Top 20 Fanfare Quotes

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'Cabaret' was launched with fanfare, and the songs orga

‘Cabaret’ was launched with fanfare, and the songs organically created quite a buzz.
Pooja Bhatt
Some of the greatest, most revolutionary advances in science have been given their initial expression in attractively modest terms, with no fanfare.
Daniel Dennett
I am honored to have served as our great nation’s first National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. I will continue to serve as Ambassador Emeritus. And I will make good on my Ambassadorial promise to my wife to stop playing the ‘Fanfare’ every time I walk into or out of a room.
Jon Scieszka
The first series of ‘Open All Hours’ came and went without much fanfare because the BBC, in its almighty wisdom, put it out on BBC2, reasoning that it was ‘a gentle comedy’, better suited to the calms of the second channel than to the noisier, choppier waters of the first.
David Jason
When ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand’ was released, it was a big success and very well appreciated. At that time, colour films had just started to be made, and Guru Dutt decided to take the title song of the film, shoot it in colour and rerelease it with new fanfare.
Waheeda Rehman
Seldom has a politician left public office with more self-generated fanfare than Sen. William S. Cohen.
Tucker Carlson
With little fanfare, Jared Kushner is quietly tackling Washington’s slow, outdated modus operandi while simultaneously engaging in high-level diplomacy that promotes America’s interests on the world stage.
Kayleigh McEnany
Ragtime was a fanfare for the 20th century.
Russell Lynes
Modernity means overabundance. We are living in the age of mass-produced objects, things that come without announcing themselves and end up on our tables, on our walls. We use them – most of us don’t even notice them – and then they vanish without fanfare.
Orhan Pamuk
When you make albums like I do, and it’s based off fanfare and based off touring – I make these albums, and I get on the road. It’s not really a radio-driven thing. I get on the road, and I see my fans, and I touch each and every last one of them.
Pusha T
A soulmate is someone who you could spend a great deal of time with just sitting on a sofa and feel happy. You don’t need fanfare. You don’t need to go out to expensive restaurants.
Karen Salmansohn
You have to remember that when I met Elvis, you know, it wasn’t the fanfare that it is today or even when he was here in the states and I was in Germany growing up.
Priscilla Presley
I like having my autonomy; I like going into the vegetable aisle with little fanfare. Very few go into that star category, in that uber above-the-title category. The rest of us, day in and day out, we’re there to support what they do.
Beth Broderick
In China, inaugurations are frequent affairs, though they have nothing to do with presidents. A news cycle rarely passes without some fanfare over the inaugural ride on a new subway line or the inaugural trip across an unusually large bridge.
Evan Osnos
It saddens me to see the reality-television shows that are getting so much fanfare that are a celebration of stupidity and the degradation of women. And those women are consistently wearing too short, too tight dresses. I hope the trend of aging gracefully returns.
Prabal Gurung
Andrade had fame and popularity in Mexico, and he experienced that same fanfare when he made his NXT debut.
Zelina Vega
I think that being isolated from the Hollywood world of premieres and red carpet events was probably good for me because I could ease into those at will and by my own choice. But in other aspects, when it comes to fanfare, Hawaii is nuts and in L.A. they’re all so jaded. They don’t care.
Evangeline Lilly
I want to keep everything balanced. That’s why it’s important not to have too much fanfare.
Andrew Scott
Since the iPhone, the most transformative products have not been gadgets but services. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have changed lives, but they didn’t launch to massive fanfare.
Steven Levy
The case against Susan Rice has been building for years with little fanfare. Not surprising, the mainstream media reporters based at the U.N. have either ignored her mistakes or strategically covered them up.
Richard Grenell