Top 25 Local Community Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Local Community Quotes from famous people such as Bob McNair, Ben Sasse, Helen Fisher, Jon Tester, Charles Kennedy, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

If a team needs new facilities, and they've been unsucc

If a team needs new facilities, and they’ve been unsuccessful for a long period of time, and the local community is not being responsive, then I think it’s a possibility that team might get a vote to relocate.
Bob McNair
Work gives you meaning. Work turns you into a servant to your family and to your neighbors and to your local community.
Ben Sasse
We still have community, but we don’t seem to have local community. Even in a small town where you know your neighbors and your mother’s down the street, they’re not in arm’s length.
Helen Fisher
I served on a lot of the local boards in my local community, and then I ran for the state legislature in ’98 and ran for the U.S. Senate in 2006. I mean, it was just kind of one thing after another. A series of really bad decisions.
Jon Tester
We believe that government in Britain should improve the quality of people’s lives and improve the quality of our public services in every local community.
Charles Kennedy
When we look at the investment decisions into the city of Compton, the small business community and global corporations and retailers and all of those types of services that decide to come into the community to serve it, they look at the perception, how does the brand work with the local community.
Aja Brown
I know from my own parents how important active older people are to a local community.
Charles Kennedy
Both the velodrome and the Commonwealth swimming pool are open to the public and are frequently used by local schools and the local community. Over the last six years young people have been inspired to take up swimming and cycling more seriously; some of them are now coming through as Olympic champions or hopefuls.
Lucy Powell
Unless the local community signs up, wildlife won’t survive. And without wildlife, no one will visit.
Jochen Zeitz
Decades of anti-migrant rhetoric in parliament and the press has resulted in few voters having realistic ideas of the genuine level of migration, on both a national level and in their local community.
Dawn Foster
What I did was sit down with the Washington State officials, with the historic preservation people, with the tribe, the local community, the port of Port Angeles, and we worked this thing out, and we protected the tribe’s interest.
Norm Dicks
The fundamental character of our faith means an extensive diversity is required not only within local community, but between communities.
Stanley Hauerwas
As the metropolitan Atlanta area continues to grow, it’s critical that we support small businesses and the prosperity of our local community.
Lucy McBath
They get the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg who have ruled and told the Brits how to live and making promises for them that their lives would get better and talking about a future based on globalism versus family and individual and local community. That’s what Brexit was all about.
Paul Manafort
For decades, community colleges have been the backbone of American workforce training. Because they are nimble and closely attuned to local community needs, they are inherently positioned to be influential leaders of the movement for a sustainable economy.
Ed Begley, Jr.
The Republic is one and can’t be divided: That’s the Constitution! It means the Republic can’t ground its action on local community criteria. Can’t accept it.
Marine Le Pen
The most powerful thing we can do is get involved locally. Help our local community and become community activists in our own smaller circle.
Gavin Creel
For our welfare reform efforts to be successful, we must empower local charitable organizations with the resources to address their local community needs.
Mel Carnahan
It is the local community that needs to own the commitment to education.
Adam Braun
I am hoping that by breaking barriers myself, I can inspire a whole new generation of people to think ‘you know what, maybe I can, not just run a country, maybe I could start a company, maybe I could do something in my own local community to make a positive change.’
Jagmeet Singh
Ours was a never a ‘religious’ religious home because my parents thought of religion as something you do: it’s the way you engage in the local community. That has meant a lot to me.
Margrethe Vestager
The idea of community and helping others has always been a part of who I am. Growing up, my parents always made sure that my siblings and I were doing our part to serve our local community.
Blake Mycoskie
With the commissioning of new schools undertaken by a local director of school standards, decisions will be fair and transparent, rooted in the needs of the local community. The admissions code and the role of the adjudicator will also be strengthened to provide fairness for all children.
David Blunkett
Academies place a high premium on local community engagement.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
When I was in 7th grade, we were all given an exam. It was science and math, and the boys who did well were skipped ahead so that when they got to be juniors or seniors in high school they would be able to go to the local community college and take calculus and physics there. And I wasn’t skipped ahead.
Eileen Pollack