Top 22 Twisting Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Twisting Quotes from famous people such as Erno Rubik, Rory MacLean, Kate Klise, Nicole Ari Parker, Valentino Garavani, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I was searching for a way to demonstrate 3D movement to

I was searching for a way to demonstrate 3D movement to my students and one day found myself staring into the River Danube, looking at how the water moved around the pebbles. This became the inspiration for the cube’s twisting mechanism. The fact that it can do this without falling apart is part of its magic.
Erno Rubik
Since the summer days of my Canadian childhood, I have loved to canoe across the dark mirror of northern lakes, paddling with an inside flick of the blade, leaving a trail of twisting whirlpools in my wake.
Rory MacLean
As writers, we must keep throwing problems at our characters. Conflict is the heart of good storytelling. Hiking in nature along a twisting trail can remind us what a good story feels like. It’s the opposite of a treadmill – or an interstate highway.
Kate Klise
Hair is an issue for most women, and after washing, blow-drying, flat-ironing, curling, braiding, twisting and spending the time and money on it, who wants to mess it up by sweating and having to do it all over again?
Nicole Ari Parker
I am like a freight train. Working on the details, twisting them and playing with them over the years, but always staying on the same track.
Valentino Garavani
I used to play a lot of tennis and then, next thing you know, same thing with tennis. That banging on the knees, the jarring, twisting motion – I couldn’t do it. All of a sudden, every time I played, my knee would swell up.
Caitlyn Jenner
It seems kosher and OK to treat women as objects because the business of cinema is about images and when you have fragmented images of a woman’s bosom and her swiveling hip and her twisting navel, it robs the woman of all autonomy and subjects her to the male gaze.
Shabana Azmi
I have no problem twisting the facts if it’s the only way I can be true to the moment.
Francis Alys
All too often, we see politicians on both sides desperately twisting themselves into partisan-hack pretzels, for the sole purpose of defending their own ‘team’ or attacking the other, without any thought to principles or values whatsoever.
Kat Timpf
The CCP has become the political incarnation of the deadly coronavirus, infecting the world with illegal trade practices, arm twisting smaller nations, debt – a.k.a death – traps and sinister imperialist ambition.
Vivek Agnihotri
Finding your way doesn’t mean surviving, just as pleasing an audience doesn’t mean twisting your editorial around search engine optimization and Facebook algorithms.
Anna Wintour
Each black hole spins on its axis like the Earth spins. That spin creates two vortexes of twisting space, somewhat like vortexes in a bathtub or a whirlpool.
Kip Thorne
Yoga is not a practice – the word ‘yoga’ means union. It does not mean standing on your head, twisting your body, or holding your breath. Yoga means to know the union of life. When you experience everything as a part of yourself, you are in yoga.
Jaggi Vasudev
Can you braid three strands? Then you can make babkallah. The very idea of babkallah came about because the recipe avoids the complicating twisting technique that gives babka its signature swirl.
Claire Saffitz
I was always interested in skateboarding, BMX bike riding, flipping, gymnastics. Anything with tumbling, turning, twisting, and extreme sports.
I’ve always loved ‘Umbrella.’ Funny enough, my ex-husband wrote that, and I’m not saying it was meant for me or anything – people will start twisting this – it is Rihanna’s song! But I’ve always loved it.
Christina Milian
I don’t believe in twisting yourself into knots of excuses and explanations over the food you make.
Julia Child
This is what Hollywood tends to do. It tends to disregard tradition, history and anything factual, twisting it and turning it and making it all okay regardless of what the English may think of it.
Christian Slater
I just get silly inside my head and I start to think about something and in my head I start twisting it around, contorting it and envisioning it in different ways.
Gary Larson
I took the name Green Destiny from – well there is such a sword called Green Destiny. It is green because you keep twisting it, it’s an ancient skill, you keep twisting it and knocking it and twisting it until it is very elastic and light.
Ang Lee
For a free country to continue thriving, there have to be regular reforms, because any society, any economy that stays in place, you’re going to see repeated attempts to exploit the openings for twisting policy to the advantage of those who already have wealth and power.
Al Gore
I stayed really physical during my pregnancy. I stuck to my normal pre-pregnancy workout, minus the stomach exercises and twisting. I really felt it helped my whole well-being.
Keri Russell