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All of us are linear thinkers. We evolved in a world th

All of us are linear thinkers. We evolved in a world that was local and linear. You know, back 100,000, 200,000, millions of years ago, when we were evolving as a human species, nothing changed. You know, the life of your great-grandparents, you, your kids – it was the same. And so we are local and linear thinkers.
Peter Diamandis
Golf is evolving, every day, every shot.
Tiger Woods
The most interesting thing to me is that ‘The Walking Dead’ is a show that reinvents itself every eight episodes. It’s an evolving landscape. There are characters that die. There are characters that stay on. There are characters that go away. I love that.
Scott M. Gimple
Patience for me is a big thing. Patience with others. Patience with the way the world is evolving. I have a sense of urgency because I want to help out so much.
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
Talent is evolving, today people are exposed to YouTube.
Shakti Mohan
For me, the movie’s always evolving as I’m doing it. I throw things in as we shoot, and I take things out as we go. I want to create a whole life and then select the pieces that best sort of describe it later, you know? So there’s a lot of wastage when I make a film.
Andrew Dominik
It is our responsibility to explain to the public how an often unpredictable system of justice is one that serves a productive, civilized, but always evolving, society.
Sonia Sotomayor
To me, the funnest part of wrestling is evolving. If you stay the same all the time, you’re eventually going to be left behind.
Daniel Bryan
It’s a challenge every year with a TV series. You want to keep evolving and keep it going. That’s part of the fun.
Steven Van Zandt
My style is constantly evolving. Style has been something that I think has been the hardest thing for me to come to terms with.
Jessie J
My curiosity and my appetite for evolving as an actor is one of the main components of me still working today in the business.
Kim Cattrall
Many brands have lost their way in the process of evolving from a small company to a much bigger corporation.
Debbie Millman
Evolving into a middle-aged person is quite interesting if we can understand what it means. I would like to think it meant being a bit sure of what I want.
Dawn French
The best way we have to ensure that consumers are fairly represented in today’s confusing world of buzzwords and rapidly evolving technologies is to communicate openly with others and tap into the social and networking resources that the Web itself provides us all.
Molly Holzschlag
Natural selection is not gene centrist and nor is biology all about genes; our comprehending minds are a result of our fast evolving culture.
Daniel Dennett
I feel like, with how medicine is evolving, something will be out there soon that can help you heal from arthritis. That might be what helps my longevity and pushes me to keep performing.
Rey Mysterio
I am constantly evolving. The moment I stop my evolution is the moment I disservice myself and, ultimately, those I love.
Frances Bean Cobain
Since I started playing, I always wanted to pose a threat to the batsmen, so I always kept evolving.
Ravichandran Ashwin
The way that customers pay businesses is constantly evolving. Instead of paying with paper, like cash and checks, businesses are expected to accept a variety of payment methods ranging from credit cards to digital payments.
John Rampton
I always wanna be in the process of evolving and growing.
David Sanborn
The world is getting more connected through technology and travel. Cuisines are evolving. Some people are scared of globalization, but I think people will always take pride in cultural heritage.
John Mackey
Globalization is not a monolithic force but an evolving set of consequences – some good, some bad and some unintended. It is the new reality.
John B. Larson
You have to stay updated on trends, social things and pop culture, you need to stay with the times and keep evolving.
Corey Feldman
Merely by existing and evolving in time – by existing – any physical system registers information, and by evolving in time it transforms or processes that information.
Seth Lloyd
I don’t look at it as writing a book in a videogame universe. I look at it as writing for ‘Halo’, which for me, transcends being just a great video game. It’s evolving into a whole new mythology.
Eric Nylund
If there’s ever going to be a challenge for an actor, it’s that character who’s often evolving – which is not often the case in television.
Jim Rash
The evening news is evolving rapidly, and I think we have to be extraordinarily nimble.
David Muir
Life experience brings out different emotions and different perspectives on things. I just want to be constantly evolving.
It is just because civilization is ever evolving, changing, and becoming more complicated, that experts find it so difficult to define it in explicit terms.
Arthur Keith
Forget luxury; as a great company you have to keep evolving.
Angela Ahrendts
Habitats keep evolving new pageants of species, and we shouldn’t interfere.
Diane Ackerman
Yeah, I feel like every year there's some collective th

Yeah, I feel like every year there’s some collective thought that podcasts just keep evolving and that podcasts are still just like the weird wild west of media.
Bowen Yang
I have nothing to complain with the UFC because I get paid really well in the UFC. I think you’re paid according to your work, and I think that’s really cool. That’s why I want to be fighting all the time, to show that I’m the best, that I’m evolving, because the more you show, the more you get paid.
Jessica Andrade
Instead of planning the retirement of the Space Shuttle program, America should be preparing the shuttles for their next step in space: evolving, not shutting them down and laying off thousands of people.
Buzz Aldrin
When you train everyday with a guy like Rafael, you feel a different energy. It is like you need to show him that you are evolving. Some coaches impose respect. Cordeiro earns your respect and admiration.
Fabricio Werdum
The great games are the space sims and driving sims and these experiences where you’re basically sitting at a table with nothing happening in front of you. A lot of interesting things are evolving there. There are great games that can be made.
John Carmack
Culture is evolving, and I’m along for the ride.
Bryan Lee O’Malley
The world is not imperfect or slowly evolving along a path to perfection. No, it is perfect at every moment, every sin already carries grace in it.
Hermann Hesse
I don’t think the idea of homosexuality is really taboo any more. Our culture is evolving. This is an exciting time to be living.
Andrew Lang
As the Homeland faces evolving threats from natural disasters, violent opportunists, malign cyber actors, and transnational criminal organizations, the mission of DHS is as critical as ever.
Chad Wolf
Understanding the importance of evolving is very important. Reinventing is very important. To break what you have already done is very important. That growth should never stop.
Yami Gautam
Wrestling is about evolving, and you always want to evolve and develop yourself.
I am constantly evolving. If I believe in a particular philosophy today, I may have a contradictory opinion tomorrow.
Vijay Deverakonda
No I.D. executive-produced ‘Under Pressure’ and helped me find the Logic sound that’s evolving every day.
I’ll never forget where I’m from. It’s essential to remain humble and evolving.
Freida Pinto
I thought we’d just sequence the genome once and that would be sufficient for most things in people’s lifetimes. Now we’re seeing how changeable and adaptable it is, which is why we’re surviving and evolving as a species.
Craig Venter
I think football is evolving, and I think the role of the keeper is becoming more and more important in the game in general.
David de Gea
English football is evolving. It’s no longer the game it used to be. Apart from the larger quantities of money which make it more attractive to foreign stars, the mentality is also different – everybody looks to win games no matter what, even if it means taking risks.
Gianfranco Zola
I suppose when you do it correctly, a good introduction and a good outro makes the song feel like it’s coming out of something and then evolving into something.
Bruce Springsteen
One of the most fun and interesting things about YC is that we are kind of a startup ourselves. We are constantly changing and evolving what we do.
Michael Seibel
There are people who will always want the genre, whatever it is, to stay traditional, to stay what it was like when you were 15 years old, but I just don’t think music does that. Music is always changing and evolving, just like us as people.
Thomas Rhett
In retrospect, the pace of change in the arts and industry in the nineteenth century seems pretty glacial. Painting, music, the novel, architecture were all evolving, but at a pretty observable pace.
Amor Towles
The mere existence of ‘Buffy’ proves the declinists wrong about one thing: Hollywood commercialism can produce great art. Complex and evolving characters. Playful language. Joy and sorrow, pathos and elation. Episodes that dare to be different – to tell stories in silence or in song. Big themes and terrible choices.
Virginia Postrel
I have an evolving relationship with my father, and his memory, especially the older I get. I know that some of the things that interested him are things that interest me.
Chiwetel Ejiofor
People evolve and it’s important to not stop evolving just because you’ve reached ‘adulthood.’
J. K. Simmons
The fact that data is always evolving is a good thing. It means that science is continuing, and we are always learning.
Jennifer Ashton
If someone explains me the definition of love, I will give my life to the person. Love is a thing which is difficult to understand. Love is always evolving.
Randeep Hooda
I feel it most in my work, because there aren’t roles about women who are spiritually evolving. That anyone would even write something like that, something that’s worth doing, would be a miracle!
Olympia Dukakis