Top 25 Cordial Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Cordial Quotes from famous people such as Mary Wortley Montagu, Sharad Pawar, Samuel Richardson, Ian Harding, Bradley Beal, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Nobody can deny but religion is a comfort to the distre

Nobody can deny but religion is a comfort to the distressed, a cordial to the sick, and sometimes a restraint on the wicked; therefore whoever would argue or laugh it out of the world without giving some equivalent for it ought to be treated as a common enemy.
Mary Wortley Montagu
I have always believed in cordial relationship with political parties and their leaders.
Sharad Pawar
Hope is the cordial that keeps life from stagnating.
Samuel Richardson
I get recognized in the street really frequently, which is really shocking. I’m excruciatingly wary of any female under the age of 19. Even when some of them come up to me, they’re usually very cordial, nice and polite.
Ian Harding
I’m not best friends with Giannis, and I’m not best friends with LeBron. I know them both, and I’m cordial with both.
Bradley Beal
I can’t change myself for others as my upbringing has taught me to be nice and cordial with people around me.
Rituparna Sengupta
Every year, millions of people from Iran and Iraq travel to each other’s countries, and we also have marriages between Iraqis and Iranians. Many Iranians were born in Iraq, and many Iraqis were born in Iran. This is a kind of special, cordial amicable ties.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be rhubarb fool, which I make with ginger and a hint of elderflower cordial.
Sebastian Faulks
Mehmet Ertegun died in 1944. President Roosevelt sent his body back to Turkey on the U.S.S. Missouri. Mehmet Ertegun and President Roosevelt had had a cordial relationship, and, indeed, Mehmet Ertegun may have helped insure that Turkey did not ally itself with Germany, as it had in the First World War.
George W. S. Trow
I try not to be a jerk. I really do. I try to be nice and cordial.
Mariah Carey
Our object should be peace within, and peace without. We want to live peacefully and maintain cordial friendly relations with our immediate neighbours and with the world at large.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
A single moment spent in a business meeting or at a pub is more than enough to reveal the basic human truth that we are all faking it most of the time. We congratulate a rival on a triumph when actually we are choking on spite. We are cordial and attentive to crashing bores.
Jeff Lindsay
I don’t go to a lot of other directors’ sets; directors don’t come to mine. Directors are all very cordial with each other, but they’re not necessarily friendly.
Peter Berg
I have worked with Chuck Grassley off and on through the years, and always had what I considered and what I think he’d consider a cordial working relationship.
Patty Judge
I share a very cordial relationship with my father’s side of the family.
Most kickers and punters and snappers are pretty cordial with each other throughout the year.
Stephen Gostkowski
The artist is the confidant of nature, flowers carry on dialogues with him through the graceful bending of their stems and the harmoniously tinted nuances of their blossoms. Every flower has a cordial word which nature directs towards him.
Auguste Rodin
I had a cordial relationship with all my heroes – some, like Jeetendra or Shatrughan Sinha, are very funny. Amitabh, on the other hand, was more serious, more professional.
Hema Malini
Leadership must be likeable, affable, cordial, and above all emotional. The fashion of authoritarian leadership is gone. Football is about life. You can’t be angry all day.
Vicente del Bosque
I had a very warm and cordial relationship with the then former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee when I was the chief minister for the first time.
Amarinder Singh
I’ve only met LeBron casually. He’s always been great to me. I think I’ve been great and cordial to him, but this notion that we have to be friends – we’re never gonna be friends. And that’s not a negative thing.
Charles Barkley
I have worked in a very close and cordial way with Norwegian representatives at many international meetings, and the pleasure I felt at those associations was equaled only by the profit I always secured from them.
Lester B. Pearson
It is certainly for the interest of the service that a cordial interchange of civilities should subsist between superior and inferior officers, and therefore, it is bad policy in superiors to behave towards their inferiors indiscriminately, as though they were of a lower species.
John Paul Jones
Formed in 1967 and still performing regularly half a century later, Fairport Convention are Britain’s equivalent of the Band. Unlike the latter they have maintained cordial relations.
David Hepworth
At every stage of my career I have had interesting and cordial colleagues, some of whom are close friends.
Daniel Nathans