Top 25 Thematic Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Thematic Quotes from famous people such as David Bowie, Geoff Dyer, Greg Graffin, Twyla Tharp, Kim Edwards, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

However, there's no theme or concept behind Heathen, ju

However, there’s no theme or concept behind Heathen, just a number of songs but somehow there is a thread that runs through it that is quite as strong as any of my thematic type albums.
David Bowie
There is a thematic continuity here within Bigelow’s work: ‘The Hurt Locker’ serves up a military equivalent of the thrill-trips that Lenny Nero was hustling in her earlier ‘Strange Days.’
Geoff Dyer
One of our great thematic traditions in Bad Religion has been to question human nature.
Greg Graffin
The content and thematic materials of dance is, of itself, like boxing. You play tennis and baseball. But boxing is not a sport you play: you stand up and do it.
Twyla Tharp
In writing, I want to be remembered for telling good stories in beautiful and powerful language, using the poetry of words to reflect the thematic concerns of compelling stories.
Kim Edwards
The way you challenge Superman is by having things happen very, very quickly in different places and then asking, ‘Who does he save first? What powers must he use to save each person or stop each disaster?’ That’s one of the ways you make him interesting beyond the thematic and moral issues that make Superman.
Jim Lee
‘Lost’ is such a thematic show that I’m always afraid that if I know something’s going to happen at the end, I’ll subconsciously write something in where someone who’s astute will go, ‘Oh, he used so-and-so’s theme: that must mean so-and-so is coming back!’
Michael Giacchino
I tend not to dwell on the parallels between chess and business, chess and the martial arts, or any two things for that matter, because the truth is that all pursuits are connected if we gain an eye for the thematic links.
Joshua Waitzkin
The best adaptations are the ones that really excavate the material. The movies that work are the ones in which somebody very smart figured out how to take all the thematic material, all the character material, all the filigree, all the beautiful writing and put it into a story.
Scott Rudin
Having a very serious thematic element in the lyrics and then juxtaposing with something really triumphant and just a big beat to dance to is a nice contrast to having a dark message.
Brendon Urie
I’m a craftsman type of teacher. I don’t like the thematic type of teaching that takes place in a lot of colleges.
Ethan Canin
Sure, there are moments that you can escape, and you can sit back and just enjoy it, but one of the most fun things about ‘The Witcher’ is that it reflects on our real world, in big thematic ways, in political ways, and in cultural ways.
Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
I don’t choose something unless I think I have a personal understanding and something I can offer. It’s not always thematic. I wanted to do ‘The Grinch’ because I wanted to direct Jim Carrey creating that kind of comic fantasy character live. I just thought that would be a mind-blowing experience, and it creatively was.
Ron Howard
My solo playing utilizes the deployment of suggestive psychic rhythms. I’ll state these throughout a given piece and play thematic improvisations on top of that. I like to suggest that rhythmic movement without always playing it. I like to create openings that I can step into.
Wadada Leo Smith
I have traveled down this path before – ‘List of Seven’ and ‘Twin Peaks’ both have thematic similarities – but ‘Paladin’ took me much deeper into the intuitive underground. Always bearing in mind Joseph Campbell’s Rule No. 1: When entering a labyrinth, don’t forget your ball of twine.
Mark Frost
The average action game doesn’t much traffic in thematic grandiosity, but the BioShock games are different.
Tom Bissell
The thematic bucket of vomit that I’ve been chained to since I was about 9 is the moral complexity of anti-heroism. I have always been interested in good people who do bad things for understandable reasons.
Neil Cross
Our intention and aspiration is to continue building out thematic information about every subject – basemaps, imagery, demographics, landscape data, etc. – so anyone can use it to access thousands of authoritative maps.
Jack Dangermond
The movies that work are the ones in which somebody very smart figured out how to take all the thematic material, all the character material, all the filigree, all the beautiful writing, and put it into a story.
Scott Rudin
I usually start from the most general to the more specific. I’ll get an emotional overview for the film as a whole, trying to pinpoint what the musical identity is and come up with thematic ideas – any ideas that identify as succinctly as possible what the film is.
Marco Beltrami
Considering what a prolific writer Dickens was, the word ‘Dickensian’ could legitimately cover a vast thematic territory, explaining at least some of the variety of its applications.
Matthew Pearl
Ambiguity is necessary in some of my stories, not in all. In those, it certainly contributes to the richness of the story. I doubt that thematic closure is never attainable.
Gene Wolfe
‘Endgame’ resists narrative and even thematic explanation. How you play it has to reflect this. If you decide something too much in advance, you forget the element that gives the play life – the audience.
Simon McBurney
‘Interstellar’ is a thematic sequel to Christopher Nolan’s last original film, ‘Inception’. It drops us into a dark future full of otherworldly landscapes and time distortions.
Annalee Newitz
Is it good, bad, or neutral to recognize thematic patterns in your own work? When it comes to recurring themes, I’m of the mind that knowledge is probably not power, at least in terms of the work.
Sara Zarr