Top 25 Courtship Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Courtship Quotes from famous people such as William Congreve, Margaret Hoover, Sallie Krawcheck, Michael Wolff, Carolyn See, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Courtship is to marriage, as a very witty prologue to a

Courtship is to marriage, as a very witty prologue to a very dull play.
William Congreve
What I learned from my husband is to assume the best intentions of the people you’re engaging with. We had to do that early in our courtship, in order for me to move past my tribalism.
Margaret Hoover
To empower women, power must be given to them, presumably by an entity that already has it. And that entity is the patriarchy. This also implies that women must be on the receiving end, waiting – politely – to be empowered. Very Victorian-era courtship, isn’t it?
Sallie Krawcheck
For decades, Trump had no life independent from the media. He became a figure in the nation, and his a monitisable name – albeit quite a ludicrous one – because of his nonstop, relentless, shameless and often embarrassing courtship of the media.
Michael Wolff
Life is a matter of courtship and wooing, flirting and chatting.
Carolyn See
A romance is a courtship story. In the 19th century, the definition of the romance genre was an escape from daily life that included adventure and love and battle. But in the 20th century, that term changed, and now it’s deemed only a love story, specifically a courtship story.
Diana Gabaldon
Usually, Valentine’s Day comes and goes with just a day or two of news media attention to courtship and marriage.
Stephanie Coontz
I’ve always said men should study romance novels to find out how women think and what they want, both during the courtship phase and in a lifelong partner.
Teresa Medeiros
Courtship is like simmering mutton. You cook for hours and hours to taste the soft meat. It doesn’t happen in two seconds!
Nargis Fakhri
Fogs are like dreams that feed the soul, and without their mysterious embrace, childhood, courtship, poetry and the composition of music become all the more difficult.
Michael Leunig
I became a human jukebox, learning all these songs I’d always known, discovering the basics of what I do. The cathartic part was in the essential act of singing. When is it that the voice becomes an elixir? It’s during flirting, courtship, sex. Music’s all that.
Jeff Buckley
Those Marriages generally abound most with Love and Constancy, that are preceded by a long Courtship.
Joseph Addison
It’s hard to learn about your parents’ courtship.
Michael Reagan
In a second-class courtesan house, the courtship was much briefer. It could even be one night; usually it went on a little bit longer. But as the years went by, that period of courtship was shorter and shorter.
Amy Tan
Almost nothing is known from hybridization studies about the inheritance of courtship behavior of females, or of their responsiveness to particular male signals.
Peter R. Grant
Plumage features constitute a major component of courtship signals.
Peter R. Grant
A lot of people head into courtship looking for fireworks. Don’t pass up a chance by dumping someone after a first date because you don’t feel the fireworks. The fireworks can happen at any time and be maintained.
Helen Fisher
Flattery in courtship is the highest insolence, for whilst it pretends to bestow on you more than you deserve, it is watching an opportunity to take from you what you really have.
Sarah Fielding
I haven’t been to a job interview since I was 16 years old. When I was approached by Givenchy it was more like a courtship.
Ozwald Boateng
Males transmit signals in courtship through behavioral displays.
Peter R. Grant
The loss of courtship in modern days – like, people don’t court anybody anymore. There’s no beauty about it.
Sofia Vassilieva
In courtship, who wins and who loses will determine who passes on their DNA to tomorrow.
Helen Fisher
I’m wide open to getting married, but actors are not easy people to date. You end up sharing that person with this other mistress that is their career. I very much like the traditional courtship method of making a date. That’s what they do in normal places, but Hollywood’s not normal.
Seth MacFarlane
There are so many spiders, and their rituals, their mating rituals, their courtship ritual, can be very, very different.
Isabella Rossellini
Marriage has changed Himmanshoo in some ways. Throughout our 10 years of courtship, he was more liberal. But after marriage, he has become a typical Indian husband.
Amruta Khanvilkar