Top 25 Laps Quotes

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I remember my first test in F1. After five laps, I came

I remember my first test in F1. After five laps, I came back to the pits and tried to play it cool – ‘Oh yeah, I’m fine, I’m on top of this’ – but I was completely lost.
Sebastian Vettel
I’ve been in more laps than a napkin.
Mae West
You want to see how many races you can win, you want to see how many laps you can lead.
Kevin Harvick
Nobody wants to stay in Green Bay and run laps in the snow and go boxing in the gym. Everybody has what works for them, and I feel as though this works for me – it keeps me hungry, it keeps me with that edge. Other guys get a hard day’s work in, but they’re on the beach afterward.
Mike Daniels
I try to swim once or twice a week. I basically hold my breath for, like, 12 laps, down and back, to kind of expand my lungs so that I can have better breathing when it comes down to two-minute drives where you’ve got to play a lot of plays all in one series and you’re hurrying up.
Antonio Brown
I finally returned to Lausitzring in 2003. The idea was to drive the 13 laps that I had been unable to complete because of the crash. I drove out and it was as if I was in the car the day before the accident.
Alex Zanardi
I’d prefer no practices and just Saturday, Sunday. Just qualify Saturday morning, race Saturday afternoon, and race again Sunday. Less laps of nonsense and more laps of meaningful business.
Daniel Ricciardo
I said I wanted to be the best in the world. I thought if I could make it, I would be able to change my future, to change my destiny. I would push myself to the limits. I would do 70 laps and barely eat.
Terezinha Guilhermina
The Pirellis you can push for a couple of laps and then you’ve got to start saving. It’s not easy.
Lando Norris
The format of the race weekend is also very well thought out. We have enough practice time to get the cars well set-up and have a proper qualifying session where we can do as many laps as we like, which is great for the drivers and spectators.
Nigel Mansell
For the Olympics, I’m mostly training in the gym, so I’m running laps on the standard speed wall.
Adam Ondra
Buzz has reduced my range. Running safely with him means using fewer and shorter routes, with multiple laps per day or multiple returns there per week. Neither of us minds repeating ourselves. This is what runners do.
Joe Henderson
On the ice, if I slow down, I can coast behind somebody for a couple of laps. If I slow down on the run, it’ll turn into a walk.
Apolo Ohno
I love to get on the road, but I also think arriving is such a thrill. Turning up at the train station in Mumbai, for example, to see people hanging off all the wonderful old carriages. It’s extraordinary – everyone sitting with their chickens on their laps, moving forward but not going anywhere fast.
Anouska Hempel
I can’t play soccer, and I’m not a great swimmer. I won’t drown, but you won’t see me doing laps in a pool.
Michelle Obama
It takes a little time to return to a Formula One car after 15 months away and to get back in the rhythm again, but after about 20 laps, I was feeling really comfortable and enjoying myself.
Jos Verstappen
I must admit, the constant invasion of privacy was becoming a real concern. I’ve been asked for autographs while I’ve been doing laps in the pool and even in the toilet!
Rick Astley
Oh, I can’t play soccer, and I’m not a great swimmer. I won’t drown, but you won’t see me doing laps in a pool.
Michelle Obama
Some people might go to the gym and swim laps, but I write songs. Every single day, I write something new and record it.
Glenn Hughes
For me, triathlons were something that was down to me and my fitness. Now, I really enjoy the pain in the triathlon of chasing someone down. It’s a bit like chasing down Nico Rosberg in the last few laps at Silverstone – it makes you feel alive.
Jenson Button
Pace judgement is everything in the hour record. If you can ride 16.1 or 16.2-second laps constantly for 221 laps, and not go 15.9s or 16.4s, it’s keeping it on the line every lap, lap after lap.
Bradley Wiggins
If you grow up with a wrestling coach, you learn differently. If you were late, everything was about push-ups and laps around the gym. I once said, ‘Am I on a wrestling team or a damn track team?’ That resulted in me running for the entire practice. It gives you a certain mentality.
Rashad Evans
There is a line between scurrilous nonsense and serious discussion that laps over, especially in this day and age when you’ve got all this electronic media and these blogs and this kind of fanatical impulse to bring down the opposing candidate.
Robert Dallek
After a lot of laps, you start to get dizzy.
Lance Stroll
Swimming forced me to deal with the things I wanted to escape. It helped me work through a lot of feelings and frustrations, because I had hours under water just to swim laps and think.
Jessica Long