Top 200 Concentration Quotes

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In the Second World War, they're talking about the Japa

In the Second World War, they’re talking about the Japanese traitors and putting them into concentration camps. But companies like DuPont had factories in Germany turning out stuff for the German Army.
Rob Walton
This galloping concentration in broadcast ownership is unhealthy.
Byron Dorgan
Concentration may be my weak point.
Evonne Goolagong Cawley
I don’t want any more concentration camps for animals that are cruelly treated, force-fed to fatten themselves up for our consumption.
Steve Wynn
There were ten concentration camps in France from 1939 on.
Martha Gellhorn
The audience has to understand that if the film is going to have any meaning for them. If they are going to empathize with the characters, they have to visualize the process of concentration involved in making every move.
Conrad Hall
In 1978, when I thought of creating a flag for the gay movement, there was no other international symbol for us than the pink triangle, which the Nazis used to identify homosexuals in concentration camps. Even though the pink triangle was and still is a powerful symbol, it was very much forced upon us.
Gilbert Baker
No fine work can be done without concentration and self-sacrifice and toil and doubt.
Max Beerbohm
The art of pictorial creation is so complicated – it is so astronomical in its possibilities of relation and combination that it would take an act of super-human concentration to explain the final realization.
Hans Hofmann
As long as I’m communicating and staying in the game, my concentration is always going to be there.
Jordan Pickford
The Philadelphia region does have capital, but there’s no concentration of it.
Josh Kopelman
I don’t want it to be a holiday camp, but it shouldn’t be a concentration camp either. It is about getting the balance right with my relationship with them. I will do anything for the players but I’m not their pal as well.
Chris Wilder
And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that.
John Dalberg-Acton
It’s all well and good to say that Germans were all responsible for the concentration camps, but I don’t think they were. I think that was the work of a small group of fiends.
James Laughlin
Concentration is a fine antidote to anxiety.
Jack Nicklaus
My concentration with players is the next match, focus only to work for the next match and how we can win.
Unai Emery
Bayer’s planned acquisition of Monsanto promises to increase concentration in both the seed and agrochemical markets.
Michael Pollan
When you play on bad surfaces, you have to show your character and keep your concentration for the whole 90 minutes.
Acting school was summer camp, and I needed concentration camp. I had so many different ideas swirling between culture and how to tie things together.
Ajay Naidu
My concern is: How on earth is anything more urgent than the lives of people in North Korean concentration camps?
Park Yeon-mi
Michael Caine is a movie star, but he’s also a great actor. I can’t say that about every movie star. It’s the concentration he has.
Norman Jewison
I do not play golf regularly, but I feel that hitting the moving ball in cricket is tougher than hitting a stationary ball as in golf, which requires more concentration and steady hands.
Harbhajan Singh
The best thing about yoga is that it is not just about weight loss but being fit from within. It’s about better concentration, a calmer mind, and knowing your body.
Nikita Dutta
My dad was born in 1930 in Lithuania, located in Eastern Europe. He was 9 years old when the war started, and his family was sent to the Kovno ghetto. They were soon separated and sent to the Dachau concentration camp in Germany.
Daniel Lubetzky
When I was younger, I used to think ahead too much, and that would make me lose concentration in the match I was playing.
Petra Kvitova
Thousand got away to other countries; thousands returned to Spain tempted by false promises of kindness. By the tens of thousands, these Spaniards died of neglect in the concentration camps.
Martha Gellhorn
Every flaw you have or lapse of concentration can cost you a goal, so you have to be on your toes every minute of the game.
Edwin van der Sar
Because of ‘Line Of Duty’s proper adherence to police procedure, by definition we end up doing some very long interrogation scenes which are difficult to learn, and require lots of concentration to sustain them across shooting.
Adrian Dunbar
With voice overs… you’re not thinking about the camera. So your voice becomes this thing that you can manipulate. And depending on the character you’re doing, it’s all concentration on your voice.
Avan Jogia
My music, I hope, takes 100% of your concentration. I know how to do that.
Trent Reznor
Teens think listening to music helps them concentrate. It doesn’t. It relieves them of the boredom that concentration on homework induces.
Marilyn vos Savant
You need 100 percent concentration on golf to succeed.

You need 100 percent concentration on golf to succeed.
John Daly
When I am rehearsing for a play, I try to read nothing that might distract my concentration from the work in progress.
Mercedes McCambridge
Both my father and mother were survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Nazi concentration camps. Apart from my parents, every family member on both sides was exterminated by the Nazis.
Norman Finkelstein
My biggest hurdle usually has to do with concentration. I have a tendency to kind of start working on something, and then, all of a sudden, I’ll totally divert and do something totally different.
Ann Makosinski
If we know the divine art of concentration, if we know the divine art of meditation, if we know the divine art of contemplation, easily and consciously we can unite the inner world and the outer world.
Sri Chinmoy
There are terrible jerks, and there are an unusually large concentration of them in the workplace. And that means that you do have to make some changes in your behavior, but there is absolutely no need for you to give them power over your happiness.
Srikumar Rao
Being fit helps me improve my concentration, my will power and even my determination.
Arjun Rampal
Concentration of the mind is in a way common to both Knowledge and Yoga. Yoga aims at union of the individual with the universal, the Reality. This Reality cannot be new. It must exist even now, and it does exist.
Ramana Maharshi
As long as my record stands in federal court, any American citizen can be held in prison or concentration camps without a trial or a hearing.
Fred Korematsu
The novel is about, for me, sustained and organized looking. I do think that people have a hunger for a sustained engagement, that concentration that the book can offer.
Dana Spiotta
I played with Romario. Sometimes you think he’s sleeping, then in one split second he’s scoring. It’s a big quality. That means a lot of concentration for defenders. He’s always fast, always on the line of sight. That’s his best quality.
Ronald Koeman
I love challenges, I love intensity, and I also like to challenge my mind. Believe it or not, boxing is not only about physical force. You use a lot of concentration; it’s really mental.
Adriana Lima
The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success: Concentration, Discrimination, Organization, Innovation and Communication.
Harold S. Geneen
Concentration is a fine antidote to anxiety.
Jack Nicklaus
I have an occasionally recurring stutter, but not when in character on stage in a play. Odd. James Earl Jones has the same pattern; he stutters in everyday life but not when acting. Preparation requires an actor’s concentration to make the words belong to another person, which is its own sort of trance.
John Casey
I have a study now – I used not to. I also love working in cafes; ignoring noise is good for concentration.
Sadie Jones
I am happy everywhere except in places where I see glitz and rich farts. I am happiest in Brooklyn, where the concentration of rich farts is minimal.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
When I’m waiting to bat I try to watch the game and make sure I know what is going on so I am ready when I get out there but I spend a lot of time hydrating. It is very important for your performance and concentration. If it is cold I might have a coffee but mainly I am trying to stay really hydrated.
Joe Root
The American people should be made aware of the trend toward monopolization of the great public information vehicles and the concentration of more and more power over public opinion in fewer and fewer hands.
Spiro T. Agnew
The concentration of the ferment iron in living substance is very small, being in the region of 1 g to 10 million g of cellular substance.
Otto Heinrich Warburg
The biggest memory I have is the 1984 European Cup final against Roma and my ‘spaghetti legs’ routine during the penalty shoot-out that won us the trophy. People said I was being disrespectful to their players, but I was just testing their concentration under pressure. I guess they failed that test.
Bruce Grobbelaar
Enzymologists usually study the initial rates of reactions measuring product formation as a function of substrate concentration or other variable. Cell biologists are more likely to want to know the effect of a change on the steady state behavior of a complex system.
Irwin Rose
The essence of the stage is concentration and penetration. Of the screen action, movement, sweep.
Elia Kazan
I don’t read articles about myself. I try to distance myself from it. Reading about yourself is nice, but in the long run, it doesn’t help. Concentration has to be in the right place.
Robert Lewandowski
Grief is exhausting. When you learn – maybe through my age or experience – trying to harness the energy, whatever it is, muted energy or a concentration to find yourself in a place? You try to use it for when it’s really necessary and can arrive.
Ciaran Hinds
Without concentration, a business will be ordinary in every respect, because it will have no presence, no inner force, no way to attract the people upon whom it depends for its very existence – employees, customers, suppliers, and lenders.
Michael Gerber