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The longer I lived overseas, the more I appreciated bei

The longer I lived overseas, the more I appreciated being from South Africa.
St. Lucia
In America we talk about South Africa, but I tell people that apartheid is nothing compared to what is happening in my country where black oppresses black.
Fela Kuti
There are many people in South Africa who are rich and who can share those riches with those not so fortunate who have not been able to conquer poverty.
Nelson Mandela
I will always be grateful to the coaches and staff of Cricket South Africa for their support through all these years.
AB de Villiers
Australia always gives a tough fight, and that’s why every player wants to perform against Australia. When you perform against Australia, England, and South Africa, you automatically earn more respect.
Virender Sehwag
I’d visited South Africa even before I started playing for Portugal, because I used to come here with my brother when I was still a kid.
I’ve been lucky to travel through quite a bit of Europe and Australia, but I would love to do Asia and South America and South Africa.
Dianna Agron
I grew up in a very strong, nuclear family. My father was a sportsman. He represented South Africa in a couple of sports, so he was a very positive person and someone who encouraged you to be your best and give your best with everything that you do.
Gail Kelly
A great white jumped into my cage when I was diving in South Africa. Half its body was in the cage, and it was snapping at me.
Leonardo DiCaprio
I set up a laboratory in the Department of Physiology in the Medical School in South Africa and begin to try to find a bacteriophage system which we might use to solve the genetic code.
Sydney Brenner
In 2002, the 2000 Engelbrecht Els wine was released in South Africa and received high ratings.
Ernie Els
In 1963, the U.N. Security Council declared a voluntary arms embargo on South Africa. That was extended to a mandatory embargo in 1977. And that was followed by economic sanctions and other measures – sometimes officials, countries, cities, towns – some organized by popular movements.
Noam Chomsky
I played an integral part in helpings formulating that new vision… that we must abandon apartheid and accept one united South Africa with equal rights for all, with all forms of discrimination to be scrapped from the statute book.
F. W. de Klerk
I had to look at white people as fellow South Africans and fellow partners in building a new South Africa.
John Kani
‘Africa shall be saved.’ I heard God’s message so clearly. In response, my family moved from Lesotho to South Africa in 1974.
Reinhard Bonnke
Filmmaking is a great adventure. I’m as excited as a kid to be given tickets to fly suddenly to England, South Africa, America, everywhere. I’m still a 13-year-old kid, flying.
Shekhar Kapur
Having spent all that time getting away from South Africa, running away from the army, I wanted very much to believe that America and England were actually as free as they were meant to be, not slipping rapidly into becoming police states like the one I’d just left.
Richard Stanley
Only in South Africa could you have a change in government without civil war. If there wasn’t the depth of love and caring among our people, this would not have happened.
Patrice Motsepe
For all its problems, I found South Africa a beautiful country, interesting and inspiring.
David Harewood
I did a lot of ramp modelling in South Africa and Hong Kong, when models were free to dance and walk on the ramp.
Bob Christo
Obviously when it comes to the question of telling stories about other people’s lives in a situation as political as South Africa, you get to be political.
Athol Fugard
The traditional Hollywood system is pretty rigid, but the film scene in, say, South Africa is booming with a lot of possibilities. If you have the cameras and reasonable capital, you can put your film in theatres next to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ A great example of that was Kagiso Lediga’s film ‘Blitz Patrole.’
Hasan Minhaj
Everybody now admits that apartheid was wrong, and all I did was tell the people who wanted to know where I come from how we lived in South Africa. I just told the world the truth. And if my truth then becomes political, I can’t do anything about that.
Miriam Makeba
Well, I think by any expectation South Africa has come a tremendously long way. We’ve seen a society that many people thought couldn’t withstand a peaceful transition to democracy without a great deal of violence, in fact, make that transition and do it in relative peace and security.
Susan Rice
We want Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa to know that we will stand shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, until apartheid is eradicated.
Ron Dellums
Just as with the Miss South Africa platform, I understand the responsibility of being Miss Universe and the impact it has on millions of lives.
Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
My parents were the only people to go to South Africa from Australia in a single engine plane… the two of them, no radio… you had to fly down low to see the street signs to know which city you were in… most people couldn’t speak English.
Maye Musk
My grandparents all came from Lithuania to South Africa.
Antony Sher
Big game hunters and the hunting industry in South Africa know a lot of people regard what they do as terrible, and the media have tended not to do them any favours. So it was an uphill struggle to win trust from the people and to get into the world.
Louis Theroux
One individual can begin a movement that turns the tide of history. Martin Luther King in the civil rights movement, Mohandas Ganhi in India, Nelson Mandela in South Africa are examples of people standing up with courage and non-violence to bring about needed changes.
Jack Canfield
Blackpool is absolutely huge in Strictly but when you come from South Africa and you have your first impressions and you arrive in Blackpool, well it’s different. It’s different let’s put it that way. But what I’ll also say, if you walk into the ballroom it’s absolutely spectacular.
Motsi Mabuse
When I am in that lane, and I hear, 'Caster Semenya fro

When I am in that lane, and I hear, ‘Caster Semenya from South Africa,’ I always know I am doing it for my people. They love and support me, and I will always do them proud; I will always put them first. Without them, I am nothing.
Caster Semenya
As a citizen of this country, I’ve got to be honest to the people of South Africa.
Jacob Zuma
South Africa is the only place in the Southern hemisphere where Halloween is really catching on. They have a lot of sporting events that have made it more popular there. They have motocross and rave celebrations, and they’re embracing it as a youth culture thing.
Lisa Morton
Captaining South Africa was definitely not one of my goals.
AB de Villiers
We were shooting a scene of the Phoenix Ashram in South Africa, but the set was in India. All the donkeys in the vicinity were painted black and white to look like zebras in case one of them strayed into the scene so that it would look like South Africa.
Rohini Hattangadi
If we’d lived in England or America we’d have told stories abut our lives and nobody would have called it protest theatre. But the reality of South Africa was the arrests and detentions and oppression – we could not escape that, so we decided to take it on.
John Kani
The people of South Africa are ready to stand up to the oppressions of the Pretoria regime, and they are ready to fight back.
Oliver Tambo
Namibia took my breath away – we were at the border with South Africa, and it was where they filmed ‘Mad Max.’
Michael Landes
As Miss South Africa, I cannot wait to make a contribution to important social causes.
Zozibini Tunzi
I have always had great respect for former president Mandela. The personal sacrifices he made in order to achieve what was right for the people of South Africa is something I carry with me every day.
Aaron Schock
People think that South Africa and Australia are culturally similar but, having worked in both environments, I found that theory to be untrue.
Mickey Arthur
In this era of the global village, the tide of democracy is running. And it will not cease, not in China, not in South Africa, not in any corner of this earth, where the simple idea of democracy and freedom has taken root.
Paul Tsongas
It’s a blessing that South Africa has a man like Nelson Mandela.
Desmond Tutu
South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white.
Thabo Mbeki
South Africa gives me a perspective of what’s real and what’s not real. So I go back to South Africa to both lose myself and gain awareness of myself. Every time I go back, it doesn’t take long for me to get caught into a very different thing. A very different sense of myself.
Dave Matthews
In South Africa, it is different. When you are born not even your father knows what is going to happen in your life.
John Kani
When I’m in South Africa, I make it a point to take my dogs out to the beach.
Dale Steyn
I was telling somebody the other day that I have had five semi-finals with South Africa and never got to a final. I got to one final with Pakistan and eventually got a medal!
Mickey Arthur
Alex Hales has tightened up his game from South Africa and learned about Test cricket. It’s great when you see someone who doesn’t quite nail it, but goes away and works away at it, come back a person who understands more about Test cricket.
Alastair Cook
Nelson Mandela sat in a South African prison for 27 years. He was nonviolent. He negotiated his way out of jail. His honor and suffering of 27 years in a South African prison is really ultimately what brought about the freedom of South Africa. That is nonviolence.
Coretta Scott King
If I win gold, I will dedicate it to Nelson Mandela. He is a hero in South Africa, and everything I do, I do for him.
Caster Semenya
I will try to work very hard not to disappoint the people of South Africa.
Cyril Ramaphosa
I look at South Africa and look around Europe and ask: are those places better to be black than the U.K.? I don’t think so. It doesn’t mean everything is perfect.
Kemi Badenoch