Top 20 Long Beach Quotes

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I started 'The Daily Show' when I was 22. I was going t

I started ‘The Daily Show’ when I was 22. I was going to class at Long Beach.
Jessica Williams
So I started to relax and would work on my act eight hours a day, sitting at a desk writing at my grandmother’s house, and I would put on Richard Pryor Live on Long Beach and would play it like a loop and think and write.
George Lopez
It was just crazy opportunity to see that whole world and the competitions that we had in the film, like Long Beach, it was just crazy and so much fun. I felt like I lived all those moments in the movie.
John Robinson
I grew up in Long Beach during a transitional phase. It’s a lot better now, but there was a time where it was the peak of gang culture. That’s a crazy thing to be born into.
As far as best comedy show, Richard Prior live. The Long Beach show. That’s the apex, that’s the pinnacle. That’s what everybody’s trying to reach for. When he walked on that stage he had the red shirt on in Long Beach and when he walked on that stage to the time he left, he was on fire.
Eddie Griffin
Long Beach is fast. Every day, you hear something bad; somebody gets hurt.
Nate Dogg
Before I left to go to college, I was living in Orange County, Anaheim Hills. And prior to that, I was in Long Beach.
Omar Benson Miller
I’m from Long Beach – not the best area in the world – and I had a lot of ghetto friends growing up.
Manny Montana
I went to school in Long Beach, and all the seniors I used to kick it with called me Pac.
Demetrius Shipp, Jr.
In my district, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles handle approximately 44 percent of all of the goods delivered to American shores, yet they are in constant need of revenue for facilities, improvements and upgrades to roads and bridges and rails.
Dana Rohrabacher
The Harbor Area is everything – Carson, Wilmington, San Pedro, Long Beach, that whole little bubble that I grew up in. I always throw it up after I finish fighting, I always throw up the Harbor Area. Out of pride. It made me who I am. It brought me my goods; it brought me my bads. It molded me into who I am.
Brian Ortega
The oceans are more or less in disrepair. Long Beach really is making an effort to acknowledge this, and that’s a great place to start. I’m trying to spread at least the knowledge that it’s never too early to take care of our oceans and our environment.
Aaron Peirsol
I can’t read music. Instead, I’d do stuff inside the piano, do harmonics and all kinds of crazy things. They used to put me in these annual piano contests down at Long Beach City College, and two years in a row, I won first prize – out of like 5,000 kids!
Eddie Van Halen
There’s something special about racing in real streets. The ‘artificial’ circuits have a certain sameness to them. But every race conducted on real streets has a character of its own – Barcelona, Monaco, and now Long Beach.
Mario Andretti
Long Beach is the best. I tell everyone that.
Mario Andretti
I went to Long Beach State, started out as an actor.
David Twohy
There’s a lot of talent in South Central L.A., in Compton and Long Beach and Watts, and the city north of Pico pretty much sits back and waits for that talent to emerge and then steps in.
Ice Cube
I started attending community college when I was 14 or 15, just doing general education stuff like history and mathematics. Then I went on to California State University Long Beach to pursue a degree in journalism. And then I ended up dropping out to found Oculus.
Palmer Luckey
When I was eight, I would look at the cover of the ‘Ghost Rider’ comic book in my little home in Long Beach, California, and I couldn’t get my head around how something that scary could also be good. To me it was my first philosophical awakening – ‘How is this possible, this duality?’
Nicolas Cage
I was born in New York. I grew up in San Francisco, Long Beach, and Los Angeles.
Tab Hunter