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I think it is one of the common themes for many Japanes

I think it is one of the common themes for many Japanese people to choose where to live: Tokyo or their hometown.
Makoto Shinkai
We started seven years ago and finally released our first vintage in March. It’s an ’07 vintage from Walla Walla, which is my old hometown. It also happens to be a world-class wine region that’s just exploding on the scene right now.
Drew Bledsoe
I never go to Vancouver without stopping by Thomas Haas’ shop for the best chocolate in North America. A former chef patissier at Daniel, he returned to his hometown and created a top quality brand by sticking to his passion.
Daniel Boulud
Even though Puerto Rico will always be my hometown, I feel Miami is my second home.
Anuel AA
Even in my hometown of Linkoping where I grew up… the church we had was very lavish – very boasty. So it ticked most of the boxes of big, imposing Christianity. And I love being there if I’m in town… because it’s just this haunting place.
Tobias Forge
My hometown was one of the major U.S. Air Force bases.
Ang Lee
Basically, I was pretty ostracized in my hometown. Me and a few other guys were the town freaks- and there were many occasions when we were dodging getting beaten up ourselves.
Bruce Springsteen
This fight is something I’ve been working towards for 10, 12 or 15 years, since I first started competing, not even competing, just training in Mixed Martial Arts. This is a dream of mine, and to fight Georges St-Pierre in his hometown for the undisputed belt, it’s surreal and an opportunity of a lifetime for me.
Carlos Condit
I really had to imagine the kind of person that I would have been if I had never left my hometown. I don’t think I would have been a very pleasant person.
Patton Oswalt
I’m a hometown girl, and my personality at home is the opposite of the performer in me. But then, when I’m home and haven’t done anything for a while, I get really itchy and nervous and weird-feeling.
Britney Spears
I mean I love my family very much, but there is a difference when you’re reuniting with your family outside of your hometown and reuniting in the family home.
Debra Messing
When I was a little boy, there were a lot of children with physical problems in my hometown, and my parents used to work with them, and I learned a lot about that. Since I was a child, helping out, doing what I can, was something that fulfilled me.
Edinson Cavani
My whole thing is I can’t wait to inspire the next young fighters from my hometown.
Aljamain Sterling
Being the mayor of your hometown is the best job in America, partly because it’s relatively nonpartisan – we focus on results, not ideology.
Pete Buttigieg
I had – along with my singing and dancing, I was very happy to be born in the hometown of Dylan Thomas. So the government was financing dramatic groups and amateur dramatics and stuff like that.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
I could not pass up the opportunity to build and operate a casino next door to my hometown. This casino will be where Louisiana locals and Texans will want to play, stay, and enjoy themselves.
Tilman J. Fertitta
I’d say street skating is the most fun of the six skateboarding events for me personally. It’s also because you can do it anywhere. You don’t need a specific ramp or competition; you can just go shred anywhere around your hometown and have a blast with it. That’s the best part about street skating.
Nyjah Huston
I love my hometown, but ‘Leave Fast’ is the way I felt when I was 17, 18 – it’s that fear that I’d never be able to do something else.
Sam Fender
The first time I ever saw people of any color was when D-Day left from my hometown in England, to go and free Europe from the war. And there was every color you could imagine, and I’d not seen that in England.
Richard Dawson
My grandfather, Arthur Baskerville, he played and still plays a little bit piano and trombone, and so when I was a kid, I always heard jazz around the house, but I also went to his gigs, whether it be a Saturday brunch in my hometown Columbus, Ohio. We’d go and hear him play with some of the local musicians.
Aaron Diehl
The last real job I had I was 16-years-old slinging fried chicken in my hometown of Naperville, Ill.
James Holzhauer
Our attitude is that we want to cross over. You can’t go on making records just for your own hometown.
Cheryl James
I want to thank the people of New Orleans and south Louisiana. New Orleans is my hometown, and of course they support their own team, the Saints, but they also support their own, and that city and state have backed me from the start.
Peyton Manning
I actually got discovered in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by a man who worked at a place that sold barbecue sandwiches!
George Benson
When I got the job with Fox, I said ‘God, are you sure?’ I know nothing about politics; I’ve been covering car accidents and street closures and the pothole patrol in my hometown.
Ainsley Earhardt
My dad always said, ‘There’s only a few great ones,’ and Prince was definitely one of the greats. Then ‘Purple Rain’ took on new meaning when I had broken up with my ex and I did a show in his hometown and sang it. It was just a really crazy moment, and that’s always a memory when I’m singing it as well.
Adore Delano
There are a number of parallels between the slums of Brazil and those found in my hometown, Karachi. The dichotomy that exists in Brazil is uncannily similar to that found in Pakistan, and I hope to one day make a film that follows similar themes.
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
People saying I want to come here, who doesn’t want to play for their hometown? That’s a dream come true, if you’re a kid growing up on the outskirts of L.A., to be the man in your city.
Paul George
I just want my hometown talking about where I’m going – like, ‘He’s killin’ it right now,’ and, ‘I’m so glad he’s doin’ well,’ and I want them to know I’ll always come back, every chance I get. I’m not one of those people who’ll just leave.
Kane Brown
I want to rematch ‘Cigano’ in Brazil, at the Arena do Gremio in Porto Alegre. It would be a dream come true. Fighting in my hometown, where I was born and raised.
Fabricio Werdum
I was pretty young when I decided I wanted to, well, more so be a singer. I started singing in church in my hometown, East Orange, New Jersey. I knew when I was about five or six that I wanted to be a performer.
Naturi Naughton
The good news is that the ownership team and the rest o

The good news is that the ownership team and the rest of the hard-working, loyal, and driven staff over here at your hometown Cavaliers have not betrayed you nor never will betray you.
Dan Gilbert
Being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens, that was the greatest moment in my career. And stealing the Stanley Cup in 1978 and bringing it back to my hometown of Thurso.
Guy Lafleur
For Alkaline Trio, Chicago is our hometown. The band started there. Even though we all live in different cities now, we still call Chicago home, and it’s always really exciting to come back and play for our best crowd.
Matt Skiba
Growing up, you think about playing in the big leagues one day. But to this scale, and winning a World Series in your hometown, I don’t think you could have planned that.
Anthony Rendon
When I started the Imagination Library in my hometown, I never dreamed that one day we would be helping Scottish kids.
Dolly Parton
When I was 17 years old, Frank DiLeo saw my very first music video and flew to my hometown of Las Vegas to meet with my family and me. Frank told my dad, ‘I am coming out of retirement to manage one last big act: Manika.’
If somebody knows me, they know for sure I’m from Poland because I’m playing for my country every tournament, every match. I’m staying in my hometown and my home country because that is where I feel comfortable. I feel good there.
Agnieszka Radwanska
I still think that rookie season was the most shocking to everyone, at least in my hometown here. I mean, it was insane. They couldn’t believe I was doing this.
Cody Bellinger
I’m always excited to play my hometown, but I’m kind of past the Milwaukee thing.
Tyler Herro
I’m passionate about owning a football team in my hometown.
Robert Kraft
There are people in New York who feel I should have more of a hometown approach. I feel we have to be a mirror and reflect what’s happening on the court.
Marv Albert
It’s funny. You travel all over the world, and you wind up with a guy from your hometown.
Patty Smyth
I organised a charity game in my hometown, and we collected three tonnes of food for the people of the town.
My main goal is to help out kids in my hometown and realize their dream in weightlifting.
Hidilyn Diaz
I randomly went to a casting session in my hometown in North Carolina, and the casting director introduced me to my manager. I really lucked into it!
Maddie Hasson
It was probably when I met Jeff Hamilton, the drummer I’ve been working with for the last 20 years. He’s the one who brought Ray Brown to hear me sing at a restaurant in my hometown.
Diana Krall
It was probably when I met Jeff Hamilton, the drummer I’ve been working with for the last 20 years. He’s the one who brought Ray Brown to hear me sing at a restaurant in my hometown.
Diana Krall
The truth is I don’t really know where my own interest in tall buildings really comes from. It cannot come from my hometown because there were no tall buildings there!
Cesar Pelli
It’s not easy to leave your hometown and your family and your support system and come out to Los Angeles to – to pursue a dream where the odds are not in your favor.
Ryan Gosling
An ardent supporter of the hometown team should go to a game prepared to take offense, no matter what happens.
Robert Benchley
When your hometown appreciates you, it means a lot.
Divya Khosla Kumar
I come from Essex, Buckhurst Hill, where Jade Goody was buried. My hometown will forever be known for that.
Daniel Mays
As a child, I wanted only two things – to be left alone to read my library books, and to get away from my provincial hometown and go to London to be a writer. And I always knew that when I got there, I wanted to make loads of money.
Julie Burchill