Top 22 Subvert Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Subvert Quotes from famous people such as John Ratcliffe, Luis Alberto Urrea, Carla Gugino, Mark McKinnon, Kameron Hurley, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

China's leaders seek to subordinate the rights of the i

China’s leaders seek to subordinate the rights of the individual to the will of the Communist Party. They exert government control over companies and subvert the privacy and freedom of their citizens with an authoritarian surveillance state.
John Ratcliffe
I’m always trying to, using literature, subvert people’s responses.
Luis Alberto Urrea
I think I’m always trying to subvert conventions, and sometimes it’s more successful than others.
Carla Gugino
Drone attacks subvert the rule of law – we become judge, jury, and executioner – at the push of a button.
Mark McKinnon
I can’t change the preconceived notions a reader brings to a work, but I can do my best to be aware of, address, and subvert tropes and expectations that readers may have as best I can and hope I don’t screw it up too much.
Kameron Hurley
The success of those doctrines would also subvert the Federal Constitution, change the character of the Federal Government, and destroy our rights in respect to slavery.
John H. Reagan
I can’t do jokes. I’ve always come from left field and tried to subvert conventional comedy. I started as a rebellion against that – albeit a very soft and surreal rebellion. It’s escapist.
Julian Barratt
I am furious at the way that we have allowed money to subvert our democracy. I am appalled at the way that the U.S., a very wealthy nation, permits and even encourages a level of poverty that other wealthy nations would not even consider.
Alex Gibney
The Founding Fathers worried that ‘some common impulse of passion’ might lead many to subvert the rights of the few. It’s a rational fear, one that is played out endlessly.
David Harsanyi
Under President Obama, we saw an unwarranted extension of amnesty programs which neglected the root of the illegal immigration crisis. We saw a troubling lack of urgency in addressing the sanctuary cities which subvert the rule of law.
Luther Strange
I don’t think that any government has a right to subvert the truth or to cover up the truth, and all I see WikiLeaks doing is exposing the truth.
Paul Watson
The Bay of Pigs was an operation the United States endorsed. That was a preventive operation. We were afraid that Castro was going to subvert the hemisphere.
Robert Dallek
Bandwagons roll through our lives. It’s up to you whether you jump on them unquestioningly or jump on them to overturn them and subvert them.
Riz Ahmed
When we were making ‘Teddy Perkins,’ we were playing with a lot of horror tropes and things you might’ve seen in movies before, but we get the ability to subvert expectations or get a comedic element out of a horror moment.
Hiro Murai
In the area of national security, I urge the swift passage of an anti-terrorism law that will protect rather than subvert, enhance rather than weaken, the rights and liberties that terrorism precisely threatens with extinction.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Corruption and manipulation of the ICC by foreign intelligence services subvert the original mission and purpose of the ICC.
Robert C. O’Brien
From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor’s rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own.
Carl Schurz
In an homage, you always want to subvert it and have fresh new takes. You don’t want the audience to say, ‘Oh they just did ‘The Amityville Horror’ there,’ you always want to add something new.
Misha Green
Embrace risk. The driving force behind our economic model at Illumination Mac Guff is designed to preserve the opportunity to take risk. Subvert the expectation of the audience. Surprise them with unexpected choices.
Chris Meledandri
We are all shaped by where we grow up, though that shaping takes different forms. I don’t think there’s any doubt that coming of age in Winnipeg both opened my eyes and made me hungry – if I can subvert all claims to be a real writer by mixing metaphors like that.
Guy Gavriel Kay
It’s much easier for me to do an impression of someone real, because you and the audience begin with a baseline understanding of this person’s life. And then if you subvert that in any way, it’s a little comedy surprise.
Kate McKinnon
The Soviet Union used the exploitation of workers under capitalism as an agitational issue to subvert Western democracies even as it practiced slave labor at home.
Robert Zubrin