Top 25 Delta Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Delta Quotes from famous people such as John Doar, Jeri Ryan, Rick Harrison, A’Lelia Bundles, Margaret Smith, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

For a black student to work in southwest Mississippi fo

For a black student to work in southwest Mississippi for example – or in the Delta in 1960, 1961, 1962 – was high-risk work.
John Doar
This was truly guerilla filmmaking. We shot out in the middle of nowhere in a place called Delta Flats, where basically every day was some new minor catastrophe.
Jeri Ryan
I had this when I was 17 years old – a 1969 Oldsmobile Delta 88 with no backseat. I paid 150 bucks for it, I think, rode it for a good six months, and put four or five quarts of oil a week in it.
Rick Harrison
One of the key things for me about Madame Walker’s life is that she really does represent this first generation out of slavery when black people were reinventing themselves, and as a woman who was the first child in her family born free, she was trying to figure out a way, and she moved from Delta, Louisiana.
A’Lelia Bundles
I don’t visit my parents often because Delta Airlines won’t wait in the yard while I run in.
Margaret Smith
Since I was a kid, I’ve had an absolute obsession with particular kinds of American music. Mississippi Delta blues of the Thirties, Chicago blues of the Fifties, West Coast music of the mid-Sixties – but I’d never really touched on dark Americana.
Robert Plant
I grew up in Mobile, Alabama – somebody’s got to be from Mobile, right? – and Mobile sits at the confluence of five rivers, forming this beautiful delta. And the delta has alligators crawling in and out of rivers filled with fish and cypress trees dripping with snakes, birds of every flavor.
Mike deGruy
Eric Clapton was such a great player. He sounds like he’s Freddie King or someone like that. He plays the roots of blues and Delta blues. He really affected me with the way that he plays, because he never really plays that many notes.
I went to Ft Bragg and learned that Delta was indeed gearing up for the rescue. Still I was concerned the Reagan staff would not be willing to take the risk of sending an official military force into Laos.
Bo Gritz
That Mississippi sound, that Delta sound is in them old records. You can hear it all the way through.
Muddy Waters
I can remember when President Nixon basically said, ‘All troops have been withdrawn from the delta.’ And I said, ‘Wait, I’m still here.’
Rodney Frelinghuysen
Mitt Romney is to presidential campaigns as the Delta House grade point average was to Faber College – the worst in history.
James Carville
I might be being controversial, but I think Seal fancies the pants off Delta, and her pants are tight.
Boy George
Unless engineers can stop southern Louisiana from sinking into the Gulf – the Mississippi Delta is the fastest-disappearing land on the planet – even post-Katrina’s modernized levees will be overwhelmed.
Nina Easton
I had always loved Haitian art, but I stumbled onto Haiti quite by accident. I went there on vacation after finishing a movie called ‘The Delta Factor,’ and I met lot of painters and fell in love with their folk art.
Yvette Mimieux
I think everyone needs to know that I steal biscotti on Delta Airlines. People need to know that.
Jeffrey Tambor
Growing up in the Delta region was an important part of how I learned to dedicate myself to working hard and gaining the leadership skills necessary to helping Alabama and our region grow and prosper.
Kay Ivey
I’m also a blues musician, and all blues artists can trace their pain to the slavery fields of the Mississippi Delta.
Tony Todd
The Okavango Delta is an astonishing sight: the great Okavango River, rather than flow towards the sea, flows inland, into the sands of the Kalahari.
Alexander McCall Smith
I’m from the Mississippi delta originally.
Little Milton
For anyone who feels they are overwhelmed by their job, or maybe they take their job too seriously or are working too hard, I say go to a safari, particularly the Okavango Delta, and just be humbled.
Jill Scott
The blues style – moody or rollicking or boastful or bashful – developed in the Delta around 1900 and was, for a time, exclusively African-American. That isn’t the case anymore.
Tim Cahill
The delta between who I am on Twitter and in real life is zero.
Rick Wilson
My idea of heaven is a place where the Tyne meets the Delta, where folk music meets the blues.
Mark Knopfler
If you’re able to grow up in Nigeria and go through certain things, you’re able to tackle anything around the world because you’re able to live wherever, if you can survive in a city like Lagos or Warri or Niger Delta, as far as I’m concerned.