Top 25 Financial Resources Quotes

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One of the main priorities of Russia's economic policy

One of the main priorities of Russia’s economic policy is to create conditions and form our own financial resources for economic modernisation.
Elvira Nabiullina
My job, when it comes to free agency, trades, is not to pick players, but support the personnel department and the coaching staff. We have to have the financial resources to make things happen and that’s my job.
Arthur Blank
I merely consider myself a father, and one role of a father is to provide financial resources for his family.
Guy Kawasaki
As long as you’ve got your courage of conviction, it works for you. I think that the same applies, too, even where you don’t, because in today’s world, financial resources are the least important. World has moved to the power of ideas.
Mukesh Ambani
I choose optimism. I hope to be a catalyst not only by providing financial resources but also by fostering a sense of possibility: encouraging top experts to collaborate across disciplines, challenge conventional thinking, and figure out ways to overcome some of the world’s hardest problems.
Paul Allen
In addition, the oil royalties the Federal Government does not collect from big oil will starve the Land and Water Conservation Fund of critical financial resources.
Ron Kind
In all of our efforts, we continue to emphasize the importance of inclusivity and transparency on the part of the Afghan government and leadership, especially in linking nascent local governing institutions to the decision-making and financial resources in Kabul.
David Petraeus
I’m a lad of the ’60s. I started a magazine to try and end the Vietnam war, but it was a number of years before I had the profile, the financial resources and the time to do more.
Richard Branson
We don’t have the money in America to keep paying for the education of everybody else’s children from around the world. We simply don’t have the financial resources to do that.
Mo Brooks
Building a successful business requires a combination of human capital, financial resources, market opportunity, persistence, community support, and even luck.
Andrew Yang
The Indian film industry does not believe in investing financial resources in scripts.
Vikram Bhatt
I’ve always been a big believer in diversification for anybody. It’s never good to put all of your efforts and all of your time and all of your financial resources into just one project. Diversification is key for any individual and any business.
Paul Heyman
Unfortunately, a significant portion of the world is still struggling with poverty and hunger and it will be impossible to reverse this trend without a huge mobilization of financial resources.
Jovenel Moise
What does it take to win in New Hampshire? Grass roots and financial resources.
Corey Lewandowski
In the family pattern, men support boys and women support girls, and because women have far fewer financial resources, there is less money to invest in girls.
Ann Cotton
By harnessing our teammates’ unique skills and passion for giving, our professional networks and partnerships, and our financial resources, we will inspire the dreamers and doers of tomorrow and drive positive, lasting change in our communities across the globe.
Dennis Muilenburg
The tensions are always based on financial resources. Something like film is very problematic because it is viewed as an art form and also as an industry with a pure commercial base.
Ann Macbeth
Liquidity problems can occur in central clearing, even if all counterparties have the financial resources to meet their obligations, if they are unable to convert those resources into cash quickly enough.
Jerome Powell
Reforms ensure that everybody benefits and the state generates financial resources to provide for the really deserving.
Piyush Goyal
Using political power, the elite can induce local authorities to facilitate enclosure and privatisation of land, water, and other hitherto public amenities. And they can pressurise public administrations to cut taxes, reducing financial resources for maintaining the remaining commons.
Guy Standing
I am one of the lucky ones: I had the financial resources and support of family and friends that enabled to me to enter rehab three times. My last stint was in the fall of 2014, and I have now been clean for three years.
Rex Chapman
Large credit guarantees also impede optimal allocation of financial resources and increase moral hazard.
Urjit Patel
There are two perspectives on the oil sands. You have companies that want to make it the next Saudi Arabia. The other is that it’s a transitional resource to a low-carbon economy, and to regard it as anything else is to drain the continent’s financial resources.
Andrew Nikiforuk
I founded ‘Point Hope’ so that I could accomplish some things I wanted to do for children who had no one to advocate for them, children who had no voice. Since I have been blessed with a voice on the radio each night, I thought I would use my celebrity position and my financial resources to help these kids.
Unless you have financial resources of your own, you can’t be free.
Georgette Mosbacher