Top 22 Older Men Quotes

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Older men are wiser and that is much cooler to me. I've

Older men are wiser and that is much cooler to me. I’ve never been one for going out clubbing or getting off my head, so I always gravitated to men who were similar. They just tended to be older. I think you have more of an adventure with an older man. And a happier journey.
Emilia Fox
I have nothing against younger women and older men on screen. What is sad is that so many women over 40 who have so much to give aren’t being considered to play opposite men their own age or younger.
Rene Russo
I think with social media and men wanting to look good – since honestly a lot of the older men are going out with younger women – they do want to use Botox.
Paul Nassif
When you’re a young boy, you’re looking at older men for role modelling. Before I loved De Niro, I loved Clint Eastwood; I loved John Wayne. And James Bond.
Ben Mendelsohn
I’m not saying it’s easy, and it’s definitely harder for women. Because there is definitely a double standard about gorgeous older men, and it’s different for older women.
Mary Steenburgen
I definitely had a weird thing of being attracted to older men. Never my family friends, never my dad’s friends.
Alia Shawkat
We are reminded repeatedly, often by older men, that western civilization has died on the altar of social media.
Michelle Dean
I never had one of those glorious young bodies that make older men and women weep. So I don’t tend to look back with nostalgia or yearn for what I’ve lost. Because it was never all that.
Lisa Jewell
There are older men with younger women but you don’t see a lot of older women with younger men. There are some women who have been able to do it but not often.
Tori Amos
Seeing European guys wear suits was incredible. And it wasn’t all like the big fashion house expensive suits, it was like simple stuff but the way the older men dressed in Europe just absolutely amazed me. In Italy, in France the way the older men dressed was incredible.
P. J. Tucker
I love older men.
Cameron Diaz
Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.
Herbert Hoover
Validation comes to us in two ways: through trials we overcome, and through the words of older men.
John Eldredge
I was part of the first generation of girls and women to be educated and go to grammar school even if we didn’t have much money. Then that generation went, ‘OK, great’, and went into medicine or the police, and hit this wall of discrimination from older men who hadn’t caught up.
Helen Mirren
Young men feel they have much to prove; older men, as a very general rule, tend to feel more comfortable in their skins.
Jonathan Miles
If you are a 19-year-old woman, there are very specific things that directors and the people in positions of power in the industry – who tend to be older men – are going to want you to be and do. They are not going to want some chatty, difficult, slightly spoilt girl.
Romola Garai
I guess there are some women who like older men, but it’s a smaller group.
Michael Douglas
When I did theatre in Delhi, often the parts were of older men.
Alok Nath
I went bald when I was 18. My father cried. He cried about many things. But it allowed me to play older men in summer stock.
Jeffrey Tambor
I hate to generalize, but in general, both men and women suffer from ageism. Men much less because men gain power as they get older. Women lose power as they get older. Men are seen as gaining experience and being distinguished. Sons look forward to replacing their fathers.
Gloria Steinem
I had people when I was younger trying to feel me up. Older men. I just told them to get lost.
Jeremy Irons
When I got signed, I had just turned 16. I felt like I had to continuously have these confrontations with older men who were doubting my ideas because I was a woman, because I was 16.
Charli XCX