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I want to do everything right now! This very minute. I

I want to do everything right now! This very minute. I am impatient, but yes I have goals. To be a real well-respected actress whom people know they can rely on to do a good job… whether they like me as a person or not!
Lynda Carter
A good career is a long-lasting career. When you’re there in every competition doing a good job you’re a part of an elite, and that’s the most important thing.
Blanka Vlasic
There are so many opportunities at Ring Of Honor. If you do a good job, you get to do more. If you do a crappy job, then you don’t.
Maria Kanellis
I think I’m an actor. You can hire me. I can do a good job. But you also have to get lucky now and then. Every film-maker knows how hard it is to do a good film. You have to just make many, and see how lucky you get.
Rutger Hauer
The paradigm of competition is a race: by rewarding the winner, we encourage everyone to run faster. When capitalism really works this way, it does a good job; but its defenders are wrong in assuming it always works this way.
Richard Stallman
I want students to understand specific technologies, but the real goal is that they should be able to reason about how systems work and be intelligently skeptical about technology so that, when they’re running the world in a few years, they’ll do a good job.
Brian Kernighan
The unions do a really good job in standing up for workers’ rights and business does a very good job advocating for opportunities in this state. I don’t believe the two have to operate independently.
Annastacia Palaszczuk
I’ve got a really good job commentating and watching great fighters fight ringside.
Paulie Malignaggi
Regardless if what you do in the world, you do it good. You do your best, and you show up on time, and you leave and you do a good job, and you treat people the way you want to be treated.
Scott Eastwood
If you’re not willing to work hard, let someone else do it. I’d rather be with someone who does a horrible job, but gives 110% than with someone who does a good job and gives 60%.
Will Smith
If you do a good job right now, today, then tomorrow will take care of itself. That’s all you can do.
Ryan Day
Alberto Del Rio is doing a pretty good job.
Ted DiBiase Sr.
It’s a pretty good job being an actor, but it’s work sometimes. And when I say work, I mean it’s a job. You’re going to a job.
Matt Dillon
If you’re always trying to do a good job, then something good is going to come from it.
Gunnar Peterson
Very few Italian restaurants in Britain do a good job. They’re too scared to show you what real Italian food is like because they think you can’t handle it, so they dilute it.
Gino D’Acampo
If you want to edit your photos and make yourself look different, go for it. That is up to you, but in my opinion, you should always post things that you think do a good job at representing who you are.
Peyton List
Being a public company is really terrible for most companies. I’d say Facebook and Google have done a pretty good job of standing up to the incredible quarterly pressure to hit numbers, but most companies – and I’ve observed a lot now – don’t do a very good job of that.
Sam Altman
In a movie like this, the relationship between the two guys is crucial. It sinks or swims on how these two guys are together. I think we did a good job.
Eddie Murphy
During his runs for the GOP presidential nomination, Mitt Romney has done a good job of mimicking Reagan’s anti-government diatribes and ‘better days ahead’ rhetoric.
Jackson Katz
MTV Unplugged is an interesting platform. They are doing a good job promoting a kind of music that ought to be heard.
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Going to college and finding a good job no longer guarantee economic safety.
Elizabeth Warren
What I have done is always try to be nice to work with. I make the best impression, try to do a good job… and if people hire me again, it’s for the right reasons.
Emma Willis
And I also serve on a caucus that addresses financial literacy for young people in this country. And it is so hypocritical that we want to talk to these kids about how to better manage their money when we are not doing a good job with our Nation’s resources.
Melissa Bean
I try to do a good job of contesting shots and blocking shots and altering shots, but I’ve got to do a better job of doing more.
Roy Hibbert
I feel I did a good job at West Brom. It was cut short abruptly, which is something historically that West Brom have done – as you’ve recently seen with Darren Moore.
Steve Clarke
And I believe that if we can care about whether or not our neighbor has a good job or access to affordable health care for their children, and we move to implement the policies that can improve these situations, we will unleash vast amounts of human potential and recapture the American spirit.
Tim Ryan
My relationship with my dad will always be strained, but that just goes to show, I guess, that I’m doin’ a pretty good job of bein’ myself, and bein’ a rebel.
Hank Williams III
Algorithms don’t do a good job of detecting their own flaws.
Clay Shirky
The most important lesson I have learned from spending years talking to law enforcement officers is that the vast majority of them really want to do a good job. They have a physical need to do a good job. And yet, we don’t give them the resources that would help them.
Karin Slaughter
When the audience expects you to do a good job, you become more choosy. It becomes a responsibility.
Actions speak louder than words, and the best way to set an example is to just go out and do a good job.
Mena Massoud
I feel like every time I go out, I want to do a good jo

I feel like every time I go out, I want to do a good job. I want people to say that he’s just as good at stand-up as he is in some of the movies I’ve seen him in, so I try to do the best every time I go out there.
Chris Tucker
Greta Gerwig always seemed like a name that was mine. My mother did a good job.
Greta Gerwig
Research indicates that employees have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.
Zig Ziglar
When I play the first few notes of a song and people start screaming, I think: ‘That’s why I did this. That’s why I wrote this song. That’s a good job.’ And it is a job.
Dennis DeYoung
When my company does a good job, we make people happy. They laugh, they smile, they have a good time – that’s what we do for a living. Any business doing that is making a noble effort.
Jon Taffer
I think sometimes it’s about just finding the measuring stick that’s different than the one the world puts on you. It’s finding the one in which you’re held accountable and how you hold each other accountable; what a good job looks like in a particular situation and how to be better at your job than you were yesterday.
Sam Hinkie
The suburbs are the American dream, right? Living in a nice house, having a good job, a happy family.
Cheryl Hines
But I studied art in Belgium from the age of 17 to 18, and I learned French when I was there. Very reluctantly so. I didn’t do a very good job. For the first six months I was very depressed and couldn’t speak to anyone, and then it kinda hits you.
Caroline Polachek
I think it’s important to realize that law enforcement does do a very good job oftentimes of trying to ensure the safety and security of their people. But oftentimes, where they fail is communities of color and in lower socioeconomic status communities where they discriminate against these people.
David Hogg
Everything depends on a good job – strong families, strong communities, the pursuit of the American dream, and a tax base to support schools for our kids and services for our seniors.
Bob Taft
The merger of globalization and the I.T. revolution means new products are being phased in and out so fast that companies cannot afford to wait until the end of the year to figure out whether a team leader is doing a good job.
Thomas Friedman
If you can have a really good coaching staff, and you can have a really good young quarterback and do a really good job in player personnel and string together multiple successful drafts, your window is not small in the NFL because of the quarterback.
Jeffrey Lurie
If I’ve been an architect of my own career in any fashion, one thing that I’ve attempted to do is not get typecast, in order to be able to play all different kind of characters. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that over the years.
Ed Harris
Measles will always show you if someone isn’t doing a good job on vaccinations. Kids will start dying of measles.
Bill Gates
If the fans are making a noise and reacting, then you’re doing a good job.
Even when you’re producing difficult material and you get emotional, after it you feel good; you feel like you’ve done a good job, or had an emotional release. I’ve always enjoyed that, but you go home and think, that was a good day’s work, and you move on.
Jonny Lee Miller
This is a time when the United States should be standing tall. There is no other leader in the world today. We shouldn’t be approaching conflicts as a team sport. We either get in an we lead and we do a good job, or you don’t get in at all.
Jon Huntsman, Jr.
I don’t know that there are any short cuts to doing a good job.
Sandra Day O’Connor
I’m doing a good job in Washington.
Blake Farenthold
I am a winner – and I like to win – but I cannot think that, if I lose, I did not do a good job, because there are other external factors involved.
Clarence Seedorf
You can do a good job when you play it safe, but you can’t do a spectacular job. You have to risk it and be in danger of looking like an absolute fool.
Alex Sharp
The American people I talk to don’t spend every moment thinking, ‘How can I tax my neighbor more than they’re being taxed?’ They say, ‘How can I get a good job? How can my kids get good jobs? How can seniors have a confidence in their future when they know that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are bankrupt?’
Mitt Romney
I am very happy acting, and just have never gone at, or been bitten by the directing bug to the extent where I’m willing to put acting aside. If offered the opportunity, I think I could do a good job with the right material.
Stephen Lang
You’ll read things and say, this is a really good project and it’s probably going to be a hit, but I can see 20 other people playing that part. You have to have some sense of ownership to do a good job and be married to it for ever.
Eric Bana
A lot of people say I tried to emulate Tupac, but when I look back at my career, we’re very different artists. I took pages out of Pac’s book, of course, and lots of other rappers – Biggie, Nas – of course you take pages out of those books, but you eventually make it your own thing. And I think I did a good job of that.
Ja Rule
I just sing and write songs and wear what I want. It’s quite a good job really. If I wanted to I suppose I could become more of a fashion icon, but singing is my thing.
Ellie Goulding
If you’ve got a good job, you should bust your butt to make your company as successful and profitable as possible.
Jason Calacanis
The government can’t even do a good job of something as simple as running the Post Office. How can it be expected to do a good job with something really important, like educating our children?
Rand Paul
I would love to direct some day. It’s a good job for a control freak.
Joshua Leonard
I think I’ve done a good job of trying to figure out ways to continue to use my voice and platform for the right things.
Kenny Stills
My dad was a real fun guy, and despite his personal problems, he was a great father. It wasn’t easy, but he did a good job of raising my sister Mary and I all by himself.
Molly Shannon
When you're out here grinding away, firing at some flag

When you’re out here grinding away, firing at some flags, firing at the middle of the green, you just got to be very patient, and I always do a pretty good job of that in the majors.
Brooks Koepka
I think I do a pretty good job preparing myself. That’s something I take pride in – being prepared and knowing what each individual guy is responsible for. I can point at guys and let them know what they’re doing if they have questions.
Luke Kuechly
I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of scaling because I got some great mentors along the way that helped me realize I just have to build a phenomenal team around me that makes my job a lot easier.
Nick Woodman
I try to make myself, and subsequently the audience, as uncomfortable as possible, whether it’s completely desecrating a song they thought was one thing, or getting too drunk to really do a very good job.
Josh Tillman
You find little ways to keep your mind at peace so that you can, at the end of the day, do the most important thing, which is do a good job.
Kelly Marie Tran
I’ve always viewed politics the following way: if you do a good job at the job you’re doing, you’ll have opportunities to do other things in the future. Maybe things you never envisioned.
Marco Rubio
I tend to think the world is a bit of a miserable place, so anyone who can add to people’s optimistic, cheerful side is doing a good job, which is what I hope I’m doing.
Jo Brand
My stylist and agency staff are the ones that do a good job telling me what to wear.
Park Bo-gum
I was so nervous that this was ‘True Detective’ and that I needed to do a good job that I would just dig into every scene.
Adria Arjona
Individual people shouldn’t be fearful, because by and large our government, the federal government – people always talk; obviously, they don’t trust the feds, whatever. The federal government and local communities have done a pretty good job at keeping us safe.
Sherrod Brown
The most direct path to success is a good job, but the road to employment for those with criminal records is often riddled with barriers. Removing those barriers would allow those with records to leave the past behind, support their families, make a positive future – and improve our economy.
Bob Casey, Jr.
I don’t mind being identified as any character as long as I’m doing a good job as an actor. I have done all kinds of roles – from an editor, judge, police officer, murderer to a corrupt businessman.
Boman Irani
Adopting big-business practices is one thing, and adopting agribusiness practices that would dilute the meaning of ‘organic’ is another. On the whole, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of preserving the integrity of organic foods.
Nell Newman
I was as happy doing theater in New York for little or no money as I am now doing television for more money. The happiness, I guess, comes out of it being a good job. The success has to do with the fact that it’s a good job that will continue.
David Hyde Pierce
My coaches have done a good job of tightening my skills, where I can dictate a little bit more where the fight is going.
Robbie Lawler
My strength is my unpredictablity. I can wrestle, I can strike, I can move fast, and I do a good job of covering up. And because of my experience, I’m able to put myself in good positions in the ring. The guys I fight, they have to be ready for anything.
Tyron Woodley
If the government did a good job of publicizing this information, my products wouldn’t sell.
Matthew Lesko
I just want to do a good job as mayor.
I see a New York where there is no barrier to the God-given potential of every New Yorker. I see a New York where everyone who wants a good job can find one. I see a New York where the people can believe in a grounded government again.
Carl Paladino
My mom did a good job making sure I worked for everything I got. Really, it just helped me realize the real world and how people who don’t have everything have to work for stuff.
Markelle Fultz
I’m a content creator, so I like to read the comments, and I like to engage, because if people aren’t interested in what I’m doing, then I’m not doing a good job.
Paige Spiranac
It will be great when it’s not such a big deal when a woman gets a good job.
Susan Sarandon
When ‘American Pie’ happened, I was so lucky to get that opportunity and I just tried to do a good job in that genre. But the films that inspired me as a kid were, like, Malcolm McDowall in ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ He was my hero.
Seann William Scott
People always put me completely out of the game, and that’s even nicer because nobody expects you to do a good job and then you do a better job than everybody thinks and it’s nicer.
Felipe Massa
I don’t feel like I thrive doing livestream comedy, per se. It really triggers a lot of little neuroses that I have about performing and it’s not conducive to me to do a good job.
Patti Harrison
I didn’t know music either, but I became a composer. Acting too is like that. It’s like cooking for your siblings when your mother is away. You have a responsibility and you try to do a good job.
Vijay Antony
If you’re a poor white person and your life sucks, it’s easy for you to blame Hispanics cos you don’t want to look in the mirror and say, ‘I’m the reason my life sucks.’ The Republicans do a good job exploiting that.
Charles Barkley
If I could sew comedy and philosophy together, then I’ve done a good job. The primary goal is always going to be laughs and the secondary goal is always going to be saying something without it being a lecture.
Hal Sparks
Newspapers do a good job telling me what happened yesterday, but they’d be a lot more impressive if they could tell me what’s going to happen tomorrow.
Fuzzy Zoeller
The Grizzlies organization did a very good job of always pushing us in directions and making us aware of things we might not have been aware of when we were young.
Mike Conley Jr.
I believe that if you want to do a good job at something, then you’re always analyzing the job that you’ve done to see if you can do it better.
Sean Spicer
My parents have let me do whatever I am interested in.

My parents have let me do whatever I am interested in. Initially, they were apprehensive, but when they realised that filmmaking was my passion and that I was doing a good job with the short films and the recognition in ‘Naalaya Iyakkunar’ TV show, they supported and encouraged me.
Karthik Subbaraj
On the field Icardi always does a good job, what he does off it, I don’t care at all. What I do care is what he does for my team on the pitch.
Mario Kempes
Publishers vet books, and they do a good job keeping out the low quality. But they also miss some good quality.
J. A. Konrath
The simple things in life ground me and keep me focused so I’m able to do a good job with what is in front of me.
Kevin Eubanks
When I first met my husband, he had a very good job – company car, pension plan, grudging respect from his staff – the lot. I, on the other hand, was badly paid and devoid of ambition. Then I had a couple of books published and confounded all expectations by starting to earn more than he did.
Marian Keyes
We wanted to incorporate lights and the like to really accentuate the music. We play mostly small venues, so we don’t use it overboard by any means. The most important thing is the music. I think we do a good job of letting that show.
Zacky Vengeance
You don’t have to be serious all the time to do a good job.
Simone Biles
If you do a good job for others, you heal yourself at the same time, because a dose of joy is a spiritual cure. It transcends all barriers.
Ed Sullivan
My dad does a good job of reminding me where I came from.
Jae Crowder
Obviously I’m young and I’m also Hispanic, two important groups in this election. And I’m confident that I can do a good job in articulating why President Obama ought to be the candidate that Americans select for the next four years.
Julian Castro
God guided me to America and gave me a good job. But he also gave me a heart so I would look back.
Manute Bol
Even as we continue to carry the banner of civil rights and environmental justice, we’ve also got to focus on many, many people – for them, life starts with a good job.
John Hickenlooper
My dream was always to play for England, having grown up in the U.K . Playing India as part of my first test match was a coincidence, and it was never an issue. My job was to do a good job for England!
Isa Guha
People regardless of age are able to do a good job if they’re inspired by the leader they work with.
Ritesh Agarwal
People like to see Ravi Teja as a vibrant, massy character. We needed to do something more. So I gave him the extra flavour of the cop character and high emotions. And Ravi did a good job.
S. S. Rajamouli
What career? A man’s got a body of film of about four movies in about 10 years or something. I do it because I think I can do a good job of something and I’ll enjoy it, do it, and sort of vanish. I don’t want to be an actor for hire.
Paul Hogan
If a writer is good at what he does, it’s not easy to do a good job every day… To invent something new is almost an impossible task.
Barun Sobti
The federal government’s done a very good job about tying goodies to our compliance with federal programs, whether it’s the Department of Education, whether it’s Obamacare with its generous Medicare and Medicaid dollars and the like.
Matthew Whitaker
I’ve definitely read stuff that I’ve been offered where I’ve been like, ‘I can’t do this. I think somebody would be better in this than me.’ I don’t want to do something if I don’t feel like I can do a good job serving the material.
Molly Shannon
It’s concerning to me when people look at the course of education as just a means for getting a job four years later. If you’re just doing this because it is going to lead to a ‘good job,’ you’re better off doing something you’re genuinely interested in.
Daniel H. Pink
Once we secure our borders – and the federal government has not done a good job – then Congress, I believe, needs to take up the issue and look at how we try and identify those people that are here, that are national security risks to the United States.
David Dewhurst
I think Joshua has been doing a good job winning his fights and beating the guys in front of him. You got to congratulate him for his success.
Deontay Wilder
I’ve done a good job of not putting myself in a box, being able to transform, and not being scared to try new things.
Lil Jon
I didn’t know what it was going to look like or how anything was going to turn out, but the production on ‘Teen Wolf’ is so amazing. The way that they shoot it, edit it, and put it out there, it’s really so exciting. I trust the team so much. They do such a good job.
Arden Cho
The essence of business to me is great people run great companies. Mediocre people don’t do a very good job.
Kenneth Langone
Ultimately, the Internet is made of people and we need to do a good job at being citizens of that space.
Hank Green
It’s important to be professional and do a good job for Al Ain, because I have had a good time in the club. And once the season ends I will make a decision.
Marcus Berg
When it comes to landing a good job, many people focus on the role. Although finding the right title, position, and salary is important, there’s another consideration that matters just as much: culture.
Adam Grant
It’s never a matter of career decisions. I don’t think in those terms. What matters is whether a role is interesting, if I will enjoy playing it, and if I’m confident I can do a good job.
Powers Boothe
If you imagine your friend is recommending you content on a topic they’re an expert on, they can do a really good job of that. They know what you’re interested in, they know your personality, they know if you have a scientific type of mind-set or not.
Adam D’Angelo
It’s a rare thing when you read a role and have this immediate ownership over it, you have this take and this connection, and it’s not even that you feel that you’re gonna do a good job, it’s that you feel like you’ve found it. It fits, it’s natural; it’s like putting on a good shoe or something.
Fran Kranz
You don't think it was because a white man wrote it, a

You don’t think it was because a white man wrote it, a black man wrote it, a green man wrote it. What – doesn’t make a difference! Doesn’t make a difference. I think he did a good job.
Cab Calloway
I was the daughter of an immigrant, raised to feel that I needed to get excellent, flawless grades and a full scholarship and a graduate degree and a good job – all the stepping stones to conventional success.
Susan Choi
I feel like I’m doing a really good job with keeping my ground and staying focused, starting off strong in the third set, because obviously I don’t want to go too down.
Sofia Kenin
I don’t like the clean-shaven boy with the necktie and the good job. I like desperate men, men with broken teeth and broken minds and broken ways. They interest me. They are full of surprises and explosions.
Charles Bukowski
The more time I spent in developing countries, and the more time I spent talking to poor people, I realized what they want more than anything is a good job.
Leila Janah
I was never overexposed and work never became a chore. I was a very good girl wanting to do a good job.
Anna Paquin
I think I’m slightly OCD. I’ll be desperate to get a part, but as soon as I do, the sense of pride wears off almost immediately, and fear of not doing a good job sets in. I’ll think, ‘This is a dream come true,’ and then, ‘It’s not OK until I get a good review.’
Will Poulter
What motivates me is just to do a really, really good job at something. If I were a better musician, I probably would’ve ended up as one.
Stewart Butterfield
The fact is that surveys which media people openly admit to show that fewer than twelve percent of their customers believe they’re doing a good job, while the average profit margin in television is in the neighborhood of eighty percent.
L. Neil Smith
My father was a veteran and my mother a schoolteacher. They taught me the value of a good job and an honest day’s work.
Stephen Pagliuca
There’s no pressure; like Kate said, it is about carving your own future. No one is going to try to fill my mother’s shoes; what she did was fantastic. It’s about making your own future and your own destiny, and Kate will do a very good job of that.
Prince William
To me, it’s about being smart, knowing when to go down and if you’re on the sidelines knowing when to go out of bounds, and I think I do a pretty good job of doing that.
Tavon Austin
I am sure it does not hurt that Mitt Romney is my dad. I’m sure it’s opened a lot of doors for me. But I think I’ve been pretty effective once I’ve gotten through the door at doing a pretty good job.
Tagg Romney
In this world, you do your job, a good job, and that’s what counts.
Francois Nars
We just want to see entertaining, exciting games, and we want the officials to do a good job.
Gary Bettman
I was shooting a German movie, ‘Whatever Happens,’ at the time, and I got the call from my agent asking me to self-tape for ‘Blade Runner.’ That was a no-brainer. I loved the original, and Rutger Hauer was a national hero, and he did such a good job in it.
Sylvia Hoeks
I’m always very scared when I start a movie because I never know if I’m going to be able to do a good job or do a very bad job.
Marion Cotillard
I do some compassionate mindfulness every day. It’s like a Buddhist thing. I tell myself that I’m doing a good job, that kind of thing. It makes me feel better.
Maria Bamford
At their core, Americans all want the same basic things: a quality education for their children, a good job so they can provide for their families, healthcare and affordable prescription drugs, security during retirement, a strongly equipped military and national security.
Ruben Hinojosa
I think there are certain subjects I don’t want to tackle, that I don’t think I could do a good job with. I don’t think I’d be good with… broad comedy? I don’t know. Maybe I would.
John Carpenter
Tim Miller’s idea of Colossus was to be bigger and stronger than everyone else, so for the motion capture, they needed an extremely tall man. I’m 6-foot-4, but he wanted Colossus to be over 7 feet, so they used a stunt double to recreate his height, and he did very good job there.
Stefan Kapicic
There is no social program in this country that is as important as a good job that pays well, that gives someone an opportunity to go to work, have some security, have benefits, and take care of their family and have a good life.
Byron Dorgan
Unless I can come in in the morning and smile, walk in the lobby and say, ‘Good morning!’ – if I am stressed – I am not going to do a good job. Everybody is watching us. They are feeding off of our energy.
Angela Ahrendts
I felt very honored, and I knew that people would be watching very closely, and I felt it was very, very important that I do a good job.
Sally Ride
Despair – or as I like to call it, des-pair – means feeling unpaired in a world in which it feels like everyone else is paired with a good job, a happy marriage, loving family, caring, and hope – and you’re not.
Mark Goulston
Infrastructure investments lead to jobs. And quality of life starts with a good job.
John Hickenlooper
A quarterback has got to take control and I feel like I’ve done a good job with that. Not just what we’re doing offensively, but in the locker room getting to know guys and hanging out with guys. All of that is going to make you a better team.
Andy Dalton
When I gave a talk at TEDx, I thought that if I did a good job, the video might go viral.
Cameron Russell
As a small business owner for the last 15 years, when I think of what truly changed my life, it was my faith, a strong family, my mom did a really, really good job of encouraging me in very clear and discernible ways.
Tim Scott
I would love to be proud of my life, to look back and say, I did a good job, that I strive for quality.
Ann Reinking
There’s a very small group of elite actresses who are my age, who people want to work with. It’s not easy to get a good job with good actors.
Amanda Peet
The Federal Communications Commission, where I have the

The Federal Communications Commission, where I have the pleasure of serving, generally has done a good job of providing an environment for Wi-Fi to flourish in the U.S.
Michael O’Rielly
I’ve had the same, full-time assistant and typist for eight or nine years now. She’s read everything I’ve written, she types everything and does a good job, translates it and makes comments.
Kevin J. Anderson
I think when you have your hair and makeup done, and there is good lighting, and you love your outfit – I think that’s when you feel most sexy. But also, I think when you are working and people are complementing you, that you are doing a good job.
Joanna Krupa
Not every job is a good job.
Henry Cavill
Regardless of how lyrical or rhetorically gifted they are in conveying big ideas, any candidate can do a good job of giving a speech if the goal of a speech is more than just delivering it well but achieving some end, whether it’s convincing people of some issue or persuading them about you as a person.
Jon Lovett
I think Priyanka Chopra did a very good job in ‘Mary Kom.’
Dutee Chand
Solskjaer is our teacher and does a good job.
I always wrote – not about war, necessarily, but I always wrote stories. I tried to write while I was in Iraq. It’s not really – I didn’t do a very good job, and not about war.
Phil Klay
The kind of role I play is like an offensive lineman; doing a good job but not being noticed. I feel sorry for myself sometimes. But as long as the end result is there, I can dig it.
Joe Greene
There is a lack of female venture capitalists, and so there are fewer female-oriented businesses getting funded. Intel has done a good job of creating a message across Intel, and they are putting their money where their mouth is.
Brit Morin
My first job was working for my dad. He was a used-car dealer, and I used to wash the cars down, clean them out, and so on. I would do stuff for him pretty much every day. It was quite a good job, to be honest.
Tyson Fury
Brock Lesnar, he did a pretty darn good job. He was a WWE star. He came to the UFC and won the UFC belt.
Benson Henderson
What’s been important with Flickr is the community that’s been there from the beginning and the serious photographers that are there creating and sharing great content. If we lose that at some point then I think we have potential issues, but so far we’ve been able to do a really good job of maintaining that.
David Filo
When I do Gaelic music, I’ve learned about Gaelic culture; I’ve tried to learn the language. Whenever I do mouth music and there’s Gaelic speakers in the audience, and they come up and go, ‘Good job,’ I’m always like, ‘Phew.’
Rhiannon Giddens
North Carolinians work hard and don’t ask for much. They don’t care if something is a Democratic idea or a Republican idea. They just want an opportunity for a good job in a place they are proud to call home.
Roy Cooper
People who see successful young women think that there must be an angle there. It’s too good to be true that woman from a good upbringing can walk into a good job and be director.
Karren Brady
I think sleep is probably the neglected stepsister in the health conversation today. I think we’ve done a good job regarding physical activity and diet, but sleep has remained out there in the cold, and that’s surprising to me.
Matthew Walker
I think the UFC does a pretty good job of backing me.
Max Holloway
Yes, there are bad apples, but I do feel journalists do a good job, often in very difficult circumstances.
Fiona Barton
You just need an opportunity and then you yourself have to do a good job, and then you hope that people go, ‘Oh yeah, I forgot about her.’
Janeane Garofalo
There was a time in the 1980s when music was almost over. If you think about it, it will be tough for you to remember any song which came during that time. But now music has come back. There are amazing musicians like Vishal-Shekhar, Amit Trivedi, Sneha Khanwalkar who are doing a good job.
Javed Ali
There are many interactions that an actor like me has in public when he gets recognized. The best are ‘You’re a great actor, good work,’ and move on. A very good interaction could be when they say ‘You were awesome on ‘The West Wing,’ ‘Loved ‘In Her Shoes,’ great movie,’ ‘What Women Want,’ good job dude.’
Mark Feuerstein
Science fiction has done a really good job of scaring us into thinking that computers shouldn’t get too smart, because as soon as they get really smart, they’re going to take over the world and kill us, or something like that. But why would they do that?
Luis von Ahn
I walk away from jobs generally feeling good about it and that I’ve done a good job. And it’s always slightly deflating when I see the film thing because it’s still me up there.
Kelly Macdonald
I think as long as I do a good job and put in all my effort to proving that I’m worth it, then everything should be fine.
Lando Norris
I don’t think we should put a number on how long you should coach or how old you should be. It should be illegal. Go as long as you can do a good job. It shouldn’t be an age thing.
Jim Boeheim
With four women commentators, the IPL have shown they have faith in women commentators to do a good job.
Isa Guha
If I could sew comedy and philosophy together, then I’ve done a good job. The primary goal is always going to be laughs and the secondary goal is always going to be saying something without it being a lecture. I think it’s important to have substance for what you’re saying.
Hal Sparks
Live audiences are quite demanding. They shower you with love and admiration, but only if you have done a very good job.
Himesh Reshammiya
I think I’ve been doing a good job of just making sure that I’m taking care of my body.
Ezekiel Elliott
Studying art history is actually one of the few ways of getting a good job in the arts sector. It’s hard to be a museum curator without it, work in any senior position in an auction house or gallery, or become a serious art critic.
Munira Mirza
The amount of start-ups that are being generated from I

The amount of start-ups that are being generated from Israel, and it’s such a small state, they’re looking for markets to really take those businesses in scale. We really, I think, have done a good job of indicating how Iowa is a good place for that.
Kim Reynolds
It’s very different working with Vetrimaaran. If he’s happy with your shot, all he will tell you is, ‘Good job. Go do what you have to next.’
Aishwarya Rajesh
I took parts that either I was offered or felt I could do a good job with.
Carol Kane
Boxing is my real passion. I can go to ballet, theatre, movies, or other sporting events… and nothing is like the fights to me. I’m excited by the visual beauty of it. A boxer can look so spectacular by doing a good job.
LeRoy Neiman
Baldwin is sort of getting to be a bit funny. I don’t know what happened, but a few years ago they suddenly went bankrupt and Gibson bought the whole outfit. Since then they haven’t seemed to be doing an awfully good job of providing pianos.
Marian McPartland
I didn’t want to go out there and prove to everyone or try to prove people wrong or what I can do. I just wanted to play my best, and, if I’m gassing at the end of the game, then that means I did a good job.
Deandre Ayton
I felt Ancelotti did a good job for Chelsea and, like many fans, we are sorry for what happened to him.
Gianfranco Zola
I’m just focused on getting to the end of each show and feeling like we’ve done a good job when we walk off stage. And a perfect show isn’t necessarily about making the audience feel good. I know I’ve done my job well if I’ve made people feel… interesting. I like to leave them a little stunned.
Aldous Harding
Others, amounting to four novels and a mess of short stories which I did not think worth preserving, I have done my best to eliminate from the record by refusing all requests for permission to reprint them, and I hope I have done a good job of making them hard to unearth.
Leslie Charteris
My experience with the Junior League, when I worked in Philadelphia for four years in reference to children’s things, is that whenever they were asked they responded. They always responded with sincerity, and they did a good job.
C. Everett Koop
Puma does a really good job with its athletes and providing what we want.
Kevin Knox
If I said to most of the people who auditioned, ‘Good job, awesome, well done,’ it would have made me actually look and feel ridiculous. It’s quite obvious most of the people who turned up for this audition were hopeless.
Simon Cowell
Van Gaal does a good job wherever he is.
Emre Can
My family comes from Panama, and I grew up in a single parent household with my mother, who barely spoke English. She couldn’t get a good job, yet there were four of us for her to raise.
Bobby Lashley
In my head, I felt if I’d stayed at City and got a chance, I could have done a good job. It was made clear that wasn’t going to happen, though.
Gareth Barry
You want to have a good job so you can make good money. You want to make good money so you can buy nice things. You want to have nice things so you can impress a nice woman.
Tech N9ne
I can’t change my ministers. They are all doing a good job.
Amarinder Singh
It’s cool to have critical success because it’s always nice for your peers to say, ‘Good job.’ But who cares about them?
Zac Hanson
I am sure as everyone knows that I am not the happiest if I don’t do a good job in qualifying or the race.
Lando Norris
Danny Ferry did a very good job when he was here and put the franchise up to a certain level, as did Mike Brown, and his contract had ended after five years, and, ultimately, both sides decided they wanted to do other things. No hard feelings at all there.
Dan Gilbert
Yes, we’ve still got more work to do. More work to do for every American still in need of a good job or a raise, paid leave or a decent retirement; for every child who needs a sturdier ladder out of poverty or a world-class education; for everyone who has not yet felt the progress of these past seven and a half years.
Barack Obama
It felt like the first thing, but when I first started out, I got a job adapting a book by Russell Banks called ‘Rule Of The Bone.’ I didn’t do a very good job. I didn’t really know what I was doing in general, let alone how to adapt a book.
Paul Thomas Anderson
I definitely need to learn how to take compliments, because it was very weird to go from sitting in my house all of the time to having hundreds of people coming up to me and congratulating me and telling me I did a good job.
Bria Vinaite
My husband does say it is Australia’s job and my family’s job to keep me grounded. They do a very good job!
Liane Moriarty
If being in a band was my job, then I would quit. This is not a good job. A good job is in financial management.
James Murphy
I think the fantasy of being a movie star is more powerful than the reality. So, for me, even if it’s not a great film or a great play I’m doing, to know that you went for it. You had an experience that made you grow artistically and personally. What’s really satisfying is knowing that you did a good job.
Marisa Tomei
Google’s done a super good job on search; Apple’s done a great job on the IPod.
Bill Gates
Usually, the song will tell me who it belongs to. It seems clear to me who would do a good job with it, who it suits.
Jon Kyl did a really good job of presenting a case and moving issues. John McCain probably is one of the more effective legislators, getting things on through the process. I always thought, too – and this may seem kind of odd – Richard Shelby was just an effective guy a lot of times at stopping things.
Sam Brownback
You’ve got guys out there that are good spokespeople for their sponsors or whatever. They do a good job of selling merchandise and all that. And then you’ve got guys that are just good wheel men.
Kyle Busch
People bug you all the time. Sometimes, it’s a good bug, when they say you’re doing a good job. When it’s not a good bug, it’s even worse.
Scott Garrett
I still support Planned Parenthood personally because t

I still support Planned Parenthood personally because they do a good job providing health care for women, have for generations in my congressional district.
Rodney Frelinghuysen
Science isn’t just for guys in lab coats, you know? It’s for anybody who wants to do a good job of understanding and investigating the world.
Jamie Hyneman
Usually, if I do a good job in the plus/minus category, I know I’ve had a good game.
Iman Shumpert
As long as I do a good job and do it professionally and people see the quality, and see who I really am, then I think that’s all you can do in football.
Sol Campbell
If you weren’t nervous, you wouldn’t have such a good time knowing that you did a good job.
Miquita Oliver
The athletes are still out competing the same as a Division I team, and I think we’ve done a good job of creating an atmosphere where they’re responsible for their actions and their play.
Cat Osterman
I was glad to be sober, but after ninety days, people weren’t patting me on the back anymore, sayin’, ‘Good job on the sobriety! Go get ’em!’
Chris Farley
If I’m alone, I tend to cook for myself. I do a pretty good job of preparing healthful foods. My go-to is everything in a bowl like quinoa, avocado. Later in the day, scrambled eggs. I’m not a gourmet chef. I cook in bulk very well.
Ellie Kemper
When I’ve got all the makeup on and all the spit, polish and glue together, I look fine. But I know what I really look like, and I’m still that same little kid under there. I don’t think I look that great. I think I did a good job of creating Morgan Fairchild. But I created her.
Morgan Fairchild
The Red Bulls have done a good job of challenging me to be a leader, not just be a part of team and score goals, but be someone to be counted on.
Bradley Wright-Phillips
They saw that it was a passion of mine from really young… My parents did a good job. They wanted me to win. They let me do all these things. If some old guy came to the house asking, ‘I want your kid to sign a contract,’ they were so open to it. Yeah, I credit them loads.
Most of the producers don’t know what they do. The misconception of the producers’ function is really not a misconception. Most producers don’t do a very good job.
Irwin Winkler
You have young men of color in many communities who are more likely to end up in jail or in the criminal justice system than they are in a good job or in college. And, you know, part of my job, that I can do, I think, without any potential conflicts, is to get at those root causes.
Barack Obama
It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that. It took longer than I expected. I’ve gotten a lot of E-mail since I got back, saying they thought I did a good job and presented the case well.
Jim Barksdale
When I was in high school, I wasn’t really popular. I was picked on a lot. And then I did a talent show, and kids started to tell me that I did a good job. It was the first time that my peers told me that they liked what I was doing. Something clicked, and I knew that this is what I wanted to do.
Guillermo Diaz