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Everyone in New Orleans has been welcoming me as family

Everyone in New Orleans has been welcoming me as family. Everywhere I go, they always say, ‘Put on for the city, baaay-bee.’
Buddy Hield
New Orleans is like the bad-kid island in ‘Pinocchio.’
Jonah Hill
By the 1880s, baseball was entrenched in the Cape’s sandy soil. Semipro teams, commonplace before World War I, were organized into the first Cape Cod League in 1923 – Orleans joined the four original teams five years later. By 1940, the league had foundered on financial shoals and disbanded.
Jane Leavy
We used to play football on the levee, with no shirts on in the summer – August in New Orleans – and my skin would turn red. They’d call me Redskin, Red Apache, then it turned around to Apache Red.
Aaron Neville
I had a really good time in New Orleans, although I had some very tragic times in Baton Rouge. Some guys beat me up and threw my horn away. ‘Cause I had a beard, then, and long hair like the Beatles.
Ornette Coleman
I spent a chunk of time in New Orleans doing the movie ‘Free State Of Jones,’ getting to work with Matthew McConaughey, and also did ‘Concussion,’ where I got to work with Will Smith.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
If New Orleans is allowed to die, a crucial part of the world’s music heritage will disappear.
Ray Davies
One of the things that’s beautiful about New Orleans is how culturally rich we are and how well we have worked together. People call us a gumbo. It’s really important that we get focused on the very simple notion that diversity is a strength, it’s not a weakness.
Mitch Landrieu
I spent so many summers and New Years and fun times in New Orleans. It was always a place where I felt I could go and actually let go and enjoy the spirit of something.
Sandra Bullock
A lot of people don’t know I’m from the West Coast. My swag is different. Me being from Young Money, affiliated with them, some people think I’m from down South. They think maybe I’m from New Orleans like them. It’s just good to show people and build outside of Young Money, build my brand outside of that.
I took many trips down to New Orleans trying to experience the city as deeply as possible. I’m from Detroit so New Orleans seemed very exotic to me.
Ruta Sepetys
The grand jury, composed of 12 eminent New Orleans citizens, heard our evidence and indicted the defendant for participation in a conspiracy to assassinate John Kennedy.
Jim Garrison
Israel is a mishmash of other cultures. It’s like New Orleans; it’s a meltdown of other cultures.
Anat Cohen
This rebuilding of New Orleans gives us the perfect opportunity to see if we’re ready to extend the legacy of Dr. King.
Wynton Marsalis
Twerking is definitely from New Orleans.
Big Freedia
New Orleans cuisine is Creole rather than Cajun.
Poppy Z. Brite
It’s important to address young people in the reopening of New Orleans. In rebuilding, let’s revisit the potential of American democracy and American glory.
Wynton Marsalis
The rebuilding of New Orleans is an important point in the history of the United States.
Wynton Marsalis
Venture for America operates in communities that could generally use more innovation: Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, and other U.S. cities. So I’m obviously a big believer in innovation and progress as key drivers of economic growth and prosperity.
Andrew Yang
The violence in New Orleans is erupting and it’s continuing to grow at an alarming rate.
Tyrann Mathieu
Logistically, moving from Miami and New Orleans all the way to Seattle isn’t the easiest thing. Really, for my dog, she was kind of the biggest hurdle to get here.
Jimmy Graham
I worked with the Neville Brothers for 40-some years on the highway, and up and down since I can remember – funk from New Orleans.
Aaron Neville
The inconveniences we faced within this state are minor compared to… New Orleans.
Richard Burr
Growing up in New Orleans as Archie Manning’s son, I felt like a target, and I’ve always known that whatever I’d do, people would hear about it. So I’ve had my guard up, and maybe that’s molded my personality.
Peyton Manning
I chose New Orleans because New Orleans chose me. This city gave me my dad and my love of life.
Irvin Mayfield
I’ve worked tremendously hard to make things happen for New Orleans culture.
Big Freedia
I have smuggled so many ingredients across so many borders, like shallot confit from Thailand, or a new sauce from New Orleans not approved by the FDA.
Blake Lively
I’m always honored to see my music and New Orleans Bounce make its way into mainstream culture.
Big Freedia
Just being from Louisiana, being from the southern part of Louisiana, Metairie, close to New Orleans and growing up in St. Rose. There are a lot of things to overcome.
Ed Reed
For me, I haven’t found New Orleans too creepy.
Britne Oldford
New Orleans is gumbo. You get so man types of things… jazz, folk, Zydeco.
Luke James
New Orleans is still the place where you find out that

New Orleans is still the place where you find out that you have a doppelganger and feel lucky – but somehow unsurprised – to learn that his name is Mad Bottom.
Elizabeth McCracken
I love to eat. I’m from New Orleans. I eat like nobody’s business. So to find a workout that I actually look forward to is a lifesaver.
Shelley Hennig
And I wound up in New Orleans for all those years and it was a great place, really a catalyst creatively.
Jimmy Buffett
After the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the shutdown of much of New York City by Sandy in 2012, and now the devastation wrought on Texas by Harvey, the U.S. can and should do better.
Joseph Stiglitz
Housing vouchers are a vital lifeline for many people I know in New Orleans and around the country, including struggling artists.
Big Freedia
The New Orleans I knew ain’t no more.
Michael Davis
I was born in New Orleans, and I wasn’t allowed to go to the movies.
Kitty Carlisle
I come from a long line of strong and confident women out of New Orleans. My grandmother and great-grandmother were women who ran their homes and were leaders in their communities. I was never taught that there was anything that I couldn’t do, and I believed that.
Stephanie Allain
I have a deep affinity for New Orleans – its like a second home to me – they treat me like I’m their own.
Teena Marie
I’m from New Orleans. There’s a lot of vampire mystique and mythology that resonates there, and I was fascinated by it. I always wanted to play one.
Ian Somerhalder
I grew up in the South, in New Orleans, where guys torture you all the time. So I didn’t really grow up on the self-esteem campaign. When you were lousy at something, they told you you were lousy, and they told you how to fix it.
Wynton Marsalis
We come from New Orleans, so everything is emotional – for, once the music takes over, and we start blowing, we go into a different zone that takes over our whole body.
Trombone Shorty
The way the team and the community embraced us when we first arrived, and the way they continue to do so, even today, shows how deep this connection is. I’m honored to be a part of this organization and so proud to retire as a New Orleans Saint.
Scott Fujita
With Hurricane Katrina and all that kind of stuff happening, you needed somebody to rally for your city, to tell that story. Since Hurricane Katrina, we didn’t really have nobody that said, ‘I’m gonna tell New Orleans’ story, and I’m gonna stick to New Orleans.’
Mannie Fresh
Twerking – and it’s a lot more than twerking – comes from a long history of music and dance in New Orleans. Twerkin’ happen around the world for a long time now, so I’m very excited that it’s coming into the public eye, as long as it’s respected.
Big Freedia
I don’t feel at home in New Orleans. I don’t feel at home in Austin or L.A. And I just felt immediately at home in northern Australia.
Amanda Palmer
To be playing in my first Super Bowl in New Orleans, it’s special.
Ed Reed
A lot of cats in New Orleans, very soulful, very soulful musicians and they assume that they’re singers. And they just make that assumption. And so when there’s a little intonation problem, people are very forgiving of them because they heard how soulful they play.
Wendell Pierce
The only thing we try and do is just be a part of the gumbo that New Orleans is.
Trombone Shorty
I was on the board of Teach for America. And we transformed a failed public school system in the City of New Orleans, probably the most corrupted and failed system in the country.
Steve Scalise
You look at public education system, charter schools, infrastructure, in so many ways New Orleans has come back stronger.
Drew Brees
I come to New Orleans so often that, one day soon, someone’s going to declare me a native. I love the food. I love the music. I serve on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.
Soledad O’Brien
New Orleans may well have been the most liberal Deep South city in 1954 because of its large Creole population, the influence of the French, and its cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Constance Baker Motley
I’m sure that there are reasonable people that had some reasonable projections about the future of New Orleans, but none of those could include not trying to rebuild the city and make it better than it was before.
Harry Connick, Jr.
In the dining room, next to my collection of colorful papier-mache Mardi Gras float art, hang draperies made of the New Orleans toile fabric that I designed pre-Katrina for Hazelnut.
Bryan Batt
Anything back in New Orleans is definitely nostalgic. I really played my first shows of my life and learned to perform here. I learned how to work a stage and how to connect with a crowd. It all started here.
I like historical fiction. I fell in love with New Orleans the first time I visited it. And I wanted to place a story in New Orleans.
Isabel Allende
This city will be chocolate at the end of the day. This city will be a majority-African-American city. It’s the way God wants it to be. You can’t have New Orleans no other way.
Ray Nagin
Yeah, I think A Confederacy of Dunces is probably the perfect New Orleans book.
Poppy Z. Brite