Top 20 Stingy Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Stingy Quotes from famous people such as Julie Burchill, Freema Agyeman, Katie Lee, Gloria Vanderbilt, James Anderson, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Because I was an only, I had more things, and I remembe

Because I was an only, I had more things, and I remember early on the kick I got from giving stuff away. Despite all the myths about only children not being able to share, actually I’ve never knowingly met a stingy one.
Julie Burchill
I couldn’t sustain myself if I skimped on food – I work 16-hour days, I need the energy, I can’t afford to be stingy on what I eat.
Freema Agyeman
My secret for feeding a bunch of guests without seeming stingy is pork tenderloin. It’s an inexpensive cut that looks impressive and is full of flavor. Plus, guys love it.
Katie Lee
I do spend money. I like to spend money, on houses – on furnishing houses. And I love to give presents to people. It’s just in my nature to be that way. I always spent money I had. And I always spent what I made. I’m not stingy.
Gloria Vanderbilt
I am quite stingy when it comes to giving runs away.
James Anderson
My main concern is theater, and theater does not reflect or mirror society. It has been stingy and selfish, and it has to do better.
Anna Deavere Smith
I’m stingy and I’m proud of the reputation.
Ingvar Kamprad
For all the billions of dollars created here, Silicon Valley is remarkably stingy when it comes to giving.
Sarah Lacy
Courtesy is the one coin you can never have too much of or be stingy with.
John Wanamaker
We can spend Rs 5,000 for a meal at the Taj and thousands on all kinds of shopping, but we’re always stingy about books. We always think of borrowing. Why? Writers can use some support. If you have space and money, you should buy your own books.
Sudha Murty
A rug doesn’t have to be pricey but for maximum oomph it must be sizeable and not stingy.
Hilary Farr
If you’re raised with a poverty mentality, nothing is going to change it. I do know some really stingy billionaires. I come from such a generation of hand-to-mouthers.
Robert Downey, Jr.
Be generous to the poor orphans and those in need. The man to whom our Lord has been liberal ought not to be stingy. We shall one day find in Heaven as much rest and joy as we ourselves have dispensed in this life.
Saint Ignatius
The United States is not stingy. We are the greatest contributor to international relief efforts in the world.
Colin Powell
My parents took an interest in nothing, at home no books, no records. My mother and my father are the emblem of indifference, dryness and bad taste. My father is also terribly stingy, in life as well as in feelings: I have never seen him filling up the bathtub.
Vincent Gallo
For content creators, it’s really important to be honest. Your audience will appreciate if you’re stingy with the brands you work with.
Franchesca Ramsey
A child’s kiss is magic. Why else would they be so stingy with them?
Harvey Fierstein
Fear will make you stingy.
Kenneth Copeland
Husbands, recognize your wife’s intelligence and her ability to counsel with you as a real partner regarding family plans, family activities, and family budgeting. Don’t be stingy with your time or with your means. Give her the opportunity to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially as well as spiritually.
Ezra Taft Benson
Do I care about clothes and stuff? Not much. It’s a bit sick, isn’t it, people spending all that money on clothes? I’m too stingy. I wouldn’t pay £100 for a shirt.
Louis Theroux