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Growth is a sub-conscious activity, and I learnt a lot

Growth is a sub-conscious activity, and I learnt a lot in this course, and I’m always open to learning and grasping new things from people. I’m learning with every film, and my confidence levels and technique is also getting better with each film.
Rakul Preet Singh
Americans have so much natural entrepreneurial drive. The caveat is that it is technology that should be a tool making lives better in the real world, and in line with the American spirit of getting better and better at something, whether it’s curing cancer or creating a better taxi service.
Michael Burry
I really try to say things as they basically are and it so happens that it is a good message that things are getting better, but there are still problems.
Bjorn Lomborg
It’s not often that a strong female role comes across one’s desk, unfortunately, but it’s getting better.
Cristin Milioti
I’m just cruising, doing me, having a good time and focusing on getting better.
Alistair Overeem
In novels, and American novels in particular, it’s not just about redemption, it’s about forward movement and healing oneself. Americans are very big on getting better.
Hanya Yanagihara
I don’t think I’m getting better, quote unquote, as a singer or guitar player. But I’m more comfortable in this particular space. I get better at being a bad singer, so to speak.
Devendra Banhart
I’d get beat up a lot early on. I wasn’t the strongest, fastest or most skilled guy there, but I had a lot of heart and kept showing up. I just started getting better and by the time I was 13 I was knocking older kids and amateurs out.
Keith Thurman
My path is exactly where I want it to be. I’m doing my thing. I’m getting better with every album.
Luke Bryan
It’s hard to keep a positive attitude coming to work every day, feeling like you’re getting better when the same result is losing.
D’Angelo Russell
My goal every year is to be bigger and better than I was the year before. The competition just keeps getting better, and the pressure just gets hotter. Nothing gets easier.
Phil Heath
We want to keep developing, keep getting better and keep winning.
Giorgio Chiellini
My entire mindset is about getting better and growing.
Teddy Bridgewater
My time off is usually spent working out and getting better at football. When I come home and spend time with my little brother, we’re out on the football field. We’re working out or playing Madden. We’re spending time with each other, but our quality time is football.
Stefon Diggs
If you coach, and coach every day, you should be getting better if you’re self-evaluating and you’ve got people around you telling you the truth.
Jeff Van Gundy
I just hope we can find peace and justice and get back to getting better in this world.
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Getting big is just a byproduct of getting better.
John Schnatter
For thirty years, I’ve been hearing that it’s getting better for women. And until I see statistical proof over enough years that that’s true, I won’t believe it.
Nell Scovell
I hope we’re all kind of influencing each other now to keep the quality up on those things. They seem to be getting better and better and better as there’s not only sort of a film geek audience, there’s also a general interest in the overall film consuming population.
Jay Roach
I am sure there will come a time when we are going to use AMD. The products have been getting better. The acceptance is getting better. But we have not been suffering as a company for either growth or profitability because we haven’t had AMD.
Kevin Rollins
I’m not going to say I know a ton about what I’m looking at, but I enjoy capturing the photos and the artistry of it. I’m getting better at it, and I’ll keep getting better.
Jimmy Walker
Endurance sport is an inward journey, I like to be with myself, hear my heartbeat, my thoughts, it’s something I’ve been enjoying since 15 years and it’s only getting better.
Milind Soman
Our culture hasn’t stopped objectifying women. We – men and women both – are just getting better at pretending it’s not happening.
Bari Weiss
There are already robotic journalists. Sure, they aren’t very good, but they’re getting better faster than human journalists are.
Sebastian Thrun
I want to keep getting better.
DeAndre Yedlin
I think Rachel Maddow has done a brilliant job in becoming more and more independent. And I think she does a fantastic progressive show, and she did it by accruing power, by getting better and better ratings.
Cenk Uygur
You want to keep getting better every day.
Steve Smith
I’m gonna have some nights when it’s not gonna come. But if you keep playing natural, it’s just gonna come. I’m gonna keep getting better, keep getting better, and one day, everything’s gonna pay off.
Giannis Antetokounmpo
For me, it’s just about working hard every day and getting better.
Pascal Siakam
My game has been improving as I’ve been working. Little things are getting better. Which, I would hope so – it’s all I do every day.
Tennys Sandgren
I got better as an actor, and still I’m getting better. That’s only been possible because there’s always been work.
Ian Mckellen
My focus is matters of the heart and matters of the spi

My focus is matters of the heart and matters of the spirit, emotion and passion and stuff like that. But I think I’ve been getting better at being more specific about what it is I care about. Such as the welfare of refugees and solidarity between threatened populations.
Ezra Furman
The only way to describe my involvement in ‘Planes’ is that it’s an absolute dream come true for me. Getting to be a bad guy in any project is fun, let alone being a Disney villain. I can’t imagine anything getting better than that!
Roger Craig Smith
I’m getting fitter, and I have more confidence. I feel like I’m getting better every game.
Giovani Dos Santos
I know what level my skills are and what I am still yet to be capable of by getting better.
Valtteri Bottas
I really enjoy acting. I feel I’m getting better and better with each movie I make.
Kevin Dillon
I’m continuing to grow in this league. I think I’m getting better each and every day.
Davis Webb
The world is getting better, but not in a straight line.
James P. Gorman
The opportunities that I’ve been allowed to have just keep getting better.
Daniel Jacobs
I am only about winning and getting better.
Daley Thompson
Believe it or not, Christianity is not about good people getting better. If anything, it is good news for bad people coping with their failure to be good.
Tullian Tchividjian
You start off slowly, getting ‘better and ‘better, getting that confidence in yourself. It brought that out of me which I had inside but, you know, didn’t want to express it – but as a captain you have to.
Chris Gayle
I hope that Requiem is better than Pi. I hope that Pi is better than my student films, and I’m hoping that I’m getting better as I get older.
Darren Aronofsky
You can always get better. The day you stop getting better is the day you shouldn’t be living. Gotta constantly improve and continue to grow within yourself.
Antonio Brown
I’d had episodes before, but I swept them under the carpet. This time, I couldn’t do that because everyone knew. I got on with the hard work of getting better and haven’t had a blip in almost 10 years.
Margot Kidder
I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle Daniel Bryan through several phases of his career, except for his time in WWE. What I remember is that he was great the first time I wrestled him, and he kept getting better every match afterward.
Samoa Joe
I just want to keep improving, to keep getting better.
Kawhi Leonard
I’m lucky to be in a profession where you can keep getting better.
Cy Coleman
I always wanted to do good work, the best that I was able to, to really discover myself, getting better with each role, and find newer ways to do the same thing.
I learned to associate discomfort with getting better. And that transcended wrestling and applied to a lot of other things in life.
Tim Ferriss
My dad used to play every other weekend with me when I was young. I started getting better, but he could always beat me. Then one day, he realized the jig was up. And he stopped playing me just before I could beat him.
Chris Bosh
It’s all about getting better. You don’t want a coach that says, ‘It’s all right, it’s all right,’ and it’s not all right.
O. J. Mayo
We all feel that hunger in football. With Cruyff, it was different. He deepened and changed the hunger so you became conscious of why you are getting better.
Pep Guardiola
People are worried about what’s going to happen to journalism – and they should be. Every day, the blogosphere is getting better and print media is getting worse; you have to be an idiot not to see that.
Kara Swisher
I wasn’t put on the Earth only to be an investor. That wasn’t my only thing in life. The problem is that as you get good at something and you keep getting better at something, more and more people just know you as that, and they have you in that box.
Chris Sacca
My coaches and I always stress getting better and working on all aspects, so I’m ready to fight and take it to the next level.
Robbie Lawler
Getting better from depression demands a lifelong commitment. I’ve made that commitment for my life’s sake and for the sake of those who love me.
Susan Polis Schutz
When you’re a rookie, the game moves a 1000 miles per hour. But each year, you get more mature, the game slows down for you, and that’s when you realize you’re getting better at belonging. When you know where to go and where to be, that’s when the game is coming a little easier to you.
Danny Green
I just want to keep working and keep getting better and I’m always going to get better.
Pascal Siakam
I think the hardest thing I went through in the UFC was my first loss. It was terrible. It was traumatizing. But it’s just going back and rebuilding and getting better.
Paige VanZant
I’ll keep getting better and better.
Mason Mount
I don’t see democracy getting better. I see democracy diminishing. More rules, more legislation. Eventually governments will see everything.
Taki Theodoracopulos
I am getting better at facing the bouncers, as I know o

I am getting better at facing the bouncers, as I know opposition tries to use those as a weapon against me. Yet, no one is perfect, and he takes time to master a particular thing.
Suresh Raina
I’m going to keep getting better every single year.
Kevin Knox
I remember in a film of mine, though both my co-star and I were newcomers, he got far better paid than me. I was shocked and appalled. I actually asked him what different are you doing that you are getting better paid!
Aditi Rao Hydari
I feel as if I’m getting better all the time. At the same time, though, I’m ambitious.
John McGinn
I used to sleep with the phone right by my pillow but I’m getting better. Now it sits on the table a few feet away.
Alex Guarnaschelli
As far as fan perception, it’s probably worse than it should be. I think it’s getting better, but I think I still get perceived based on the things I did earlier in my career.
Kyle Busch
For 50 years of my life I never weighed myself at all, I would go by how my clothes fit, but I was back in England to take care of my mother while she was getting better. The pounds crept on and I got a little bit nervous about it.
Shirley Ballas
You just control what you can control and just hopefully go win games and keep getting better.
Carson Wentz
As long as you focus on getting better at one thing a day it accumulates.
Eric Reid
I take too much luggage. I’m the kind of person who can’t decide whether to pack two or four pairs of trousers, so I usually take them all. I’m getting better but still inclined to take too many items, just in case I need them; I never do.
June Whitfield
I’m learning and constantly getting better.
James Maddison
I do think about aging. I have those moments of panic and vanity, but life keeps getting better, so you can’t worry about it too much.
Jennifer Garner
Usually, it gets worse and worse as they downsize your character; mine just kept getting better.
Christine Baranski
When you think you’ve made it, you need to keep pushing because the person next to you or your competitor is also getting better, and you need to be able to stay ahead.
Huda Kattan
Taking even one therapy session is just one step in the right direction to getting help and getting better, so I think it’s great. I love it. I’ve convinced a lot of my friends to get into therapy, and they’ve given it a shot. Sometimes it’s not for everybody at that time.
Tyler Posey
Acting is something different to everybody. I just know that if you watch an actor or actress getting better and better, I think that’s them just understanding themselves better and better.
Cameron Diaz
I just want to keep getting better. People used to ask me – when I was winning in the D-League – why I wasn’t in the NBA, and I’d tell them, ‘I just want to learn and get better.’ I figured it’d happen one day, and if it didn’t, I really enjoyed my time coaching anyways.
Nick Nurse
The one way of getting better is by practising – both on and off the pitch.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Through the years I’ve been getting better and better and better, and it’s what you learn though the seasons.
David Ortiz
I like being in the gym and getting better every day.
Tyler Herro
My goal is always about getting better.
Kofi Kingston
There was a huge, tremendous amount of disabled veterans and the Veteran’s Administration just wasn’t geared up for it. I know for a fact that it’s getting better and better.
R. Lee Ermey
We’re just getting better at our trade, man. We know what we’re doing, and the reason why is that we’ve spent 30 years doing it. There’s nothing that can replace that.
Alan Vega
I think what’s really important from a player is to understand what you did well in that match and see maybe if there’s a few areas that you could have done a little bit better, identify them, try to implement it, and keep getting better as the tournament goes on.
Kevin Anderson
It’s getting better but men still earn more and there are more jobs for them. Ageism is a big thing. Parts for women disappear as you get older.
Julie Walters
My life is only getting better and better.
Nigel Benn
I’m so in control of my life, you shouldn’t dislike anything I do-because I’m not only in the best place I’ve ever been, but it keeps getting better and better.
Drew Barrymore
A lot of people think that in your second year you might struggle because you’re gonna try to do a lot more, and you can struggle because you might be forcing things. But as long as you play within yourself, I feel like you should grow as a player, and you should be getting better.
Andy Dalton
Experience I think is a big part of getting better and being a better team and going to the playoffs and toward the championship for sure.
Danilo Gallinari
I love the game of football, love getting better. My teammates know me, and I show them who I am in the locker room and don’t change on the field.
Nick Foles
Players are getting better at a younger age. It shows how fearless everyone is becoming.
Xander Schauffele
It's getting better and better. You know, guys are feel

It’s getting better and better. You know, guys are feeling more comfortable and they are not afraid to speak up and be a leader. I mean, our team, we have 25 players, we have about 25 leaders, too. So whatever someone says, people listen.
Johnny Damon
Art is a process. Its expressing yourself and doing something, and throwing yourself into it and getting better at it and trying again. Thats what its about.
Grayson Perry
Since I started playing basketball, I had goals. I was going to do everything step by step. I’m proving it, my basketball is getting better.
Zaza Pachulia
I didn’t plan to act, but I’m glad I’m doing it – and I just want to keep getting better.
Meg Tilly
The big men aren’t going away, they’re just getting better.
Mike D’Antoni
I played bass for a year, but I wasn’t getting better at it, so I decided to stop so I could see my friends.
Daniel Radcliffe
What we’ve been finding is that when you remove the barriers to innovation, you can actually hold costs down while lifting entrepreneurs up and getting better health results.
Kathleen Sebelius
Life is about growing and improving and getting better.
Conor McGregor
I’m getting older, but better, too. And the roles are getting better.
John Lithgow
I’m happy that I can focus on my body a little bit. I’m not happy to get surgery, but I’m happy that I can focus on getting better.
Dwyane Wade
The quality of TV drama nowadays is getting better and better. They’ve had to invent a new term for it: ‘high-end television.’
Robert Carlyle
Why sit, be negative and be sad and depressed? You got to kind of push everything to the side and just focus on just getting better.
Jeff Bauman
I have to keep making films, getting better in my craft, and the way to do that is to work with people who know what they’re doing and who can help me.
John David Washington
I’m just worried about winning and making my teammates better and getting better.
Rudy Gobert
I think in this league, that’s how it works. You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse.
Devin McCourty
My team and my fans are going to keep growing and getting better and making a name for ourselves.
Kane Brown
I thought it was getting better and better, because the production values were increasing each time we did it.
Derek Jacobi
For me, I’m just trying to keep getting better.
Adam Thielen
I want to keep growing and keep getting better every day.
Baron Corbin
The reviews are getting better, but they always do, in time, if you’re still alive.
Jim Harrison
I know people know how good I am playing basketball… All I do is just use it as motivation: keep getting better, keep doing the same stuff and doing it even better.
John Wall
With ‘Mouthful of Shame,’ all of my fans or the majority of them said it’s the best thing you’ve ever done and that meant a lot because as you go on with time, if they’re still really enjoying it, that means you’re getting better.
Jim Norton
I just want to continue getting better and build as a player.
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
I just want to keep on getting better and improving. Those extra hours on the training pitch, whether it be with the boys or individually, I am just looking to improve.
Danny Welbeck
The more you fly, the more unsettling it is, because you realize how much more likely it will be for you to crash. I am getting better at it, though.
Kit Harington
It’s nice we’re getting better representation. So being typecast now? To be a gay guy? For sure. I am one, so why not?
Scott Evans
Are things getting better with each generation? Yes. It’s quite interesting to be living in these times, for me to witness an African-American being elected president. It’s quite extraordinary.
Lenny Kravitz
Part of being in a band is getting better.
Michael Bacon
Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better, no matter how young or old you are.
Alan Alda
I think TV is a fantastic medium right now because of what you can do visually. It’s phenomenal, and it’s just getting better and better, but in a way, there’s no beating the personal image you can create in your head, with those personal aspects, which you can only get from reading or radio dramas.
Colin Morgan
We have to ensure that the product called football is always getting better.
Marco van Basten
The only way you gain mental toughness is to do things

The only way you gain mental toughness is to do things you’re not happy doing. If you continue doing things that you’re satisfied and make you happy, you’re not getting stronger. You’re staying where you’re at. Either you’re getting better, or you’re getting worse. You’re not staying the same.
David Goggins
I just wanted to play tennis. I started because I wanted to pick up another sport and then as I was slowly getting better I wanted to see how far I can go but I always wanted to be myself. I wanted to be original. I didn’t want to copy anybody’s style.
Jana Novotna
I wrote three books before I got one published. Most writers do. Have faith, and know that with each work you are getting better.
Jojo Moyes
The key to my perseverance was absolutely loving the craft of acting. I just figured that if I kept doing it, at the very least I would get better at acting. Even if I didn’t become a tremendous success, as long as I knew I was improving and getting better, to me, that was success.
Tamara Taylor
It’s not always about getting better on the basketball court. This game teaches you how to become a better person as well. It pushes you into the team concept.
Scottie Pippen
When you’re younger, it’s about, ‘How can I get better? How can I become the player that I want to be?’ As you get older, it’s, ‘How can this football team improve?’ While all along getting better along the way.
Tony Romo
I think the race situation is getting better as far as people respecting each other goes. I think the race situation with entertainment is not that much better.
Patti LaBelle
As you get older, the summer is less of a vacation and more of a training period by yourself away from the team. It’s exciting for me. I felt like I’ve been really getting better as far as my conditioning every single season as I get older.
Aaron Rodgers
As I get older every year, I’m eating better. As a kid, who can turn down chips and candy? But I’m getting better.
Mike Trout
I think the thing is that kickers are getting better.
Adam Vinatieri
Where I’ve arrived now is the product of mixing the very straight with the very exploratory; there’s a fine line between the two, although it tends to be getting straighter and straighter because my songwriting is getting better.
Andy Partridge
I think one thing I’ve always focused on is getting better instead of getting somewhere.
Ryan Hurd
I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators.
Gerald R. Ford
One thing we have lost, that we had in the past, is a sense of progress, that things are getting better. There is a sense of volatility, but not of progress.
Daniel Kahneman
Ten, 20, 30, winning, losing streak, whatever it is, we’ve just got to keep pushing, keep getting better each day.
Joe Ingles
I’ve always been trying to do as little as possible, and I’m getting better at it all the time.
Rob Van Dam
We Americans look at the last 300 years of history, and we basically see a world that’s getting better and better. The rule of freedom expands. The economy develops. We have risen to become the world’s greatest power.
Walter Russell Mead
I am passionate about singing, and I strive to improve with every song and keep getting better.
Guru Randhawa
Things are not getting better. They are getting worse. We need to elect Mitt Romney to turn things around.
Rob Portman
We’re doing unusual records that sound big, have a pop feel, and we’re getting better at it.
Walshy Fire
I love what I do, and I love doing it, and I love getting better at it. I just am not willing to risk… Much… to go on to the next level. I don’t want to risk my personal sanity or happiness or my family or the love of my life.
Summer Phoenix
I’m about working, getting better, and proving people wrong.
Kemba Walker
I think in the old days, films really went for the shock, with the blood and guts, but movies are getting better. The writing and directing have improved a lot, because the audience demands it.
Claudia Christian
Most voices get weaker and frailer. I seem to be getting better with age.
Sondra Radvanovsky
Throughout college I was getting better and better at making recordings, producing songs, making different kinds of beats.
Rostam Batmanglij
I feel like I’ve been picky through the years and would do one movie a year or one movie every two years, and I want to work a lot more. So if I can find something that just happens right away as a director, I’ll do it if I really love it, but otherwise, I want to keep working as an actor and getting better.
Casey Affleck
The language was not a big problem because my English was getting better every year. So, I really felt comfortable and I had trust in myself, you know, talking to people. Even though I know I was making mistakes, I still kept talking. So that’s how I learned English.
Cedi Osman
I’m learning all the time. I’m evolving all the time as a human being. I’m getting better, I hope, in all of the important ways.
Neil Peart
It’s not about how many games we win with me as captain, it’s about us being consistently getting better over a long period of time and looking to be that number one side in the world.
Joe Root
Things happen for some reason. I don’t know what, but I just think about the positives, focus on getting better, and that’s it.
Cain Velasquez
Digital video is so beautiful. It’s lightweight, modern, and it’s only getting better. It’s put film into the La Brea Tar Pits.
David Lynch
The only animals I'm not comfortable with are parrots,

The only animals I’m not comfortable with are parrots, but I’m learning as I go. I’m getting better and better at ’em. I really am.
Steve Irwin
Taking ownership of your feelings is so vital to getting better.
Lili Reinhart
I don’t think once you book a part you should stop going to class. I think you should constantly remind yourself that you’re working and that you’re working on getting better.
Tiffany Thornton
The cars are always changing. The competition’s cars are always getting better. Sometimes when you try to make them better, you make them worse.
Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
We have a pretty tough schedule coming up. We have to stay strong mentally and must focus on getting better.
Tony Parker
Women cannot complain about men anymore until they start getting better taste in them.
Bill Maher
The story of getting better can be just as compelling as the story of falling apart.
Leslie Jamison
For me, it’s about getting better from game to game, improving as a player.
Julius Randle
I just control what I can control. Getting better every time I step onto the floor.
Eric Bledsoe
I write because it’s my way of finding cool ideas, thinking through hard problems and things I don’t understand, and getting better at something.
Atul Gawande
It’s not precisely that I’m not ambitious. I love what I do, and I love doing it, and I love getting better at it. I just am not willing to risk… much… to go on to the next level.
Summer Phoenix
I want to keep getting better and better.
Gervonta Davis
I just wanted to keep getting better and better and better, and that’s just my mindset.
Rudy Gobert
I’m never going to be the best skater, but I feel like I’m getting better.
Emily Atack
I went to see Harvey again in Fiddler. Harvey’s throat is getting better.
Rip Taylor
I’m just really just continuing to work on back-to-the-basket stuff and working on getting better from the foul line.
Andre Drummond
Patients who trust their doctors and have a psychological expectation of getting better could trigger a reaction in their body.
Irving Kirsch
Grass is not natural for me, but I am getting better. I have to focus on not falling, not injuring myself. I cannot take off as fast as I want to and I have problems braking.
Gael Monfils
Bioethics is a very, very important field. As we get more and more in the arena of understanding science and getting better opportunities, the fact that you can do things with biological sciences that have an impact on a human being means you must have ethical standards.
Anthony Fauci
If you can do your thing on a big stage, it helps, but then to do it against guys that are older than you still gives me confidence that all the hard work I’m putting in is really working and I just got to keep getting better.
RJ Barrett
When you think you’re on top of your game, you’ve got to change it, and keep evolving and keep getting better.
Mitchell Trubisky
Ideally, for me, the power of appreciation lies in getting better roles and being given more responsibility as an actor.
Jim Sarbh
I don’t think evil people or negative people are inherently interesting all the time. People who are good people getting better at being themselves – to me, that’s something that’s really interesting to watch.
Josh Radnor
Myself, I always tell people that if you’re not getting better you’re only getting worse, and every day I try and be better than yesterday.
Kofi Kingston
Music moves forward so quickly; music is an accumulation of knowledge, and musicians keep getting better and better.
Allan Holdsworth
Serie A has really grown and it’s getting better and better. In my eyes it’s a huge league.
Frank de Boer
I was born and brought up in London, so I couldn’t speak Hindi properly. But as I am socialising more with my Hindi speaking friends, I’m getting better at the language.
Hazel Keech
I just focus on getting better every day, putting things right in training and then hopefully what I’m doing right in training I’m doing to show in games as well.
Ross Barkley
I always believed in getting better and better in each and every format and give my best. As a batsman, it is important to keep learning every time and stay hungry for your runs. I don’t get satisfied.
Ajinkya Rahane
To be a director, you have to think you’re the best. Ever since I went to film school, I imagined that you have to think deep down that you want to be Martin Scorsese or you want to be P.T. Anderson. Like, am I as good as those guys? Absolutely not. I feel like I keep learning, and I feel like I keep getting better.
Jonathan Levine
In a phrase: I always hope it keeps getting better.
Isaac Hanson
While my speech is getting better every day, throughout

While my speech is getting better every day, throughout my recovery, I have been able to sing to some extent.
Gabrielle Giffords
Rear-naked chokes are easy? Yeah, it’s easy to get, but people are getting better at defending it.
Charles Oliveira
You just have to fight the perfect fight to win. You have to have a game plan and follow it. You have to develop every time you go out there and keep getting better.
Cain Velasquez
Salman doesn’t look 50 from any angle. I think he is getting better with age.
Shamita Shetty
I’m perfecting my craft as an artist and as a performer, and my shows are getting better each time.
If you can keep getting better, we can set ourselves better standards every game.
Vijay Shankar
I’m learning, but I’m getting better at it because I’m learning how to hear God in worship.
Michael W. Smith
I want to keep getting better, being a great teammate and try to keep learning from our guys and help as much as possible. I’m not satisfied with where I’m at.
Quinn Cook
Whether it’s the playoffs, whether it’s not the playoffs, it doesn’t matter as long as we’re getting better.
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
I’m working with Al Haymon, who is the best in boxing and he manages my career, and every time I fight he tells me, ‘Look, you’re only getting better and better, smarter and smarter, keep trying and one day we’re going to get that big shot.’ And sure enough, it happened.
Jermall Charlo
I’m learning slowly to not be as much of a control freak. I can’t afford to be all the time, but I’m getting better at communicating. Delegating parts of my vision for other people to execute has made it an easier process for knowing what I want, and what people can handle, and what I should probably save for myself.
When you are not practicing, someone else is getting better.
Allen Iverson
When I was a little girl, my family was extremely close, loving and really happy, and then overnight, things just became a nightmare, and instead of them becoming a nightmare and getting better, they became a nightmare and just kept getting worse.
Beth Hart
All things just keep getting better.
Jai Rodriguez
I think my least healthy habit is running around too much. And I think I’m getting better about it as I’m getting older.
Cynthia Nixon
The NBA is getting bigger. Basketball is getting better around the world. There are more players. There are better coaches around it, so that’s why there are more international players, not only Hispanic players, but from everywhere.
Jose Calderon
There is no age limit on the enjoyment of sex. It keeps getting better.
Florence Henderson
Everybody has positives and negatives. I just want to learn and keep getting better.
Vijay Shankar
The style is getting faster and faster. The athletes are getting better and better. The future is pretty bright for WWE.
Seth Rollins
I mean, you still can’t jump offstage and go read a book. But I’m getting better at it. It is something you can manage. You can still give everything you have to the audience onstage, and have something for yourself.
Andrew Bird
Coming to WWE, where they treat the talent a certain way, I really gravitated toward Bellator because you saw the trend in fighters wanting to go over there because they were getting better deals and getting more freedom with it.
Jake Hager
I’m just getting better every single day and I want to be the best in the world.
Michael Chandler
Trump lays bare a lot of things already wrong with our society. But he also accelerates the process of it becoming worse, when it could be getting better.
Jeff Vandermeer
All these pros are getting better every day. You just want to catch up to them.
Frances Tiafoe
I wouldn’t say I’m the best MMA fighter but I’m working on it every day and I’m getting better and better.
Stephen Thompson
I’ve just gotta continue getting better and developing.
Derrick Favors
Mama is slowly getting better. So many people are so fond of her.
Rocco DiSpirito
I feel like I’m still improving, still getting better, and I have a lot more to give in this sport.
Frankie Edgar
If you just focus on getting better, and not being the best, you have such a good time.
James Acaster
I’m going to keep perfecting my craft and keep getting better.
Terry Rozier
What is a master but a master student? And if that’s true, then there’s a responsibility on you to keep getting better and to explore avenues of your profession.
Neil Peart
I'm getting better, happier, and nicer as I grow older,

I’m getting better, happier, and nicer as I grow older, so I would be terrific in a couple of hundred years time.
Maeve Binchy
What I’m worried about is our team and our players developing and getting better. That’s the most important thing.
Kirby Smart
You need to be growing and getting better, and in L.A., it’s so hard to get bookings. You literally have to pay clubs to book you. It’s pay to play, and then you only get 30 minutes. That’s no way to get good.
Andy Grammer
It’s nice to know you’re improving and getting better.
Evonne Goolagong Cawley
We’ve talked before what is important is week in, week out, getting wins and getting better.
Ezekiel Elliott
I think it’s awesome that we’re 50 years into the US Open being the US Open. It hasn’t always been here. It’s growing every year. Getting better every single year I come here.
Taylor Fritz
I’ve got to admit it’s getting better. It’s a little better all the time.
Paul McCartney
I challenge myself everywhere, onstage, on the golf course. Hey, isn’t that the point of it all? To keep getting better? Otherwise why do it?
Hal Linden
I’m in control of what I’m doing physically and mentally. I feel good. I’ve always felt confident and comfortable going into seasons, but each year I feel like I’m getting better and better.
Matt Flynn
The upward climb I’m on, obviously I’m getting better. And if that continues to happen I should end up in a good place.
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
I just do the cream-of-the-crop songs in my show. We just bowl them over; they love us. It just keeps getting better.
Gordon Lightfoot
There was a time when I didn’t find a single, interesting Hindi TV show to watch, and ended up binging on American TV. Now, with online video streaming services, one is spoilt for choice, and it’s getting better in terms of the wide variety of content to satisfy the diverse tastes of its audience.
Anupriya Goenka
I like to think that as I get older I’m getting better at spending time with people who have qualities that make them worth spending time with.
Samantha Power