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In my mid-20s, I was directing episodes of 'Alfred Hitc

In my mid-20s, I was directing episodes of ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ and ‘Peter Gunn.’ I was pretty much on course and – as I sometimes joke – was prepared to devote my life to become the second best film director in my family.
George Stevens, Jr.
If I get to the end of my life, and people say, ‘He was in ‘Cold Feet,’ well, I was, and it was great. I thought the fourth series wasn’t great. I thought there were weak episodes throughout. Overall, I thought it was a good show, it had an impact, it dealt with a lot of issues, and it was a great part.
James Nesbitt
I definitely binge watch. My schedule is so inconsistent and crazy and hectic that if I get a chunk of time, it’s like, ‘Oh, sweet, I have three hours. I’m going to watch three episodes of ‘Peaky Blinders’ right now.’
Jesse Lee Soffer
While I filmed the ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ series for eight and a half years, I had never had much time to read, except for screenplays of the episodes.
Chuck Norris
I loved ‘SNL’ growing up, and I would trick my babysitter into letting me stay up to watch it. My family would rent Marx brothers’ movies and Monty Python episodes, and we watched ‘In Living Color’, ‘The State’, and ‘Strangers with Candy’.
Cecily Strong
Sufferers of depression have ‘episodes’ the same way those who suffer from multiple sclerosis do. It comes, wipes the floor with you, and then somehow returns you to the world. But it comes back.
Michael Redhill
We do 32 episodes a season and will have shot 267 episodes by the end of the ninth season… It’s impossible to sell that many episodes in the foreign market.
Aaron Spelling
But ‘Hey Dude’ was shot in Arizona, and that took me to the West Coast. We did 65 episodes. It was not a show that a ton of people saw, so it was like doing acting classes and getting paid for it. At that point I had the acting bug. So I went to L.A. to give it a try and never left.
Christine Taylor
In recurring episodes over the next couple of decades, the minority view gradually won. A profusion of factors differentiates each case from the others, including naked partisanship on both sides, but the trend has been clear.
Michael Kinsley
At our best, it’s a good experience but we do 22 episodes a year, so there are some clunkers.
Vincent D’Onofrio
If you look at ‘The X-Files’ generally, we did 202 episodes. About 80% of them are not ‘mythology’ episodes, which tend to be the epic episodes. They deal with the big conspiracies, the search for Mulder’s sister. They deal with what I would call the ‘saga’ of ‘The X-Files.’
Chris Carter
I was a religious ‘SNL’ watcher all through middle school. I was obsessed with Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer, Cheri Oteri – they were on right when I found the show. Then I started watching the older episodes, and it just totally blew my mind that my dream show already existed.
Aidy Bryant
We really don’t discover fully what ‘Westworld’ is for this first season, until we get there. The first 10 episodes are the journey. The colors become brighter, the vistas become clearer, and the history is more understood with each step we take along the way.
Jeffrey Wright
I watched ‘The Sopranos,’ I saw a couple of episodes of ‘Mad Men.’ I loved ‘Seinfeld.’ In fact, I got some CDs of ‘Seinfeld.’ ‘Seinfeld’ was hilarious. Oh, boy. The Nazi soup kitchen? ‘No soup for you!’
Antonin Scalia
I was in something called ‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace’ which was a real cult comedy; it’s sort of a spoof horror sort of thing, and it only ever had one series, but I liked the fact that it only had one series because it’s kind of got this little gemlike quality to it that there were only ever six episodes.
Alice Lowe
I think it’s just a lot more pressure to make the scenes work when you’re doing a film, because when you’re doing a series you feel like, I have so many scenes, so many episodes, so if I don’t get it exactly right this time, I have another scene later. You feel less pressure.
Chloe Sevigny
I really love this character I played called Becky Freeley in a T.V. show called ‘Miss Guided’. We only shot seven episodes, and nobody watched it, and it was on for, like, a second, but I really liked that character.
Judy Greer
The support that we have from the network in terms of watching us at an unusual time in the year and playing our episodes three times in a given week until we built an audience… is exceptional.
Josh Schwartz
Truthfully, the process of making 22 episodes of television a year is not very pleasant.
Joshua Jackson
I did nine episodes of ‘John Doe.’ I died of boredom.
William Forsythe
Ms. Sciorra is a member of a dwindling fleet of actors who actually sound like they come from somewhere. In her case, ‘somewhere’ is Brooklyn. In most movies, and perhaps especially in a handful of singeing ‘Sopranos’ episodes, ‘somewhere’ makes her vital. She’s what you’d call an around-the-way girl.
Wesley Morris
Some of our best episodes of ‘Buffy’ were written over a weekend. You can really get in touch with your creative spirit when you’re at your most desperate.
Drew Goddard
I think that ‘Degrassi’ really challenged its actors. I was on it for seven years, and it was one of my first jobs. I can’t even watch the early episodes – they’re so embarrassing! But I really do think I grew as an actor and learned a lot over the seven years.
Stacey Farber
Manchester is a city which has witnessed a great many stirring episodes, especially of a political character. Generally speaking, its citizens have been liberal in their sentiments, defenders of free speech and liberty of opinion.
Emmeline Pankhurst
I used to host a show ‘Ghuggi Express’ on Zee Punjabi and it aired more than 130 episodes and I single handedly managed the show.
Gurpreet Ghuggi
I think that the episodes are like mini horror films really; the characters make bad decisions early on and these things just snowball for them and get worse and worse. And that’s what I find funny.
Dave Rowntree
Directing all six episodes was a really unique experience, right? Because normally TV is run through the showrunner system, and Marvel didn’t do that on ‘Loki.’
Kate Herron
There are some episodes in the history of Israel that are still kept under the strongest secrecy thick veil possible. Some of them are 40 years old, 50 years old, and are still under thick, thick secrecy, and anyone violating this secrecy would be thrown into jail himself.
Ronen Bergman
In TV, you may think your character’s one thing for two episodes, and then the third episode it could be something different.
David Walton
About 15 years later, I was given all 113 episodes on tape.
Robert Vaughn
My first filming job was one of the first episodes of ‘Black Mirror,’ before anyone knew what that was going to be. It was this mad project with some great people behind it – and now it’s ‘Black Mirror!’ It was sort of baptism by fire.
Phoebe Fox
One of my favorite episodes was the one in which Homer

One of my favorite episodes was the one in which Homer grew hair. That was a very unique episode, since there was a gay secretary, but that wasn’t even the issue of the show-the issue was Homer’s image changing because he had hair.
Dan Castellaneta
I had adapted to the blonde. So when they told me I’m going back to do these five episodes of ‘Arrow’, I was clearly really excited, but when they said I couldn’t be blonde, it stung a little.
Cody Rhodes
Doing a truncated series is like doing a long movie, which allows for a certain artistic freedom. After just 12 episodes, you can take a breather and do other things for your career.
Jimmy Smits
I feel terrible for directors of TV because all the episodes have to look the same. They make a great series for five or six years, and then when it’s canceled, they can’t break out on their own.
Alejandro Jodorowsky
I’ll always love movies. But there’s something I love very much about TV, when you shoot episodes while other episodes are still being written.
Karine Vanasse
My favorite writer on ‘The X-Files’ is this guy Darin Morgan. He wrote my favorite episode and the top five favorite episodes that everyone loves.
Kumail Nanjiani
I would love to just watch episodes of ‘Horsin’ Around’ if I could.
Raphael Bob-Waksberg
How that works is our first season was the year we had a threatened writers’ strike, so what we did was that instead of doing 22 episodes, we did 30. We put 10 in the bank.
Christopher Meloni
Watching ‘Doctor Who’ in the United States meant I was always behind the times – PBS didn’t get new episodes until two years after they ran, and I was aware of the show’s cancellation before the characters themselves knew, at least in my corner of the world.
Seanan McGuire
I actually come from comics, and I’m big on comics. I was reading ‘Walking Dead’ from the beginning. Then just being on the show, I was really lucky to work on episodes like ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’ and ‘Clear.’ I worked a lot on episodes that I didn’t write.
Scott M. Gimple
I’m a huge ‘Breaking Bad’ fan; I would be really annoyed if anyone told me anything about what was going to happen in the last eight episodes.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
I used to record ‘Futurama’ episodes on my cassette player and play it to help me go to sleep.
Jermaine Fowler
I always knew I wanted to act but I was really afraid to desire something that seemed so unrealistic and a long shot. I was a kid memorizing entire movies and TV episodes but I didn’t take it seriously until I was about 19. Then I moved to New York and took it head on.
Ser’Darius Blain
As far as the future for the Showtime episodes that have already aired, we are sold into syndication so we’ll be appearing primarily on the Fox syndicated networks and then eventually the SCI FI Channel. So, we’ll be around for a while.
Richard Dean Anderson
First episodes are difficult things to write.
Michael Hirst
I think I did four ‘Law & Order’ episodes. I did two ‘Criminal Intent,’ one mothership, and one ‘SVU.’
Betty Gilpin
Tweeting is a great way to practice writing jokes, but there is so much more to comedy writing than just jokes. Jokes are a necessity, but you also have to learn how to write characters, to break a story, to keep coherence between episodes. I’ve learned more by being a TV writer than I ever could’ve on my own.
Megan Amram
I did two episodes of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and it was enough to have time to get in there and really get the meat of it, but also then move on and take that experience and bring it into the next one. It was a great stepping stone.
Juliana Harkavy
I love Matt LeBlanc in ‘Episodes’ – he’s very good. And the ‘Modern Family’ cast just cracks me up.
Jane Lynch
When I was a kid, I’d wake up extraordinarily early every morning and turn on the television, scanning for episodes of ‘The Jetsons.’ For some reason, I loved the notion of a future where there would be flying cars, supercomputers, and most of all, robot maids to take care of the chores.
Ben Shapiro
I told you, I have done a lot of projects and as often as I run into someone who recognizes me from something else, I run into someone who is like ‘You’re on Grey’s Anatomy’ and I have only been on for seven episodes. It’s kind of amazing.
James Tupper
Watching the dailies and then watching the… episodes, it really hits you: ‘Damn, I did that?’ I must have been crazy to get into those situations.
Joseph D. Pistone
I acted in ‘Almost Famous.’ My album ‘Fingerprints’ won a Grammy Award in 2007. Even more prestigious, as far as my kids were concerned, I appeared in episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy.’
Peter Frampton
We shoot double episodes in 15 days in Los Angeles.
Stephen Hopkins
I was on a sitcom called ‘Gary Unmarried’ for 37 episodes, and then I was in ‘Bad Teacher’ with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.
Kathryn Newton
I remember watching episodes of ‘The Sopranos’ and being filled with dread knowing what was coming or anticipating what was coming. I don’t think that that’s always a bad thing. I think sometimes the audience needs a little catharsis held away from them.
Courtney A. Kemp
They’ve got to deliver twenty-six episodes a season and they’re not going to beat their heads up against a wall if they feel something didn’t, like, pan out the way they had hoped.
Rene Auberjonois
I am not afraid if people think Matt LeBlanc in ‘Episodes’ is who I am – my friends and family know who I am.
Matt LeBlanc
I was a fan of ‘Six Feet Under’ and was very sad when it ended, so I was not ready to switch my allegiance to another show. So I was like, ‘I’m not watching this ‘True Blood.’ Then a friend got a bootleg copy of the first four episodes, and by the third one, I was irrevocably hooked.
Denis O’Hare
With ‘Twilight,’ you have these massive tomes that you have to condense. With ‘Penoza,’ we had an eight episode Dutch series that, just for the pilot alone, I condensed three episodes. So, there’s a lot of filling in and a ton of invention that has to happen to fill out eight episodes.
Melissa Rosenberg
‘Doctor Who’ is not as literary as ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ is – books have come out, but they are from the television episodes. So there is that difference… it’s more scholastic.
Sylvester McCoy
By all standards, except for 'Star Trek' standards, 98

By all standards, except for ‘Star Trek’ standards, 98 episodes of any television show is a wildly successful run.
Scott Bakula
Cable shows do 13 episodes. I get that. I can wrap my head around 13 episodes. You make them all, you post them all, and then you get to air them. The network cycle is way more intense. There’s more episodes.
Nahnatchka Khan
David Boreanaz is actually a very good director and he directed one of our episodes. Excellent director, knew exactly what he wanted. We never had long days with David. He was great, he knew exactly what he wanted and he’s a fantastic director.
Michael Clarke Duncan
Certainly ‘Survivors,’ when we put that series out, the second series dipped below 5 million for one of the episodes – all of a sudden, there’s no recommission, and I think that’s dreadful.
Max Beesley
By the time ‘Dumbo’s Circus’ wrapped production of its 120 episodes, I had an agent, and I had scored my first feature film gig.
Jim Cummings
‘All That’ was fire but I don’t really remember a lot of episodes.
I always love the holiday episodes, because you really get to see everybody at their best.
Rocky Carroll
It’s really the rare creator who can tell you where he’s going to end the season of 22 episodes. That’s not bad. That’s part of the creative exploration.
Kevin Reilly
Just because it reads well doesn’t mean it’s always going to look good on screen. Then, a network or studio has to pick up the show, and then they have to order more episodes, and then people have to watch it. It could be the greatest thing on television that nobody ever watches.
Justin Hartley
My first experience on public radio still ranks among the most embarrassing episodes of my relatively short life.
Tucker Carlson
When I went back and watched a couple of the older ‘Doctor Who’ episodes, I could see why some people felt the show had been quite sexist.
Daphne Ashbrook
I am a rapid-cycling manic-depressive, bi-polar one disorder, which means I can have thirty or forty episodes a year, and I used to have thirty to forty episodes a year.
Andy Behrman
‘Spooks’ was unique. It took up such a lot of your life – I think we did 10 episodes for the first few seasons. That’s six months of your life.
Nicola Walker
I really love the karate thing I did on CHIPs. I studied with a trainer because I knew we’d do episodes that had karate.
Erik Estrada
I’ve been on so many primetime shows that were cancelled – after one episode, after 10 episodes, after just one season. I got used to that. But I found myself choking up a bit at ‘OLTL.’ It was really hard to say goodbye to those people. It was not the way we wanted to go out.
Michael Easton
The first season of ‘Community’ stumbled a bit because the plotlines too often veered into realism, but that is not a problem anymore. Not when prize episodes concern a campuswide blanket fort, or a secret garden with a magic trampoline.
Rob Sheffield
I think sometimes when you have 24 episodes, you almost have to stretch things out too much.
Jessica St. Clair
The tendency of our time is wholly oriented toward the secular. The efforts of the mystics will remain episodes. Despite a deepening of our conceptions of life, we will build no cathedrals.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Children don’t mind when something was made – they don’t discriminate in that way. I tape very early episodes of ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Trumpton’ for my son and watch them with him. He loves them. ‘Trumpton’ was made in 1967, but he still watches it like it’s brand new.
Peter Kay
To be able to say that there are 200 episodes of ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ is groundbreaking, and it really has snuck up on all of us. When we reached 100 episodes, we had a huge celebration, and the crowds, our fans, really turned out to celebrate the show with us.
Yannick Bisson
I worked with Roger Moore on three episodes of ‘The Saint.’ He is a lovely man, a good director, and was my favourite actor to work with.
Shirley Eaton
But did I think it would last more than 13 episodes at the time? No, I didn’t think that. I never know.
Fisher Stevens
When the show started out, it was like all of a sudden we had to do 35 episodes and we had just a month and a half to write them, and it took me a while to realize that I was in charge.
Mike Judge
You know, it takes a while to get used to – it’s a whole group of people with all these ideas and after you sort of navigate your way through the first few episodes it becomes collaborative and creative.
Josh Duhamel
If it is a fantasy fiction, and you want to portray a story of a vampire, you have to keep the essence of the story same. But if you have to have five episodes a week, where do we get so much content from?
Rithvik Dhanjani
I was fortunate to work on a few episodes of ‘Barry’ right before we shot ‘Atlanta.’ That was where I got my training wheels for action coverage.
Hiro Murai
‘Star Trek’ episodes always insisted that humanity is on its bumpy way to what will be a glorious future in the 23rd century, in which we will have left most of our old selfishness – and old hatreds and prejudices – far behind us.
Gene Roddenberry
The way the British ‘Office’ got away with being so dark was that it only had 13 episodes. There are realistic elements that people obviously enjoy, but they don’t necessarily want to relive the trials and tribulations of their average work day.
John Krasinski
If you watched ‘Lost,’ sometimes the episodes were crazy good, and sometimes you’re like, ‘That one was just sorta there.’
Bobby Moynihan
Summer is a great opportunity for all of cable. People love to find original episodes.
Bonnie Hammer
I have done a lot of short dramas that are three, four or five episodes and so that makes the filming process similar to the independent film process; it is very intimate, and it is a small cast and a small crew and everyone is there with a common goal and want the best for that project.
Ashley Walters
I don't watch a lot of comedy. For relaxation and escap

I don’t watch a lot of comedy. For relaxation and escape, I watch shows about how people survive bear attacks. Or old episodes of ‘Law and Order,’ the Benjamin Bratt/Jerry Orbach era.
Amy Poehler
I flew back and forth and did episodes of Roseanne while I was at Yale.
Sara Gilbert
The problem was to sustain at any cost the feeling you had in the theater that you were watching a real person, yes, but an intense condensation of his experience, not simply a realistic series of episodes.
Arthur Miller
Doesn’t anybody ever want to talk about anything else besides ‘Star Trek?’ There were 79 episodes of the series; there were 55 different writers. I was only one of them.
David Gerrold
I think one of the coolest things about the job is the level of trust we have for each other. The actors fully trust that the writers will write amazing episodes, and the writers trust that the actors will follow their instincts with the characters.
John Krasinski
Flashback episodes are a tried-and-true sitcom device, but they always work!
Phoebe Robinson
I would say that when I joined ‘Loki,’ it was always going to be those six episodes. We were treating it like a movie, and we were running it like a movie. We weren’t doing it in the showrunner system.
Kate Herron
I think there’s going to be many special episodes of ‘Blackish.’
Laurence Fishburne
I’m a huge fan of ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ and I love the episodes where they would cross over with ‘The Bionic Woman.’
Marc Guggenheim
I take a lot of notes. Maybe it’s a product of me taking so many notes, but I have a pretty good memory for episodes, and some of the other actors will ask me questions about things, so I have this sense of responsibility that I have to be the one to remember some of the details.
Amanda Schull
The format of Netflix was the dream for us. It allowed us to make cinematic, longer episodes without interruption.
Ross Duffer
At the age of 19, I removed myself from society for almost four months, setting off years of manic episodes, including outrageous overspending. I bought several Mercedes because I thought I could. I had no money, but I rented a jet.
Patty Duke
I’m leaving. I’m doing five episodes this year, then I’ll be headed out.
Dule Hill
In my experience, ‘SNL’ has Lorne Michaels, who is, you know, the captain of the ship and gives the show direction and a singular focus, whereas ‘MadTV’ – even in my 13 episodes there – had maybe one too many cooks and was a bit more chaotic creatively.
Taran Killam
I wanted to prove that I could play something else, but there were 249 episodes out there of ‘Mayberry,’ and it was aired every day. It was hard to escape.
Andy Griffith
What’s great about Vasquez Rocks is that they filmed several ‘Star Trek’ episodes there.
Mark Pellegrino
It’s important to say that depression has biological underpinnings, and that while medications do not seem to create irreversible changes in the brain, repeated depressive episodes do.
Andrew Solomon
I don’t think, by the way, that any network would have given us their show to release all 13 episodes once ahead of them, and the same way, I don’t think any studio will give us their movies to release the same day they are in the theaters – not yet, not yet.
Ted Sarandos
The power of network television is amazing. I’ve been performing for years but have been seen on only a few episodes of this show, and people spot me in public now all the time. They say, ‘Hey, aren’t you on ‘Nashville’?’ Most locals seem to really appreciate how authentic the show is.
J. D. Souther
I knew early on after the first couple episodes were fully scored and animated that we had a real quality show here. But I always questioned whether or not it would work.
Steve Burns
The beauty of voice-over work is that maybe you come in and record once every two weeks for a couple of hours and do a couple episodes a session. It’s awesome! You spend an afternoon playing in the booth, and there you have it. It doesn’t interfere with much.
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Stage work, that’s all I have in my background. Wasteland was my first TV experience. Dawson’s was my first long-term, I mean the entire season of 22 episodes.
Sasha Alexander
I’d had episodes before, but I swept them under the carpet. This time, I couldn’t do that because everyone knew. I got on with the hard work of getting better and haven’t had a blip in almost 10 years.
Margot Kidder
One of the things you have to be acutely aware of when shooting episodes out of order is your character’s relationship with the other characters.
Gina Bellman
‘Star Trek’ is science fiction. ‘Star Wars’ is science fantasy. Based on the episodes I worked on, I think with ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars,’ we’re starting to see a merging, though. It does deal, philosophically, with some of the issues of the time, which is always something ‘Star Trek’ was known for.
George Takei
I did around 100 episodes as Ted without the band, but the 20 I did with The Blanks are the only ones anyone ever seems to remember.
Sam Lloyd
Like any show, I think some episodes are going to be stronger than others, but I think it’s a good show that people enjoy and I hear the reactions too.
Anthony Michael Hall
Over the course of those 12 episodes we discarded what didn’t work and kept what did and that refined it.
Dave Rowntree
What they told us about ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ when we first started was that we were guaranteed 26 episodes, so that was the longest job I’ve ever had. And that was basically it – we didn’t know what the premise of the show was going to be and we waited, week by week, to see a script.
Marina Sirtis
I am fully committed to Hannah Montana. It’s what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people. I’m really excited about our new season. We are making great new episodes that I can’t wait for our fans to see and I’m looking forward to the ‘Hannah Montana’ movie that will be out in the spring.
Miley Cyrus
The only time producers fed me lines on ‘Laguna Beach’ were more fake phone calls or pickup scenes. We’d film for nine months out of the year, and then they would start cutting episodes together, and they would realize that they needed a specific scene.
Kristin Cavallari
I was really gratified that, of all the episodes of 'Co

I was really gratified that, of all the episodes of ‘Cooked,’ the baking one really hit a chord. There were months where there were dozens of loaves posted from people on my Twitter feed every day… And it’s a little bit of a guy thing. Most of those loaves put up on Twitter were put up there by guys.
Michael Pollan
We did a reunion when TV One first launched episodes of ‘Living Single’. Every time any of the gang comes through Atlanta, though, we always visit.
Kim Fields
The Oceanic White Tip is considered one of the most dangerous sharks in the sea along with the Great White and Tiger. It is responsible for some of the most famous episodes of man-eating in history, such as when the U.S.S. Indianapolis sank in 1945.
Brian Skerry
If you were to ask me what the No. 1 lesson I learned from being on ‘The Real World’, and I challenge you to go back to the episodes and you will see that I’m right: I learned the myth of liberal tolerance.
Rachel Campos-Duffy
It’s great to try another format and be part of telling a story over ten episodes.
Morten Tyldum
‘Lipstick Jungle’ was on the air for 20 episodes – I loved ‘Lipstick Jungle.’
Candace Bushnell
I began directing episodes, which was a great light every couple of months. We never short-changed our audience, but it became something that you had to work at rather than something that was a pleasure.
Patrick Stewart
I understand why creative people like dark, but American audiences don’t like dark. They like story. They do not respond to nervous breakdowns and unhappy episodes that lead nowhere. They like their characters to be a part of the action. They like strength, not weakness, a chance to work out any dilemma.
Leslie Moonves
With TV, you just have to finish the days and get the episodes out. And it’s always going to be an impossible schedule. That’s the funny thing with TV that not a lot of people realize.
Dylan O’Brien
180 episodes of ‘CSI: Miami’ and never the same lipstick twice!
Emily Procter
I don’t have a writer’s room. I write all the shows myself. Ninety-one episodes a season, I’m sitting there at the computer writing and writing and writing because I want the voice to be authentic so that the audience is hearing from me and not other writers.
Tyler Perry
When all my girlfriends were watching ‘ER,’ I was watching episodes of ‘Kids in the Hall.’
Iliza Shlesinger
When I was a staff writer on ‘NYPD Blue,’ it was truly my job to hear David Milch’s voice for that show and to deliver episodes that embodied that voice.
Theresa Rebeck
I didn’t expect to feel pathos for the villains in our show. I feel quite moved in several of our episodes; I never realized that a show like ‘Motive,’ which aims for a broad appeal, could have that sort of emotional impact.
Kristin Lehman
On ‘Master of None,’ the majority of the episodes were just one story, and that was by design because we really wanted to focus in on the character of Dev and get the audience in his head.
Alan Yang
You don’t have a lot of time; you have to get it right. It’s amazing how they create these episodes in such a short amount of time. They lavish a lot of care and money on each episode, and they just look terrific.
Margot Kidder
I kind of love that British style: two seasons of tight, compact, good television. The more episodes you have, the thinner the episodes get.
Chris Sullivan
Each side tries to legitimize their aims by appealing to history, sometimes selectively choosing episodes and other times just by inventing history.
Norman Davies
Normally, if you do a television show, it’s 25 episodes. Your year is kind of shot, you know what I mean?
Tate Donovan
Most sketch aficionados have an enormous amount of respect for ‘Mr. Show.’ I didn’t have HBO back then, so I was always trying to find episodes. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross became celebrities, and Jay Johnston – who’s lesser known, but brilliant – deserves a lot of credit, too.
Nick Swardson
We had a great run on ‘Reno’ – 87 episodes and a movie. Not too shabby.
Robert Ben Garant
One of the last episodes was all about a flood. We were working in the rain till all hours, and it was muddy and it was cold and it was damp, and it was hours under the hoses. That was not pleasant. That was not pleasant.
Derek Jacobi
I did ‘The Commish’ and an episode of ‘Neon Rider,’ and then I got the series called ‘Street Justice,’ which I ended up doing about 18 episodes of.
Eric McCormack
Our country undergoes periodic episodes of extreme intolerance and fear of foreigners, refugees in particular. Not only were people of Japanese descent placed in internment camps during World War II, but so were some Italians and Germans.
Richard Cohen
TV has become long-form now. A season can be like a 13-hour film, separated into episodes, so you can analyse a character for five years and talk about the things that films used to talk about but don’t any more.
Ashley Zukerman
I’ve seen a bunch of the ‘Portlandia’ episodes, and they’re pretty hilarious.
Glenn Danzig
Boy, you know, it’s amazing how your brain can turn into a sieve, and you can literally forget episodes that you have shot.
Gillian Jacobs
I did not have a very in-depth knowledge of ‘Star Trek’. I’d seen a couple of the vintage episodes. I knew just about as much as anyone on the street.
Cristin Milioti
I watch episodes of ‘Rosanne’ now where I don’t even know what the ending’s going to be.
Laurie Metcalf
As a child, I was embarrassed by my dads effusive episodes, but I suppose I got used to living with someone who was intermittently sad.
Rick Stein
What makes me happy is just curling up in with my mom in her bed and watching a marathon of ‘CSI’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ episodes with pints of ice cream.
Taylor Swift
I'm a regular part of the TV audience world, and I know

I’m a regular part of the TV audience world, and I know that I like shows that I would watch. And this is a series that I definitely would watch. And some episodes are better than others.
Joe Flanigan
If somebody actually came to me and said, ‘O.K., this is it: write your last ‘South Park’ episodes,’ I’d be like, ‘No, no, no.’
Trey Parker
It’s hard to tell what an entire series is going to be based on the first few episodes, or even on the first season. And it’s sad because you see great casts and good ideas that don’t get that opportunity to grow and show what it could turn into.
Kaley Cuoco
It takes awhile for writers to get to know actors rhythms, not just as actors, but what they bring to the characters. I think it takes a few episodes for the writing room to catch up to the actors and vice versa.
Logan Marshall-Green
I’ve had it. I did 4,700 episodes. Isn’t that enough?
Monty Hall
If we lived in a time where people couldn’t watch ‘Lost’ on Hulu or record it on their DVR, we wouldn’t necessarily have succeeded. We need people to be able to catch up. Now you choose when you watch TV. We wouldn’t have survived in the old days because people would have missed episodes.
Carlton Cuse
We did 356 ‘Dallas’ episodes between 1978 and 1991. The most memorable moment for me happened in 1980 when I got shot at the end of the third series. The rest is a blur.
Larry Hagman
Yeah, I’d done a bunch of pilots. Some that had gone for a while. One that went for 13 episodes. But I had never been on a show that had lasted more than that.
Donal Logue
I’m always watching old episodes of ‘The Golden Girls’ or ‘The Simpsons.’
Colman Domingo
We record when I have a hole in the schedule. Sometimes night, sometimes afternoon, sometimes morning – we fit it in when we can. I prep for episodes all the time.
Jocko Willink
But my main thing that I would love to see as a fan of ‘Glee,’ like I said, is to really get into the character and who they are and what they do outside of school. I think that that’s interesting. And then of course the themed stuff and the album episodes are all really cool too.
Lea Michele
I think a challenge with every sitcom is, how do you maintain things that people are attached to without becoming so reiterative that it just feels like you’re sort of watching a reenactment of previous episodes?
Zach Woods
The English are very indulgent to episodes of alcoholic insanity.
Lawrence Osborne
As a teenager, I struggled a lot, had several major depressive episodes, and ended up dropping out of high school and getting a GED.
Laura van den Berg
I’ve seen episodes of ‘Friends’ which are as funny as any sitcom I’ve ever seen.
David Baddiel
I think that’s the great thing about all ‘Black Mirror’ episodes – it really leaves you with this feeling of not knowing how to feel.
Jesse Plemons
I love playing the stuff with McGee at home with Delilah. We’ve had episodes where it shows them at home arguing over making dinner and things like that. I love doing that stuff because it’s different than what the show normally does.
Sean Murray
You have 22 episodes to start from zero to hero; you can really take a nice, big, long arc. In a film, it’s tough to do that – you only have 90 minutes.
Craig Horner
I don’t have any favorite episodes from ‘Joanie Loves Chachi.’ I liked working with the people. But I didn’t even want to do it. I was talked into it.
Erin Moran
I don’t watch ‘Glee,’ not that I have anything against it. Whenever I miss the first few episodes, I won’t watch the series.
Kristin Cast
I loved my time on ‘The Mindy Project’ so much. It was only supposed to be half a year. It was really only supposed to be one episode, and then it became three episodes, and then it became half a year, and then it became a year and a half, and then it became two years.
Adam Pally
One of the things I’ve been most excited by is U.S. television drama. For my money, it’s some of the greatest narrative art of our time. Each series is like a 19th-century Russian novel: you need to do a lot of work in the first few episodes, just as you do in the first 50-60 pages of those books.
Kevin Barry
‘A Storm of Swords’ is a massive volume, and it seemed like it would be shortchanging it to try to cram it into ten episodes.
Bryan Cogman
History, at its best, always tells us as much indirectly about ourselves as it does directly about our predecessors, and it is often most revealing when it deals with episodes and phenomena that we find repulsive.
Edmund Morgan
I developed a theory that, in many ways, the early ‘Andy Griffith’ episodes especially were an awful lot like a Capra movie. They were a lot like ‘Mr. Deeds’ or a lot like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ in tone and presentation.
Ron Howard
I got the first thing I auditioned for – a guest role on two episodes on ‘All Saints,’ and I don’t think I had ever been that excited.
Mia Wasikowska
I love it and it is a blessing to be able to have seventy-five to eighty episodes to develop a character and find your voice. You have a similar through voice, and yet you are making different decisions, and so you act differently and you make different choices, as that is what your character would do.
David Zayas
I have a type of bipolar that swings up and down all day long. There are significant mood swings within a day, within a week, within a month. I go through at least four major episodes a year. That’s really the definition of bipolar rapid cycle. But I have ultra-rapid, so I have tiny little episodes all day long.
Marya Hornbacher
My favorite day at ’30 Rock’ is Thursday when the show airs. At lunch, we screen the episodes. For everyone to watch together, to see the stuff we all worked on, to hear the crew laugh – it’s great fun.
Tina Fey
I was doing ‘Homeland’ and read the first two episodes, and all I wanted was episode three to know what would happen next.
Art Malik
All the weird inconveniences of adult life that you thought they made up to lend excitement and color to episodes of ‘Sex and the City’ are, in fact, real.
Alexandra Petri
As soon as I knew we were going to be doing tribute epi

As soon as I knew we were going to be doing tribute episodes, and as soon as I knew the landscape of ‘Psych’ allowed us to do homages, the show creator and I both had respective dreams. His was a musical episode, and mine was a ‘Twin Peaks’ episode.
James Roday
Last summer a second unit production crew went to France and shot scenes for several of this season’s episodes. They shot costumed actors in and around real castles and landmarks, we couldn’t possibly have duplicated here in Hollywood.
Vic Morrow
Why should I ever get fed up talking about my father? He was a brilliant, colorful man who left us with thousands of memories. Most people remember his films, but I’ve got anecdotes and advice and episodes of real life tucked away inside my head.
Danny Huston
In ten episodes, we were able to do our writers’ room first. We did that all summer and wrote for 15 weeks and got everything in really good shape.
Lennon Parham
I didn’t record any additional dialogue for this CD, they are excerpts pulled from existing episodes.
Tara Strong
I do 280 episodes of TV a year, write 15 recipes for the magazine, and publish an annual book. With all of that, we try to get one weekend a month with Isaboo at our home in the Adirondacks to relax and recharge.
Rachael Ray
The first episodes I actually read for ‘Downton,’ Sybil was really intimidated and hadn’t come into her own. So it’s only in Series Two that she’s become so headstrong. In general, I find it exciting to play strong, female roles because they’re shocking.
Jessica Brown Findlay
I really loved the ‘Sopranos’ but didn’t have HBO. So someone would send me tapes of the show with three or four episodes. I would watch one episode and go: ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to watch one more.’ I’d watch the whole tape and champ at the bit for the next one.
Ted Sarandos
‘Battlestar’ was 22 episodes – 9 to 10 months a year – and we were exhausted. You finish shooting, and the last thing you want to do is go back to work. You want those 3 months off because you’re tired – it’s a grueling shooting schedule.
Katee Sackhoff
On ‘B&B,’ we shoot so fast and eight episodes a week, so we have to always be on our A-game. There’s really no time to make certain adjustments. We usually shoot a scene in one take, maybe two or three only if needed.
Texas Battle
I told myself a while back, ‘Love what you do, but don’t fall in love with what you do.’ That way you won’t be brokenhearted if ever it gets canceled five episodes in – which has happened to me.
Nathan Fillion
I suffer from manic-depressive disorder, and I’ve chosen not to take medication for it. Because of that, every once in a while I go through manic episodes and really depressed episodes.
Scott Weiland
I’m not really a science-fiction fan, I quite like the idea of getting away from the science-fiction side of it, for two episodes. It was lovely, it was a super story and great fun.
Sarah Sutton
I think the least stereotypical gay character on television is probably Matt LeBlanc on ‘Episodes.’ He just plays it so straight-faced. They never talk about the fact that he’s such a huge gay person.
Adam Pally
Funny enough, the first time I watched ‘Arrow’ was because Audrey Marie Anderson, who plays Lyla, was in my episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ with me.
Juliana Harkavy
After ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ I dealt with several producers who wanted to cover up all my beauty marks, every single mole on my body. They tried to cover them on my first two episodes of ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ and it just looked ridiculous, so I had to put my foot down. But it’s not something I’m insecure about.
Busy Philipps
We’ve heard from many teachers that they used episodes of Star Trek and concepts of Star Trek in their science classrooms in order to engage the students.
Patrick Stewart
I was in two episodes playing Christopher Reeve’s character’s emissary. They wanted to have my character announce Dr Swan’s death, which I thought was exploitative.
Margot Kidder
JJ Abrams is definitely a guy that when he calls, you want to answer. He’s incredibly focused. When he was shooting the pilot on ‘Lost,’ we’d do a take and he’d go back to his tent and be working on the first episodes of ‘Lost’ as well as the cliffhanger for the eighth season of ‘Alias.’ He’s an incredible multitasker.
Jorge Garcia
There are writers’ rooms that will write episodes all together, who will break into little groups and write certain scenes. Everyone’s process can be a little bit malleable. Everyone tries to get into a groove or find what works for their room.
Jim Rash
The gods have chosen to entertain me with chronic eyestrain headaches. Very poisonous episodes. So I don’t do a lot of reading anymore except on tape.
Tom Robbins
Although there were only about 24 episodes made it seems to run forever. They take a couple of episodes and put them together, making a feature film once in a while. I had good fun making the series.
Gil Gerard
‘Humsafar’ is addictive; it’s a good nasha to have. I remember, when the show was on here in Pakistan, my friends would keep asking me what’s going to happen next. And those who didn’t see it when it was aired the first time watched all episodes back-to-back because they found it very gripping.
Mahira Khan
With network, shows are pulled half the time after three episodes whether they’re good or they’re not good. It’s a numbers game. With cable, they can take a lot more liberties.
Valerie Cruz
I’ve always had a show that went seven episodes or 13 episodes or whatever. And I’ve never had a show that’s gone past a first season. It really is a lot of work.
Leah Remini
I’ve always had this dream that if people could pay me to watch and review old episodes of ‘The Golden Girls,’ that would be something really special.
Winston Duke
I would never watch ‘Lost’ on TV; I’d just wait until I could get at least five or six episodes in a row. Saved myself a lot of anxiety that way.
Brandon Jay McLaren
There were episodes where I would wear seven or eight outfits. It took a lot of time to get those together. What the character wears is very essential to how I create the character.
Donna Mills
I kind of joke that creating franchises is a lot like directing pilot episodes of TV series. You set a look and feel and kind of pass it on.
James Wan
In the time you make one series of 9-10 episodes, you can make 3 films.
Jaideep Ahlawat
One of my biggest and most influential was ‘The Golden Girls.’ That show, I remember specific episodes.
Jessica St. Clair
It was like an older but better version of Young Talent

It was like an older but better version of Young Talent Time because we had more time to spend on it. There were three guys and three girls and we made thirteen episodes that were sold in the United States and Canada.
Dannii Minogue
I feel like some sort of fiction-writing hobo, jumping trains and always hoping I’ll find a good place to start a fire in the next town. And I keep having these panicky episodes where I corner my husband and rant at him: ‘I don’t have anywhere to write! I can’t write! I don’t have a place to write!’
Rainbow Rowell
Ten episodes goes by really quickly, especially when you’ve got a really tough shooting schedule of seven-day episodes.
Tricia Helfer
It was a very difficult time, 1984. ‘Happy Days’ ended. I said, ‘There’s no way I can be a producer.’ My attorney said, ‘You’ll learn.’ The first thing we sold was the ‘MacGyver’ television series. We shot 139 episodes between 1985 and 1992.
Henry Winkler
We worked under a lot of pressure… three days to do an episode, sometimes two in a week, 39 episodes a year.
Lloyd Bridges
I went to Target once and picked up three seasons of ’24’ – what I call the Jack Bauer power hour – and watched 72 episodes in ten days.
Sterling K. Brown
Before I do episodes of ‘The Good Wife,’ I talk to the director and say, ‘I’m trusting you to let me know if it’s too much! I won’t be offended.’ So I put myself in their hands, and most of the time they let me do my thing, but sometimes they’ll say, ‘Let’s try this.’
Carrie Preston
The concept of doing holiday episodes is a huge part of what’s fantastic about doing TV. And viewers agree; you see the numbers going up for holiday episodes.
Dan Harmon
In TV, you don’t know everything. The writers only give you scripts before you shoot the episodes. They keep you on your nerve.
Yasmine Al Masri
‘Murder in the First’ takes 12 episodes to explore the crime and the issues surrounding it, all in the hopes of answering the question, ‘How did we get to this point?’
Ian Anthony Dale
For most of my childhood, even through college, there was a lot of feeling very alone. I loved TV, so when those very special episodes of anything came, or when certain characters reflected the world I lived in, I felt connected.
Greg Berlanti
I think there’s something beautifully old fashioned about waiting all week then sitting down and watching something on television together. I’m generation box set, accustomed to binging on multiple episodes at a time, which is fun but quite a solitary pursuit because you do it alone.
Elizabeth Debicki
I know I don’t want to do another single-camera show. It’s so time-consuming. I did a couple of episodes of ‘Whitney’ as her mom, but I have been laying low. I love being with my kids and being a mom.
Jane Kaczmarek
One of the striking features of the early episodes of AMC’s hit television show ‘Mad Men’ is the similarities in the lifestyle enjoyed by the lowest paid members of Don Draper’s advertising company and its wealthy partners.
Scott Gottlieb
Looking back now on our workload, I just shake my head at our pace. ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ was my first series, so I didn’t know anything about that when I started. I just assumed it was normal to make 26 episodes a year on a seven-day shooting schedule.
Ronald D. Moore
I’ve often reflected on this in the past weeks as I’ve been following the presidential campaign: Very often, I thought it would have been great for both of these guys to sit down and be force-fed a couple of dozen episodes of Star Trek.
Patrick Stewart
It used to be that you had to do a certain number of episodes to hit syndication in order to try to keep a show on, because it’s important to the network because it sells good commercial time. That’s really not how HBO does things.
Terence Winter
No director directs ‘Game of Thrones’ without reading all the episodes and knowing what’s going on. All the episodes are written in advance, so you can do that, which is an important point.
Alex Graves