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One of the places where we lived when I was growing up

One of the places where we lived when I was growing up had this big wood out the back. And starting when I was about 8, I used to enjoy just walking alone through the wood late. Eleven p.m. Midnight. Later.
Christian Bale
Sam Wood, the director, made most of his money as a real estate agent; there was nothing of the temperamental artist about him.
Gloria Swanson
I love wood. I love its permanence, its way of changing hue over the years, its way of expanding and contracting, of moving or aging and growing better and more beautiful with time.
David Linley
A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is a national treasure because it delivers beautifully the central miracle of Christmas: Emmanuel – God With Us. From the wood of the manger to the wood of the cross.
Don Willett
My music is roots music: it’s a combination of growing up on the coast and mucking around with wood and wooden tones and sounds, salt, sand, fire, dogs, and heaps of brothers.
Xavier Rudd
I don’t like things that can be reproduced. Wood isn’t important in itself but rather in the fact that objects made in it are unique, simple, unpretentious.
Georg Baselitz
After all those days in the cotton fields, the dreams came true on a gold record on a piece of wood. It’s in my den where I can look at it every day. I wear it out lookin’ at it.
Carl Perkins
I’ve been offered, I think it was £300,000 to play live two concerts in London some years ago. And I said ‘No. No thanks.’ I would rather stay home here and change oil on my car, or collect some rotten wood from the forest, spread on my ruined former agricultural land.
Varg Vikernes
Andrew Wood’s death changed things for a few weeks. I probably got even heavier into drugs after that.
Layne Staley
We continued to move forward without loss of time, hoping to be able to reach the wood described by the Indians before all our horses should become exhausted.
William Henry Ashley
Well, my piano’s really beautiful. I actually have two pianos. I have a Yamaha upright from the ’60s that’s blond, wood, and black, and I also have one from the ’20s from Chicago – not a well-known brand or anything.
Zooey Deschanel
Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.
Francis Bacon
If Bill jumps into something that relies on a lot of cymbals, I’ll jump into something that relies on a lot of skin sounds; if he goes into metal tones, I’ll go into wood, and so on. I basically play in his holes.
Pat Mastelotto
I have so many wonderful people in my life. I’ve never had any major physical problems or an accident or anything like that. I’m a very, very lucky person, thus far, knock on wood.
Carrie Underwood
We prefer synthetic rather than natural materials. Natural products are almost too valuable. Wood is much harder to produce than metal. And metal is recyclable, while wood isn’t.
Helmut Jahn
What we call barbecuing in this country is actually direct grilling. In many countries, it also means cooking in an enclosed box with a heat source, ideally wood, all year round.
Jamie Oliver
When we used the small-faced racquets and wood racquets, we had to use every part of the court.
Evonne Goolagong Cawley
Authors don’t tend to stay with the same agents and editors over their entire lifetimes, but Grafton worked with Marian Wood, her editor at Putnam, from Kinsey’s first outing, and signed with Molly Friedrich, still her literary agent, with the publication of ‘B Is for Burglar.’
Sarah Weinman
A piece of sculpture has to be more than a block of wood.
Gutzon Borglum
My father, who was a cabinetmaker, told me, ‘Wood has a grain and if you go into the grain, you have beauty. If you go against it, you have splinters – it breaks.’ And I took that as my view of life. You have to follow the grain – to be sensitive to the direction of life.
Christian Louboutin
If the weather is good I go into the nearby wood – there I am painting a small beech forest (in the sun) with a few conifers mixed in. This takes until 8 ‘o clock.
Gustav Klimt
I would like to see it go back to the wood racquets. To see the touch put back in tennis.
Jana Novotna
A wood carving of Quixote on his nag Rocinante graced my childhood home.
Michael Portillo
Fortunately, I’m OK with my body. I try to take care of it. I played a lot of games over a season for several years, so, touch wood, I will stay fit and healthy.
Olivier Giroud
Fossil fuels powered the U.S. into the industrial age and replaced windmills and wood burning, which were inefficient, as the primary sources of electricity.
Stephen Moore
If one of my players ever wants to hit me, he better do it really hard because otherwise, I’ll find a rock, a stick, or a piece of wood – and believe me, it’s gonna be a brawl.
Pat Burns
I had one injury in pretty much a year of cricket, and it was my first since being in the England team, so I’m very happy to be back, touch wood.
Jofra Archer
The fact that these fans don’t understand that a ring is comprised of steel, metal beams, wood, and a thin sheet mat, and that’s it.
Maxwell Jacob Friedman
As I enjoy making knick knacks out of wood, I visit my friend’s workshop to craft them.
Biju Menon
There’s great food everywhere, and even McDonald’s uses nice wood now.
Spike Jonze
I get constantly mistaken for Elijah Wood.
Daniel Radcliffe
Beeswax is always preferable to chemical polishes becau

Beeswax is always preferable to chemical polishes because it does not destroy the natural surface of wood.
David Linley
Trying to understand superstition rationally is like trying to pick up something made of wood by using a magnet.
Philip Pullman
With ‘Louis Wain,’ it’s a very eccentric film and we had an incredible time. I never thought that me, Sharon Rooney, Andrea Riseborough and Aimee Lou Wood would get to be in the same family. None of us are cat people though, which when you have 20 cats on set is hilarious.
Stacy Martin
There’s a lot of pressure and criticism in a crisis, but you can’t miss the wood for the trees.
Elvira Nabiullina
But by the time you get there and you get home, it winds up being a lot of time out. So I’m getting the itch to build, I know that. I keep looking at my stacks of wood and what I can do with it.
Guy Clark
Every little girl wanted to be Natalie Wood, as did I.
Lana Parrilla
Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.
I had to learn how to chop wood actually – I don’t think my dad would have let me go chop wood in the backyard growing up.
Jennifer Lawrence
I used to devour biographies of people like Natalie Wood and Marilyn.
Emma Forrest
In high school, I majored in brick masonry. We had the wood shop, the machine shop, so I know about all that. I wanted to build buildings when I graduated from high school. I do know my way around that stuff.
Mr. T
I’ve always remembered something Sanford Meisner, my acting teacher, told us. When you create a character, it’s like making a chair, except instead of making someting out of wood, you make it out of yourself. That’s the actor’s craft – using yourself to create a character.
Robert Duvall
A tree’s wood is also its memoir.
Hope Jahren
I seem to be landing really great locations on a lot of my work. I hope that continues, knock on wood.
Evangeline Lilly
The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.
Ursula K. Le Guin
Superstition is foolish, childish, primitive and irrational – but how much does it cost you to knock on wood?
Judith Viorst
By means of tracing-paper I transfer my design to the wood and draw on that.
John Tenniel
There’s something so empowering about knowing I can pick up an axe and split a piece of wood.
Rain Dove
The wood of any tree growing anywhere records fairly faithfully the oxygen and hydrogen chemistry of the water the plant has access to through precipitation.
Hope Jahren
There’s nothing good about ash dieback, but there is one useful thing that could be done: wherever possible, leave the dead trees to stand. There is more life in a dead tree than in a living tree: around 2,000 animal species in the UK rely on dead or dying wood for their survival.
George Monbiot
Jews have God’s promise and if we Christians have it, too, then it is only as those chosen with them, as guests in their house, that we are new wood grafted onto their tree.
Karl Barth
Unlike charcoal grills, which take up to 30 minutes or more to heat up, wood pellet grills can give off an even heat quite quickly. And, unlike propane grills which heat up quickly but lack flavor, foods cooked on pellet grills are rich in smokiness and succulence.
Homaro Cantu
I’m very excited by biomass and biofuels. We have a company, KiOR, that turns biomass – for instance, wood chips – into gasoline. The potential value of this company is huge. It could compete with regular crude oil without subsidies.
Vinod Khosla
When I was younger it was people like Victoria Wood who I loved.
Ellie Taylor
Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, I have always played someone like 10 years younger. When I was 23 or 24, I was playing 15 opposite Evan Rachel Wood in a movie called ‘Pretty Persuasion.’ She was 16 and nobody in a million years would have thought I was that much older than her.
Elisabeth Harnois
I like to say we can make anything in wood.
David Linley
When I first started working on ‘The Wood,’ these people couldn’t grasp the concept that, one, there is a black middle class, and, two, Inglewood is a part of it.
Rick Famuyiwa
I think we have got the wood on South Africa, but that does not mean they are not a good team. They intimidate a lot of teams but we intimidate them. There is no disrespect for South Africa; they are a very good team.
Shane Warne
I’m always tinkering with something – suddenly I’ll think I can work with wood, but then I’ll realize I can’t, so I go back to sewing.
Melissa McCarthy
Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Infringe upon the rights of no one. Borrow no tool but what you will return according to promise. Take no wood, nor anything else but what belongs to you – and if you find anything that is not your own, do not hide it away, but report it, that the owner may be found.
Brigham Young
Now I need to take a piece of wood and make it sound like the railroad track, but I also had to make it beautiful and lovable so that a person playing it would think of it in terms of his mistress, a bartender, his wife, a good psychiatrist – whatever.
Les Paul
Just as our ancient ancestors drew animals on cave wall

Just as our ancient ancestors drew animals on cave walls and carved animals from wood and bone, we decorate our homes with animal prints and motifs, give our children stuffed animals to clutch, cartoon animals to watch, animal stories to read.
Diane Ackerman
I hate thinking about writer’s block! I don’t have writer’s block much, knock on wood, but if I do, I think it’s usually because I haven’t done enough research and am therefore unable to create a fully realized world.
Cynthia Kadohata
My art is an attempt to reach beyond the surface appearance. I want to see growth in wood, time in stone, nature in a city, and I do not mean its parks but a deeper understanding that a city is nature too-the ground upon which it is built, the stone with which it is made.
Andy Goldsworthy
One impulse from a vernal wood May teach you more of man, Of moral evil and of good, Than all the sages can.
William Wordsworth
Ah, the power of two. There’s nothing quite like it. Especially when it comes to paying utility bills, parenting, cooking elaborate meals, purchasing a grown-up bed, jumping rope and lifting heavy machinery. The world favours pairs. Who wants to waste the wood building an ark for singletons?
Sloane Crosley
You know, for most of its life bluegrass has had this stigma of being all straw hats and hay bales and not necessarily the most sophisticated form of music. Yet you can’t help responding to its honesty. It’s music that finds its way deep into your soul because it’s strings vibrating against wood and nothing else.
Alison Krauss
I kind of have my little OCD wood shed at my house where everything is just right when I go write.
Sam Hunt
I remember when Victoria Wood started to come through, and I thought she was great, though she and I are very different in our approach.
Jo Brand
Wood pellet grilling could potentially have a lower risk of cancer when compared to other forms of grilling, as some people say that it leads to the creation of fewer carcinogens.
Homaro Cantu
My teeth have never been touched. Why did I tell you that? Knock on wood. I’ve got a few scars over the eyes, a couple on the chin, a few on the beak and one across the cheek. But my luck is running out.
Brett Hull
I alternate between a few scents. I love ‘Oribe Cote d’Azur Eau de Parfum’ and both the ‘Wild Bluebell’ and ‘Wood Sage & Sea Salt Colognes’ by Jo Malone.
Meghan Markle
I’ve never been one of those actors who plays chess with his career and goes, ‘I’m going to wait now and see what project comes up that can move me to this or that level.’ I take stuff as it comes, and it just so happens that it hasn’t dried up yet, touch wood.
Mark Strong
Simon Hale, the British arranger, does all string and wood arrangements on my records.
Duncan Sheik
With the kids around, this is a different world to me. I spend a lot of time with them till they go to their playschool. I wake up early, have breakfast with them. I come back from work and am with them again till they go to bed by 10 P.M. Touch wood, this is what I wanted always.
Sanjay Dutt
I think it was John who really urged me to play sitar on ‘Norwegian Wood,’ which was the first time we used it. Now, Paul has just asked me recently whether I’d written any more of those ‘Indian type of tunes.’ He suddenly likes them now. But at the time, he wouldn’t play on them.
George Harrison
Remember, a chip on the shoulder is a sure sign of wood higher up.
Brigham Young
I’ve always been criticised for how filthy my material is. Victoria Wood said to me once, ‘I wish I was a bit ruder, like you,’ and I said, ‘Well, I wish I was a bit cleaner, like you.’
Jo Brand
I got my first real bass guitar in my hands when I was 14 – a 1957 Fender Precision, which is still hanging on the wall in my front room. I loved the heaviness of it and the feel of the wood. I still do.
Suzi Quatro
I love the Memphis sound. When I was 16-and-a-half, with my driver’s permit, I was playing New Jersey clubs in a 10-piece band; we had a horn section and would play great, great songs like ‘Hold On! I’m Comin” and ‘Knock on Wood’ and ‘Midnight Hour.’
David Bryan
I met Elijah Wood once, I met Peter Jackson, I met Orlando Bloom, and they’re all really cool.
Daniel Radcliffe
If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
I’ve made great friends through acting. When I’m with Victoria Wood and Julie Walters, we have grand fun. We can make each other howl with laughter because we know each other so well.
Celia Imrie
A word is an arbitrary label – that’s the foundation of linguistics. But many people think otherwise. They believe in word magic: that uttering a spell, incantation, curse, or prayer can change the world. Don’t snicker: Would you ever say, ‘Nothing has gone wrong yet’ without looking for wood to knock?
Steven Pinker
One summer, when I was elementary-school age, my neighbors and I built guitars and keyboards out of scrap wood, painted them in bright colors, and formed the cover band Lil’ ‘D’ Duran Duran. We didn’t make our own noise or even pretend to play our fake instruments.
Carrie Brownstein
I thought of America as Natalie Wood and Bob Wagner sprawled on the edge of a Hollywood swimming pool biting into the same red apple.
Bharati Mukherjee
I remember going to ‘The Wood’ and leaving my friend and my mom, who I came with, to go sit in the front row because I was so excited.
Lena Waithe
Knock wood, but I started acting professionally when I was 16, and I’ve always been able to support myself since then.
Anthony Edwards
When the wind blows through a wood, its mass is cut and closed by every leaf, forming a train of jittery vortices in the air.
Alice Oswald
Bent metal is worse than bent wood and weight for weight is more flexible.
Lawrence Hargrave
I grew up in a wood cabin on Puget Sound in Manchester, Wash. My family taught me to appreciate the arts and the outdoors, and I still yearn for the absolute silence I experienced there when I was young.
Steven Holl
Most viscose rayon is made from wood pulp, but the process of making it typically uses so many chemicals in such vast quantities that some experts said it shouldn’t really count as a natural plant fiber.
Tatiana Schlossberg
You'd never look at a Rembrandt and say, 'That's just w

You’d never look at a Rembrandt and say, ‘That’s just wood and canvas and paint – how much?!’ It’s all about how many people want it. It works on a pair of jeans as well – they’re just material and stitching, and as soon as you walk out of the shop, they’re worth nothing.
Damien Hirst
The whole wood seemed running now, running hard, hunting, chasing, closing in round something or – somebody? In panic, he began to run too, aimlessly, he knew not whither.
Kenneth Grahame
I was in a movie called ‘Twister,’ and in it, I had to hit a golf ball off of a roof with a driving wood. The guy who owned the place where we shot showed me how to do it, and I hit the ball about 150 yards.
Harry Dean Stanton
I think there can be no replacement for teaching people how to make things by showing them how to stick two pieces of wood together.
David Linley
Comics are so full of amazing work. And I can’t look at a drawing of a woman without thinking of, for instance, Wallace Wood and his amazing way of capturing beauty.
Frank Miller
I actually have a pig collection in my cabin: all types of old wood hand-carved pigs that my mom started for me as a housewarming gift.
Johnny Iuzzini
Wood burns because it has the proper stuff in it; and a man becomes famous because he has the proper stuff in him.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I don’t take myself seriously in the slightest, so it does amaze me that I’ve ended up being in all these very dark, sinister plays. But I love it because, touch wood, I’m lucky enough not to have that level of darkness in my life.
Jack Lowden
I would like to go to Kalimantan island in Sumatra to see the carvings and longhouse sculptures. I’ve also always wanted to look at the wood carvings along the Sepik River in New Guinea.
Antony Gormley
I think the players, I put in the book for example that we should go back to wood rackets, probably they laughed at me, I’m a dinosaur, but I think that you see these great players, have even more variety and you see more strategy, there’d be more subtlety.
John McEnroe
One day I decided to go to a hardware store – I picked up six pieces of wood, a hammer and nails, and built a box. It probably sounded useless at the time but its taken me to where I am today, and its been well received from drummers and percussionists like Josh Devine from One Direction and Robbie Williams drummer.
Dion Dublin
My plan is to open five restaurants based on the five elements in Chinese philosophy: wood, water, fire, earth and metal.
Arthur Potts Dawson
There is a special sensation in getting good wood on the ball and driving a double down the left-field line as the crowd in the ballpark rises to its feet and cheers. But, I also remember how much fun I had as a skinny barefoot kid hitting a tennis ball with a broomstick on a quiet, dusty street in Panama.
Rod Carew
I adored ‘The Young Ones,’ then I grew into ‘French and Saunders’ and Victoria Wood.
Ruth Jones
A stair not worn hollow by footsteps is, regarded from its own point of view, only a boring something made of wood.
Franz Kafka
Wood is weirdly a big passion of mine. I really love it, all the way from trees to a finished table. The fact that it was alive and that each piece is different.
Rupert Friend
As a child, I was always interested in building things. Instead of buying candy, I would purchase nails, which I used to construct things out of scrap wood. My mother always claimed that my spending my money on nails instead of on candy was why I was so skinny as a kid.
Robert H. Grubbs
I am obsessed with the painter Jonas Wood, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford one of his paintings. He’s an L.A.-based painter; his stuff is incredible.
Abbi Jacobson
I only realized I could potentially make movies after seeing ‘Ed Wood.’
Jon Watts
What would people be surprised to know about me? That I love cooking and chopping wood for the heating system in my house.
Craig Revel Horwood
I love Amy Adams. She is wonderful. Evan Rachel Wood is a blast. I am also really excited about Ari Graynor from ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ and ‘American Crime.’ I think it is an exciting time for young women in this industry. I am excited to make my own path.
Candice Accola
Every sport has its dangers. I’ve been pretty lucky, knock on wood. But I’ve had really confident, brave and smart horses growing up, which I think is important when you’re young. You are working with massive animals over big fences, and especially at this top level, there is really no room for error.
Jessica Springsteen
Standing center stage in the six foot circle of wood cut from the stage of the Ryman is something I never take for granted. The history and legacy of that circle is awe-inspiring.
Blake Shelton
In Cornwall, it is quite possible to take a stride from the richest vegetation into the abomination of desolation. It has been said in mockery that Cornwall does not grow wood enough to make coffins for the people.
Sabine Baring-Gould
Me and my two brothers painted a football pitch and used the net from scaffolding for goals with bits of wood, although they were burnt down in the end.
Robert Snodgrass
A forest – the word dates back to the Norman occupancy, when it meant an area set aside for England’s violent new masters to hunt boar and deer – is necessarily larger than a wood. It belonged to the king and was a fit place for his recreation.
John Burnside
Even at an early age, I rebelled against my strict upbringing. When I was 9, I built myself a ‘make-out fort’ in our backyard from wood, filled it with candy, and invited my blond, blue-eyed neighbor over to kiss.
Azita Ghanizada
Wading River was a gorgeous place to grow up and I feel very lucky there was a wood by our house where I could go explore when I was a kid.
Adam Conover
Atlanta is interesting. You have high education rates but there are plenty of regular folks. People have degrees but chop wood on weekends.
Ralphie May
One of my favorite L.A. movies is ‘Ed Wood,’ and it’s about how Bela Lugosi went from being this movie star personality to living in a little bungalow with his cats in the valley where, if you walked by, you’d have no idea. He’d come out and get his paper, and you’d go, ‘That guy looks familiar.’
Shane Black
‘The Lion’ all began with a picture of a faun carrying an umbrella and parcels in a snowy wood. This picture had been in my mind since I was about sixteen. Then one day, when I was about forty, I said to myself, ‘Let’s try to make a story about it.’
C. S. Lewis
The three great elemental sounds in nature are the soun

The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.
Henry Beston
You find yourself in the world, without any power, immovable as a rock, stupid, so to speak, as a log of wood.
Nicolas Malebranche
A lot of designers still have nostalgia for the past. As for the furniture in the future, I hope they use less of real wood. Conservation in wood is necessary.
Elsa Peretti
This means that they are bound by law and custom to plough the fields of their masters, harvest the corn, gather it into barns, and thresh and winnow the grain; they must also mow and carry home the hay, cut and collect wood, and perform all manner of tasks of this kind.
Jean Froissart
Wood is very warm and sensual and meant to be touched.
David Linley
I do a bit called, ‘You go, girl!’ where I say, ‘Don’t tell me ‘You go, girl!’ I get it. I don’t need you encourage me.’ And nine times out of 10 after I finish the bit, some guy in the back will yell ‘You go, girl!’ I get a lot of that or ‘I hear ya!’ I don’t generally – knock on fake wood – get mean heckling.
There’s a lovely character in ‘Under Milk Wood’ called Mrs. Ogmore Pritchard and she’s incredibly tidy and clean. She really is unbearably tidy and clean! And I terrorize my husband when he comes in sometimes from shooting and there’s awful dead birds all over the hall that he calls me Mrs. Ogmore Pritchard.
Princess Michael of Kent
Myself and some kids on our estate became obsessed with the creation of the ultimate go-kart. This ambition culminated in the creation of a six-man super-cart, which was essentially a plank of wood with four wheels, and a failed attempt to jump a tributary of the River Severn powered only by Rex, our dog.
Greg Davies
I like a man who can build things. Whittle me something out of wood and I’m sold.
Rachel Bilson
We live in such a consumer-based world. Everything we do, someone else has provided for us, so there is something really empowering about knowing that once I have found the right pieces of wood, I can start a fire and keep myself warm and skin an animal to eat and make its skin into leather.
Neil Jackson
I like making things. I have a wood shop at home. I am a terrible carpenter but I love doing it.
P. J. O’Rourke
I’ve been extremely lucky in terms on injury. Very few injuries over the course of, this is the beginning of my 16th year. I know a lot of guys that have had a lot shorter careers and a lot more injuries, so I knock on wood every day.
Christopher Daniels
There have been some terrific player’s names being bandied around that I am being compared to and that is great. I am just able, touch wood, to take it in my stride. That’s how I am. I am not embarrassed or pressurised by it. It is just great and I want to do as well as they did.
Phil Jones
Imagining themes that are specific to coating lines, shapes, shades, thoughts, the decoration of our homes and the objects of utility or pure pleasure, adapting its purpose in a material-specific way to metal or wood, marble or fabric – it is, without any doubt, an absorbing occupation.
Emile Galle
When you look at starting pitchers, once they make it through year four, then – knock on wood – you see a lot of injury risk go down.
Max Scherzer
Recording studios are interesting; a lot of people say – and I agree – that you should have a lot of wood in a recording studio. It gets a kind of a sweeter sound.
Paul Allen
Beating cancer is personal battle. It was one of the toughest opponents I have faced so far, and I think I did reasonably well. Touch wood.
Yuvraj Singh
I really don’t think there is anybody in the business with better eyes than Elijah Wood.
Liev Schreiber
Whether you are new to the scene or a long-time grillmaster, everyone has unique preferences when it comes to their cooking method of choice. From propane to charcoal to wood, people take their method of grilling quite seriously, and some argue quite passionately about the pros and cons of each method.
Homaro Cantu
I’m a very compulsive person, so I spend most of my time drawing or writing my diary, patching things up and carving bits of wood – I’ve carved two of my guitars.
Lou Doillon
I spend a lot of time doing carpentry. Sometimes there is nothing that gives me the contentment that sawing a piece of wood does.
Abbas Kiarostami
My guitar, it was new when I got it, but it has a hole like Willie’s where it’s just worn out from my pinky going back and forth over the wood over all these years. I got Willie Nelson to sign that spot on my guitar. I’m a huge fan of him.
Dierks Bentley
Men admire the man who can organize their wishes and thoughts in stone and wood and steel and brass.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Change is always good. You can’t keep tradition all the time. Yes, Grandma cooked on a wood stove but she would have used electricity if she could.
Alvin Leung
Shields were generally made of wood, covered with leather, or some similar substance. To secure them, in some sort, from being cut through by the sword, they were surrounded with a hoop of metal.
Thomas Bulfinch
I would have been glad to have lived under my wood side, and to have kept a flock of sheep, rather than to have undertaken this government.
Oliver Cromwell
Why don’t they go back to wood racquets? Then we would see the best tennis to be played.
John McEnroe
I think that the mere fact that I’m doing it ought to inspire someone. In junior high school the counselor suggested that I focus on wood shop and metal shop.
Christopher Darden
‘The Wood’ was sort of like ‘American Graffiti’ for me in a lot of different ways.
Rick Famuyiwa
How it happened that Mastro Cherry, carpenter, found a piece of wood that wept and laughed like a child.
Carlo Collodi
If I am practicing on the wire, and you pushed me, I would not move, and if you take a piece of wood and beat me up on the shoulder and the head, I would not move. You would not put me out of balance. You would not be able to. I am solid as granite when I am on the tight rope, and I should be.
Philippe Petit
I met Evan Rachel Wood, James Woods, Kevin Bacon at Sun

I met Evan Rachel Wood, James Woods, Kevin Bacon at Sundance. Steve Buscemi is pretty laid-back. I met Judy Greer in Vegas, and she was cool.
Mark Zupan
When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back.
Steve Jobs
A puppet, for example, is just a piece of wood, a couple of rivets, but put them together, and if you know how to do it, and the audience’s imagination joins in with this, then a miracle will come out of that machine. That is what we and the audience do in the theatre – we create miracles in that space.
Robert Lepage
Wood carving is such an amazing skill and very underrated; once you cut it, it’s hard to go back.
Jonathan Anderson
I am Killian Murphy. One day, I realised I needed a new name. I was doing ‘Under Milk Wood’ and had 24 hours to come up with a new one.
Killian Scott
Polymeric materials in the form of wood, bone, skin and fibers have been used by man since prehistoric time. Although organic chemistry as a science dates back to the eighteenth century, polymer science on a molecular basis is a development of the twentieth century.
Alan J. Heeger
The paintings to me are always canvas; sculpture has always been metal, though I have made sculpture in wood, also.
Ellsworth Kelly
One my favorite things is to go to the provinces of Russia and see the 18th century wood churches with the onion dome architecture. These humble wonders of incredible imagination of architects that were obviously not living in places like Paris or London, but they’ve created these amazing churches.
Andre Leon Talley
The logs of wood which move down the river together Are driven apart by every wave. Such inevitable parting Should not be the cause of misery.
From such crooked wood as that which man is made of, nothing straight can be fashioned.
Immanuel Kant
With Ed Wood, it was this sort of blending of Ronald Reagan, the Tin Man from ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and Casey Kasem.
Johnny Depp
Stories come from other shows at other studios where only 2,000 rounds were actually used and the money for the other 3,000 went right into the studio pockets. Corners were cut and that production suffered. Knock wood, that hasn’t happened to us.
Vic Morrow
Harvesting the biosphere is still the most fundamental human activity. Without that, everybody’s dead, really. We could do quite well without microchips, or the business site of ‘Atlantic Monthly,’ the gated communities, Guccis, and high-growth GDP. But we cannot do without harvesting the crops and cutting down the wood.
Vaclav Smil
I enjoy almost all of the game we kill. I only like to eat game that I have cleaned. I guess duck and dressing are still one of my favorites. We prefer fat green-winged teal or wood ducks for our dressing.
Phil Robertson
I didn’t want to be one of the Beach Boys or one of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band. I mean, we appreciated that music. But I didn’t want to grow a beard to look like Roy Wood just because I liked him.
Rick Nielsen
A bad historian is even more dangerous than dead documentary wood.
Norman Davies
I feel very honored to have been asked to sign for Rovers, and being able to help both the club and the amazing charity Bluebell Wood is what it’s all about.
Louis Tomlinson
I think ‘The Wood’ was probably more concerned with the parts of Inglewood that aren’t usually seen on film – the areas that were middle-class, or upper-middle-class – and that idea that these worlds do exist, and should be accepted as part of Inglewood itself.
Rick Famuyiwa
I like the guy who reads. Being articulate is something that’s very important to me. But you need to know how to chop wood and fix a car and do guy things. I didn’t grow up with spectators. Nobody was a spectator.
Hilarie Burton
Well tended garden is better than a neglected wood lot.
Dixie Lee Ray
A bass should sound like a bass with the thump of the finger against the wood, like it began with stand up.
Suzi Quatro
We had grain but no mills, so I designed a special mill of wood so we could make flour.
Mikhail Kalashnikov
Evan Rachel Wood is the best actress I’ve ever worked with, hands down.
Mickey Rourke
I was in ‘Babes in the Wood’ at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow in the Eighties. I was the villain – the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham.
Roger Allam
I seem to – knock on wood – land on my feet and work, but you can never get too comfortable, and that’s kind of a good thing.
Diego Klattenhoff
We were wild-eyed hippies from the late ’60s. We still had the exuberance of the mind-expanding ’60s – that Tolkienesque, Zeppelin, androgynous, wood nymph, forest fairy kind of innocence. It sounds stupid now, but we felt we were changing the world with music.
Nancy Wilson
I will never tire of recommending the custom, practiced by the best architects, of preparing not only drawings and sketches, but also models of wood or any other material. These… enable us to examine… the work as a whole… and, before continuing any further, to estimate the likely trouble and expense.
Leon Battista Alberti
My favourite guitar was – I can’t remember if it was ’50s or ’60s – a pale wood Telecaster, and it made me a better player. It was beautiful, so easy to play.
Viv Albertine
Knock on wood, my groupies tend to be very artistic, creative people – sometimes way more creative than I am.
Patton Oswalt
If you think modernity is mostly to blame for pollution, visit Africa where people still burn wood and dung as an energy source.
Michael Shellenberger
The Wood was about young people and the other one is more of a grown up movie.
Taye Diggs
I'm the youngest of three children. We lived beside a b

I’m the youngest of three children. We lived beside a big beech wood, on the edge of the moors, in Northumberland, which was enormously good fun.
Alexander Armstrong
My philosophy is the thicker the wood the thicker the sound, the bigger the string the bigger the sound. My smallest string is a 14 gauge.
Dick Dale
I have always loved wood. Every piece is different. It gets better with age and it has a certain character all of its own.
David Linley
The spirit of non-conformity is as prevalent now in my part of west Yorkshire as it was in the time of my two immediate predecessors, Mike Wood and Elizabeth Peacock.
Jo Cox
There’s a lot of worse things going on in the world than me hitting a bad five wood.
Tommy Fleetwood
A pattern is a guide or a model. Patterns are used in sewing and knitting, in wood and metalworking, and in a wide variety of other productive pursuits, activities, and jobs. Patterns help to avoid waste and unwanted deviations and facilitate uniformity that is appropriate and beneficial.
David A. Bednar
When you think about it, we’re strapping strange planks of wood to our feet and launching off of giant snow walls. It’s pretty intense.
Shaun White
The Wild Wood is pretty well populated by now; with all the usual lot, good, bad, and indifferent – I name no names. It takes all sorts to make a world.
Kenneth Grahame
I was taught to whistle as a little girl by an undertaker. I used to sit in his workshop, watching him planing wood for the coffins, and he used to whistle all the time – and eventually I started whistling, too. I can whistle anything, particularly trumpet tunes from Classic FM.
Susan Hill
Modern man has a very abstract idea of what a wood is. I guess that if you stopped anyone on the street and asked them what a wood actually was, they would see it as a place where big trees grow.
Monty Don
I like very masculine smells. I like wood scents on men. I just like a man to smell great, but I don’t like very strong cologne. I don’t like when a man is overpowered by cologne. I think subtle and sexy is always best.
Jessica White
Sometimes it’s best to speak from ignorance: that way, you can see the wood without being distracted by the trees.
Howard Jacobson
I fell in love with wine in Napa Valley. I fell in love with the culture and the restaurants and the way the wood tastes when you’re drinking wine.
Charles Woodson
Along with all the other stunning statistics China can provide, it can also claim to be the world leader in making energy from human excrement. Biogas, as this energy is known, can be produced from the fermentation of any organic material, from wood to vegetables to human excreta.
Rose George