Top 22 Feisty Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Feisty Quotes from famous people such as Geraldine Ferraro, Rose Leslie, Bill Griffith, Rose McIver, Brian Cox, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

The polls indicated that I was feisty, that I was tough

The polls indicated that I was feisty, that I was tough, that I had a sense of humor, but they weren’t quite sure if they liked me and they didn’t know whether or not that I was sensitive.
Geraldine Ferraro
I personally have been drawn to female roles who are incredibly strong; females who are dominant and know their own mind; who are feisty in their own way without being annoying. I like it when she has a dark side, but she also has a playful side.
Rose Leslie
Looking back Little Lulu was an early feminist, but at the time I just thought she was a really feisty developed comic strip character.
Bill Griffith
The reason I feel like I act is because you get to live a million different lives in one. I don’t have to go about my life, just being easy-going New Zealander Rose. Sometimes I can inhabit a feisty, vicious character. Sometimes I can inhabit a painfully shy British girl, or whatever it might be.
Rose McIver
The hardest thing to do in movies is be a day-part player. You have to go in, make your mark, and get out. There’s a lot of leading actors who are not good for a lot of a movie, and then suddenly they have good moments, and they’re like stepping-stones across a particularly feisty stream. They build careers out of that.
Brian Cox
I’d love the opportunity to do something where I could really give my opinion, my feisty side – it’d be fun!
Rachel Stevens
There’s still, dare I say it, a cultural propaganda against the Irish, that we are, as women, ‘feisty.’ I hate that word.
Dervla Kirwan
I was always feisty, always that kid that would be on the porch with a hairbrush singing or rapping.
Missy Elliott
I guess I’m still sort of feisty and a little bit of a tomboy.
Kelly Hu
My style is Edie Sedgwick meets Grace Jones, or Audrey Hepburn meets Salt ‘n’ Pepa. Strong and feisty but still classic.
Especially in the Dixie Chicks, everyone wants you to play a role. Natalie was the feisty one. Martie was the nice one ’cause she smiles all the time onstage, and I was the quiet one.
Emily Robison
The young women in my classes are feisty and clever and believe, often with the passion of youthful optimism, that feminism is a battle already won. I worry for them – and for my daughters, too.
Louise Brown
Billy Bremner… was the captain of a very successful side. He was quite small but feisty as anything and that’s what I love, playing with people that get stuck in and don’t get bullied by other teams.
Kalvin Phillips
I love playing strong feisty women, I really do, but if you were to ask my husband he’d probably say that I’m very insecure. And actually incredibly malleable, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.
Alex Kingston
I’m not pert and perky anymore – when you’re over 60, it’s ‘feisty.’
Sandy Duncan
What a contrast, Trump is feisty but flexible. Obama, cool but rigid. But he had no reason to bend. The media already bought into his shtick. His giddy fan base ate up every white-coated lie.
Greg Gutfeld
I’ve got a feisty face.
Nicola Walker
Loose Women’ is fantastic. It’s great working with a group of strong, feisty females, who are also your mates. It’s like therapy.
Jane McDonald
I was never the feisty kind of activist.
Rohini Nilekani
I think that what we do out on the field is oftentimes a little bit better than what men do. I don’t think that we flop around as much. I think we’re tough. I mean, I’ve got battle wounds on my legs from the turf and sliding. And we’re gritty. And we’re feisty. And I think that I would never back down from a guy.
Carli Lloyd
I may be smaller in size, but I’m pretty feisty. I don’t give up easily once I get started.
Kratika Sengar
I’m a Londoner, so I’m a bit feisty.
Kaya Scodelario