Top 22 Good Character Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Good Character Quotes from famous people such as Robert Hunter, Michael Sheen, Stefan Edberg, Edward Herrmann, Joe Baca, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I walk away from writing what I consider to be a good s

I walk away from writing what I consider to be a good song – with a good character, a good story in it – with all I’m gonna really get out of that song. My greatest pleasure is to create it, not to record it, not to hear anyone else play it, though that can be nice too.
Robert Hunter
I think a good story’s a good story and a good character’s a good character.
Michael Sheen
I’ve been in a lot of trouble and come out of it. I think it shows a lot of good character.
Stefan Edberg
I’m an actor. I’ll take a lead if it’s offered. The really good actors can fill a character, no matter what the role is. A good leading man is a character actor; a good character actor can be a leading man.
Edward Herrmann
Our immigration system is a broken system that needs to be fixed. We need reform that provides hardworking people of good character with a real path towards citizenship.
Joe Baca
I’m very glad people love ‘Breaking Bad,’ but the harder character to write is the good character that’s as interesting and as engaging as the bad guy.
Vince Gilligan
The notion that public service requires men and women of good character now seems quaint.
Elliott Abrams
I did an episode on the TV show ‘Awake,’ and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s really hard.’ To do that so fast and to do that, if it’s very successful, for nine months out of the year, for a bunch of good years, that’s challenging. But, it was interesting. It’s a good show. You’d have to have a very good character, I guess.
Ayelet Zurer
Good character consists of recognizing the selfishness that inheres in each of us and trying to balance it against the altruism to which we should all aspire. It is a difficult balance to strike, but no definition of goodness can be complete without it.
Alan Dershowitz
A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.
Charles Spurgeon
I liked watching Rossi, his style, his colours and everything. He was someone I looked up to and until now he is still my only hero. He is the king of motorbikes and most people like Rossi mainly because he comes across as a pretty fun and good character. He is cool and has a good style and look.
Lando Norris
I hadn’t done just a straight-out comedy in a long time, just letting an ensemble do really good character acting, having them carry the movie as in my earlier pictures.
Brian De Palma
It’s all about story and character with me, and I don’t care if the job is on daytime or prime time or the web. Hey, give me a good character and someone to listen, and I’ll do my acting on a street corner.
Justin Hartley
I’ve auditioned for animation stuff for a long time; that’s a tough field to crack into. I don’t think I have the strongest voice. I don’t have a theater-trained voice or a radio voice, but I think I make good character choices.
Brian Huskey
As a parent, you have to figure out how to shape your kid’s character. You want to have human beings who learn about good character. You have to be able to see your child with clarity, see the good side and the bad side of them, and work on the bad side and make them better so they fulfill their potential.
Joan Cusack
A lot of the lessons that are taught in football will promote success in anything you get into after football; for me, it just happens to be music. Being disciplined. Good character. Trying to do the right thing, and working hard.
Sam Hunt
Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day. Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop good character.
The walls of that grand edifice called a good character have to be worked at during life.
Robert Green Ingersoll
There wasn’t a single good character in ‘Titanic’ who was English and this is typical.
David Warner
A good character, like a Gibraltar, will stand against the testimony of all the rascals in the universe, no matter how they assail it. It will stand, and it will stand firmer and grander the more it is assaulted.
Robert Green Ingersoll
I prefer to be a good human being rather than a good character on screen.
Bad company corrupts good character.