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Lizzie Olsen and I are good friends, and she's amazing.

Lizzie Olsen and I are good friends, and she’s amazing.
Christian Siriano
I am good friends with Vicky Kaushal. In fact, he is from my hometown and our homes are just a kilometre apart. Our families get together during occasions and we know each other very well. He is a very sweet and simple guy.
Sunny Singh
I want to get away from the social vampires in Tucson. The people who have no lives of their own and meet me and know who I am and feel entitled to say negative things. I have good friends here, especially in the bands. But a lot of it is just like high school.
Neko Case
‘Party Down’ was one of the most magical, special experiences of my professional career. Also special in my personal life, too. I made really good friends, and I had just a great time, and it was a great part.
Ken Marino
Being a teen can be tough. Just try to surround yourself with really good friends that really have your back, and also be a really good friend to those who really care about you. If you’re not sure about certain things, talk to your friends that you trust and your family.
Victoria Justice
I just thought it could make a really cool movie. It’s not that it’s just a buddy comedy but it’s all about two guys hating each other and towards the end they’re good friends. I liked that these two guys were best friends from the very beginning, and they’re crazy.
Seann William Scott
I’m just a bit frustrated that in London we make such an effort to ape the New York restaurant scene. I have good friends who ape the New York restaurant scene and do it brilliantly. None of them would claim that the primary reason for going to their restaurant was the food.
Giles Coren
As an adult, I’ve always tried to be a good person my whole life, so I’ve made good friends, and I’ve always built great relationships and been friendly with people. I always think what you do to others will come to you, so that’s how I treat people.
Roman Reigns
I’ve never felt any sense of competition with anybody, and we’re all friends; we’re all good friends.
Jim Henson
We’re all a big hippie family so I got five sisters and a bunch of different mothers. Not really, but my sisters’ mothers are all good friends with my mother. We’re a big family, 25 people.
Joel Kinnaman
The only person I have regrets about is Miles Davis. He and I had become good friends after we did a photo shoot, and coincidentally, we kept running into each other at parties and stuff. I regret not having written a hit for Miles Davis.
Nile Rodgers
I’m not after fame and success and fortune and power. It’s mostly that I want to have a good job and have good friends; that’s the good stuff in life.
Drew Barrymore
That’s what university life is all about. Challenging, questioning, enjoying good people and good friends, and pushing yourself to the limit.
David Robinson
I’m good friends with Robbie Williams because we both grew up in Stoke and our dads went to the same pubs. His dad, Pete, is like my second dad, I can talk to him about anything and I see him most weeks. And Rob is brilliant, a really generous, lovely bloke.
Phil Taylor
What brought me to Bellator was Scott Coker, Viacom, and one of my good friends, Mike Kogan.
Roy Nelson
I have many good friends, but I tend to keep to myself anyway. It’s odd, doing things and having no one to share them with.
Maggie Smith
My good friends call me Bobby.
Kid Rock
Hendrix was big in England. We all became good friends and I am still in touch with Noel Redding.
Jimmy Carl Black
I actually started playing in little cafes around New York, and I have a lot of good friends of mine who are musicians who are struggling in New York.
Oscar Isaac
Happiness is being content with what you have, living in freedom and liberty, having a good family life and good friends.
Divyanka Tripathi
I get asked, ‘Who would you really like to work with?’ I’m already working with them. Smart, talented, funny people, good musicians, an extended family, good friends.
Christopher Guest
In the beginning, believe it or not, me and Acid Betty were good friends.
Chi Chi DeVayne
My favorite guy is Ben Schwartz. We’ve become really good friends.
Roy Hibbert
Paris is great. I stay at the Ritz Paris – I’m good friends with the Director, Frank Klein, and the owner. I lived there 3 years; I was the only foreigner working at Maxim’s. They only took French, which was a mistake.
Sirio Maccioni
I’ve got really good friends and family. My parents, after 30 years, are still incredibly in love, still make each other laugh, which is a beautiful thing to see. And my brother and his fiance are completely happy, so if I feel a bit lonely, I just go and sit with them and feel their love.
Russell Tovey
Tom Hanks is fantastic – he is one of my dad’s good friends, and he’s very warm and funny.
Bryce Dallas Howard
I have nothing personal against Gambhir. In fact, I have some good friends in the Indian team, and I get along with them well off the field. Even if I meet Gambhir somewhere, I will greet him normally, as I have nothing in my heart against him.
Shahid Afridi
Most people would rather sit on a plane for two hours than spend two days on a train, but there’s nothing comparable to taking a relaxing rail journey with your family or good friends.
John Paul DeJoria
I surround myself with good friends that help me keep my feet on the ground.
Alphonso Davies
Funny enough, the person who is most bummed out to hear I won’t be back is Mark Cuban. Despite what you might surmise from on screen, he and I are actually good friends – just really competitive good friends.
Chris Sacca
I am convinced that material things can contribute a lot to making one’s life pleasant, but, basically, if you do not have very good friends and relatives who matter to you, life will be really empty and sad and material things cease to be important.
David Rockefeller
Players come and go, good friends, players who performe

Players come and go, good friends, players who performed well. You can’t control that.
Mats Sundin
I would prefer to have no money but to have a nice family and good friends around.
Li Na
‘EastEnders’ has been wonderful to me and it’s no secret that it changed my life all of those years ago. I’ll be so sad to leave Peggy behind; she’s such a wonderful character to play. I have had the pleasure of working with a marvelous cast and crew and have made many lasting good friends.
Barbara Windsor
My friendship with The Doobie Brothers never really changed. We’re all still good friends, and I really admire those guys a lot.
Michael McDonald
I have been blessed to have managed to make many good friends in the industry over the years. There are a few who are your best friends and you do have soul-friends too.
Karan Wahi
A lot of music for me was about – I mean, aside from the fun and challenge of writing and being really good friends with my bandmates – getting to perform.
Carrie Brownstein
When I was a kid, I had a couple of really good friends, like some really good best friends, but I was really shy other than that.
Meg Cabot
I have some good friends of my own who happen to be gay, and when it comes to gay, straight, or whatever, I’m for anything life-affirmative. I’m for gay power, straight power, male power, female power; everybody should feel empowered without oppressing anyone who’s different.
Matthew McConaughey
Social media has given us this idea that we should all have a posse of friends when in reality, if we have one or two really good friends, we are lucky.
Brene Brown
It’s just impossible to believe I’ve become good friends with some stars like Justin Bieber. I would call Justin a friend, someone I hang out with. It’s really weird.
Niall Horan
I’m a very blessed man because I have good friends and family that motivate me.
Andrei Arlovski
I’ve got plenty of love in my life already in the form of my sons and a few good friends who I value dearly.
Colin Farrell
I deal with a lot of wonderful gay people. I hire a lot of them. I use a lot of them. I respect them. They’re terrific. I am good friends with them. But you live your life the way you want to live, and I’ll live mine, and I won’t stick my nose in yours.
Richard DeVos
I always had good friends, but I did not feel like a cool girl, ever.
Nicole Holofcener
All my good friends are actors, really. It’s different when you have a family, but they’re still the people I meet most often. My best friend is Ian Hart, but then I’ve known him since I was five.
David Morrissey
In my community of minimalists, there are really wealthy people who work at stock brokerage firms, there are people who are unemployed, but it doesn’t seem to matter. We’re all really good friends, and we get along really well. It’s a very varied and diverse community.
Fumio Sasaki
In real life, I am not a lonely person; I have lots of good friends and am active socially. But there are certain aspects of my life when I have felt very alone, utterly alone, and one of them is when I am performing on my own.
Robert Lepage
The weird thing about my relationship with Reince is we were pretty good friends when I was a political donor writing checks to the RNC. But once I was about to enter the administration, for whatever reason, it was a little more adversarial.
Anthony Scaramucci
You’re always going to face a little bit of criticism from time to time. But I was so blessed in Ottawa for so many years. The fans were great to me there. I was blessed to have some good friends and family nearby.
Mike Fisher
Forty years ago, the players were like a travelling circus – we went everywhere together and were pretty good friends.
Rod Laver
We became good friends with Galactic as well.
Mike Lowry
I saw some really amazing stuff with Axl. We worked really well together. We were good friends. And I hope to perhaps have that friendship back one day, although it’s not something I wait around for.
Duff McKagan
Bayley’s my best friend. We’ve been friends since NXT. It sucks because she’s on ‘Raw’ and I’m on ‘SmackDown,’ but we still talk every single day, and we’re really good friends.