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You know, been on non-guaranteed deals, been a second r

You know, been on non-guaranteed deals, been a second round pick, been kinda, sorta viewed as a first round pick.
Spencer Dinwiddie
I enjoyed writing in school. I don’t know that I was all that good at it in school. I worked at it later. I feel comfortable writing now. I enjoy writing now. I suspect, like most college students, I viewed writing then to be more tedious.
Michael Hayden
Public education must be viewed from the lens of providing each child with the learning environment that best meets his or her needs. If we can send a low-income child to a parochial school, knowing that his odds of attending college will increase as a result, then that should be our mission.
Jeb Bush
The capacity to influence radical groups can diminish significantly once they are viewed as indispensable coalition partners and are able to intimidate the electorate with the authority of the state behind them.
Tzipi Livni
Progress is always relative: to the oppressed, it can only be viewed as an all or nothing deal – if oppression continues, even in a modified form, then the system must still be attacked until that injustice is eradicated.
Tim Wise
You can’t be a tight end and just be viewed as a receiver.
Zach Ertz
Despite being a business journalist at the BBC for ten years, working behind the scenes on our high-profile news programmes, I was viewed by some in the organisation to be ‘too common for telly.’
Steph McGovern
The most objective measurement we have is that the market actually valued the two split Ethereums more than it valued the one original Ethereum; the market viewed it as a good thing, and I don’t see it as any sort of disaster whatsoever.
Roger Ver
It’s funny, I do think I’ve been somewhat overlooked, but I’ve always viewed that as a challenge. Everyone else seems to get more upset about it than I do.
Christian Cage
Landscape is more than flat land covered by floodwater, the seeping of peat bogs, a river of liquid pewter viewed from a sentry tower. It’s an influence on what a person values, what she is willing to sacrifice or argue for.
Susan Vreeland
I do think ‘Gogglebox’ is extraordinarily insightful, and I think if politicians want to understand how we are viewed at home, it’s quite recommended viewing.
David Cameron
I think from a personal standpoint, maybe I appreciate a little more that there are two sides to every story, and the way that the U.S. is sometimes is viewed outside of the U.S. can be pretty tough, depending on what the U.S.’s actions are.
Dara Khosrowshahi
On-screen wardrobes are important. They help create an overall aura, and with local productions being viewed all around the globe, they represent our aesthetics to the world.
Mahira Khan
The concept of reason itself appears as an artificial attempt to separate intellectual powers from the frustrations, emotions, and accidents which cause events; the concept of reason is viewed as facade to prevent change.
Edward Levi
Despite a large body of work in films, TV, theatre and concerts, I am viewed by many as a Jewish artist. I do not resent the label, except for the fact that I disapprove of labels in general.
Theodore Bikel
We understand ‘Roots,’ and that experience was mind-boggling, and it changed the way society viewed race relations. It was incredibly important. With ‘Roots,’ I was just as proud as anybody else that people of color were getting their stories told.
Esai Morales
There is a valid nationwide sentiment of concern over public pensions, and poor funding ratios are viewed negatively by financial markets.
Walker Stapleton
Americans have been remarkably devoted to the capacity for belief, to idealism. That’s why we get into trouble all the time. We’re always viewed as naive.
A. Bartlett Giamatti
Acting is how I’ll be able to change how Latinos are viewed in media and change how little girls see and talk about themselves.
Gina Rodriguez
It’s not hard to look at our own world and draw parallels between 9/11, for example, and how Muslims are viewed or treated by North American culture since then. Just to see the way fear can breed hatred and intolerance for people who aren’t the same as us – and that’s certainly part of what’s at the heart of ‘Descender.’
Jeff Lemire
Based on observations of the policies of my own government, I viewed this action as an acceptable option.
Timothy McVeigh
The thing about Wagner is we’re always wrong about him, because he always embraces opposites. There are things in his operas which viewed one way are naturalistic, and viewed another way are symbolic, but the problem is you can’t represent both views on stage at once.
Daniel Barenboim
Having viewed Europe as an extension and projection of itself, France now finds Europe developing a mind and identity of its own which embraces France but is not controlled by France.
Peter Mandelson
From the moment I was born, I was fed propaganda. I viewed the Kim dynasty not only as our fearless protectors from the imperialist forces, but also as gods.
Lee Hyeon-seo
A 2014 survey found that 74% of law-enforcement agencies reported antigovernment extremism as one of the top terrorist threats. Just 3% of those agencies viewed the threat from Muslim extremists as severe.
Ibrahim Hooper
When the United States was founded, the very idea of a nation premised on democratic principles of freedom and tolerance was viewed by the vast majority of the world as an experiment doomed to fail. Dictatorships, monarchies, and theocracies had for many centuries ruled the world.
Eliot Spitzer
I’m a grinding actor. That’s how I’ve always viewed myself. You go from one job to the next.
Jake Johnson
When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change.
Cameron Sinclair
That is perceptive of you, because in this country men dancers have always been viewed with suspicion. If you were an actor, a star, and a dancer, you had to be, or have a name like someone ‘mainstream.’
Cesar Romero
When contrarian voices are elevated to publications once viewed as places where contending ideas shared space, organized online backlash is now inevitable.
Ben Domenech
Sometime in the not too distant future, denying gays the right to marry will be viewed as historically corrupt – as corrupt as denying slaves their freedom.
Mark McKinnon
Revenge, lust, ambition, pride, and self-will are too o

Revenge, lust, ambition, pride, and self-will are too often exalted as the gods of man’s idolatry; while holiness, peace, contentment, and humility are viewed as unworthy of a serious thought.
Charles Spurgeon
In men’s sports, people criticize coaches and managers all the time, call out teammates, too, and it’s not that huge of a deal. Often, the guy speaking out is even lauded for having the courage to tell the truth. When it happens in women’s sports, though, it always seems to be viewed as a nasty, claws-out cat fight.
Carli Lloyd
For a time I didn’t want to answer any questions about Queen. I’d like to be viewed as something alive and relevant, not some fossil.
Brian May
Device makers, especially consumer-focused ones, have been the Achilles’ heel of IoT security. These vendors have often viewed proper security implementations as extra cost, complexity, and time-to-market burdens with an unclear payoff.
Maciej Kranz
You would think that with ten super-famous people in one movie, it’s gonna be ten times more popular or viewed, but on some level, they can cancel each other out.
Guy Pearce
Part of the problem with America is that letting go of emotions is viewed as a weakness, but it’s my strength. That enabled me to write my songs.
Melanie Martinez
If you think back to the fight over drones, when I was proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with Rand Paul filibustering for 13 hours, that was viewed as a fringe issue, as a quixotic issue, and yet millions of Americans engaged, spoke up, got online.
Ted Cruz
In an age where television is viewed as the best medium to ‘tell stories,’ narrative often stands in for substance on would-be prestige shows.
Michelle Dean
The way my body is viewed in the world is different than a male body. People are going to write about the performance, but they’re probably also going to be writing about what I was wearing or my hair, which just doesn’t happen to men.
Frankie Cosmos
I had taken an acting class at Berkeley – I was on the track team, and a friend of mine on the team said, ‘You should take an acting class. It’s just like recess.’ So I viewed it as a simple credit.
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
If the Walkman had, by default, silently contacted your friends and told them what you were listening to, not only would no one have bought a Walkman in the first place, its designers would have been viewed with the utmost suspicion.
Charlie Brooker
I’m viewed as this weird, crippled character. But you got to take your lumps.
Billy Corgan
There are still people who have an issue working with a woman director. Women can be viewed as ‘difficult’ even though they work in the same way as men.
Lucy Walker
Now, of course, cold fusion is the daddy of them all in a way, in terms of value, so I think that viewed in a social way, from the point of social considerations and economics, it will tell you that this thing will stay around.
Martin Fleischmann
Unlike leftover pasta, leftover risotto is viewed by Italians as a gift. Cooks shape it into balls or stuff it with a pinch of stewed meat or cheese. Then they bread and deep-fry the fritters until golden brown, yielding arancini, the indulgent ‘little oranges’ I can never resist.
Samin Nosrat
I realize that I’m black, but I like to be viewed as a person, and this is everybody’s wish.
Michael Jordan
When you are in the public eye, it is really counterproductive to think about how you’re viewed in the eyes of others. You just have to be who you are.
Ivanka Trump
I have never viewed myself as disabled.
Jessica Long
Well into the 20th century, scholars viewed economic advances as resulting from commercial innovations enabled by the discoveries of scientists – discoveries that come from outside the economy and out of the blue.
Edmund Phelps