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I would like to thank the Jaguars organization for givi

I would like to thank the Jaguars organization for giving me the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing in the NFL.
Leonard Fournette
I miss my kids, and they miss me. It’s very difficult, but I have to do it for my country and fulfill my dreams coming to the 2012 London Olympics.
Mary Kom
My dad was a great athlete growing up, and he could never fulfill his dreams of playing professional baseball.
Nick Foles
There are hundreds of stories I’ve heard from black women from my generation, generations before me, and the next, that have never been given an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.
Misty Copeland
My philosophy is always to fulfill contracts.
Ottmar Hitzfeld
Every person above the ordinary has a certain mission that they are called to fulfill.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Once we as doctors are entrusted with the well-being of our patients and their children, it is our duty to take action, to be selfless, and fulfill our obligation to the service of others. I did so willingly, and it brought me great joy throughout my professional career. However, I always had a desire to do more.
Phil Gingrey
There are a lot of undiscovered world-class bands across Asia, and we want to find them, help fulfill their dreams, or at least give them initial exposure.
Arnel Pineda
I know I have a responsibility as a role model to children and I try to fulfill that.
Mario Balotelli
Because there is something psychologically wrong with you on some level if you want to be on TV, if the only way you can fulfill yourself is by literally going from three dimensions to two dimensions.
Sam Seder
Follow your heart, and don’t be subservient to anyone. Shut out the world, and only listen to your heart to fulfill your dreams.
Dutee Chand
With four of the top ten most violent cities in America, Michigan will never fully flourish unless our governments can fulfill their basic task: protecting public safety.
Bill Schuette
When law enforcement fails to fulfill its most basic duty to protect and serve its citizens, particularly members of a minority community, it not only tarnishes the badge we all wear, but erodes the trust that we in law enforcement have worked so hard to build.
Christopher A. Wray
Government loses its claim to legitimacy when it fails to fulfill its obligations.
Martin L. Gross
Just strengthening that theme that America is a place of opportunity and hoping to inspire people to fulfill those opportunities, and to want more, and to want better, and to see the places we can go. So many people identify with me because of the place that I come from.
I have a purpose and a meaning in life, and I have to fulfill that. Being a champion is great, but more importantly than that, you get to be an inspiration and a role model to other people.
Henry Cejudo
My role at the USTA allows me to fulfill my ambition to open up opportunities for people to play tennis that may not otherwise have a chance or an outlet to play.
Katrina Adams
The decision to go into the mountains and hike with your dog, and wingsuit with the dog, can bring catastrophe. These are decisions we make because they fulfill us, but they also have danger.
Dean Potter
I think our jobs as parents is to raise our children with empathy – to figure out who this little character is, almost from birth, and then guide them to fulfill their best potential.
Margaret Trudeau
If the racing series does not exist for a year, then it disappears in its entirety. Teams that have been operating very close to the limit just wouldn’t survive. They rely on racing to generate income and to fulfill their obligations to the promoter.
Christian Horner
The biggest challenge is to fulfill your own ideas about yourself.
Judit Polgar
I remain committed to improving education in our state. The best way to fulfill this basic promise is a strong public educational system.
John Bel Edwards
Even if some days I feel like I’m ready to fall apart, I am ultimately happier than I’ve ever been. My family gives me more joy than I thought possible, and my career fulfills me tremendously. All in all, I feel like am in the exact place I am supposed to be in, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.
Ali Landry
Further reforms should be undertaken to transform the U.N. into a stronger and more effective Organization that can fulfill its role of harmonizing the interests and behaviors of States in the face of the monumental changes of our time.
Nguyen Phu Trong
We will discover through our own experience that this precious mind of love is the real wish-granting jewel, because it fulfills the pure wishes of both ourself and all living beings.
Kelsang Gyatso
Everybody deserves an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.
Akkineni Nagarjuna
My Tara has the love of a family. She will receive the education and care that will allow her to fulfill her potential wherever her dreams take her. As a parent, I have only unconditional love to offer.
Mandira Bedi
The United States is no longer first in the world in upward mobility. We can reverse that trend by giving our young children an equal start in life as they begin their journey to fulfill the American Dream.
Madeleine M. Kunin
The world does not owe men a living, but business, if it is to fulfill its ideal, owes men an opportunity to earn a living.
Owen D. Young
The economic message is a winner whether you’re Greek, whether you’re a woman, whether you’re Hispanic it doesn’t matter. The economic message is a winner and the fact that Obama didn’t fulfill his promises is a killer for him.
Reince Priebus
On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free.
Dan Lipinski
The idea that the business world's needs get ignored in

The idea that the business world’s needs get ignored in Washington is perpetuated by business so it can fulfill even more of its needs, real or imagined.
Timothy Noah
I was putting on a stiff upper lip and trying to fulfill the obligations I thought were demanded of me, taking over my father’s role of taking care of my mother… and having to be the recipient of her confessions and emotions but of a delusional nature.
Allen Ginsberg
In acting, you are fulfilled if you give justice to your role… if you are able to do a credible performance and touch the audience. Same with directing. If you are able to draw out the best from your actors, then you fulfill your job as a director.
Timothy Hutton
Being human always points, and is directed, to something or someone, other than oneself – be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter.
Viktor E. Frankl
There are things they tell us that sound good to hear, but when they have accomplished their purpose they will go home and will not try to fulfill our agreements with them.
Sitting Bull
I am focused on what needs to be done for the people of Israel. Period. I do not pity myself and I do not pat myself on the shoulder. I get up in the morning full of energy to fulfill my mission.
Ehud Olmert
I’m now on a journey to fulfill the wish, in my tiny capacity, of little African girls.
Leymah Gbowee
In order for New York to not only get back to where we were, but to finally fulfill our potential as the greatest city on Earth, we need people in charge who are going to fight for the working class, and not the corrupt institutions that have taken advantage of a broken system.
Isaac Wright Jr.
One should have strength and courage to follow their own truth, speak their own language, fulfill their own dreams.
I was told before my first trip that no city in the world offered the dreams you could have sleeping in Havana. But nobody warned me that Havana also always feels like an exhausting nightmare that never quite fulfills the promise of what it’s threatening you with.
Brin-Jonathan Butler
Long regarded as central to the contemporary understanding of medical ethics are four principles that must be satisfied in order to fulfill the requirements of moral decision-making. These principles are autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence.
Sherwin B. Nuland
I read everything. When I say everything, I read everything: children’s literature, Y.A., science fiction, fantasy, romance – I read it all. Each genre fulfills a different need I have. Each book teaches me something.
Jesmyn Ward
Nothing prevents us from being and remaining the exponents of a united humanity, when we have a country of our own. To fulfill this mission we do not have to remain literally planted among the nations who hate and despise us.
Theodor Herzl
Graphic Design, which fulfills aesthetic needs, complies with the laws of form and exigencies of two-dimensional space; which speaks in semiotics, sans-serifs, and geometrics; which abstracts, transforms, translates, rotates, dilates, repeats, mirrors, groups, and regroups, is not good design if it is irrelevant.
Paul Rand
I always want to fulfill genre expectations and think that should be the bedrock of any film – then you can layer in thematics.
Leigh Whannell
I know that I’m just a spirit. I’m just a soul living a human experience. You come here for a purpose. So, once you acknowledge that and acknowledge that God put you here for a reason, I feel like you gotta fulfill that as much as possible.
NLE Choppa
There were a lot of things that my parents could not do or afford. And when they put all that dreams into me and when I could not fulfill them, I felt very disappointed. And that was the only reason I wanted to dance with an artificial leg.
Sudha Chandran
I fulfill a part of myself in Pentatonix. And then, we can all step away individually and do the specific things we like because we’re all so different in musical tastes.
Kirstin Maldonado
Certain it is that a great responsibility rests upon the statesmen of all nations, not only to fulfill the promises for reduction in armaments, but to maintain the confidence of the people of the world in the hope of an enduring peace.
Frank B. Kellogg