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I've moved around so much my whole life, and I've gotte

I’ve moved around so much my whole life, and I’ve gotten so used to being the Other in situations – the foreigner, the outsider. The first time I’ve ever felt like there was no separation between me and the other elements was in music.
Abigail Washburn
Doing your job requires different modes, and you can’t just be stuck in one mode where you’re always the shrill outsider screaming at everybody.
Joaquin Castro
I feel like my life experience is that of an outsider. Let me explain: my parents are from Panama, and they moved to the United States the year after I was born. They moved into an all-white neighborhood, where the previous black family had a cross burned on their lawn.
J. August Richards
I lived in a state of rage from 12 to 20. Until college, I was beyond an outsider. I was a voyeur of life.
Thom Mayne
I’ve always been interested in the outsider.
Charles de Lint
I have done quite a lot of outsider figures.
John Hurt
I’ve always – and not always happily – considered myself an outsider. Certainly at Fettes. And then the Scots are always outsiders in England. They are always putting you in your place in one way or another, and there is this pretty rigid class hierarchy.
Angus Deaton
No disrespect to any other god, but Shiva’s an outsider god. He breaks the rules. He’s a brilliant musician, a brilliant dancer; he treats his wife as an equal, and she opposes him many times, but he obsessively loves her.
Amish Tripathi
I find myself changing my entire lifestyle every three years or so, and I’m comfortable in being an outsider. I have grown up like that.
Poorna Jagannathan
The only time I used to feel like an outsider was when I first went to India.
Gurinder Chadha
I’ve always been an outsider. I’ve always been attracted to roles that would challenge me and that wouldn’t come around very often.
Juliette Lewis
If you’re too much in control, you feel too secure in your shoes, and where’s the emotion to keep going in life? To keep that spark going, you have to feel like an outsider.
Mariacarla Boscono
I think living in the U.S. it has given me an outsider’s perspective on South Africa, and something that makes South Africans shine is our warm heartedness, and how we welcome and accept everyone, we are truly a nation of community, who embraces diversity.
Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
I think I will always feel like an outsider.
Leonardo DiCaprio
I relate to most of the characters I play, because I do feel like an outsider.
Jon Heder
In a certain sense, a writer is an exile, an outsider, always reporting on things, and it is part of his life to keep on the move. Travel is natural.
James Salter
I’ve always felt that I was a bit of an outsider to the British children’s-book illustration scene, because I don’t work in line and wash.
Anthony Browne
I never felt like an outsider in the industry.
Nora Fatehi
When you work this intensely on something, the recording process becomes a bit like cabin fever. I shut everything out and, for a while, I totally lost perspective. To an outsider, I imagine the whole recording process sounds like torture.
Washed Out
To the outsider or the fans, they don’t understand that if you’re independent and sell 30,000 or 50,000 records independently, that’s amazing for you.
I was kind of an outsider growing up, and I preferred reading to being with other kids. When I was about seven, I started to write my own books. I never thought of myself as wanting to be a writer – I just was one.
Ann Hood
I’m an outsider.
Jack Levine
I didn’t realize it at first, but the Doctor is in the same spirit as those natural ‘outsider’ characters ‘Star Trek’ series have, like Spock and Data.
Robert Picardo
I can’t go back and label myself as an outcast because I was a pretty well-adjusted kid, but I can certainly relate to the feeling of being an outsider.
Lasse Hallstrom
I would say that although my music may be or may have been part of the cultural background fabric of the gay community, I consider myself an outsider who belongs everywhere and nowhere… Being a human being is what truly counts. That’s where you’ll find me.
Annie Lennox
I think, as an outsider, you are ready to deal with whatever comes your way.
Bhumi Pednekar
Every time you come across someone who looks like an outsider, the best way to go about it is to open your mind a little bit. You have to try to understand somebody who isn’t like you.
Eline Powell
It is not hard to feel like an outsider. I think we have all felt like that at one time or another.
Alan Cumming
I was always in new schools and had British parents, which was not the norm, and I think there was also… I’m not particularly religious, but I was born Jewish, and I always felt like the outsider because I wasn’t Christian or Catholic.
Paul Rudd
I like the condition of being an outsider, just passing through.
Barry Unsworth
This paranoid Islam, which blames outsider, ‘infidels’, for all the ills of Muslim societies, and whose proposed remedy is the closing of those societies to the rival project of modernity, is presently the fastest growing version of Islam in the world.
Salman Rushdie
I was an outsider. I looked different, and I felt reall

I was an outsider. I looked different, and I felt really voiceless as a kid.
Sabaa Tahir
Consciously or unconsciously most of us adhere to what is expected of our role because we realize our social success depends on this. Some may refuse to play this game, but in the end they are marginalized and forced to play the outsider role, with limited options and decreasing freedom as they get older.
Robert Greene
Art is always criticized and always an outsider gets the blame.
Ville Valo
People favouring their relatives more than an outsider is what the biggest fight in democracy is, let it be in film industry or politics.
Ram Gopal Varma
Always being the outsider, you… feel comfortable everywhere, but you don’t really feel at home anywhere. I definitely draw comedy from that.
Ronny Chieng
People have asked me about playing outsiders. I don’t consider myself an outsider. Maybe that’s why I’m interested in that. I’m not really sure.
Paul Dano
As an outsider, I have to say that the Premier League is a very attractive league.
Mario Gotze
I felt like an outsider, so listening to a bunch of outsiders’ music like Bjork and Patti Smith made me feel better. But at the same time, I didn’t have anyone singing specifically 100% about things I could relate to.
Perfume Genius
It’s like you always have to put on a happy face, be the phony baloney, and I’m so not that. I never was that; I’ll never be that. That is part of the business that I don’t like. Maybe that will always keep me an outsider, I don’t know. But that’s fine.
Chloe Sevigny
I felt like an outsider. The only time you get to really know guys is on the ice, and I couldn’t be there.
Saku Koivu
I’m running for Governor because we need a political outsider to move Missouri forward.
Eric Greitens
When you feel like an outsider – for whatever reason – you spend a lot of time alone.
Meg Cabot
I will carry with me always the deep sense of what it feels like to be an outsider and how tough it was, how hard it was to adapt to this country.
Elaine Chao
Margaret Thatcher always felt like an outsider in her party.
Phyllida Lloyd
I’m not trying to say that the work I have done in the past is path-breaking, but I have definitely tried to pick the best from what I was offered and being an outsider with no one to guide me I think I have done well.
Neha Sharma
No matter what you eventually become – free, empowered – the lingering feeling of ‘once an outsider, always an outsider’ is very vivid for me.
Christine and the Queens
It definitely sharpened my interest in language, the way people used language, slang words, speech patterns. There’s a big advantage to being the outsider.
Amy Heckerling
It’s not easy for an outsider to understand this industry.
Kapil Sharma
To an outsider, understanding an NFL playbook is like trying to read Japanese.
Matt Leinart
I was an outsider, never quite part of what was going on, always looking in. It turned out to be great preparation for writing fiction.
Hallie Ephron
I’ve always felt myself to be an outsider. I’ve always felt awkward.
Jeremy Paxman
There’s so many parts of my life that I’ve struggled with – that so many millions of others struggled with – about being an outsider, about feeling ugly, about having to overcome looking different to other people.
Gwendoline Christie
I don’t know if I feel like an outsider or an insider; I just feel like I always did. I don’t have one of those stories where I felt like no one understood me.
Chrissie Hynde
I don’t want to disregard any of the struggles others faced, but mine were different. I also gave auditions that never materialised not necessarily because I’m an outsider, but things didn’t work out at many levels.
Rohit Saraf
Once I started to retire, I was telling all of the girls in my generation, ‘Wow I feel like an outsider in this locker room because this whole new generation of women has stepped in,’ and that was one of the signs where I said maybe it’s time to retire.
Gail Kim
I am attracted to these outsider characters who just don’t belong anywhere, and who are operating in worlds they sort of don’t fit, coupled with huge ambitions.
Bennett Miller
There isn’t much room for an outsider point of view in print any more.
P. J. O’Rourke
I’m a scrappy outsider from Boston, so didn’t have a privileged background at all like many in business.
Jeremy Strong
I think that part of being a good journalist, part of being an awake member of the world you’re in, is to view yourself as an outsider, and I always have, to some degree.
Mark Leibovich
I think if I was Trinidadian, I would latch more on to the myths and romanticise the place more. I don’t think it’s my place to do that – they’re not really mine. I’m an outsider.
Peter Doig
The debut film came much easier to me than it would have if I was an outsider.
Dulquer Salmaan