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My goals for myself have changed as my career has evolv

My goals for myself have changed as my career has evolved and as I’ve grown as a writer.
Sarah J. Maas
The little things I used to take for granted before I don’t take for granted anymore. This whole situation has evolved me into a better person. Mentally, I’m much stronger, I’m more loving. I’m a man now. Cancer has played a huge role into making me into this person.
Daniel Jacobs
I believe that the brain has evolved over millions of years to be responsive to different kinds of content in the world. Language content, musical content, spatial content, numerical content, etc.
Howard Gardner
Because of streaming, serialized television has become less of a dirty word when you’re pitching shows. I had to fight for that for so long as someone who’s always gravitated towards ongoing story lines with characters that evolved and changed and storylines that continued over longer arcs.
Jason Katims
I’m not as a studied, technically, as you might think. My technique has really evolved naturally over the years from watching other guitarists and trying to develop my own style.
Gary Moore
The rapidly spinning blades of wind turbines act like an apex predator that big birds never evolved to deal with. And because big birds have much lower reproductive rates than small birds, their deaths have a far greater impact on the overall population of the species.
Michael Shellenberger
I’ve evolved with time and learnt from my daughter which designers and singers are in.
Neena Gupta
I’ve been watching ‘American Idol’ since its debut season in 2002. Back then, America hadn’t yet evolved into a gladiatorial cybernation of bloggers, tweeters, and self-ordained voice coaches.
Diablo Cody
Technology is at the forefront of everything these days – communication, work. It’s amazing and scary at the same time how robots have evolved, but I find it hard to believe that robots will completely rule the world. Not in my lifetime anyway.
Graham McTavish
Gangs have evolved. The stereotypical gang member covered in tattoos and wearing colors does not really exist any more. There’s this fear that it could be any kid, but by any kid, that means any Latino kid.
Susana Martinez
Once you have speech, you don’t have to wait for natural selection! If you want more strength, you build a stealth bomber; if you don’t like bacteria, you invent penicillin; if you want to communicate faster, you invent the Internet. Once speech evolved, all of human life changed.
Tom Wolfe
London imbued me with an appreciation of the beauty and value of history in general. As it has evolved and grown, the city has created iconic modern buildings that look perfect as they sit alongside ancient ones.
Hilary Farr
The language of the heroic is something that has evolved over time.
Kehinde Wiley
I think New York has evolved in my work just the way the city has.
Paul Auster
No single discovery from any of these fields denotes proof of evolution, but together they reveal that life evolved in a certain sequence by a particular process.
Michael Shermer
About 25 years ago, I started out as a reporter covering politics. And that sort of just evolved into organized crime, because organized crime and politics were the same thing in Boston.
Howie Carr
Most men are not that evolved.
Rosanna Arquette
When the French nation gradually came into existence among the ruins of the Roman civilization in Gaul, a new language was at the same time slowly evolved.
Lytton Strachey
Trap is new. It didn’t start yesterday, but when I was 5, it didn’t exist – not even in the U.S. I’ve evolved with the music.
Bad Bunny
During the 2000s, Korean baseball slowly evolved, pivoting away from its Japanese roots. Former players say they grew more comfortable expressing themselves on the field, and the game’s focus shifted from contact to power.
Mina Kimes
Shutterstock has evolved from an image-based marketplace for small businesses to a much broader platform, with a large and expanding addressable market opportunity.
Jon Oringer
As biologists, we contemplate with admiration and awe the wondrous array of sophisticated cell interactions and recognitions evolved in the T cell immune system, which must be a model for other similarly complex biological systems of highly differentiated organisms.
Baruj Benacerraf
Football has evolved, you can’t compare with the past.
Giorgio Chiellini
I don’t like characters who are either good or bad. I just don’t experience that in life, so my writing hasn’t evolved that way.
Marti Noxon
There are so many different narrative traditions across the world, and each of those traditions has evolved dramatically over time. Once I understood that, I felt truly free; I could write and invent the way I wanted to because there never has been only one way to tell a good story.
Ken Liu
I’ve struggled a lot to get where I am. I initially got rejected by every producer. But no complaints. I enjoyed each and every moment of the struggle. My first break came in 1997 from Krishna Vamsi and then Puri Jagannadh, who is my closest friend. I owe everything I am to him. Our careers have evolved simultaneously.
Ravi Teja
I used to make my grandparents pay a dollar to watch me sing ‘Grease’ songs and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ in their living room. I was always an entertainer, and I would always do all that stuff, but it slowly evolved into a career, which is great, but it wasn’t a plan.
Zoe Kravitz
The essence of humanity’s spiritual dilemma is that we evolved genetically to accept one truth and discovered another. Is there a way to erase the dilemma, to resolve the contradictions between the transcendentalist and the empiricist world views?
E. O. Wilson
Although elephants are far more distantly related to us than the great apes, they seem to have evolved similar social and cognitive capacities.
Frans de Waal
All of us, as much as we like to think that we’re evolved human beings, we’re all still children deep down.
Phil Dunster
Structure that really pays off is all based on emotion. I don’t write down an elaborate plan. It’s really done by feel. It’s one area of my writing that I think I’ve got surer at as I’ve evolved.
Graham Swift
I know of Conor McGregor. This sport has evolved even f

I know of Conor McGregor. This sport has evolved even from when I first entered the octagon. I think people are finding out that you have to talk the talk, and you have to – more importantly, you have to walk the walk.
Brock Lesnar
I like to explore different ideas of race, how the concept of race has evolved in the country. It’s one thing I enjoy talking about, but I don’t feel compelled to talk about it.
Colson Whitehead
My relationship with Twitter has evolved as my career has changed. The truth is unless you have a remarkably thick skin, as a creator, it’s a very difficult place to be.
Leigh Bardugo
As I’ve evolved, I’m capable of doing a lot of things at once, but really, as an entrepreneur and business person, it’s more about adding the right structure to be able to handle scaling all those things as opposed to being at the forefront of doing a lot of them.
Rob Dyrdek
We’ve evolved from sitting back on our tripods and shooting wildlife films like they have been shot historically, which doesn’t work for us.
Steve Irwin
I haven’t checked, but I highly suspect that chickens evolved from an egg-laying ancestor, which would mean that there were, in fact, eggs before there were chickens. Genius.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
I think Dr Dre really evolved and really is a great role model for young people that have had to survive and thrive against all odds. He was able to turn his life around and create an empire and become a successful family person.
Aja Brown
If you take a more Darwinian point of view the dynamics of the universe are such that as the universe evolved in time, complex systems arose out of the natural dynamics of the universe.
Seth Lloyd
If it wasn’t for Paul Brown, I probably wouldn’t have a job because he basically evolved scouting.
John Dorsey
‘Red vs Blue’ as a show has evolved dramatically. It looks an entirely different show to what we started with, but the format of the show has changed so much over the years, too.
Burnie Burns
I don’t believe that we evolved moral psychology; it just doesn’t seem plausible to me as a biological phenomenon.
Tom Stoppard
When I was a kid, I would do Andrew Dice Clay jokes for my siblings. Like, we’d be on vacation, and I’d just recite Andrew Dice Clay jokes. They seemed to think that was pretty funny. Then it evolved into ‘Wayne’s World.’
Nick Kroll
Silicon Valley has evolved a critical mass of engineers and venture capitalists and all the support structure – the law firms, the real estate, all that – that are all actually geared toward being accepting of startups.
Elon Musk
My generation was a special generation. I was born in 1960 and in my childhood we were all big manga consumers that was the culture. We were brought up in manga. Manga evolved around what was being made to cater to kids. All children at that time read ridiculously thick manga books every week.
Takashi Miike
Unfortunately, music devolved instead of evolved. The music business got into the hands of lawyers and accountants rather than the entrepreneurial creative people, and that’s when the beginning of the end started. It’s all based on money instead of art and creativity.
Gary Wright
Isobutanol is not a natural product, but we evolved an enzyme that makes it possible to convert plant sugars to this precursor to jet fuel.
Frances Arnold
Well, I think probably when I first got in the business, I wasn’t thinking of being strictly a character actor. But I knew I wanted to be a working actor, and as the years have gone on, I just naturally evolved into that. Because, y’know, I’m not a leading guy. Never was.
Stephen Root
For better or worse, we have evolved for sure, but we’ve also maintained a certain core about who we are, which is we were raised on late ’50s and early ’60s rock n’ roll and R&B, and you can always hear that throughout. And that’s just always been who we were. As much as we’ve evolved, that’s stayed the same.
Isaac Hanson