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In the past there has been debate as to whether or not

In the past there has been debate as to whether or not traditional rights such as that to trial by jury might be protected or if a Bill of Rights should extend into areas of social and economic policy.
Dominic Grieve
America exports its culture world-wide but with us they don’t have to surmount a language barrier, and therefore they swamp us. While other European cultures are protected from erosion by their languages, ours is not.
Harry Enfield
A lot of these players, if you listen to the Islanders or the Rangers, they get interviewed in the locker room right after the game, it’s very structured answers. They’re very protected.
Chris Weidman
This was how Johan Cruyff worked. He was demanding a lot, but when you got there, and you were in his team, he was an incredible protector. He would push and push you, and then he would protect you. He was a master at handling players. He knew when you needed to be pushed or protected.
Pep Guardiola
We have to create a safe space where our communities feel protected by the police instead of victimized. We also need to make sure our police officers feel appreciated as our local heroes.
Angela Stanton-King
Every parent wants to know that their children are protected against those who have a particular agenda until they get old enough to make decisions for themselves.
Iain Duncan Smith
The thing I love about acting is that you can bring something very personal into the open and at the same time remain hidden because you’re always playing a character in a story that someone else has imagined. You’re always protected.
Ben Whishaw
Flu can be serious, and it kills tens of thousands of Americans each year. Vaccination is easier and more convenient than ever, so get yourself and your family protected.
Tom Frieden
I decided right away that whomever was going to advise me had to be fundamentally interested in music. This protected me from the skullduggery common to the music industry then and that still exists today. Of course, using this method meant that some things we didn’t know and just had to learn how to do it together.
Johnny Mathis
Net neutrality was essential for our economy; it was essential to preserve freedom and openness, both for economic reasons and free speech reasons, and the government had a role in ensuring that Internet freedom was protected.
Julius Genachowski
It was the Conservatives who first protected people in the mills.
George Osborne
Life has to be protected. It is precarious. I would even go so far as to say that precarious life is, in a way, a Jewish value for me.
Judith Butler
I’ve been quite protected from the whole ‘Lost’ phenomenon because I’m not one of the core cast. So I haven’t had to do the press junkets that they have.
Sonya Walger
The arteries are found in nearly every part of the animal body, with the exception of the hairs, nails, and epidermis; and the larger trunks usually occupy the most protected situations, running, in the limbs, along the flexor side, where they are less exposed to injury.
Henry Gray
There should be some commonsense principles that will assure the American public that their rights are going to be protected online.
Ro Khanna
When I travel officially… and when I travel on a private basis, I have protection that is less suffocating. But I am protected everywhere.
Francois Hollande
If you’re being attacked by something on the outside, which I feel a lot being in show business, you just have to dial it back and breathe and know that you are protected.
Jackee Harry
Products are a form of speech, and free speech must be fiercely protected, even if we disagree with some of the voices.
Tobias Lutke
In my view, it is only when civilians are protected that we will defeat ISIS, and until that is at the centre of our plan, I will remain an outspoken advocate for that cause.
Jo Cox
Americans deserve to have their religious beliefs and practices protected. Religious freedom is too important to be trampled by insensitive bureaucracy or bad policy.
Charles T. Canady
The Republicans have long had a platform of being pro-life. And I’m someone that believes life begins at conception and should be protected.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
I invested, and I protected myself, so I enjoy that freedom.
Thomas Haden Church
We live on a planet that is amazing, beautiful, and full of wonder but not protected from powerful destructive forces of nature. We are capable of doing wonderful and selfless things but also self-absorbed and harmful things. This is the world we live in.
Adam Hamilton
There will be a competition for the memorial. And then it can be developed with trees, with planting. It can become a very beautiful place protected from the streets, because it is below. And it can be something very moving and very private.
Daniel Libeskind
Creativity is an energy. It’s a precious energy, and it’s something to be protected. A lot of people take for granted that they’re a creative person, but I know from experience, feeling it in myself, it is a magic; it is an energy. And it can’t be taken for granted.
Ava DuVernay
In my case, I feel very protected when I see a movie. That’s why I like making violent movies or radical movies.
Gaspar Noe
It’s not fair that the accused is not protected from adverse publicity whilst the accuser is guaranteed anonymity, whatever the verdict.
Jonathan King
Protecting those with pre-existing conditions was one of the greatest health care reforms in our country’s history and must be protected at all costs.
Tom Malinowski
I was protected from a lot of publicity and politics of life.
Evonne Goolagong Cawley
You can’t succeed in beating the insurgents unless you can convince the people that they can be protected.
Rand Beers
Human rights represent absolute and universal values. They should be protected by all means we have at our disposal.
Miroslav Lajcak
The paradox is that money never meant anything to me. A

The paradox is that money never meant anything to me. And it still doesn’t, except now as an occasion for regret in that there are things that I want to make sure my family is protected when I pass.
David Milch
My parents did not have a perfect marriage. It was pretty good, but it was not perfect. My marriage is not perfect. My wife is, but I happen to be imperfect. However, that does not discount the fact that the definition of marriage must be defended and protected.
Stockwell Day
The royal family are protected from public accountability by law.
Heather Brooke
A complete investment in the Obama administration required that any real opposition had to be demonized. The investment in Barack Obama had to be protected.
Bob Ehrlich
I will defend and enforce the laws of our country to ensure that our people and our nation are protected.
Dana Boente
In a way I never did with George W. Bush or Barack Obama or Bill Clinton, I will write about the actions of the Trump presidency with the working assumption that our nation must be protected both by and from the president.
Benjamin Wittes
I was a very protected and confused kid till 24. It was after then, that I started taking my life seriously.
Siddharth Shukla
But I always held my music up and protected it from compromise. So I just do it for my friends. I’ve written hundreds of songs, and I’m sure I have a few albums worth of songs.
Gregory Harrison
Employment and health insurance are now protected by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.
Anne Wojcicki
I’m always trying new creams and products to keep my skin youthful, hydrated, and protected from the sun.
Anastasia Soare
As the former state speaker of the North Caroline House of Representatives, I helped push two landmark bills that protected and expanded gun rights for citizens.
Thom Tillis
If the American people – pro-choice and pro-life – cannot agree with the basic concept that the life of a baby born alive following a botched abortion should be protected, then when do the rights of these babies begin?
Mercedes Schlapp
The virtue of privacy is one that must be protected in matters that are intimate and within one’s own family.
Tiger Woods
You cannot leave the pressure and responsibility on young people in general. Young people must enter a safe and protected environment to be able to pass and fail so, little by little, they can adapt.
Clarence Seedorf
From casting to counting, our votes must be better protected in all voting systems.
Mimi Kennedy
Unfortunately, there are so many people who live their whole life in a place that is safe and protected and simple and they don’t really have that strength inside to fly.
Andrew Shue
Free societies are societies in which the right of dissent is protected.
Natan Sharansky
All children have rights and those rights must be protected.
Novak Djokovic
As the law minister, I had ensured that the government’s right to natural resources was protected. The result was evident. The honourable Supreme Court gave the landmark decision in RIL vs RNRL case that the government is the owner of all natural resources.
Veerappa Moily
Just like every other industry, the firearms industry can in fact be sued – a far cry from being immune or ‘wholly protected’ of any liability.
Katie Pavlich
I’d rather be the protector than the protected. I’m naturally the protector – being a mother and having a famous family. You have to navigate when it’s right to protect.
Solange Knowles
There is a reason that many African Americans have a healthy mistrust for law enforcement. We don’t always feel protected or served by that particular institution.
Sterling K. Brown
I hit rock bottom before I even went there. Actually, prison was the rescue mission that God had put on me. He sent out his angels to rescue me. In prison, he protected me the whole time I was in there, and it was just for me to get my will power back, to get my strength back, get my focus together.
El DeBarge
I feel very at home in an empty church. I feel the most protected. It’s very mystical.
Jean Dujardin
The Second Amendment is the one that really protects all of our liberties that we are given by our Lord, and our God-given rights, and are protected under the Constitution.
Paul Broun
My company has no intention of deleting constitutionally protected hate speech. I feel the remedy for this type of speech is counter speech, and I’m certain that this is the view of the American justice system.
Jim Watkins
WikiLeaks’ disclosures should be protected under the First Amendment.
Amal Clooney
Whether I’m running up and down the field or running errands, I make it a point to ensure that my skin is protected.
Christen Press
If someone had protected the HTML language for making Web pages, then we wouldn’t have the World Wide Web.
Feng Zhang
I made a comfortable living for several years. I invested, and I protected myself, so I enjoy that freedom.
Thomas Haden Church
In 1973, the Roe v. Wade decision concluded that women have a constitutionally protected right to safe and legal abortions. That landmark decision wasn’t the beginning of women having abortions; it was the end of women dying from abortions.
Jan Schakowsky
Coming to Hollywood, you always hear the horror stories

Coming to Hollywood, you always hear the horror stories, but I had good people around me who maybe didn’t understand what I was doing but always protected me.
Nicolas Winding Refn
All of us, wherever we happen to stand on the marriage equality issue, can agree that all our children deserve the opportunity to live in a loving, caring, committed, and stable home, protected equally under the law.
Martin O’Malley
The Supreme Court has held that code is speech. And it doesn’t matter that it’s done on a computer or done face to face or done in a newspaper, reporting the facts of the world is protected speech.
Jimmy Wales
Control meant not only taking care of myself but living in a much less protected world. And doing that meant growing a tough skin.
Janet Jackson
But I remember the moment when my father died. I wasn’t a very committed Catholic beforehand, but when that happened it suddenly all felt so obvious: I now believe religion is our attempt to find an explanation, for us to feel more protected.
Javier Bardem
When documents were analog, they were protected by government laws against unreasonable search and seizure. When they live in the cloud… the ground is shifting.
John Battelle
If consumers are strong, if consumers are protected, if they can trust the marketplace and feel confident that they’re not being cheated here and there, then consumers can drive this economy forward.
Richard Cordray
Some employees are protected by union or personal contracts that limit reasons for dismissal.
Bill Dedman
I learnt early to have little expectation so I protected myself from ever feeling greatly disappointed.
Natalia Vodianova
We have to recognize that the freedom of the individual has to be protected not only from the power of the state, but even more so from economic and societal power.
Gustav Heinemann
The white cliffs of Dover are a significant landmark and it is so encouraging to know that they will now be protected for future generations.
Vera Lynn
But I know newspapers. They have the first amendment and they can tell any lie knowing it’s a lie and they’re protected if the person’s famous or it’s a company.
Steve Wozniak
The Russian Federation’s practice of instant citizenship, whereby Russian passports are distributed willy-nilly to ethnic Russians abroad so they can be ‘protected’ in their current homeland, is unacceptable. Passports are travel documents, not a tool to justify aggression.
Toomas Hendrik Ilves
Without sovereignty, a nation cannot exist. Without borders, it can’t be defined or protected.
Geert Wilders
I don’t know whether that comes from having a family – having something very important at home that needed to be protected.
Phoebe Philo
Life starts at conception and must be protected from the first moment.
Viktor Orban
There’s a real purity in New Zealand that doesn’t exist in the states. It’s actually not an easy thing to find in our world anymore. It’s a unique place because it is so far away from the rest of the world. There is a sense of isolation and also being protected.
Elijah Wood
We have never protected illegal speech, as it seems that we have been accused of by some less than credible journalists.
Jim Watkins
If we have wealth, it will be protected from inflation and possibly even enhanced in value.
William Greider
No one is so rich and powerful that they cannot be punished, and no one is so poor that they cannot be protected.
Joao Lourenco
My mother didn’t want me to be a feminist, a radical, political person, because she was scared. She wanted me to be protected and safe, but my life never was.
Isabel Allende
Eve was not taken out of Adam’s head to top him, neither out of his feet to be trampled on by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him, and near his heart to be loved by him.
Matthew Henry
Women in the service put themselves in harms way to protect us and our Nation from threats at home and abroad. The least we can do is ensure they are protected when facing a horrible tragedy.
Louise Slaughter
By liberty I mean the assurance that every man shall be protected in doing what he believes is his duty against the influence of authority and majorities, custom and opinion.
John Dalberg-Acton
I feel like I’ve got so many angels around me, it’s like I’m going to be protected no matter what.
DeAndre Hopkins
Following well-established national security screening procedures and accurately informing Congress about them is not a joke or a political game. It is essential to guaranteeing that our national secrets are protected and to preventing possible blackmailing of key administration officials.
Raja Krishnamoorthi
Now that copyrights can be just about a century long, the inability to know what is protected and what is not protected becomes a huge and obvious burden on the creative process.
Lawrence Lessig
I’ve always been more slight, and I’ve always sort of felt that I needed to be protected, especially with so many rowdy brothers and sisters.
Daphne Guinness
If you’re a liberal, anything you say is protected. If you’re a conservative, anything you say is hateful.
Laura Schlessinger
When you’re a part of any protected class, whether it is being a woman, a person of color, a part of the LGBTQ community, or an immigrant, we’re expected to get everything right and be the embodiment of perfection when it is not expected of other people.
Yara Shahidi
The apology, that is constantly put forth for the injustice of government, viz., that a man must consent to give up some of his rights, in order to have his other rights protected – involves a palpable absurdity, both legally and politically.
Lysander Spooner
When you sign with a label, they do insist upon certain

When you sign with a label, they do insist upon certain rights, and if you have a competent attorney, your rights will be protected.
Tommy Shaw
Oddly, I feel more protected when I write in Italian, even though I’m also more exposed.
Jhumpa Lahiri
Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected.
Alan Dershowitz
The developers, if they decide to move a tortoise, have to pay the long-term costs for enhancing the areas that take care of the tortoise, and it gives us the opportunity to manage an area that is going to be protected.
Gale Norton
Speech is protected in the U.S., and at the risk of repeating a hackneyed aphorism, free speech is worthless unless it applies to offensive speech. It is an American value, and one well worth protecting.
Neil Macdonald
What I love about acting is trying things and screwing up, then trying again, all in this protected little bubble. That’s living the dream.
Eddie Redmayne
It’s my life’s aim to make people understand the job of an actor, what they go through, and why they are such a protected species. People see the glamour part of it. But there’s so much stress that often you don’t even pay attention to the luxuries.
Parineeti Chopra
If we want protection, we need to start thinking of our data as our property, because, if no one has noticed, property is held up and protected legally.
Brittany Kaiser
Parts of the Voting Rights Act are due to expire next year if Congress doesn’t extend them, including the section that guarantees that voting rights will be protected by the federal government.
Marty Meehan
I’m for the fracking. I think it’s an opportunity for Ohio to really get a lot of jobs. But we have to do it right. We have to really take a deep breath, do it right, make sure the public is protected, make sure our land is protected.
Mike DeWine
Put simply, no one in state government can create new specially protected classes except the General Assembly with the concurrence of the Governor.
Ken Cuccinelli
The First Amendment applies to rogues and scoundrels. You don’t lose your First Amendment rights because of a sleazy personality, or even for having committed a crime. Felons in jail are protected by the First Amendment.
Naomi Wolf
Voting is a Constitutional right. Absent any evidence of fraud, all Americans have a protected right to vote, be they rich or poor, black, Hispanic or white, people who live in a big city or in remote rural areas.
Juan Williams
Here in Maine, we’ve expanded Medicaid, put protections in place for seniors and people with pre-existing conditions, cracked down on big drug companies and protected reproductive rights.
Sara Gideon
Protected free speech has boundaries, and one boundary is fraud.
Sheldon Whitehouse
For far too many, the housing crisis has become a human crisis, with people being criminalised who should instead be protected as our most vulnerable citizens.
Layla Moran
I am keen to create opportunities for women and youth leaders. I want to get women voters registered and protected.
Reham Khan
The world you live in is not a given; much of what is best in it has been built through the struggles of passionate activists over the last centuries. They won us many freedoms and protected many beauties. Count those gifts among your growing heap.
Rebecca Solnit
I wash my face and I put on a lot of moisturizer and sunscreen – that’s my biggest thing: keeping my face protected.
Jordyn Woods
Religious liberty doesn’t include encouraging a fellow American to engage in violent jihad and kill an American here. That is not protected free speech. That is not protected religious belief.
George Pataki
Ethical decisions ensure that everyone’s best interests are protected. When in doubt, don’t.
Harvey Mackay
When you’re in the head of the character, you feel less self-conscious. If I was just being me, I would feel so exposed and be like, ‘Why is there a huge camera in my face?’ But, when you’re believing in the person that you’re playing, you feel protected. It’s about being true to that person you’re playing.
Felicity Jones
Less control can be exerted in Limit games because it’s more difficult to force players out of pots with structured betting. In No Limit, though, hands can be protected from being outdrawn by making large bets that force opponents to fold weak draws.
Daniel Negreanu
To hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching.
Warren E. Burger
In both houses of Congress, bipartisan legislation has been introduced to ensure that the rights of states and cities to make drone laws are protected.
Robin Hayes
The only ground on which a neutral State can claim respect at the hands of belligerents is, that, so far as she is concerned, their rights are protected.
Gerrit Smith
Why isn’t the movie industry forced to open its shooting locations to an organization that is there to advocate for animal actors? The industry isn’t allowed to pick and choose which movies using young children it will or won’t allow to be monitored. The vulnerable should be protected.
Elayne Boosler
I’m not on Twitter, and I don’t read the papers day to day, so I am somewhat protected. There’s this weird separation between your private and public persona.
Samantha Cameron
Being in a rock n’ roll band was like being in a Sherman tank. Nothing got to you. You were surrounded and protected by men.
Grace Slick
I love the protest signs protected by the First Amendment – some of them humorous, some of them passionate, some factual, some entirely incorrect – all of them free ideas.
Jennifer Granholm
Protected Voices aims to help political campaigns, private companies, and individuals protect themselves from foreign actors who want to hijack their message.
Christopher A. Wray
Most people want the convenience of the Internet far mo

Most people want the convenience of the Internet far more than they want the private spaces that older forms of communication protected.
Ross Douthat
The overall policing budget is protected.
Theresa May
When I started modeling, I was told to tan, but I always protected my face.
Christie Brinkley
We have to have a national conversation about how police forces should interact with the African-American community, who happens to be paying their salary, who want to be served and protected, who these officers are take an oath to do so.
William Lacy Clay, Jr.
I would love for models to be protected by a guild.
Tyra Banks
As an explorer, I know firsthand there are many places in the ocean so full of life that they should be protected. Coral reefs and mangrove coastlines are stressed already by climate change and ocean acidification, and poor planning will just make their plight worse.
Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
I would not invest in a Trump hate wall. We don’t need to be protected from immigrants that are coming here seeking asylum and refuge.
Ayanna Pressley
I accept you need the right balance, people do need to know their privacy is protected, but when it’s essential information which will be dealt with by security agencies… I do feel the public interest overrides that.
Gladys Berejiklian
Our people are working overtime – I say our people; our federal agencies in this regard – and that I’m confident that the way that you can stop this and make Americans the most protected for this is to take it to the terrorist groups.
Hugh Shelton
We talk a lot about individual rights, but in fact Americans are very willing to give up our individual rights if it means our property values will be protected, and so on.
Robert D. Kaplan
If we drill the hell out of everything, including protected public lands and fragile regions like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, America can emerge as an ‘energy superpower.’
Jeff Goodell
It is important that democracy in Lebanon is protected and that Hezbollah will not be supported by outside forces like Syria and Iran.
Ehud Olmert
When you’re standing in line at the airport, and your shoes are off, your belt is off, and your personal belongings are being closely scrutinized, and you’re standing with your hands in the air, waiting to be patted down, do you feel protected? I don’t. I feel like I’m the enemy.
John McAfee
When we walked out of that hospital, we had a birth certificate with our names on it that said: ‘Father one and father two, Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black.’ And we knew our son was not only ours in our hearts but also legally and protected that way.
Dustin Lance Black
Traditional musical forms like ‘Parai Isai’ and ‘Villupattu’ are unique, and they need to be protected and nurtured.
I was very protected by my family. But at the same time, I was free to explore womanhood. I was taught that it’s okay to be sexy and smart and beautiful.
In order to have greater visibility of the larger cyber threat landscape, we must remove the government bureaucratic stovepipes that inhibit our abilities to effectively defend America while ensuring citizens’ privacy and civil liberties are also protected.
Michael McCaul
Every human – especially the most vulnerable, the unborn, the infirm, those ravaged by age and those desperate in despair – should be protected in law, loved, and told repeatedly of their incredible beauty and worth.
Sam Brownback
Our obligation is to our young people, is to our women, to make sure our women are protected in our community.
Linda Sarsour
Protection of private property is a fundamental right protected in a strong democracy.
Jim Ryun
I say the law should be blind to race, gender and sexual orientation, just as it claims to be blind to wealth and power. There should be no specially protected groups of any kind, except for children, the severely disabled and the elderly, whose physical frailty demands society’s care.
Camille Paglia
Marine protected areas, and particularly no-take zones, are very effective in allowing regeneration of fish stocks.
Helen Clark
Speech within the kingdom of Amazonia – run by its sovereign Jeff Bezos and his board of directors with help from the wise counsel and judgment of the company’s executives – is not protected in the same way that speech is constitutionally protected in America’s public spaces.
Rebecca MacKinnon
What I did was sit down with the Washington State officials, with the historic preservation people, with the tribe, the local community, the port of Port Angeles, and we worked this thing out, and we protected the tribe’s interest.
Norm Dicks
Bad things happen when problems are protected by a force field of tediousness.
Ben Goldacre
When I was at a newspaper, I knew what an opportunity that was, and I religiously protected my time on the cop beat.
Michael Connelly
Women have to be protected more.
Donovan Mitchell
One of the most distinctive evolutionary features of human beings is our unusually long, protected childhood.
Alison Gopnik
We’ve been a country that’s been fortunate to be protected by two oceans, to not have serious attacks on our territory for most of our history. And we were unfortunately reminded in a very devastating way of our vulnerability.
Condoleezza Rice
As Mayor of San Francisco, I will work hard to ensure that, in the event of natural or man-made disasters, San Franciscans are prepared and our City is protected.
Gavin Newsom
In many respects, the United States is a great country. Freedom of speech is protected more than in any other country. It is also a very free society.
Noam Chomsky
It's a dangerous sport, you can get really hurt. God he

It’s a dangerous sport, you can get really hurt. God helped me, protected me so I wouldn’t have any damage, any serious injury.
Wanderlei Silva
I don’t think I have spiritual beliefs in the structured sense – but I believe in the absolute necessity of spirit and a healthy spiritual life. It grew inside me by itself, which is surely the very nature of spirit, and instinctively I protected and nourished it. I also absorbed spirituality by osmosis.
Michael Leunig
The liberties of none are safe unless the liberties of all are protected.
William O. Douglas
But the Congress has made the determination that certain kinds of information can be protected even though the American people may want to have access to information.
Alberto Gonzales
But that’s not enough: To maintain energy security, one needs a supply system that provides a buffer against shocks. It needs large, flexible markets. And it’s important to acknowledge the fact that the entire energy supply chain needs to be protected.
Daniel Yergin
In modern society, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for men to be men. For masculinity to flourish in all its glory. For daring and risk-taking to live free, or at least relatively free. Fraternities are one of those places. They deserve to be protected.
Milo Yiannopoulos
I remember when I first met Jason Reitman with the ‘Whiplash’ script; he quickly became a mentor figure who guided me through the process and also protected me and made sure that when it came time to actually make ‘Whiplash,’ I was able to make exactly the movie I wanted to make.
Damien Chazelle
The First Amendment is not an altar on which we must sacrifice our children, families, and community standards. Obscene material that is not protected by the First Amendment can and must be prohibited.
Orrin Hatch
My own personal preference is that the consumer, the individual person should be protected because individual people and the difference between individual people and the diversity we have between people on the planet is so important.
Tim Berners-Lee
I came up almost completely through the subsidised theatre. I have never been absolutely at the market interface, where I’ve got to sell my wares or die – I’ve always been protected from that.
Harriet Walter
Alabama will continue to fight for life so that every unborn child is protected.
Kay Ivey
Every new writing project, every new artistic project, needs to be protected so it can grow on its own before it begins to creep out into the world.
Edward Carey
We shall not find life by refusing to let go of our precious, protected selves.
Rowan Williams
The time during bombings was definitely difficult for everyone. My parents, they really protected me from it, and we came through together.
Ana Ivanovic
When a raw food becomes processed food, it can be best valued, protected, stored, and safely delivered to customers.
Anthony Pratt
A world in which there are no secrets that can be protected at all is going to be a pretty dangerous world.
David Ignatius
I often think that woman is more free in Islam than in Christianity. Woman is more protected by Islam than by the faith which preaches monogamy. In AI Quran the law about woman is juster and more liberal.
Annie Besant
I want a European future where we extend and reinforce peace and prosperity to the east, a future where workers are better protected and inequalities reduced, where our energy and lifestyles are clean and green, where democracy is enhanced, where taxes are paid and corporations play by fair rules.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
The Constitution says that the right to life of the unborn is protected and given equal rights as the life of the mother.
Enda Kenny
Children and teens need to explore the dark side as a healthy part of growing. If a child is protected from everything dreadful, he will have no coping mechanisms in place when finally confronted with disaster.
Annette Curtis Klause
I go to assume a task more difficult than that which devolved upon Washington. Unless the great God, who assisted him, shall be with me and aid me, I must fail; but if the same omniscient mind and almighty arm that directed and protected him shall guide and support me, I shall not fail – I shall succeed.
Abraham Lincoln
A lot of individuals out there carry a lot of proprietary information on their mobile devices, and they’re not protected. It’s a very target-rich environment.
Kevin Mitnick
An army environment is very protected, a walled city kind of environment, where everybody has the same income, you have the same birthday parties, you are given return gifts – everything is the same. Everybody is moving up at the same pace.
Nimrat Kaur
Our trade negotiations should ensure that American workers are protected and that there are mechanisms in place to deal with other countries cheating.
Carlos Beruff
I rise today in support of Bill C-38, the Civil Marriage Act. I rise in support of a Canada in which liberties are safeguarded, rights are protected and the people of this land are treated as equals under the law.
Paul Martin
I oppose the attempts of homosexual activists to treat homosexual activity as a civil right to be protected and promoted by the government.
Todd Akin
Broadcasting began, essentially, in the hands of very, very few players – actually two – and when television came along, there were two networks, then three. Rules began to get formulated that essentially protected that concentrated group.
Barry Diller
While I unconditionally support the First Amendment, inciting violence against others due to their political affiliation is not constitutionally protected speech.
Matt Gaetz
Well, you know my number one cause has always been that women’s reproductive health needs to be protected.
Ann Richards
Few cities have been more definitely impressed upon the imagination of the world than San Francisco, this gray-hilled city on the peninsula by the hospitable bay, where Saint Francis protects the ships as he protected the birds of Assisi.
Edwin Markham
This is a beautiful country. Each of us has a favorite river, a mountain, just a patch of sky for some of us. I want to use the law to make sure that the waters, the land, and the skies of this nation are protected.
Janet Reno
Forced labor affects the most vulnerable and least prot

Forced labor affects the most vulnerable and least protected people, perpetuating a vicious cycle of poverty and dependency. Women, low-skilled migrant workers, children, indigenous peoples, and other groups suffering discrimination on different grounds are disproportionately affected.
Wagner Moura
We’ve protected thousands of people in Libya; we have not seen a single U.S. casualty; there’s no risks of additional escalation. This operation is limited in time and in scope.
Barack Obama
The most cogent principle that can be drawn from traditional limitations on the right to keep and bear arms is that dangerous persons likely to use firearms for illicit purposes were not understood to be protected by the Second Amendment.
Thomas Hardiman
Indiana taxpayers, retired Hoosier state policemen and teachers are neither greedy speculators nor unpatriotic. They are, however, secured creditors of Chrysler. They deserve to have their funds protected under the full auspices of the law.
Richard Mourdock
And one way that many women can feel like they’re more protected is to be successful on their own, to be financially and socially independent, and that way they’re not going to be relying on the will of men.
Teresa Ruiz
Although biodiversity loss continues globally, many countries are significantly slowing the rate of loss by shoring up protected natural areas and the services they provide, and in expanding national park systems with tighter management and more secure funding.
Helen Clark
We have an obligation to ensure our service members are protected, our national defense is resilient, and our forces are well-equipped.
Mikie Sherrill
We want all users to be safe on Roblox, and we will continue to invest in the safety of the game so it is a positive, productive, fun, and protected space for our community.
David Baszucki
Yes, I was mad at God because of the cancer diagnosis. I thought I should have been protected because of the work I do in the world.
Debbie Ford
I firmly believe that the Constitution is the most powerful challenge to illiberal tendencies. If the Constitution is followed in letter and spirit and if the laws are made in the spirit in which Constitution was made, liberties can indeed be protected.
P. Chidambaram
Who belongs to the community of the commonly protected?
Robert Casey
All the new data, applications, and e-commerce that are created have to be managed and protected. Additionally, when there is a new application, the old application is still there, and has to be protected.
Ken Xie
We can be tackled but referees are there to police dangerous challenges. Forwards are protected by the laws of the game and the way it’s played, while defenders and midfielders have to throw themselves about a bit more.
Eniola Aluko
To be clear, building a seamless and convenient network of protected cycling infrastructure will require trade-offs. On many streets, adding a cycle track means narrowing or removing car lanes, or eliminating on-street parking – scenarios that bring panic to car and business owners.
Michelle Wu
I’m always looking to go out there and finish my opponents as soon as possible so I can stay safe and protected.
Sage Northcutt
I believe the home and marriage is the foundation of our society and must be protected.
Billy Graham
I am a strong believer that intellectual property rights need to be protected.
Jim Oberweis
I feel a responsibility to my backyard. I want it to be taken care of and protected.
Annie Leibovitz
Modern Armenia survived only because it was the single province controlled, and protected, by the Russian Empire. The rest of the territory within its historical borders is almost wholly devoid of ethnic Armenians.
John Shimkus
I protect my skin with sunscreen and am religious about keeping my face moisturized and properly protected all day, so I also use a face lotion with SPF 30.
Amanda Beard
I think you miss out on a lot of stuff when you’re so protected and isolated.
Jennifer Aniston
Perhaps most important for nomads was the belief in the symbiosis that existed between wolf and humans on the steppe. Wolves were an integral part of keeping the balance of nature, ensuring that plagues of rabbits and rodents didn’t break out, which in turn protected the all-important pasture for the nomads’ herds.
Tim Cope
Internet freedom is not possible without freedom from fear, and users will not be free from fear unless they are sufficiently protected from online theft and attack.
Rebecca MacKinnon
All of us deserve a greater peace of mind, knowing that our children are better protected wherever they are.
Bob Ney
The right to vote is the right upon which all of our rights are leveraged – and without which none can be protected.
Benjamin Todd Jealous
Of course same sex marriage is constitutional! The right to be yourself, to pursue life, liberty, and property, is protected several ways over several amendments. John Boehner should know this.
Henry Rollins
Couture is also a term used for top-of-the-range, to-order clothing – but not to the level of intricacy and expense as haute couture. And without the ‘haute’, the word ‘couture’ itself isn’t protected.
Dawn O’Porter
For generations, farmers in Central Virginia and across the United States have engaged in voluntary conservation practices that have not only improved crop quality, but also protected our clean soil and water.
Abigail Spanberger
I learned that I had been brought up as a protected, blindfolded daughter.
Muriel Rukeyser
The Southern borders of Bavaria are being protected by Hungary.
Viktor Orban
How can we think we are protected if terrorists can move around freely, if weapons can circulate freely?
Marine Le Pen
Members of the LGBT community should feel welcome and k

Members of the LGBT community should feel welcome and know their rights are protected regardless of what state they reside in.
Jared Polis
One’s political views and/or religious beliefs should not exist in an impenetrable and inviolable bubble wherein they are protected from criticism or scrutiny.
Gad Saad
From Picatinny Arsenal to our great universities, New Jersey is leading the way to ensure our nation is secure and our service members are protected with the best possible equipment.
Mikie Sherrill
I soon realised the state rulers were being protected by the federal government who relied on these rotten boroughs to deliver their vote.
Clare Rewcastle Brown
We have got to protect privacy rights. We have got to protect our God-given, constitutionally protected civil liberties, and we are not doing that in the federal government. The Department of Homeland Security, as well as the TSA, is a great culprit in being a Gestapo-type organization.
Paul Broun
In the individualist ideology, a man is responsible for his wife and children. This relegates women to domestic roles as wives and mothers protected by their menfolk, or silences them as special interest harpies demanding government benefits that will destroy individualist men.
Heather Cox Richardson
We protected Andre Johnson, given him long-term contracts. Brian Cushing’s got a long-term contract. Arian Foster. So certain key players, core players, we’ve tried not to tie them up for a long period of time.
Bob McNair
As a kid, there was not much I could do to stop the violence in our home. When I got older, as a father, I did everything I could to raise my children with a father that loved them, protected them, and made them feel safe.
Darryl Glenn
You have to make sure that your assets and your back is protected before you make any big decisions.
Adam Rich
Citizens’ rights cannot be protected if their digital activities are governed and policed by opaque and publicly unaccountable corporate mechanisms.
Rebecca MacKinnon
The state has not only the obligation to stay neutral in matters of religion but also to ensure that freedom of thought and conscience of all individuals is protected.
Asma Jahangir
It’s so funny because if you tweet your lyrics and then you hear it in a song next week, you’re like, ‘Hey I had that same idea.’ I’m very secretive with my music. We have to send emails password protected. Because once that song gets out, you aren’t selling that thing.
Ester Dean
Clothing started as an armor for me. It was one of the ways that I protected myself from the world. It evolved into a form of creative expression.
Tracee Ellis Ross
The thing that’s protected me creatively is that the movies have made profits.
M. Night Shyamalan
The right to keep and bear arms is a God-given right protected by the Constitution.
Marjorie Taylor Greene
I grew up in a different era. People were definitely afraid of HIV back then, but education also helped change the way we thought about the disease. That education helped my generation make smarter choices about the way we protected ourselves.
Forrest Griffin
Any criticism of Thatcher throws a dangerously absurd light on the entire machinery of British politics. Thatcher’s name must be protected, not because of all the wrong that she had done, but because the people around her allowed her to do it.
Roosevelt’s New Deal regulated business, protected social welfare and promoted national infrastructure on the principle that the role of government was not simply to protect the property of the wealthy, but rather was to promote equality of opportunity for all.
Heather Cox Richardson
The relationship between press and politician – protected by the Constitution and designed to be happily adversarial – becomes sour, raw and confrontational.
Roger Mudd
I feel I will always have that spirit bear with me, so I will always feel protected.
Adam Beach
The rights that people have offline must also be protected online.
Toomas Hendrik Ilves
Our officers are on the front lines – the first to show up on the scene of a crime. They should be respected; not ridiculed. They and their families protected; not put at risk.
Doug Ducey
Government pensions, built into law and mostly protected from stock market vagaries, are the envy of the private sector.
Nina Easton
The history of the ticketing business was about barriers to entry, which kept Ticketmaster protected. That has changed.
Michael Rapino
Our nation’s founding fathers carefully crafted a Bill of Rights – an articulation of personal liberties woven into the entire fabric of our free society. When any of those freedoms are threatened anywhere, they must be defended and protected everywhere.
Wayne LaPierre
The territorial state is such an ancient form of society – here in Europe it dates back thousands of years – that it is now protected by the sanctity of age and the glory of tradition. A strong religious feeling mingles with the respect and the devotion to the fatherland.
Christian Lous Lange
The advocates of abortion on demand falsely assume two things: that women must suffer if the lives of unborn children are legally protected; and that women can only attain equality by having the legal option of destroying their innocent offspring in the womb.
Robert Casey
The State Department has promised they will never have another temporary mission facility like the one in Benghazi that is so lightly protected. But at the same time, history tends to repeat itself here, and so it might not repeat itself in exactly the same way as Benghazi.
Mitchell Zuckoff
Boys used to call me Soda in school days. Soda means ‘serving officers daughters association.’ I miss those days when I had a very protected life: one could get close and bond with other army people that they gradually would become your extended family.
Anushka Sharma
The Long Island Sound is an environmentally unique estuary that needs to be protected.
Tim Bishop
While American interests in the Middle East must obviously be protected, America’s credibility to support democracy for everyone everywhere is crucial.
Richard Grenell
I rise in support of a Canada in which liberties are sa

I rise in support of a Canada in which liberties are safeguarded, rights are protected and the people of this land are treated as equals under the law.
Paul Martin
For the bourgeoisie, the main danger against which it had to be protected, that which had to be avoided at all costs, was armed uprising, was the armed people, was the workers taking to the streets in an assault against the government.
Michel Foucault
We believe that human rights always applies to the majority, who should have its rights protected. When people demonstrate and go to the streets, they deprive the majority from earning a living.
Mahathir Mohamad
The question about those aromatic advertisements that perfume companies are having stitched into magazines these days is this: under the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment, is smelling up the place a constitutionally protected form of expression?
Calvin Trillin
Undocumented aliens unfortunately are not protected by the law, and they are tremendously subjected to exploitation. The result is that they would be willing to work for a wage that no person who is welcome in our shores would take.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
I just hope that we get to a day where we all feel like we feel protected and served by our police force.
Monty Williams
Above all else, everyone at Roblox is committed to member safety. We take every precaution possible to make sure kids are protected from inappropriate and offensive individuals as well as from indecent and distasteful content.
David Baszucki
Obviously, you have the physicality and the way the game is played in the Premier League. The goalkeeper is not as protected as in Europe or different leagues.
Petr Cech
I love actors, both my parents were actors, and the work with actors is the most enjoyable part of making a film. It’s important that they feel protected and are confident they won’t be betrayed. When you create that atmosphere of trust, it’s in the bag – the actors will do everything to satisfy you.
Michael Haneke
I think that a woman’s right to choose should be protected. I think it should be protected from physical conduct that prevents that right to choose from being freely exercised.
Janet Reno
I come from a protected environment of a Juhu house, and I wasn’t exposed to life as shown in ‘Highway’. It’s not that I’m a snob, but I was cocooned from the reality of life. The film made me aware of life and myself.
Alia Bhatt
I oppose piracy and want to see intellectual property protected because that is what fosters and rewards innovation. But SOPA won’t accomplish a meaningful reduction in piracy and causes massive collateral damage to the Internet ecosystem.
Jared Polis