Top 22 No Work Quotes

Words matter. These are the best No Work Quotes from famous people such as Clive Bell, Chunky Pandey, Mitt Romney, Neha Dhupia, Ralph Fiennes, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

There must be some one quality without which a work of

There must be some one quality without which a work of art cannot exist; possessing which, in the least degree, no work is altogether worthless.
Clive Bell
You get into depression when you are sitting at home and have no work, especially after being at the top of your game.
Chunky Pandey
While I was governor, 85 percent of the people on a form of welfare assistance in my state had no work requirement. I wanted to increase the work requirement.
Mitt Romney
When there is no work, I create my own.
Neha Dhupia
I’ve never felt fallow in the sense that there’s been no work.
Ralph Fiennes
I would say that if you really wished to be a working member of the community, don’t go out on strike because then there’s no work and no potential of work.
Dick Wolf
I’ve gone through long periods of time when there’s no work for me. You wait for the next job to come along, and when it does, there’s never a consideration about whether you do or don’t do something.
Charlie Cox
A few years ago, when I had no work and started believing that films weren’t a viable career, I thought of finding another job. I started training and riding horses and got consumed by that. It was a boon in disguise.
Randeep Hooda
A work survives its readers; after a hundred or two hundred years, it is read by new readers who impose on it new modes of reading and interpretation. The work survives because of these interpretations, which are, in fact, resurrections: without them, there would be no work.
Octavio Paz
The problem with our region is that there are areas with oil and too much money, and then there are places such as south Lebanon and the Palestinian territories where there is no work, and instead of developing industry, they become dependent on oil money – this results in extremism.
Stef Wertheimer
When you don’t get a certain quality of work, you end up doing lesser quality of work because there’s no work. I’m a professional actor, I have bills to pay so I end up taking work which ideally I wouldn’t have.
Ranvir Shorey
There was a time when I had no work, and I had to sit at home for 4 years.
Karan Patel
I had no work after ‘Gangster’ for two years, and my sister Rangoli met with an accident that destroyed her looks. My struggle with my parents combined with the industry not accepting me made me feel alienated.
Kangana Ran
Where there is no work, there is no dignity.
Pope Francis
The reason that I met my wife was because the lockout of ’99. There were about six months where there was no film and no work and I had a social life.
Frank Vogel
I don’t get that many scripts. Back in Australia, I’ve pretty much done my own shows and really no work outside of that. It’s only now that I’m starting to read some Hollywood film scripts, and I’ve read some really great ones.
Jason Gann
I guess Johnny Depp has a pretty good career. I love a lot of parts that actors have played, so I love pieces of their career, but it’s pretty hard to look at an actor’s whole career and go, ‘That was awesome!’ Usually it either ends on a crappy show or with no work at all.
Keir Gilchrist
I have seen both extremes; when there was no work, I was frustrated and now that I’m overworked, I feel the same. I’m looking for a balance now.
Amit Trivedi
There is no work, however vile or sordid, that does not glisten before God.
John Calvin
It’s not easy to say no to work when you have absolutely no work. But I had faith in myself, which kept me going.
Meera Chopra
There is no work of art that has ever been made that is absolutely truthful about life.
Richard Foreman
In 1993 after giving a blockbuster ‘Aankhen,’ I had no work. I was sitting at home for a year.
Chunky Pandey