Top 277 Governor Quotes

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His father is governor of Media, and though he has the

His father is governor of Media, and though he has the greatest command given him of all the rest of my generals, he still covetously desires more, and my being without issue spurs him on to this wicked design. But Philotas takes wrong measures.
Alexander the Great
It was difficult to realize, ‘I’m lieutenant governor.’ And Brown appropriately reminded me of that.
Gavin Newsom
I think New Jersey’s process is actually a very good one – the good government. The governor presents the budget, you’ve got one-on-one meetings, you’ve got leadership meetings, you’ve got hearings, more importantly, that are transparent and open.
Phil Murphy
As governor, my chief responsibility is to keep our state and people safe, which is why I have decided to oppose Arkansas being used as a relocation center for Syrian refugees.
Asa Hutchinson
As governor of Connecticut and commander-in-chief of the Connecticut National Guard, I have a solemn responsibility to ensure that the men and women who work every day to keep us safe have the support and resources they need from their elected leaders.
Ned Lamont
As governor, I’ll treat hard-working families with the respect that they deserve by being laser-focused on creating good-paying jobs with benefits and secure retirements; and expanding access to affordable health care.
Andy Beshear
If you want to replace an existing governor, you’d better tell people what you’re going to do and how you’re going to govern.
Kevin Faulconer
A reporter asked recently, ‘What keeps you up at night?’ I replied that I generally sleep well, but if I ever do have trouble, I don’t have to count sheep. I count all the states I’m glad I’m not the governor of.
Mitch McConnell
My nomination to be Governor was not to gratify ambition.
Lajos Kossuth
As Governor, I will stand up for the rights and civil liberties of all those in our State, and the rights of the State of Vermont.
Phil Scott
In the course of his ongoing crusade for Medicaid expansion, Ohio governor John Kasich has suggested that Ronald Reagan, Saint Peter, and God Himself all would support his plan to accept Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.
Edwin Meese
I feel strongly that the state would not be well-served by having a governor and speaker of the House from the same family and have never planned to run for governor if that would be the case. With Speaker Madigan planning to continue in office, I will not run for governor.
Lisa Madigan
I have a responsibility as an elected governor to govern and when I say govern, that means to make sure that our citizens are safe and we need the federal government to step up and do their job. They need to secure our borders.
Jan Brewer
I hope Paper Boi runs for president. I hope he does. Governor, mayor, senator, I hope he does it all. You better believe it.
Brian Tyree Henry
Governor is not the position to have in Oklahoma. It is the head coach of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State or Tulsa.
J. C. Watts
Cracking down on illegal immigration was a key priority when I ran in 2002, 2006, and during my time as governor. Illegal immigration is a big problem, and it needs to be strongly addressed.
Tim Pawlenty
Governor Romney is a good debater.
Jim Talent
Well, I’ve been a legislator, and I’m the governor now. When you get in these positions, you’ve got to be held to a pretty high standard.
Mike Parson
The RBI governor post is very high in the Warrant of Precedence and requires a patriotic and unconditional commitment to our nation.
Subramanian Swamy
The reason Gov. Romney passed Romneycare as governor of Massachusetts in 2006 was because many Republicans viewed health care reform, mandates and all, as a way to inoculate against Democratic charges that Republicans didn’t care about people who lacked health insurance.
Ari Fleischer
It’s really very simple, Governor. When people are hungry they die. So spare me your politics and tell me what you need and how you’re going to get it to these people.
Bob Geldof
I could not think higher of Governor Palin. She is a force of nature and has inspired a generation of women to really get actively involved in politics and, more importantly, take their culture back and take their country back.
Steve Bannon
I started in the mailroom, literally, as an intern… in 1974. The legislator I was working for at the time said, ‘I want you to get your law degree and come back here and get elected and be the first woman governor.’ I kind of took that guy seriously – I thought that sounded like a pretty good idea.
Claire McCaskill
Governor Perry taught me how to be a good man and to be a good husband. Not only does he have to take care of his own family, but the state of Texas.
Marcus Luttrell
I’ve always considered myself a Libertarian. While I was running for governor of New Mexico, the Republicans were totally inclusive of me; the party was open-armed, but they never thought I’d win. I delivered in a really big way; I exceeded their expectations and think I’m still highly regarded by the GOP in New Mexico.
Gary Johnson
Mitt Romney is a businessman, a turnaround artist, a CEO. That is who he is. The former governor has experience in the public and private sector.
Mark McKinnon
The governor should be a public servant, who listens, brings people together and governs with compassion.
Andy Beshear
Governor Isaac Stevens of the Washington Territory said there were a great many white people in our country, and many more would come; that he wanted the land marked out so that the Indians and the white man could be separated.
Chief Joseph
My number one priority as governor is to ensure the safety and well-being of the people of our state.
John Bel Edwards
As governor, I will work to ensure the Department of Environmental Protection issues the Climate Action Plan and will seek to implement the plan’s recommendations.
Katie McGinty
I haven’t pursued it as a senator because I know it’s like spitting in the wind. But I still believe it’s the right thing. And if I were governor and a bill came to my desk that provided for background checks at gun shows, I would sign that.
Wendy Davis
Mitt Romney has a proven job creation record as governo

Mitt Romney has a proven job creation record as governor and in the private sector.
Gordon Smith
Governor Romney has a great business background. He is extremely well educated. He has several degrees from Harvard, including, you know, business and including a law degree.
Clint Eastwood
As Governor, I will direct my Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services not to distribute federal taxpayer dollars from that department to Planned Parenthood clinics.
Matt Bevin
This is what happened to me when I received the governorship. The corrupt previous governor didn’t do the handover. We received the Miranda governorship completely dismantled.
Henrique Capriles Radonski
The DREAMers who are in my state are some of the most ambitious, creative, going to be productive businesspeople and doctors. That’s why I’m proud of being the first governor to make sure the DREAMers get access to college education.
Jay Inslee
What a country and state we live in where a small-town girl from rural Iowa can become governor and have the opportunity to serve Iowans at the highest level.
Kim Reynolds
When I became governor, I vowed to restore the public’s trust.
Kate Brown
When I’m governor, we’re not going to be silent like Bruce Rauner. Illinois will be a firewall against Donald Trump’s destructive and bigoted agenda.
J. B. Pritzker
You wouldn’t run for the United States Senate or for governor or for anything else without answering people’s questions about what you believe. And I think the Supreme Court is no different.
Evan Bayh
Doing what’s best for our kids means having a governor that is prepared to reach across the political aisle to do what’s best for the people of this state. We must care for each other.
Tony Evers
I decided to run for governor because I got mad… I want to make government more directly accountable to the people.
Jesse Ventura
I think people are looking for a president who has views and who sticks to those views. So, I think Governor Romney, Governor Perry, Governor Huntsman are all terrific candidates. I think we got a chance to elect a real, executive leader.
Lamar Alexander
I’m saying there is no way that I will do this, because it’s really not me. I know my strengths, and governor Romney needs to find someone who wants to run with him. There are many people who will do it very, very well, and I’ll support the ticket.
Condoleezza Rice
Mitt Romney talks a lot about all the things he’s fixed. I can tell you that Massachusetts wasn’t one of them. He’s a fine fellow and a great salesman, but as governor he was more interested in having the job than doing it.
Deval Patrick
As Governor I, and my office, have the responsibility to appoint members to various boards and commissions; this executive order ensures that we will no longer appoint registered lobbyists to those positions.
Kay Ivey
I was the governor that drew a tough, tough straw. I was governor during the worst recession since the 1930s, and I had to cut $5 billion from the state budget.
Tim Kaine
It was very constraining, much more than I ever would have thought, to run for governor.
Christine Gregoire
I doubt the people of North Carolina will be content to allow the governor to decide or even unduly influence selecting their senator.
Terry Sanford
You know, my dad served in the President’s Cabinet after his time as a governor. He told me he enjoyed being governor a lot more. Now, I understand why. If I do my job well, I can make a difference in people’s lives and I can help our children realize their dreams.
Mitt Romney
When I ran for governor of Minnesota, I only raised $300,000.
Jesse Ventura
I’m from rural Virginia, and as governor, I am committed to making sure Virginia’s economy works for everyone – no matter who you are, no matter where you’re from.
Ralph Northam