Top 22 Different Angles Quotes

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My friends and I have always been trying to make movies

My friends and I have always been trying to make movies, at every moment. We’ve tried so many different angles and approaches. But when it happens, it happens, and you just run with it.
Jon Watts
I jumped off a cliff backwards for ‘I Am Number Four,’ which was pretty cool. I’d never done that before. It took seven takes from different angles and luckily there were no injuries. I came close, though. My head nearly hit the rock at one point.
Alex Pettyfer
My father and mother are exceptional pedagogues who can motivate and tell it from all different angles. Later, chess for me became a sport, an art, a science, everything together. I was very focused on chess, and happy with that world.
Judit Polgar
The opera tells the story with all the built-in contradictions and from many different angles.
Harrison Birtwistle
Poetry, especially traditional Iranian poetry, is very good at looking at things from a number of different angles simultaneously.
Asghar Farhadi
What I do, basically, is look at things from different angles. That is what I do on stage comedically, and that is what I do in art. I was always fascinated by the structure of things, why things work this way and not that way. So I like to see how things behave if you change the point of view.
Ursus Wehrli
I think the biggest influence on my stand-up would be Chris Rock, in that I love that Chris is basically an essayist, in that he’ll take a subject and just try and attack it from as many different angles as he can.
Neal Brennan
When I am performing live, I walk into a room, and I just try to get a feel for the vibe, and I am coming from different angles musically. I might come with a new song, I might come with some hip-hop, with some R&B. Once I find my way, then I am hitting you, and hitting you all night.
Grandmaster Flash
When I’m tired, I like to go and do drills where you catch tennis balls off walls. Different colors use different hands, and you’ve got to react to those types of things at different angles. I do all these crazy reaction-time things or reaction skills with tennis balls every morning, or at least four times a week.
Julian Edelman
I kind of really study different angles of the film. You see how people’s bodies are, how they react to certain kind of moves – what foot they step with, what hand they jab with, and all that. Just little things like that, that you pick up when you watch film. Studying is big for me.
Stefon Diggs
I stay out after training and practice hitting balls from different angles just in case the chances come in a game.
Harry Wilson
Working on a film, the setup for an action sequence takes a long time, and we need to shoot the scene many times to get different angles.
Jet Li
I can box. I can hit hard. I’ve got different angles.
Jorge Masvidal
Micing it from two different angles in front of the speaker sounds huge, and it’s so simple.
Daisy Berkowitz
‘Babel’ is about the point of view of others. It literally includes points of views as experienced from the other side. It is not about a hero. It is not about only one country. It is a prism that allows us to see the same reality from different angles.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Some time ago, I investigated the possibility that a computer might be able to reconstruct a picture from sets of very accurate X-ray measurements taken through the body at a multitude of different angles.
Godfrey Hounsfield
We need variations, variations in not just attempt but in flickers’ attempts as well. I mean, a flicker needs to use different angles, pace to keep the opposition defence guessing.
Sandeep Singh
On stage, everyone stays put; the vantage point is always the vantage point, and you have to play to the size of the house. And of course, on film, there’s different angles, different shots, so that determines how animated or how still you must be.
Tituss Burgess
Drag is all about self-expression; there’s so many different angles you can take on it.
Mabel is wicked. We come at music from different angles and are both into some different stuff so when we got in together, it was really refreshing to approach the session with different music in mind.
Jax Jones
I do seem to have a lot of family secrets in my novels. I guess I’m one of those writers who is often writing about the same sort of themes, but taking different angles on them.
Nancy Werlin
See, to me, rock’n’roll doesn’t have any point. It’s just fun. It has a million different angles and they’re all valid. But I think rock might be a world issue.
Evan Dando