Top 25 Generalize Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Generalize Quotes from famous people such as Dave Barry, Jacki Weaver, Jeff Dean, Margaret Hamburg, Sylvia Hoeks, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I realize that I'm generalizing here, but as is often t

I realize that I’m generalizing here, but as is often the case when I generalize, I don’t care.
Dave Barry
It’s a very generous culture, American culture. I know you can’t generalize 300 million people, but everyone I’ve met here has been so lovely to me.
Jacki Weaver
We want to build systems that can generalize to a new task. Being able to do things with much less data and with much less computation is going to be interesting and important.
Jeff Dean
I don’t want to over generalize, but I believe that women are typically drawn to leadership styles that focus on consensus building, effective listening and working in teams. That’s certainly been my leadership style, and I think it’s been very successful.
Margaret Hamburg
I don’t love to generalize, because I think every person has bad and good in them.
Sylvia Hoeks
If I were to generalize a bit, I would say that the ultra rich in Asia live on a scale that far surpasses the wealthy in the U.S. or Europe.
Kevin Kwan
I think it’s very difficult to generalize as to why, in a particular league or a particular industry, somebody has or has not come out. We certainly don’t want a player to come out for our sake. It should be what’s right for him and something that he has to be comfortable with.
Gary Bettman
What is important is to treat everyone like an individual and learning not to generalize autism. With autism, people make assumptions, but it’s very broad, and everyone’s so different. You have to treat each person as an individual.
Nikki Reed
I’m in a monogamous relationship and have been for many, many years. I think it’s a choice. I don’t think you can generalize, though, and what works for me may not work for other people, but I don’t think everybody cheats. We’re all different.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
I don’t want to generalize, but the target audience for a lot of the YouTube people is fairly young – under the age of 16. You still want to know what those people are watching, because I think it’s interesting, but sometimes it just makes you feel old.
Kumail Nanjiani
I don’t know anybody who walks through life all the time in the doldrums, constantly serious and morose. But that’s become what we generalize as drama.
Matt Bomer
It’s hard for me to generalize about kids and divorce. I think every family’s experience is different; some kids are devastated by it, others relieved, and so forth, no matter what generation they’re from.
Kate Christensen
The more specific we are, the more universal something can become. Life is in the details. If you generalize, it doesn’t resonate. The specificity of it is what resonates.
Jacqueline Woodson
I’m a champion for personal differences. I have no sympathy for drug companies that can’t figure out how to make personalized medicine. We could generalize that to ‘All society should be much more personalized.’
George M. Church
Every man is different. You can’t generalize with men; you have to find out what your man wants. You have to listen to him when he’s telling you what he wants, because a lot of times they’re telling you, but you’re not listening.
Karrine Steffans
I want to be very careful about judging and how much to generalize about the use of media being pathological. For some people, it’s a temptation and a pathology; for others, it’s a lifeline.
Howard Rheingold
To generalize is to be an idiot.
William Blake
Our filmmakers need to be true to their culture to gain appreciation at international level. Though I don’t wish to generalize but do I feel that Indianness is lacking in most Indian films these days.
Rohini Hattangadi
When I made TV shows, people called them regressive. Clearly, everyone wants to generalize everything, but I like to choose a middle path.
Ekta Kapoor
All historians generalize from particulars. And often, if you look at a historian’s footnotes, the number of examples of specific cases is very, very small.
Henry Louis Gates
I definitely don’t generalize and put everybody in the same cup of water.
Cole Hauser
I hate to generalize, but in general, both men and women suffer from ageism. Men much less because men gain power as they get older. Women lose power as they get older. Men are seen as gaining experience and being distinguished. Sons look forward to replacing their fathers.
Gloria Steinem
Some people believe they chose homosexuality, and some believe they didn’t. Who’s to say one is wrong? It’s not fair to generalize anyone’s sexuality or walk of life.
La’Porsha Renae
I know it’s bad to generalize, but when you think about billionaires, you just think this guy is going to walk into a room and just demand things to be a certain way.
Sabrina Bryan
So when you do your family tree and Margaret Cho does hers, and… Wanda Sykes and John Legend… we’re adding to the database that scholars can then draw from to generalize about the complexity of the American experience. And that’s the contribution that family trees make to broader scholarship.
Henry Louis Gates