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When I was a child, a lot of my time was spent in Scotl

When I was a child, a lot of my time was spent in Scotland because my mother’s Scottish, and we used to go up to Ayrshire and visit relations in a place called Dalry.
Jennifer Saunders
I went away with Scotland because I was trying to get some game-time somewhere but it just wasn’t working out with Scotland, the results weren’t happening.
Robert Snodgrass
My first professional set was 2014, and it was for a show called ‘Bob Servant’ for BBC Scotland. I was working in theater for Dundee Rep Theatre doing ‘Hecuba,’ and I also got this other job, ‘Bob Servant.’ It was only three days filming.
Ncuti Gatwa
I always wanted to play Lestrade of Scotland Yard ’cause he’s a buffoon that gets to wear a uniform. I thought that would be fun.
Tom Hanks
Those of us who were part of creating the Scottish parliament believe we must always test constitutional arrangements. The real test is where do the powers lie? Is it in the best interests of Scotland?
Johann Lamont
The first big drive I did I bought an Aston Martin and drove it from London to Scotland and had a fantastic drive. The last thirty miles is really twisty road that I know like the back of my hand, and it was just wonderful to get behind and have a really fun drive again.
Dario Franchitti
Do I miss football in Scotland? It keeps you really alive, that’s for sure. Your heartbeat fluctuates. I’m flatlining at the moment which is actually quite nice but you need to go up and down to stay alive.
Gordon Strachan
I have family dotted everywhere – Dad’s in California; I’ve got aunts in Scotland and Virginia; family in Kansas City; family in Manchester and London.
Hayley Atwell
I enjoy coming to Scotland, and my favourite memory has to be my first Open at Carnoustie. Coming over from a small town and playing in something so big to golf and y’all.
Boo Weekley
I am attached to the west coast of Scotland – it’s gorgeous to look at and challenging. You have to contend with the possibility of being blown away or rained on. And in the summer months you can be eaten alive by midges.
Clive Anderson
I’m always a player who has taken fairly rough treatment, to be honest. I think my time in Scotland typified that because I think there was one game where I set a record for being fouled ten or 11 times in a game.
James Maddison
I scored nine goals for Hull and a hat-trick for Scotland in the first half of the season, you don’t do that and then become an average player overnight, so I know I can contribute to West Ham.
Robert Snodgrass
There are few places in my life that I’ve found more ruggedly beautiful than the Highlands of Scotland. The place is magical – it’s so far north, so remote, that sometimes it feels like you’ve left this world and gone to another.
Julia London
My maternal grandmother was Cantonese, so I’m a quarter Chinese and half Irish and a quarter Scottish and raised by English parents living in Scotland.
KT Tunstall
I’ve played in nearly every league and country on these islands, apart from League One. I’ve played in Scotland, I’ve played in Wales, in the Premier League and in the Championship. I’ve been lucky to get a broad footballing education.
Kasper Schmeichel
I have planted over 6,000 trees at home in Scotland, some of them oak. I’d like my children to be able to watch them grow.
Rory Stewart
I feel incredibly passionate about Scotland not becoming an independent country.
Rose Leslie
My dad loved Scotland, so we would pile into his caravan and head for the Highlands, to Fort William and Loch Ness. It was such an adventure – my siblings and I were allowed to roam and explore the local beaches. We loved the freedom of those trips.
Rick Astley
Scotland is one of my favourite places to perform: it’s really something special. Scottish audiences are just so enthusiastic; their approach to dance music just feels similar to my own somehow.
My vision for Scotland is one in which we fight together for the values we are care about: equality, fairness and social justice. Those values are the same whether you live in Dumfries or Carlisle.
Douglas Alexander
I’ve played in practically every city in Scotland, and loads of towns as well. I just feel very grateful that I’m able to do that.
Amy Macdonald
People say how come I’m from Scotland yet I sound like the Queen?! I went to boarding school in Somerset, which has probably got something to do with it.
Rose Leslie
Anyone who seriously wants to keep Scotland in the U.K. must seek to stop the rise of the SNP, not to fuel and encourage it.
Peter Hitchens
I perceive two things in Scotland of the most fearful omen: ignorance of theological truth, and a readiness to pride themselves in and boast of it.
Edward Irving
When I got to Scotland, I signed up on a site called Meetup. It’s like these group things you can do – a poetry reading, a hike, whatever.
Tanya Saracho
To win like that, in Scottish kit, in the U.K., beating the Olympic champion, hearing Scotland the Brave on the podium, I was very emotional.
Chris Hoy
We are European citizens, as we are European citizens it means what we want to do is exactly like Scotland or Quebec. The difference is that the United Kingdom and Canada they are democratic countries. Spain today is not a democracy and this is the main problem.
Jordi Cuixart
Dean Owens is Scotland’s most engaging and haunting singer-songwriter.
Irvine Welsh
I absolutely love Scotland. I’m always happy there.
Jennifer Saunders
I think as much as people talk about Scotland as being a place where it’s raining all the time it’s a fantastic country. Considering it’s such a small country you have to realise how successful it’s been in the world of motor sport.
Susie Wolff
In the Church of Scotland, Episcopalian, you don’t have to believe in Heaven, but you definitely have to believe in Hell.
Neve McIntosh
I am wholeheartedly in favour of an independent Scotlan

I am wholeheartedly in favour of an independent Scotland.
Ken Stott
As a young Scottish footballer growing up – I always used to follow Scotland and watch the games – Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, and Joe Jordan were players I looked up to.
David Moyes
Scotland is the Canada of England!
Rainn Wilson
For me, personally, it has been humbling since I became First Minister to speak to women and girls and have them tell me how much it means to them to have a woman in the top job in politics in Scotland.
Nicola Sturgeon
My dad was a womaniser, a gambler. He was violent. They thought if they left Scotland, they would leave the problems behind.
Jimmy Barnes
When I bump into Scotland supporters they are pretty positive. They just want a little bit of success. I don’t think that’s too much for them to ask.
Steve Clarke
I was only in Scotland for four months or something, but I look back at that, and it was a big learning curve for me in that short spell. I went there with an open mind to show everyone in Scotland what I was about. Looking back, I am very glad with the decision I made.
James Maddison
I never get nervous before a show, but I get nervous when we come to Scotland.
Drew McIntyre
Scotland’s relationship with Malawi is perhaps unique – with almost every town or village in Scotland having some connection.
Nicola Sturgeon
Scotland is a much lighter and more fun place than I thought it was. I was miserable when I was there. But it wasn’t Scotland’s fault. It was my circumstances. I was – I hate to say the word humbled – but that’s what it felt like. I was wrong about this place. This is a great place full of very fun people.
Craig Ferguson
I was born in Cambridgeshire and moved to Scotland when I was seven.
Louise Wilson
Well, we all make mistakes, and I’ve made some; getting involved in a price-cutting campaign in Scotland when the biggest slump in advertising history was just around the corner was a mistake.
Andrew Neil
In Scotland, I have a huge barn full of woodworking tools. I love working with my hands. I basically just make myself bleed a lot. I’m very accident-prone.
Greg Wise
Independence is the only way Scotland can realise its full political and cultural potential in the 21st century.
Tariq Ali
I’ve lived all over Europe, spent a lot of time in London, went to school in Scotland, college in America, so I do think I have sort of a sensibility on a fairly global level.
Duncan Jones
Maybe six months out of drama school, I was working at the Dundee Rep Theatre, I worked there for about a year, and I had an audition for the National Theatre of Scotland. I went into the audition room and when I came out I realized my fly was undone. I did this whole dramatic speech with my fly hanging low.
Ncuti Gatwa
If I’m out shopping, in Topshop or wherever, I’m never spotted. In fact, I’m usually asked if I have a student card. No-one seems to notice me, they’re oblivious to who I am even in Scotland, and I’m very happy to be able to blend in with the crowd.
Amy Macdonald
I used to row as a junior for Scotland but I was never massive, I was always tall and rangey.
Chris Hoy
When I had other things to deal with in my personal life, people were telling me to come and play for Scotland. So I’d come but then not play. I’d prefer people just to be honest with me and say whether they really want me there or just as a back-up.
Robert Snodgrass
I think Scotland will become an independent country. I’ve always believed that. It means that if I’m right on that, there has to be another referendum at some stage. But the timing and circumstances of that will require careful judgment.
Nicola Sturgeon
A glass of whisky in Scotland in the thirties cost less than a cup of tea.
Catherine Helen Spence
In Scotland, where we were shooting in June and July the weather was so unpredictable. We would start the shoot on a bright, sunny day and within an hour it would turn cloudy and start raining heavily.
Supriya Pathak
I know I have been compared with Broony and he is a player I’ve looked up to massively. When I first went into the Scotland squad he took me under his wing.
John McGinn
The sport was right in the center of these changing social dynamics. It was a game invented by blue-collar people in Scotland but adopted by the elite in England and America. All of those conflicts were coming into the open. I was amazed to find out how much was played out in golf as well.
Mark Frost
The Scottish Labour Party should work as equal partners with the U.K. party, just as Scotland is an equal partner in the United Kingdom. Scotland has chosen home rule – not London rule.
Johann Lamont
If you put a frog in boiling water, it’ll jump straight out. If you put it in cold water and gradually bring it to the boil, it’ll sit right there until it dies. Scotland has been sitting in England’s gradually boiling water for so long that many people are used to it.
John Niven
A couple of taxi drivers have asked me if we can survive financially as an independent nation. I say, how come we are more stupid than Denmark or Finland or Sweden? They’ve all got the same amount of people. Are we all going to down tools? Is everybody in Scotland going to stop working?
Eddi Reader
From Scotland to India, and from Silicon Valley to Kenya, policymakers all over the world have become interested in basic income as an answer to poverty, unemployment and the bureaucratic behemoth of the modern welfare state.
Rutger Bregman
I will say that anyone who supports Scottish independence should go to Athens. Because nothing works. It is a disaster. It is a ruined, dirty place where people do not have money or future prospects. The day one after independence, Scotland would be worse.
Philip Kerr
The big issues, the things that scar Scotland – the least of them is whether we should have a border at Gretna Green or not.
Johann Lamont
In Scotland, we’re a colony in more ways than one. So when directors come up to work, there’s a very particular way they want Scotland to look like and to behave like.
Peter Mullan
I've always loved the fans in Scotland and have a littl

I’ve always loved the fans in Scotland and have a little Scottish blood of my own.
Dolly Parton
Some of the hotels I’ve been put up in for work in Scotland have been shockingly bad. They’re the type of hotel where the bedroom is like a cell and the Internet doesn’t work. I feel quite aggrieved at that because you should at least be treated reasonably well and have basic comfort.
Robert Winston
Scotland has a great deal to offer the world in terms of our approach to key economic and social issues.
Nicola Sturgeon
My parents are from Scotland and my sister and brother were both born in Scotland so my heritage is from there.
Sam Allardyce
I’ve played in pipe bands in Scotland, and I’ve always played guitars and drums and stuff.
Ewan McGregor
I’m really interested in history and when I looked into the settlers who came to my home state, North Carolina, I found that the largest settlement of Hebridean islanders outside of Scotland was right there in North Carolina.
Rhiannon Giddens
There are golfers everywhere who may never get a chance to play a links course in Scotland, a tree-lined course in America or the sand belts of Australia. Hopefully I can bring some of those elements into their backyards.
Tiger Woods
‘Into the Blizzard’ follows the author as he traces the footsteps of the Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War: where they trained in Scotland, where they fought in Gallipoli and where they died at the Battle of the Somme in France.
Michael Winter
There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter.
Billy Connolly
I was brought up west southwest coast of Scotland and my mother and father had a music shop, and so I was surrounded by pianos and drums and guitars, and music, of course.
Colin Hay
I have friends who are blacksmiths in the north of Scotland, so I took a few master classes with,them. I loved learning a new skill. I will never look at a piece of wrought iron the same way now. I can now make semi-decent knife blades and candlesticks myself.
Rory McCann
As a teenager in Scotland, I had American friends, sons and daughters of officers at a U.S. Air Force base.
Gavin Esler
Working on ‘Outlander’ has been a delight, it really has. I had kind of forgotten what Scotland was like, and I’d turned into a bit of a Londoner.
Sam Heughan
My mother’s background was Scottish. She came from an old family, some of whom lived in upper New York State and some of whom had come over from Scotland.
Alan Hovhaness
Most Scots might be able to identify six vegetables – but only two MSPs. There are parts of Scotland where you rarely get more than 40% turnout at the polls. There’s a big disconnect there, and I think comedians bridge that gap.
Rory Bremner
In Scotland, beautiful as it is, it was always raining. Even when it wasn’t raining, it was about to rain, or had just rained. It’s a very angry sky.
Colin Hay
I get the feeling a lot of politicians are there to help themselves financially, first and foremost. I don’t really need to do that, and I thought if I could do something for sport in Scotland, that would be really fulfilling.
Gordon Strachan
Witches were burned and killed in Scotland and England for centuries before what happened in Salem.
Janet Montgomery
In Edinburgh, there was a lovely little Episcopalian Church of Scotland church on my way to the theater, so I used to pop in there and soak up the atmosphere.
Neve McIntosh
I like Cornwall and particularly the Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland where I got married. It’s absolutely beautiful.
Lee Mack
I love the Dunhill Links and I absolutely love playing golf in Scotland.
Tim Henman
Golf is a working man’s sport in Scotland.
Brian Binnie
A burning ambition of mine is to take Scotland to a major tournament. It should be the pinnacle of any players’ career to get to a World Cup finals with their country.
Steve Clarke
I used to come up to Scotland to see my uncle play and I would also watch him whenever he was on the TV.
Sean Longstaff
Every time I’ve come away with Scotland I’ve learned and improved.
John McGinn
Whenever I’ve been in Scotland I’ve had such amazing support, and the love from Scottish fans has always been great.
Olly Murs
Wherever I go in the world, people all know about Scotland Street and are always asking me about what’s going to happen to the characters next.
Alexander McCall Smith
English businesses would face massive transaction costs if Scotland, their second biggest export market, used a different currency.
Nicola Sturgeon
Northern Ireland, England, Scotland – when we play each other, you don’t want to lose to a neighbouring country.
Chris Coleman
I try not to think about writers who came before me when I’m writing myself. If I did, given the abundance of literary talent Scotland – and Edinburgh in particular – has bestowed upon the world, I wouldn’t be able to get as much as a sentence written.
Allan Guthrie
We in Scotland need fiscal responsibility. Quite simply, we need to be responsible for what we raise in tax and what we spend in tax.
Tom Hunter
Whenever I am not filming and not required to travel wi

Whenever I am not filming and not required to travel with work, I spend all my downtime in Scotland.
Mathew Horne
There’s a lot of fantasy about what Scotland is, and the shortbread tins and that sort of thing.
Sean Connery
My place in Scotland is in the middle of nowhere, so you’ve just got a keyboard, guitar, a little drum machine and you know if you can work stuff out like that, if you can hammer out songs that sound good just with those three things and a voice, you’re on your way.
Jay Kay
There’s something fundamentally wrong with a system where there’s been 17 years of a Tory Government and the people of Scotland have voted Socialist for 17 years. That hardly seems democratic.
Sean Connery
But I fear, my lot being cast in Scotland, that beauty would not be content.
Anne Boyd
In Scotland, Catholics have raised their voices against sectarianism and intolerance directed against the Church. Clearly, these actions show that freedom of religious expression, a basic human right, is not upheld in our midst as widely and as completely as it should be.
Keith O’Brien
I’m delighted when Scotland qualify either for the World Cup or the European Championship. I always take a vested interest in Scotland’s result, and it creates the opportunity for a drink in our house when they do well.
Jimmy Hill
I’d like to visit the Faroe Islands and at some point take a boat trip along the Caledonian Canal in Scotland.
Ruth Jones
Vote SNP for a party that always stands up for Scotland, that is stronger for Scotland, and a government that will keep the country moving in the right direction.
Nicola Sturgeon
In Scotland, the indication is that for the Westminster elections at least, Labour voters are satisfied with their government.
Lucy Powell
Floral emblems have been often adopted. The houses of York and Lancaster had their roses, the Bourbons of France, the fleur-de-lis, Scotland her thistle, and Ireland her shamrock.
Dorothea Dix
Secessionists, whether in Scotland, Catalonia, Quebec or anywhere else, invariably assume that a person must either be Scottish or British, Catalan or Spanish, Quebecois or Canadian. What about those who feel they are both?
Michael Ignatieff
In the 1990s, from the estates of Scotland came the phenomenon of Irvine Welsh. ‘Trainspotting’ demanded its place not only in the high ranks of contemporary fiction but as a describer of a Britain that literally and metaphorically was in a deep mess.
Melvyn Bragg
Who could think that children from the pockets of Himalaya sing folklore from Scotland and vice versa? Such an education in the initial years develops compassion and mutual respect for each other’s skills.
Mohit Chauhan
My grandparents were far more English in their manners than they were Chinese. For example, we spoke English at home, had afternoon tea every day, and my grandfather, who attended university in Scotland, would smoke his pipe after dinner.
Kevin Kwan
It’s something you dream about, working in Scotland, working in Glasgow, walking down the same streets I used to walk down when I was a drama student, daydreaming about being in an American TV show or doing something that was well known. I guess I sort of pinch myself.
Sam Heughan
My ma wanted to go and have a wee look at where all the Scottish kings had been buried. So we traipsed over Mull, in the pishing rain, with the parents desperately trying to find things to do as is the case with a holiday in Scotland, then on to Iona.
Douglas Henshall
Scotland’s political identity was destroyed, and a huge Scottish emigration to North America followed the brutal Highland clearances. These included every layer of Scottish society, not just the remnants of the defeated clans.
Tariq Ali
Would I work in Scotland again? Of course I would. I loved every single second of being there.
Brendan Rodgers
It was not so easy for me in Scotland in general.
Teemu Pukki
I grew up in Scotland, and everyone wore Barbour. It’s very practical; it’s very outdoorsy. It’s what the gamekeepers and the fishermen and the farmers would wear.
Sam Heughan
I did a couple of short films when I was in Scotland.
John Tiffany
My favourite football memory is the opening match of France ’98, and unfortunately Scotland had drawn Brazil.
Amy Macdonald
What most people don’t understand is that UFOs are on a cosmic tourist route. That’s why they’re always seen in Arizona, Scotland, and New Mexico. Another thing to consider is that all three of those destinations are good places to play golf. So there’s possibly some connection between aliens and golf.
Alice Cooper
You have to go to Scotland at all times of the year – in order to appreciate the times when the sun does come out.
Bill Bailey
People in Scotland want to have Scotland in the UK and the UK in the EU, and that’s what the Liberal Democrats are arguing for.
Jo Swinson
I figured New York was the closest I’d get here in America to Scotland.
Jennifer Coolidge
Scotland is a great country. It’s integral to the U.K.
Chris Grayling
I was brought up in Scotland and have always been a country person, although the town means a great deal to me, too.
Susannah York
It will be increasingly difficult to keep Scotland as a part of the U.K. I hope that doesn’t happen, but everyone knows David Cameron has put that at risk.
Keir Starmer
I come from a heavy-lidded people. My family, you’ll see pictures of them, and it’s the same thing all the way back to Scotland.
French Stewart
I'm very fond of Glasgow, particularly the West End. Th

I’m very fond of Glasgow, particularly the West End. The whole stretch of the west coast of Scotland from Loch Lomond up through Mallaig to the Kyle of Localsh is so beautiful.
John Niven
My mum has had heart-attacks, a stroke, and it all coincided with me being called up for Scotland so the timing was not good. Thankfully, she is a great woman.
Robert Snodgrass
My roots are Scottish. My dad’s parents are from Scotland, and my mum’s dad is Scots.
Katharine Isabelle
It would be great to play in a Scotland side that defeated England. That could be another box ticked off for me.
Robert Snodgrass
If you have a Tory government at Westminster that takes us out of Europe against our will, there may be people in Scotland who think, ‘You know what, we might be better off independent.’
Nicola Sturgeon
Think Indonesia and tourism, and the first thing that comes to mind is probably Bali. Think golf holiday, and most people would dream of Scotland or Ireland. But Indonesia harbors one of the best-kept secrets in the world of travel: it is a golfer’s paradise.
Raymond Bonner
I spent loads of time in Scotland as a kid. My dad would take us back up to Aberdeen loads, and I have very fond memories of getting chips from his favourite chippy and heading down to the beach to eat Baskin Robbins ice cream.
Andrew Buchan
After secondary school, the big thing to do was apply for uni in England or Scotland and then just stay there.
Adrian McKinty
Scotland is my country, the nation that shaped me, that taught me my values. A nation whose achievements inspired and inspire me, a community whose failings drive me – drive my overwhelming desire to fight for social justice and equality.
Johann Lamont
Slavery wasn’t something that grew up in the American South. and black people were not the first to be slaves in America. Before them there were ‘indentured laborers,’ taken out of jails in England and Scotland and so forth and brought to the colonies to work out their terms in the fields and then be set free.
Lorne Greene
The fans in Scotland are great, but in New York, the fans are also great: they are mental.
Drew McIntyre
I am very aware of how warmly Scotland is regarded around the world, and a vote for self-determination would raise our international profile even further, with lots of benefits for Scottish arts and culture.
Ken Stott
Let us put the normal divisions of politics aside. Let us come together as one country; let us seize this historic moment to shift the balance of power from the corridors of Westminster to the streets and communities of Scotland.
Nicola Sturgeon
The great irony was that, while I was being portrayed as a monster, I was in Khatmandu with my children, doing soup kitchens for Tibetan refugees, using all the money from my records to feed three hundred people a day, and working with monks connected to the Sammye Ling Buddhist centre in Scotland.
Genesis P-Orridge
When we vote to leave, I think a majority of people in Scotland will also vote to leave as well.
Michael Gove
I know there’s some kind of history to mountain music-like it came from Ireland or England or Scotland and we kept up the tradition.
Loretta Lynn
I won’t be chasing down players who have retired. I only want players who are 100% committed to Scotland.
Steve Clarke
I’m a bit of a Scotophile. I have a house on the Black Isle, so I’m in Scotland quite a lot and think Edinburgh is just the most beautiful city.
Penelope Keith
In China, the rich enslaved the poor, and in England and Scotland and all over the world, one person, through his power and wealth and standing, was able to enslave others. Don’t torget, mankind has had wars where we sent armies to enslave other countries; history is full of slavery.
Lorne Greene
I was writing ‘Outlander’ for practise and didn’t want anyone to know I was doing it. So I couldn’t very well announce to my husband that I was quitting my job and abandoning him with three small children to visit Scotland to do research for a novel that I hadn’t told him I was writing.
Diana Gabaldon
While some of them acknowledge the obligation of natural morality in their mode of conducting their cases, and preserve their individual character as gentlemen, there are others who acknowledge no law, human or divine, but the law of Scotland.
George Combe
You have to have something about you to perform in Scotland. I’m sure these foreign players are excellent but we don’t know how they’re going to perform.
Kyle Lafferty
There are three reasons why I live in Scotland. First, I like silence, and you have to be a millionaire to buy silence in Italy. Second, I like cold weather. Third, in Italy I have too many relatives and know too many people, so I never get a quiet time.
Gian Carlo Menotti
To involve young people and make sure that the system is more relevant to them in Scotland, we have a clear obligation to implement a policy of home rule.
Charles Kennedy
I lived for a year in Scotland. British sign language is very different from American.
I. King Jordan
The Clash had a unique, special relationship with Scotland. Perhaps it was something to do with the energy, anger and beauty in their music. In Scotland at that time, there was a lot of to be angry about. And a great need of some energy and beauty.
John Niven
My father is from Newark in Nottinghamshire and my mother is from the very north of Ireland. They’ve ended up in Scotland, where my father – well, both of them – will always be seen as having come from somewhere else.
Ali Smith
My mother was from Scotland and had very fair skin… she wouldn’t allow us to go in the sun.
Julianne Moore
I come more to Scotland than I ever used to, so I feel more connected to it, more part of the zeitgeist. You know when you realize you have a choice and I’m choosing my homeland. It’s funny: when you get older these things creep up to you.
Alan Cumming
I came from a poor family. My father was from Glasgow, Scotland; my mother’s brothers were brakemen on the railroad. We didn’t have anything but mush for breakfast.
Mickey Rooney
I think it’s really hard to replace what Scott Brown brought to Scotland. He was one of a kind and there aren’t too many players like Broony. But for me, the more you try and replicate him, the more difficult it becomes.
John McGinn
I really got into Gaelic music and the whole sound of i

I really got into Gaelic music and the whole sound of it, and I got to go to Scotland.
Rhiannon Giddens
The Navy’s paid for you to go through school, and then they need doctors to go out and take care of people who are in various different parts of the world. I decided to pay back my time first as an undersea medical officer. I was stationed in Scotland.
Laurel Clark
People often write to me, addressing the envelope, ‘Stephen Hendry, Snooker Player’ or ‘Stephen Hendry, Scotland,’ and it reaches me.
Stephen Hendry
Not once in my life has the Tory Party come anywhere close to winning an election in Scotland, and yet, for more than half my life, we have had a Tory government. That is wrong and undemocratic.
Nicola Sturgeon
Labour long ago realised it could no longer automatically assume that it would win elections in Glasgow and other places where it has taken people’s votes for granted for decades – as we have seen across Scotland at local council and Holyrood elections.
Nicola Sturgeon
Like a lot of expatriate Scots, when you want to be called Scottish, it’s useful. I see myself as being without nationality, as a European: my region is Scotland; my nationality is European – isn’t that a very Alex Salmond thing to say?
Kevin Macdonald
I am from Scotland, and I am Christian, not Muslim.
Rory Stewart
When New Labour came to power, we got a Right-wing Conservative government. I came to realise that voting Labour wasn’t in Scotland’s interests any more. Any doubt I had about that was cast aside for ever when I saw Gordon Brown cosying up to Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street.
Jimmy Reid
I really am very grateful for the support from everyone in Scotland.
Tom Walker
Scottish football has always been about Celtic and Rangers, but we’ve rattled some cages and that’s been good. The more competition they have, the better for Scotland as a whole.
Steve Clarke
I’m hugely fond of Scotland. My daughter, Jemma, was born in the Simpson Memorial Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh, and it always tickled me that she was so vexed she didn’t have a Scottish accent even though she was brought up down south.
Rick Wakeman
In 2003 Scotland had 36 new business registrations per 10,000 adults. It’s still the same.
Tom Hunter
It’s been such a special feeling pulling on that Scotland jersey since I was 16 years old.
Robert Snodgrass
Well, I was very lucky. I was brought up west southwest coast of Scotland and my mother and father had a music shop, and so I was surrounded by pianos and drums and guitars, and music, of course.
Clive Anderson
My mum was working in London, so I went to school there until I was 12. But every holiday would be in Scotland, and when I went to boarding school, I’d either be there or Scotland.
Rachael Stirling
Margaret Thatcher’s decision to use Scotland as a testing ground for the poll tax was arguably the most disastrous attempt at fiscal engineering since London slapped the stamp tax on the American colonies in the 1760s.
Linda Colley
The idea that an independent Scotland – having separated assets and liabilities from the rest of the U.K. – would expect the rest of the U.K. to be a lender of last resort, and of course be kind to them, doesn’t make any sense.
Johann Lamont
Scotland and England may sometimes be rivals, but by geography, we are also neighbours. By history, allies. By economics, partners. And by fate and fortune, comrades, friends and family.
Douglas Alexander
It is true that I once refused to eat haggis in Scotland and this did not sit well with the local population.
Rick Riordan
I hate it when people romanticize Scotland.
Alexander McQueen
Something I notice speaking to writers from south of Hadrian’s Wall is that the culture is different. At base, I think Scotland values its creative industries differently from England.
Sara Sheridan
Remember, the Arctic didn’t have any ice. And the Northwest Passage was wide open. They were raising grapes in Scotland for God sakes, had a huge winery. Iceland was a farming community. As some of the glaciers retreated they found villages that were covered with ice.
Don Young
My point is there’s a hidden Scotland in anyone who speaks the Northern Ireland speech. It’s a terrific complicating factor, not just in Northern Ireland, but Ireland generally.
Seamus Heaney
Celtic and Ajax are great names in history. They both have great followings all over the world, not just in Holland and Scotland.
Edwin van der Sar
There’s not many people that look like me in Scotland.
Ncuti Gatwa
I won’t tell anyone where my favourite place in Scotland is… but it might be somewhere on Skye.
Sam Heughan
My parents were both from Scotland, but had been resident in Lower Canada some time before their marriage, which took place in Montreal; and in that city I spent most of my life.
Maria Monk
Hearing the statistic that one in four children in Scotland suffer from poverty just made me think that if there is even a tiny thing I could do that would help then it was totally worthwhile.
Amy Macdonald
Kenny Dalglish was the greatest to play for Liverpool and Scotland, so for someone like that to sign me was an honour.
Charlie Adam
It drove me crazy, Scotland. It was cold. It was abuse. It was snowing and everything. I was so cold that one day I faked an injury to go to the locker room.
Riyad Mahrez
I just read an 800-page history of the Scottish Enlightenment and, honestly, I may as well just start it again now, because I cannot remember a single thing. I can barely remember where Scotland is.
Hugh Laurie
I lived in Scotland a long time, and I became aware of

I lived in Scotland a long time, and I became aware of Mogwai really from the beginning. They seemed to be fusing hard music structure and sort of raw sonics. They’re just very creative thinkers, musical thinkers.
Max Richter
It would be a very serious mistake for the U.K. to vote to leave the European Union, and I think it would be democratically indefensible for Scotland, if we had voted to stay in, to face the prospect of being taken out.
Nicola Sturgeon
Clearly, if it is sensible to hold a referendum on independence, it is crucial that we have one on marriage. It is the only way the country can move forward on this issue. Let all those who have a view on this subject place their trust in the Scottish people and let Scotland decide.
Keith O’Brien
The job of the Scottish Labour Party is to represent working people and represent Scotland.
Johann Lamont
I grew up in Pittwater, north of Sydney; Elvina Bay, Scotland Island area. I had to go to school by boat. To get to the mainland, we had to go by boat, so it was just a way of life.
James Spithill
In Scotland, I was brought up to think of policemen as allies and to ask one for help when I needed it.
Angus Deaton
I have caught some big eels in New Zealand, where the climate is very similar to Scotland. But they grow to around five feet long.
Jeremy Wade
Only 4 percent of all the companies owned in Scotland have their head offices in Scotland.
Sean Connery
We can have enhanced devolution – greater powers in Scotland – but within the strength, security and stability of the United Kingdom, and I think that’s what most Scots want.
Douglas Alexander
Every austerity measure that Cameron and George Osborne make is being presented in Scotland as the English starving us.
Norman Davies
Is it not typical that we have a Tory Government that wants, just like its pals in the Labour Party, constantly to talk down Scotland’s prospects?
Nicola Sturgeon
Thankfully I’m not endlessly ambitious, but I have done some crazy ambitious things like buying an island off the west coast of Scotland in the late Sixties.
Jack Bruce
While growing up in Scotland, which has a large Indian population, I would end up eating a lot of Indian dishes. So, it is familiar to me.
Jock Zonfrillo
My parents are artists and they decided they would prefer to paint in the Mediterranean rather than in Scotland.
David Russell
In a lot of farther-flung places in Scotland people are guarded at first, but as soon as they get to know you they really hate you.
Frankie Boyle
I was a fan like everybody else, even before I got called up for Scotland.
Robert Snodgrass
Social injustice is what puts Scotland at its greatest disadvantage, and restoring the 50p tax rate will start to fight that.
Johann Lamont
I’m William Wallace, and the rest of you will be spared. Go back to England and tell them… Scotland is free!
William Wallace
I get on so well with lots of Scots, and a man who had a big influence on my career and was a great mate, Johnny Paton, was Scottish. But I became a hate figure in Scotland because of my views on football. That always made me chuckle, and it still does.
Jimmy Hill
I love playing for Scotland; it’s my country, it’s where I was born, and every time I wear the badge it’s a dream come true – goosebumps.
Oliver Burke
I come from a working class community in eastern Scotland, and I’ve always been a populist, though not a patronising populist.
Brian Cox
In Scotland there’s just some of the best produce. I mean Argyll and Bute has a longer coastline than France.
Dave Myers
In Scotland you can enter a comfort zone. I felt I had already developed a reputation there and felt it was important to prove I can play elsewhere.
John McGinn
I love Scotland; I love the NHS. I was born into the NHS; I grew up in the NHS. My family grew up in the NHS.
Gordon Brown
I still love going back to Celtic Park now, whether it’s for Celtic or Scotland games, and seeing the atmosphere.
Robert Snodgrass
I’ll be arguing for Scotland to vote to stay in the E.U.
Nicola Sturgeon
I have met in my life two big destroyers: Gorbachev, who destroyed the Soviet Union, and Cameron, who destroyed the United Kingdom to some extent, even if there is no wave of Scotland to become independent.
Jean-Claude Juncker
I was still only 19 when I went to Scotland, but it was a good loan move for me to play those extra games.
James Maddison
Scotland’s a pretty place. I mean, as long as it ain’t raining.
Boo Weekley