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I like throwing on shorts and a plaid button up with me

I like throwing on shorts and a plaid button up with messy hair and last night’s eyeliner and sunglasses and wandering the town. And if there’s a guy I dig with his arm around me, too, that’s pretty nice.
Jessica Parker Kennedy
When you have to spread heroism across too many players, you don’t get to really dig deep into each of them as much as you’d want to.
Julie Plec
I’m not gay – everybody thinks I am – but I dig ‘The L Word.’
Shawn Colvin
I’ve called myself the Pied Piper, I’ve called myself the Weatherman, I’ve called myself Kellz, I’ve called myself a lot of things, changing the name, switching it up, just flipping, remixing. But never to harm anybody. Never to make a deep statement for people to dig into and figure it out.
R. Kelly
At the surface, many people’s goals are to lose weight, tone up, feel better, etc. But superficial goals get superficial results that usually fade. Dig a little deeper, and the ‘why’ is usually unveiled: to be more confident, to be more happy, to feel sexy again.
Brett Hoebel
We don’t have a monopoly. Anyone who wants to dig a well without a Hughes bit can always use a pick and shovel.
Howard Hughes
A guy digging ditches or a plumber wiping joints – it solves problems, you know? You have to dig this hole so wide, so long, so deep. You dig it, and that’s it.
Lee Marvin
I moved to L.A. and really didn’t dig living there until I found places like Koreatown and Little Tokyo. I really like hanging out in the grocery stores and restaurants.
Patrick Stump
We need to dig deep and give people a reason to be optimistic just as Obama is doing in America. Because in the same way that outcome of the U.S. elections will change the course of events there and around the world, so too do politics here in Britain.
Lucy Powell
Any time you get to dig deeper into your character, you welcome it, especially on a TV show.
Josh Charles
‘Medea’ is an enormous challenge for an actor physically, mentally, emotionally. You have to dig very, very deep, and to work, your performance has to be very personal.
Diana Rigg
The digital camera takes photographs in practically no light: it will dig out the least bit of light available. I was amazed to see the results of photographs that I wouldn’t take ordinarily. That’s the advantage of digital photography.
William Klein
Religion is absolutely unfathomable. Always and everywhere one can dig more deeply into infinities.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
I’m strictly for Stevenson. I don’t dig the intellectual bit, but I’m telling you, man, he knows the most.
Elvis Presley
I don’t expect that we’re going to become the biggest craze. If it happened, I’d be really shocked. I think people will dig it, but there will be a sea of people who just don’t get it.
Dustin Diamond
Men know not the gold which lies in the mine of Christ Jesus, or surely they would dig in it night and day. They have not yet discovered the pearl of great price, or they would have sold their all to buy the field wherein it lies.
Charles Spurgeon
Your man Daddy Yankee, some black and white people who know what’s going on in the ‘hood and the clubs are supporting him and loving him. But he’s speaking Spanish, and he’s speaking directly to the Latino people, and the people who know the language really dig it.
Fat Joe
We may not ever fully understand why God allows the suffering that devastates our lives. We may not ever find the right answers to how we’ll dig ourselves out.
Tullian Tchividjian
I will not let anyone dig up and ruin the peace of Chandigarh to facilitate movement of people from Mohali and Panchkula.
Kirron Kher
I love when people are coming up and they’re working hard and you can see that they’re really focused on the process to their music. I really dig that. As a musician, it’s nice to see people who really care about the process.
Amos Lee
I don’t dig jogging. I’ve tried, I really have, but I don’t get any enjoyment out of jogging.
Bob Crane
The kind of in-depth investigative journalism we practice at ‘Frontline’ is thoughtful, rigorous, and time-intensive. It requires us to constantly seek untold stories and to give our producers and reporters the time and resources to dig into them deeply.
Raney Aronson-Rath
If a woman comes out saying she has been abused or assaulted, we should not start finding flaws in her character or try to dig up her past for murky details.
Huma Qureshi
I describe my plots as follows; A character is walking down the street when all of a sudden a piano falls on them. They spend the rest of the story digging out from under that piano. How they dig, how long and how well, this all depends entirely on the character.
Sarah Zettel
You go with what you ‘get,’ and I get playing the guitar. It’s a challenge because it’s not an easy instrument to play. There are so many interesting sounds you can make out of it and so many different elements. I dig it.
I just do what I gotta do and try to show people I can write some funny lyrics and play piano, and hopefully that’ll make them dig further. I really believe in my form. That’s why I haven’t done a lot of telly, and I’m not a regular on any panel shows, and I’m not in a sitcom or all those things.
Tim Minchin
In politics, sometimes, you dig your heels in and draw a line in the sand and refuse to compromise.
Clive Lewis
There is a type of writer that can happily bury themselves in the country and dig very deep, but I’m not like that.
Jay McInerney
I just love characters that are complex, that you can dig into and keep itching the scratch and never quite be satisfied because they have enough going on with them that it’s like a giant puzzle.
Cameron Britton
My influences happen at more of a subconscious level, I don’t dig too deep into that or analyze it myself.
Takashi Miike
I dropped Nascimento in the first round, but he came back, and I had to dig really deep because he was gaining the whole time. He ruptured my left ear drum with a right hand in the fifth round, which caused a few hearing problems, but I was able to overcome it.
Joseph Parker
That conversation about 'roles for women,' generally -

That conversation about ‘roles for women,’ generally – ‘roles for older women.’ It’s like, let’s please not dig into that one any more, you know?
Lesley Sharp
I just want to continue to grow, as an actor, and dig. Hopefully, one day, I’ll lose myself in a role. My only worry about that is that I just want to be able to come back home. I don’t want to get lost forever. That scares me.
Jill Scott
We could be playing a 10-person room or a 1500-person room, and if the crowd is reacting well, it doesn’t matter what size it is. You still feel the buzz, you dig?
Fab Moretti
Funk could very easily be called jazz, but you call it funk. Does that really matter? People dig that they associate themselves with certain genres, but the genres to me are made up things, like an imaginary world.
Kamasi Washington
I started out as a pop singer, then pop died down, and I had to dig my feet into Bollywood which is not something I wanted actually.
Neha Bhasin
Our audience seems to be able to handle whatever kind of weird opening acts we turn them on to. I mean, sometimes it happens to be something like a band like Nirvana or Mudhoney, and other times, its just weird noise crews that we dig up.
Lee Ranaldo
People will dig their heels in and fight for the things they love and against the things they hate.
Matt Berninger
But I dig myself, and especially if my wife digs me, I dig myself more.
Johnny Damon
I firmly believe that we have more latent musical talent in America than there is in any other country. But to dig it out there must be good music throughout the land, a lot of it. Everyone must hear it, and such a process takes time.
John Philip Sousa
I was raised right. I dig who I am.
Scott Caan
Sometimes you really dig a girl, the moment you kiss her, And then you get distracted by her older sister.
John Sebastian
The biggest quest to learn anything is curiosity. If you are curious about something, you will go and dig.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Sometimes you’ve got to just dig down deep and be accountable for the role that you have on the team.
Julius Peppers
I don’t want to dig in the truth all of the time. Let me dream.
Olivier Martinez
I’ve been very grateful and humbled by the fact that young people really dig Joy Division’s music. It’s a great testament to the chemistry and the songwriting prowess between the four original members.
Peter Hook
Walking the runway with Alexander McQueen, I really had to dig deep. You’re with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. I was the first person out on the runway, but I thought, ‘I have done the Olympics, I can do this.’
Aimee Mullins
There are a lot of bands that my parents used to go see that I haven’t necessarily heard of, and asking them to dig up stuff like that is a really fun way to discover music.
Liv Bruce
Although I dig my guitar playing, I think it’s kind of an obvious situation; I play what I want to play within my own restrictions.
Pete Townshend
There were times over the years when life was not easy, but if you’re working a few hours a day and you’ve got a good book to read, and you can go outside to the beach and dig for clams, you’re okay.
Mary Oliver
I have to follow my thoughts and mine for the gold. I have to dig it out.
Bill Cosby
I have done my share of karaoke. There is a karaoke place right around the corner from me, and I have been there maybe 800 of 1,000 days I’ve been in L.A. A lot of songs I know now because of that place. I dig karaoke and have fun with it.
Craig Robinson
I love to do animation movies, and those might be some scores that are lesser known, unless you really kind of dig through my work and see.
Ramin Djawadi
Whatever the future of social reputation online, I’m excited to dig in and help forge the path forward. Not only will embracing and enabling the growth of these reputation elements benefit my business, the consumer in me can barely control her excitement.
Leah Busque