile