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I remembered a long time ago, Kit Williams hid a golden

I remembered a long time ago, Kit Williams hid a golden hare somewhere in Britain and wrote a book which was layered with clues about where the it was. This really fired my imagination, I read the book and it was way too cryptic for me to understand, but it seemed to fascinated people – it even got on the news.
Peter Molyneux
One thing I learned a long time ago as a prosecutor is that it’s tough to get people to obey a law if there is not penalty for breaking it.
Roy Barnes
The Founding Fathers are not just some people that happened to get mad a long time ago and want their freedom. They were special people in addition to what their natural yearnings were.
Rush Limbaugh
I said a long time ago that Foursquare can make cities better. You have these augmented realities like Foursquare and Twitter and Facebook that provide these virtual nodes and instant feedback from anywhere, adding annotation around a physical places.
Jack Dorsey
I conquered my stage fright a long time ago. In my line of work, it’s kind of a pre-requisite that you not feel bad about looking stupid in front of a lot of people.
Buzz Osborne
In the last 15 years, only 500,000 jobs have been created per year. So from a long time ago, every year 700,000 Mexicans have only three routes to take: migration, the informal economy and the path to antisocial behavior.
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
A long time ago, when Korea was having a hard time, the Philippines came to Korea and helped the Korean people. We’re very thankful, as a country.
Choi Si-won
And opportunity doesn’t always come. I thought I should have had a head-coaching opportunity a long time ago. Called plays in the Super Bowl. Won the game. No phone calls.
Bruce Arians
Even if a woman is abused a very long time ago, it comes out in her life in a negative way.
Catherine Deneuve
E-40 taught me a long time ago to try different things with my voice, experiment, and only roll with it if it feels right.
Jay Rock
Retail is now totally propelled by consumers and their needs. People can buy what they want in any way that they want it. That trend started a long time ago, and it has really changed everything.
Kirsten Green
A long time ago, I had a bird that annoyed me, and the bird had to go. The bird’s neck was snapped. I would also snap Conor McGregor’s neck in a similar fashion.
Michael Bisping
I’ll never, ever be full. I’ll always be hungry. Obviously, I’m not talking about food. Growing up, I had nothing for such a long time. Someone told me a long time ago, and I’ve never forgotten it, ‘Once you’ve ever been hungry, really, really hungry, then you’ll never, ever be full.’
Dwayne Johnson
I’ve never been willing to lie about my age. Why on earth would I want to tell people I’m 35, which I’m not, and have them say, ‘Oh that’s nice,’ when I could tell them I’m 47, which I am, and have them look at me and go, ‘Whoa!’. I’m not afraid of aging. I stopped being afraid of life a long time ago.
Sharon Stone
I learned a long time ago that no one wants to hear excuses.
Riddick Bowe
There was one film that I really wanted. This was a long time ago; it was a film called ‘Fracture.’ Ryan Gosling ended up doing it with Anthony Hopkins. It wasn’t a giant box-office success, but I really enjoyed the script, and I enjoyed the character. I got pretty close and was kind of disappointed it didn’t go my way.
Chris Evans
I believe in helping young people rock causes they care about because I was one of those young people… a long time ago.
Nancy Lublin
I think when I was young, let’s call it high school, and even before that, I just loved comedy, and I loved comedians. I grew up watching Laurel and Hardy. That’s really a long time ago. I loved Jerry Lewis. I just loved comedians.
Steve Martin
The other day they asked me about mandatory drug testing. I said I believed in drug testing a long time ago. All through the sixties I tested everything.
Bill Lee
Losing both parents at a young age gave me a sense that you can’t really control life – so you’d better live it while it’s here. I stopped believing in a storybook existence a long time ago. All you can do is push in a direction and see what comes of it.
Jon Hamm
I thought about running a marathon a long time ago, but I’m just not a runner.
Shannon Miller
A long time ago, I stopped trying to look at projects as genre exercises.
Ron Howard
I stopped loving my father a long time ago. What remained was the slavery to a pattern.
Anais Nin
Long time ago, I was going to be a New York cop, then got involved with this girl who was into acting, then got bit by the acting bug myself.
Erik Estrada
The minimum wage is something that F.D.R. put in place a long time ago during the Great Depression. I don’t think it worked then. It didn’t solve any problems then and it hasn’t solved any problems in 50 years.
John Raese
I don’t know where we got the notion that God wants us to suffer. Every living thing tends toward the good or we would have been gone a long time ago.
Al Jarreau
I’m an athlete and I’m black, and a lot of black athletes go broke. I do not want to become a statistic, so maybe I overcompensate. But I’m paranoid. Oprah told me a long time ago, ‘You sign every check. Never let anyone sign any checks.’
Serena Williams
When the gig ain’t there, you still got to pay the rent. I learned that a long time ago.
Jimmy Scott
There’s something called religion, and it was invented a long time ago by people who felt very out of control with their lives, who didn’t know… why the sun always rose over the mountains.
Alain de Botton
My mom told me a long time ago, ‘Never get in a fight with a lady.’
Oliver North
I gave up on my looks a long time ago.
Diane von Furstenberg
What it takes is to actually write: not to think about

What it takes is to actually write: not to think about it, not to imagine it, not to talk about it, but to actually want to sit down and write. I’m lucky I learned that habit a really long time ago. I credit my mother with that. She was an English teacher, but she was a writer.
Luanne Rice
When I was a kid a long time ago, when the sun rose, I was outside on my bike. If my parents were lucky – poor parents! – I would be home before it got dark.
Larry Ellison
Show dancing stood very well on its own a long time ago with dancers like Bill Robinson and Marilyn Miller.
Ann Reinking
I learned a long time ago that you only have a few friends in this world – your wife and family and a very few friends.
George Blanda
I learned a long time ago from when I did ‘Seinfeld’ never to take anything seriously, and to be part of the joke is the best way to show what a good sport I was.
Marlee Matlin
You know, we humans are programmed to think that big changes on the Earth happened a long time ago, or will happen a long time in the future. What we don’t realize is that they actually can happen right now. Right here, right now, while we’re alive, in our own hours and days and months and years.
James Balog
I think you always have, you know, new players. Every year you see new faces, juniors coming into the seniors. I was one of them at the time long time ago now.
Amelie Mauresmo
A long time ago, I learned not to go up to the boss and ask what’s happening to my character. I haven’t done that for 20 years, since I was on ‘Days of Our Lives.’
Michael Easton
I learned a long time ago not to predict elections.
Kevin Faulconer
I was the muse of Tom Ford and Gucci for years, but that was a long time ago.
Carine Roitfeld
I think if I’d ever had any skeletons in the closet, they’d have been out a long time ago.
Gary Lineker
My husband passed away a long time ago, and of course a lot of people have courted me. I’ve been taken to dinner and also to things like Larry Hagman, in particular years ago. And more recently, of course, little Hugh Jackman – and he’s too young for me though, frankly.
Barry Humphries
A long time ago, Prince said that no musician is ever gonna make money off the Internet, and he was right.
Glenn Danzig
I learned a long time ago, if you want to keep your friends in show business, don’t get famous. Because as soon as you get famous, a lot of the people you used to know, who didn’t, become incredibly bitter and jealous. It’s part of the territory.
Denis Leary
I remember I had a boyfriend a long time ago who said, ‘You need to change your name; you sound like a circus performer.’
Lucy Punch
It’s so liberating to play a song in front of 50,000 people that you’ve never played before. Not something you played a long time ago and have forgotten: Never. Played. Before. There’s something magical about it.
Steven Van Zandt
I’m very much over my hair. If it was up to me I’d have cut it a long time ago.
Samuel Larsen
For a few years after I stopped playing people would ask me how I was coping with retirement and there would often be a slightly worried tone to their voice. But I always answered the question the same way: that if I knew retirement was going to be this good I would have quit a long time ago.
Tim Henman
A grown man should always carry cash, right? I don’t know who told me, but someone told me that a long time ago, and the biggest turnoff is when a guy doesn’t have cash on him.
Bruno Mars
I stopped trying to plan a long time ago – whatever’s meant to happen for me in the future will happen.
Mickie James
Side note: When I dressed up like Harley Quinn on TV a long time ago, everyone was like, ‘Who is that?’ And now she’s got an entire merchandise line.
AJ Lee
Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it. They were under the heel of the French… and they got together and swore a pact to the devil.
Pat Robertson
So from a long time ago, every year 700,000 Mexicans have only three routes to take: migration, the informal economy and the path to antisocial behavior.
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
I’m not really scared of getting work. I gave up worrying about that a long time ago because there’s no point. I’m very much about living in the moment and taking each day as it comes.
Sarah Greene
If you want to be popular and famous, you can do it; it’s dead easy if you have that ego desire. But most of my ego desires as far as being famous and successful were fulfilled a long time ago.
George Harrison
I learned a long time ago how to be coachable.
Dwayne Johnson
I was working for a chef a long time ago who told me to not skip steps or be in a hurry. Success in a kitchen is more like a marathon and less like a sprint. Rising up the ranks too quickly isn’t necessarily a good thing. This advice was from a guy who was sorry he had done that and didn’t want me to do the same.
Wylie Dufresne
I learned a long time ago that you need to bury the hatchet. No need to hold grudges. That only weighs you down.
Ken Shamrock
Between Trump’s election and Brexit, there were all sorts of opinions coming out of the woodwork that I thought had died out a long time ago. I was like, ‘What’s the point?’ All we do is bad things. The history of humanity is the history of people exploiting each other.
Clare-Hope Ashitey
The whole business of getting famous was good fun, but it was a long time ago.
Julian Clary
I’ve been wearing Zegna for a while. It started a long, long time ago, my rookie year.
Blake Griffin
If you look back historically, admittedly a long time a

If you look back historically, admittedly a long time ago, there were three Afghan wars in which Britain didn’t even come a good second. In more recent years the Russians were there with 120,000 men for ten years.
John Major
I learned a long time ago in Hollywood that the only person I should vote for is myself.
Jack Nicholson
I learned a long time ago the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side, be an advocate for myself and others like me.
Maya Angelou
I learned a long time ago, Don’t ever doubt the power of Taylor Swift.
Scott Borchetta
I saw what Purple meant to people and I still hear it now when I’m in Europe. I’m always shocked that I’m still asked about Purple because it was such a long time ago.
David Coverdale
I learned a long time ago that some people would rather die than forgive. It’s a strange truth, but forgiveness is a painful and difficult process. It’s not something that happens overnight. It’s an evolution of the heart.
Sue Monk Kidd
Extra dimensional theories are sometimes considered science fiction with equations. I think that’s a wrong attitude. I think extra dimensions are with us, they are with us to stay, and they entered physics a long time ago. They are not going to go away.
Leonard Susskind
Texas should have been leading the way on constitutional carry a long time ago. Ultimately, I’d like to see all 50 states have constitutional carry.
Ronny Jackson
I learned a long time ago that not becoming friendly with the people you write about is a way to maintain your freedom to say whatever you damn well please.
Greil Marcus
In principle. what is done is to take the nucleus out of a cell with a very fine micro-pipette or needle and introduce it into an egg. That had been done with amphibians a long time ago, and then there was a long pause of many years before people were clever enough to make that work in the sheep.
John Gurdon
I think it’s very touching to see young people interested in what we did a long time ago. They don’t say, ‘Well, I saw this old film with you.’ They say: ‘I saw this wonderful film. I really love it.’
Anna Karina
Oh, I did stop smoking a long time ago.
Mario Lemieux
I decided a long time ago to be unfiltered and wholly myself in these areas of social media. I’ve been very happy with the results of this decision. I feel that I get lots of interaction and loyal support. So I’m grateful for my Twitter and Facebook followers every day.
Rae Carson
RT was one of the first channels to cover the Wikileaks story and to interview Julian Assange a long time ago, way before it made headlines around the globe.
Margarita Simonyan
I had to let my ego go a long time ago.
Sally Field
Without a sense of humor, I would have been gone a long time ago.
Patty Duke
If you’re afraid and don’t let yourself get to empty, you’ll never build your conditioning. I learned that from my Japanese trainer, Tokyo Joe, a long time ago.
Tyson Kidd
Bisexuality started a long, long time ago. You just have to support it. There’s nothing wrong with it. We all bleed the same, we’re all going one way in the end – six feet down. I support the gays 24/7.
Dereck Chisora
I actually did try to emigrate to Australia a long time ago.
Rick Nielsen
I got into dub a long time ago. I was into dub before I even had any interest in reggae or Jamaican songs, Bob Marley, or any of those established artists. I just thought it was such an unusual sound.
Bill Laswell
All I wanted was for the public to be able to have a say in how they are governed. That is a milestone we left a long time ago.
Edward Snowden
There are loads of kids out there who haven’t got a clue what ‘Men Behaving Badly’ was; it was such a long time ago. So I’m able to spread my wings a little bit more. I was able to do it on stage over the years. Most directors and producers don’t know who I am these days, anyway!
Neil Morrissey
I just made a decision a long time ago: I’m not going to be defined by a scoreboard.
Dabo Swinney
I am not going to eat something that I have been told is not good for my system, and I do what I can to eat energy food, such as lean meats, whole grains, and lots of fruit and vegetables. Without this daily habit, my body would have given up a long time ago. There is no magic pill, no magic drink, no magic food.
Bernard Hopkins
I gave up on the idea of making art a long time ago, because I wanted to know how to make paintings; but once I came to know that, reconsidering the question of what art is returned as a critical issue.
Kerry James Marshall
The ‘Islam vs. the West’ dialogue ceased to be about real people a long time ago.
G. Willow Wilson
I learned a long time ago, it’s my job to help guys in any area, whether it’s on the court, off the court.
Monty Williams
As an actress, I learned a long time ago that there is a lot of this business that is just out of my hands. All I can really focus on is going to work every day and doing my best.
Megan Hilty
Sparky Anderson taught me this a long time ago: ‘There’s three ways you can treat a person. You can pat ’em on the butt, you can kick ’em in the butt, or you can leave ’em alone.’
Pete Rose
It was a long time ago: ‘Angela’s Ashes’ by Frank McCourt. It was a great story that was lasting, and I loved it so much. I also love Nora Ephron. I gobble up everything she writes. Also, I love Anthony Bourdain, very irreverent and funny.
Isabel Gillies
I made a pact with myself a long time ago: Never watch anything stupider than you. It’s helped me a lot.
Bette Midler
I'm not wearing leather shoes, and I have not worn furs

I’m not wearing leather shoes, and I have not worn furs since a long time ago. I have to be very conscious when I’m making decisions and saying I’m vegan because I have to be about it all the way.
I don’t mean to get dark again, but my grandfather has been battling terminal illness. And you know, he never complains. And he has a lot of reasons to complain, but he never complains. And he lost his son a long time ago, when I was a young boy – my uncle. And he never complained.
Rodney Hood
Our past is who we are, and death is one of our experiences. I lost my husband a long time ago, but it’s always yesterday.
Talia Shire
My grandmother told me a long time ago, ‘I don’t care if you’re sweeping a porch for a living.’ She said, ‘You need to do your best.’ So I’ve lived by that every single day.
Tori Bowie
I reckon I probably worked for Euripides a long time ago. I do think we have many Earth walks and it’s possible that he’s an old friend. Does that sound too stupid for words? Quite frankly I think I’ve been an actor in so many lifetimes.
Joyce DeWitt
In typical sailing races a long time ago, you’d come in and go out, and the first thing you’d do is probably have a cold beer. The first thing we do now is have a protein shake and our recovery drink.
James Spithill
I willingly devoted myself to my children and to my husband. I come from a broken home, and I decided a long time ago that I would put my family ahead of everything.
Andie MacDowell
I’m a businesswoman. You know, I have other investments too, real estate. A long time ago, I would buy a house and flip it. But now everybody does that, so I don’t do that anymore because there’s no houses out there to buy.
Vanna White
I stopped acting a long time ago and my primary career has been producing-directing film.
Peter Billingsley
I stopped worrying about being desired a long time ago.
Daniel Craig
You know, I started in movies a long time ago, and once in awhile I’m taken aback. Sometimes one of my things will come on – they use my things as background music all the time, in somebody else’s arrangements and It catches my ear.
Henry Mancini
I’ve had people – I’ve seen people do routines that I knew they didn’t take from me but they had – because for whatever reason I had stopped doing it a long time ago. There’s no way they would have heard this bit. But it ends up being pretty much the same thing.
Paul F. Tompkins
I found out a long time ago that if I indulged by stuffing my face with great food, lying about reading books and watching TV or talking on the phone, I was not a happy camper.
Raquel Welch
That no-hitter stuff was a long time ago; I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I’m just going through a tough time.
Johan Santana
Well, to tell you truth, I have learned a long time ago that the trick when doing a debate, any kind of debate, is to just turn off the judgment switch in my head.
Jim Lehrer
Sustaining a narrative in sentences and paragraphs is very different from songwriting. But the dedication to the craft and just the endurance that it takes, you know, to stick with it and believe you can pull it out and make it real and finish it, I learned that a long time ago writing songs.
Rodney Crowell
I can hit baritone notes, and I can sing in the soprano range if I wanted to. I did this thing a long time ago where I did a duet with myself. I sound like two different people.
I don’t invest in the stock market. I did it a long, long time ago when I was really young, and I got involved in all the investigations and all the prosecutions, and I felt it was better if I didn’t make individual investments. So I’m invested in funds, but not in individual – not in individual stocks.
Rudy Giuliani
I’m not going to please everyone; not everyone’s going to like me. I accepted that a long time ago, and if I had to shed a tear every time I got a hate email, believe me, I’d be severely dehydrated.
Michael Bisping
If we just wanted positive emotions, our species would have died out a long time ago.
Martin Seligman
I think the last reality show I watched was the first ‘Survivor’. That was a long time ago.
David Henrie
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffett
When you turn 18 in the United States, you should be automatically registered to vote. Ideally, this sensible reform would be a federal law affecting all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and American territories, but our federal government stopped being sensible a very long time ago.
Shaun King
I did a film a long time ago with a shaved head and I had the ugliest looking head in the world.
Gedde Watanabe
I told my grandma a long time ago that I was going to take my mom and dad out the hood.
Young Dolph
A long time ago, I thought, as a writer in the Caribbean, ‘I don’t ever want to have to write ‘It was great in Paris.” Because I don’t think, proportionately speaking, that one’s experience in a city as opposed to, say, a village in St. Lucia, is superior to the other.
Derek Walcott
For years the league has thought I’ve been on drugs. I would have burned out a long time ago if that was true.
Dennis Rodman
I don’t think about the gender of my readers or about reader expectations. I’m frankly scared to. I figured out a long time ago that if I tried to guess the audience, it would be like me trying to guess which stocks to buy.
Robert Crais
We need somebody ready to be commander-in-chief on day one, who understands there are no moderates in Iran; they’ve been killed a long time ago.
Lindsey Graham
If you really stop to think about it, the last really big guitar hero was Eddie Van Halen, and that was back in the ’80s – early ’80s, you know what I mean? That’s a long time ago.
Rickey Medlocke
I didn’t know I was a good director, and I mean that sincerely. I had done a film a long time ago called ‘Cold Around the Heart.’ Nobody saw it, and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to.
John Ridley
It was a long time ago: I was 13, and my dad actually s

It was a long time ago: I was 13, and my dad actually sent photos to two different agencies of all of my family, and I had no idea.
Elsa Hosk
You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.
Charles Manson
I learned a long time ago that it doesn’t make me less of a woman because my babies come out of a different place. My C-sections have been fine.
Angie Harmon
I do have fun writing, and a long time ago, I told myself, ‘You got to have fun at this, or it’ll drive you nuts.’
Elmore Leonard
I always make this joke that I know you were expecting to see the big skirts and the hoops. But that was a long time ago. Artists aren’t always seen as real people. If you start out as a teenager, sometimes people want to keep you locked as that. But I’m a woman now.
Jody Watley
A very long time ago, I accepted that travel is just a necessary evil, and unlike many things in my life, I decided going with the flow would make it less painful.
Iliza Shlesinger
Sometimes I might borrow something from a song I started a long time ago and see if I can grab something.
Lucinda Williams
My dad and my brother took me over to England a few times to train with various clubs. My brother basically ended up sending a CD to a few clubs of me playing football. That seems like a long time ago now, but it ended up signing for Reading.
Gylfi Sigurdsson
If I read or listened to critics of our music, I’d have been discouraged a long time ago.
Graham Nash
I have a strong accent; it limits the roles, of course it does. I guess if I had moved to America a long time ago maybe my accent would have got less.
Jean Reno
If I hadn’t had the rugby field to get rid of my aggression I would have been locked up a long time ago.
Gareth Thomas
It’s always been the same from a long time ago, it’s people with promises and people dangling carrots and when you’re young and impressionable, and ambitious, you want to believe them. I was always lucky because there was always part of me that didn’t believe these people.
Lisa Stansfield
Actors are sellers, and I figured out a long time ago that if you wanted to work a lot, you had to be on the buying side.
Jason Bateman
Somebody told me a long time ago that if everybody loves you, somebody’s lying. It is the truest statement you could ever say to somebody.
Walker Hayes
I think it’s long overdue, and I believed that Doris Miller should have been honored a long time ago.
Bill Flores
If we were motivated by money, we would have sold the company a long time ago and ended up on a beach.
Larry Page
I always kind of think if The Beatles were still around now, people would’ve lost interest quite a long time ago. Seven years of recording – it’s there forever. I think not outstaying your welcome is a vital ingredient.
Martin Freeman
It was a hobby I got into a long time ago, hacking cameras. I was able to make my own using different lenses.
Evan Glodell
I happen to think that computers are the most important thing to happen to musicians since the invention of cat-gut which was a long time ago.
Robert Moog
There’s no law against stupid – I learned that a long time ago.
Mark Cuban
Maradona is Maradona, that’s indisputable, but he doesn’t play anymore. He stopped playing a long time ago.
Mario Kempes
I did a show a long, long time ago called ‘Cooking Mexican’. It was a studio show as opposed to on-location like the one I do now. Before my first show, I was a cooking instructor, and I did a whole lot of classes for home cooks about Mexican food.
Rick Bayless
I learned a long time ago that reality was much weirder than anyone’s imagination.
Hunter S. Thompson
In many campaigns, one candidate or another is asked to answer for comments he or she made in the past. The answer is usually gibberish – ‘That was a long time ago,’ or ‘I was trying to say something else.’
Andrew Rosenthal
Most painters want recognition, especially by their peers. I achieved that a long time ago with TV. I don’t need any more.
Bob Ross
I used to only worry about the #1’s and all of the awards. But that was a long time ago.
Wynonna Judd
I learned a long time ago to be honest when I’m talking to other artists. Up-and-coming artists used to come and say something, they would have a demo reel, and I would try to tell them the truth. I don’t go up and say something unless I really feel it.
I realized a very long time ago, that I was never going to be the guy who, ‘Oh, you look so big, let’s push him in the main event and see,’ or, ‘Oh, this guy’s got the best physique ever, let’s put him in the main event and see.’ It was always going to be the hard way.
Kofi Kingston
A long, long time ago, I was in front of the ‘Mona Lisa’ and I heard someone saying, ‘Ugh! Take your photo and go!’ And it bummed me out. Shouldn’t there be more of a reverent experience?
Fab Moretti
I am told that there is a proverbial phrase among the Inuit: ‘A long time ago, in the future.’ Let the children see our history, and maybe it will help to shape the future.
Romeo LeBlanc
I have been on only one reality show, which was a dance show, a long time ago.
Mukul Dev
The first song that I had that went platinum was 'Keep

The first song that I had that went platinum was ‘Keep Your Head Up,’ which was a long time ago. Then, you get ‘one-hit wonder’ with that.
Andy Grammer
I’m not a big fan of the WWE coming over into our sport and everyone making a show of themselves. It’s not that, it doesn’t bother me, its good for some guys, but that’s just me, its not my personality, I told myself a long time ago I’m not gonna sell myself out, I’m not gonna sell my soul to be something I’m not.
Cub Swanson
I’m going to be looking forward, asked to be judged on my record, not taken back as has been the – in a sense, the tendency throughout politics in Northern Ireland, is to always look back, always look at what was said a long time ago, instead of looking forward.
Peter Hain
There is something in Shanghai that is very exciting and alive – the idea of a city with two different souls, one from today and another from a long time ago, is amazing.
Alessandro Michele
If it wasn’t for Mick, the group would’ve fallen apart a long time ago.
Mick Taylor
I trained with Chelsea for two weeks under Glenn Hoddle when they were in the relegation zone – it was a long time ago. And I also trained for Bolton when I was a young player. I was very clear, very soon, that I was missing a lot for that level.
Ralph Hasenhuttl
A long time ago, you couldn’t say what you mean in blues. You had to disguise it, and that’s where the double entendres and humour comes from and that’s where we come from.
Dusty Hill
I have no preconceived ideas; I gave that up a long time ago… The only thing we can do as musicians is make an album we like, and an album that we consider to be incredibly good.
Curt Smith
In the case of the cashew, someone, somewhere, a long time ago determined that it had to be roasted. The cashew was once nicknamed the blister nut, because if you try to eat it raw from the tree, your mouth pays the price. The cashew is not a nut, however; it’s a seed.
Kate Christensen
I still have nightmares of dead comrades, a long time ago, talking to me. ‘Emmanuel, don’t forget about us, don’t give up, keep telling our story.’
Emmanuel Jal
I gave up my struggle with perfection a long time ago. That is a concept I don’t find very interesting anymore. Everyone just wants to look good in the photographs. I think that is where some of the pressure comes from. Be happy. Be yourself, the day is about a lot more.
Anne Hathaway
America decided we were going to stand by and let Americans die at the hands of terrorists a long time ago.
Tommy Franks
While I gave up God a long time ago, I never shook the habit of wanting to believe in something. So I replaced my creed of everlasting life with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Sarah Vowell
Granddad taught me a long time ago, act like you’ve been there before.
Jason Witten
When you grow up in the music industry, trying to be Britney Spears because that’s what sells records and then you realize, ‘All I have to do is be myself? I should have thought of that a long time ago,’ it feels good to have success come from what’s actually inside of you.
Jessica Simpson
You know, now it’s sinking in. It’s taken me a long time to realize – and it is sinking in – how important this book is. And I have a certain distance now. I’ve done it such a long time ago.
Eric Carle
I decided a long time ago that protecting our Second Amendment means doing so across the board, no exceptions.
Ronny Jackson
A holiday is when you celebrate something that’s all finished up, that happened a long time ago and now there’s nothing left to celebrate but the dead.
Abraham Polonsky
I come from a pretty tough background and I learned a long time ago not to be bothered.
Bob Ainsworth
When you get over the anxiety, you discover you should have been mad a long time ago.
Amy Clampitt
Poetry from the bottom up is an act of selection: you kind of feel your way through the crowds of poems. The good ones came forward a long time ago, and the bad ones fell away.
Eileen Myles
My parents came a long time ago to Vienna, met in Vienna. Of course they had to go through a lot also, but we’re very happy to have our home in Vienna.
David Alaba
In some ways, September 11, 2001, seems a long time ago. Yet we have done so much in only a few years, and we will continue to do so in the future, to prevent such attacks on America.
George Allen
I’ll bet you $10 right now that there are an awful lot of literary writers who started a long time ago and now they find themselves in this place where secretly they feel trapped. And you know what they really read for fun? They read crime fiction.
Robert Crais
I began taking liberties a long time ago; now it is standard practice for most directors to ignore the rules.
Michelangelo Antonioni
We forget when we’re all grown up. 16 was a long time ago. It’s hard to remember how freakin’ difficult it is as 16! Life is not easy, and you’re trying to figure stuff out.
Greg Rucka
But please know, whether you believe campaign contributions are speech or property, that I learned to love very dearly the right of free expression when I lived without that freedom for a while a long time ago.
John McCain
As an engineer, I learned that a long time ago: you don’t want to get into a rational discussion about irrational subjects.
Shahid Khan
I always say that music is a small drop in the ocean of life. I was told a long time ago that your horn, or whatever instrument you play, is a means to be in the world.
Wayne Shorter
I learned a long time ago: You’re in the entertainment business. You’re not in the reality business. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.
Dennis Farina
A long time ago I started talking into a balloon so I could feel myself talking, to practice judging volume, and compare it to other musicians.
Mandy Harvey
It makes me very sad. Everyone's afraid of each other -

It makes me very sad. Everyone’s afraid of each other – Jews are afraid of Palestinians, Palestinians are afraid of Jews. Everywhere I see fear, not understanding. Reason went out of the window a long time ago.
Miriam Margolyes
Long time ago, we used to sit around eating popcorn and drawing up plays.
Nick Nurse
I decided a long time ago to be myself and not worry too much about cultivating some kind of personality that didn’t feel natural or true to who I am.
Lynn Coady
Someone said to me a long time ago, ‘You’re a drag queen,’ and at the time I was a little like… hello? But then I realized over the years that I actually am.
Roisin Murphy
I did an album a long time ago called ‘Replicas,’ which was entirely science-fiction driven, or science-fantasy. Since then it’s been a song here, a song there. It’s not really a constant theme. I’ve written far more about my problems with religion, with God and all that.
Gary Numan
YG and I started a long time ago back in ’08, and I am proud of where we are now.
Ty Dolla Sign
A long time ago, I watched President Reagan repeat a few simple points about the benefits for everyone of lower taxes, light regulations, and limited government. Successful policies are sold by repetition, not unrelated tangents.
Lawrence Kudlow
I really love helping students and helping them empathize with people who lived a really long time ago. That’s one of the highlights of working in fiction.
Deborah Harkness
I feel like I hadn’t given that many classic films, like, a really good chance. I watched ‘Casablanca’ a really long time ago when I was like, 12. I didn’t like it that much, and then when I saw it again in class, I loved it.
Miranda Cosgrove
I learned a long time ago that you can’t skip steps.
Monty Williams
I realized a long time ago that, even as a kid, it’s all about the choices you make, the things you pursue. In the end, you’re a sum of your choices.
Richard Linklater
Really, I learned a long time ago that in the National Football League, paper doesn’t mean anything. Football teams are created on the football field.
Mike McCarthy
I learned a long time ago that some people would rather die than forgive. It’s a strange truth, but forgiveness is a painful and difficult process.
Sue Monk Kidd
Life had stopped for her a long time ago. She was so out of touch with her feelings that she had no joy in her life and no concept of the fact that she could be wrong. She delivered her care of her insane patients in a killing manner, but she was convinced she was right.
Louise Fletcher
A long time ago, my grandfather used to play blackjack with me, when I was very small, and I quite enjoyed that.
Victoria Coren Mitchell
I decided a long time ago that I didn’t have to be talented. I just had to be persistent.
Kate DiCamillo
Kevin Systrom of Instagram used to work for us as a consultant in the early days of Mint. I knew him a long time ago. Maybe I could have gotten in there. But with photo sharing, I don’t know if there’s an obvious business model. I don’t think there’s a competitive, sustainable advantage.
Aaron Patzer
I was close to getting married a long time ago. But it didn’t happen, and since then it has not been happening. It is jinxed, and I am very happy. I hope this jinx continues.
Salman Khan
My work participates in that really quick and easy and inexpensive material that’s part of our culture. In that way, my work engages the means of production that we live with, even while it’s classical and embodies some things from a very long time ago.
Jessica Stockholder
I’m in my mid-40s now, and I came out in 11th grade, so I must have been 17. So that’s quite a long time ago, and the temperature and the culture was different.
Lisa Cholodenko
I promised myself a long time ago that I would lead an interesting life.
Sacheen Littlefeather
I learned a long time ago through my dad that you shouldn’t really compare yourself to others – just because that hampers how good you can be.
Marcus Mariota
A long time ago I learned how to shut my mouth, listen to my coaches and put trust in my coaches.
Jake Hager
Instant dashi is also the key ingredient to these savory dinner oats, which I developed specifically to showcase this powerful powder. Someone a long time ago decided that oatmeal belonged in the breakfast category, but I think that chewy, hearty, steel-cut oats need more airtime in our lives.
Sohla El-Waylly
Hollywood has lost touch with their audience a long time ago.
John Ratzenberger
I’ve always been interested in the office. I was a secretary a long time ago, and I’ve always been into paperwork. My first secretarial job was 1965 or 1966.
Natalie Cole
I gave up hunting a long time ago.
Dan Bilzerian
My mom sees her sons as baby boys. Well, I stopped being her baby boy a long time ago.
Bryant Gumbel
If you eat the same cereal every day it’s gonna get old. And if I had thought about snowboarding every day, I would have quit a long time ago.
Shaun White