Top 25 Petite Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Petite Quotes from famous people such as Lydia Hearst, Phoebe Philo, Aditi Rao Hydari, Michelle Yeoh, Naturi Naughton, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

There was a solid six-month period where I was going ou

There was a solid six-month period where I was going out on castings and I was laughed out of the room because I’m much more petite than other models.
Lydia Hearst
Because I’m a woman, and I’m petite and blonde, you wouldn’t believe how often I’m asked to model the clothes.
Phoebe Philo
I am very petite and feel that structured clothes look very flattering on me. That’s why I always pick up clothes which are neat, pretty, have lace or made of soft fabrics.
Aditi Rao Hydari
I was struck by Suu Kyi’s warmth and generosity. No matter how petite she looks, she exudes amazing strength. More than anything else, I felt like I already knew her, like she was an old friend, because I’d been watching her so intently, and she was exactly what I had figured she would be.
Michelle Yeoh
I work out and go to the gym, but I still enjoy my soul food and snacks. But I’m a pretty petite young woman, and I just do everything in moderation and make sure that I just keep everything together.
Naturi Naughton
Parisians overwhelmingly buy small cars. And it’s not because people are petite, but because fuel is drop-dead expensive. Gasoline costs more than twice as much in Paris as in New York.
Serge Schmemann
I prefer waist-length or cropped motorcycle jackets because I’m petite.
Tess Holliday
Because I’m very petite, I try not to wear things that have a heavy pattern because I feel like they overtake you.
Emma Roberts
I love women – all types, all colors, petite, plus size. But in particular, I was raised by black women, and I feel like there is just something beautiful about black women.
Raheem DeVaughn
I think from going to fittings once a week and having to look in the mirror for two hours, I feel like I built a intuition for what’s gonna work and what isn’t, and I noticed how important tailoring is, especially being a more petite body type.
Camila Mendes
I learned what looked good on my petite frame, and to this day, I’m a great bargain shopper.
Natalie Morales
At times he could be very critical. He didn’t like prints on me. He didn’t like stripes. He didn’t like boldness. He said I was petite and that was taking away from my looks.
Priscilla Presley
My way was not to be the petite, gorgeous, little cheerleader. My way of getting by was making people laugh.
Kristen Johnston
I love ripped jeans! They are flattering. I’m very petite, so I think they make my butt look lovely.
Ariana Grande
I was low-key abusing myself. The idea of being skinny became something that was most appealing to me. Even if you watch ‘The Real,’ from season 1 to season 4, I was always 100 lbs. I started to really work hard to stay petite and to not gain weight and to stay sample size.
Jeannie Mai
When people meet me in person, they’re usually surprised at how petite I am because there’s this idea that because I’m black, I just look a certain way.
Misty Copeland
I’m five feet tall – I’m very petite – so for me, if I’m wearing a skirt or dress, it needs to be short, or else it makes me look frumpy. I need to wear either something really short or a maxi dress; anything in between just looks weird.
Kourtney Kardashian
I was a mixed black girl existing in a westernized Hawaiian culture where petite Asian women were the ideal, in a white culture where black women were furthest from the standard of beauty, in an American culture where trans women of color were invisible.
Janet Mock
I reached my full height at age 11, and I was clumsy as all get-out – all elbows and knees, couldn’t get up a flight of stairs without falling down. I wanted to be a cute, petite blonde, but I’m a big ol’ strapping thing, so I just accept it.
Jeannette Walls
Petite features should always be paired with thinner, softer brows – they don’t overpower your face.
Anastasia Soare
Fashion has always been a source of stress for me because I don’t know how to dress myself. I’m short-torsoed with big boobs, and I don’t really understand what a belt does. But you get on these shows, and people fit the clothing to you, and suddenly you learn, ‘Oh, I should be wearing petite jackets.’
Rachel Bloom
I wouldn’t get asked to dances because I wasn’t as petite and cute as the other girls.
Nia Jax
All of my life, I’ve been blessed with a fast metabolism and a petite physique.
Stephanie Ruhle
Angela Bettis – I can’t say enough about her. She is just an incredible presence. She is very petite and soft, while she still has this power that floats around her.
Lauren Ashley Carter
A tall woman can be just as feminine as a petite woman.
Brigitte Nielsen