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The traditional teaching of the church has proven to be

The traditional teaching of the church has proven to be the only failsafe way to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.
Pope Benedict XVI
People always say a script will be ‘brought to life in a magical way,’ but for me that has been proven wrong time and time again.
Ginnifer Goodwin
I have decided to endorse Governor John Kasich for president because he is a leader who has a proven record of delivering results. John turned Ohio around at a tough time, and I believe he can do the same for our country.
Rob Portman
When you get a full night’s sleep, which can vary from 7 to 9 hours for different individuals, it’s been proven that all aspects of performance increase.
Mikhail Varshavski
I have proven that being a perfectionist can be profitable and admirable when creating content across the board: in television, books, newspapers, radio, videos.
Martha Stewart
Some argue shareholder capitalism has proven more efficient. It has moved economic resources to where they’re most productive, and thereby enabled the economy to grow faster.
Robert Reich
A lot of times passion projects or films are difficult to make because they don’t have proven directors attached to them.
David Duchovny
The hardest thing to do in this league is to get a proven star. It’s just very hard to do. It’s hard to do in free agency; it’s hard to do in trades. You get very few opportunities to do it.
Stan Van Gundy
Austin Aries is a guy that has been the longest-reigning ‘X Division’ champion, has proven himself all over the world before he even got to TNA, and is well-respected in the industry, so I think he’s a guy to look out for and I look forward to working with.
Bobby Roode
Junior Dos Santos is one of the best heavyweight fighters of all time, and he has proven it by being a champion. That is something that I want to be in my career, and I understand to achieve that, I have to beat guys like him.
Stipe Miocic
I felt like ‘What Part of No’ was very chauvinistic. I thought men would take it the wrong way and turn against me. I’m happy to say I was proven wrong.
Lorrie Morgan
I will continue to be a voice for Nevadans in the Senate, opposing Yucca Mountain and working to identify viable alternatives for long-term repositories in areas that are proven safe and whose communities consent to that storage.
Jacky Rosen
As I look back over fifty years of ministry, I recall innumerable tests, trials and times of crushing pain. But through it all, the Lord has proven faithful, loving, and totally true to all his promises.
David Wilkerson
Till a person is proven guilty, no one should attack him or her.
Salim Kumar
Radical Islamic jihadists have a long-term vision. And if they have to stay in Europe to obtain a citizenship, to ultimately travel to the United States, and if it takes them five years or ten years, they’re okay with that. History has proven that.
Jeff Duncan
Look, I want to be able to make the stupidest movies ever, because they make people laugh and they make money. But that’s not all I want to do. And I think I’ve proven to some people – the ones paying attention – that I can do more. Everybody else, well, they can wait and see and make up their mind.
Marlon Wayans
LeBron James has proven he can lead by example. My wish for LeBron is to understand the following: He’s an exceptional leader because he leads by example. The next step on the road to Legend, which he’s already on, is to trust he’s the best player in the best system anywhere in basketball.
B. J. Armstrong
New Hampshire charter schools have proven themselves to be an integral part of our state’s high-quality public education system for thousands of students.
Chris Sununu
I have done six films with the Bhatt camp and I know that they are good at marketing, packaging the film and they are very good with music, a track record that they have proven since 25 years.
Rahul Roy
Here is my theory on this one. If you write things down, if there is a mystery and you try and explain it, once you’ve written it down for permanent, in due time, it’ll be proven stupid.
Joey Santiago
Their mothers had finally caught up to them and been proven right. There were consequences after all but they were the consequences to things you didn’t even know you’d done.
Margaret Atwood
China has proven that the wellbeing of citizens in a country doesn’t necessarily contradict its engagement globally.
Arancha Gonzalez
I think what separates me from the candidates is the fact that I have a proven track record of being a fighter. A fighting for what people believe in, whether it is popular or not. Despite the opposition, I stand true. Because people know that I will do what I say. And that I say what I do.
Michele Bachmann
I’ve proven I can play.
Jimmer Fredette
Einstein’s results again turned the tables and now very few philosophers or scientists still think that scientific knowledge is, or can be, proven knowledge.
Imre Lakatos
I was right then, I’m right now. I think time has proven me right.
Pete Wilson
I do know that I’ve read somewhere that it’s been statistically proven that in times of war, horror films are much more popular. I don’t know why that is. You’d think it’d be the opposite. You’d think people would want to escape from it.
Aaron Stanford
Through our deregulatory actions, the Trump Administration has proven that burdensome federal regulations are not necessary to drive environmental progress.
Andrew R. Wheeler
Golf appeals to the idiot in us and the child. Just how childlike golf players become is proven by their frequent inability to count past five.
John Updike
It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value.
Arthur C. Clarke
What I have to do now is figure where my passion is, and follow my heart; I’ve proven that if I have the passion for something then I can succeed. I haven’t been listening to my heart in the last little while.
Clara Hughes
I have proven to the world that I am articulate, I am v

I have proven to the world that I am articulate, I am very intelligent, I’m well exposed.
George Weah
There is nothing real about film. Nothing. Even the light particles that project the film can’t be proven to exist. Nothing is there.
Richard Gere
The last two times I went to spring training, I had to win a job, and if I didn’t get off to a blazing start, I’m on the bench. Now, I’ve proven myself, so it’s not essential that I get off to a real good start.
Eric Davis
Any spinner can change the game. It’s been proven in T20 cricket.
Imran Tahir
When given the chance, women have proven they will participate in the electoral process.
Ginny Brown-Waite
A veteran is a person who has proven themselves in an uncontrolled, unstable environment. That’s the kind of person I want on my team.
Dakota Meyer
If Donald Trump’s candidacy has proven anything, it’s that the media has no idea what Americans care about.
Ann Coulter
I am passionate about finding undiscovered and talented artists. I want to help those artists get to the next level and provide existing artists with a new way to reach fans. I wanted to partner with the Cutting Edge Group because they share my vision and have a proven track record in innovation in the music business.
Michelle Phan
The intellectual bourgeois of the old Empire – tepid and unimaginative, mentally slow, arrogant, and incorrectly trained – has proven his incapacity to be the bearer of German culture. His benumbed world is now toppled, its spirit is overthrown, and is in the midst of being recast into a new mold.
Walter Gropius
Just as invasion is the true and tried weapon in the hands of capital against the class struggle, so on the other hand the fearless pursuit of the class struggle has always proven the most effective preventative of foreign invasions.
Karl Liebknecht
I thought that there would never again be an opportunity to be involved with an industry as socially destructive and morally bankrupt as the subprime mortgage industry. I was wrong. The for-profit education industry has proven equal to the task.
Steve Eisman
Baltimore has proven themselves on the football field. We can’t take that away.
Jim Brown
Pippin chooses love and finds a greater sense of himself at the end of all the madness. I relate to him in many ways. I have been through stuff, thought I knew best, and often been proven wrong.
Matthew James Thomas
Video is moving online in a big way. It’s proven to be a challenging market for some companies that start out as a pure Internet company such as Joost.
Niklas Zennstrom
Unlike financial impropriety, which needs to be proven, a charge of sexual loutishness and aggressiveness in and of itself can finish you off. Does the man match the charge? To be the kind of man who would be accused of being so gross is guilt enough.
Michael Wolff
Bourgeois society is not fundamentally opposed to the bourgeois women’s movement, which is proven by the fact that in various states reforms of private and public laws concerning women have been initiated.
Clara Zetkin
That morning of 11 September 2001, as we watched the twin towers crumble on live television, America and I would develop a bond that has proven deeper and more enduring – for better or worse, through sickness and health – than the one I had with my now ex-husband.
Mona Eltahawy
And it really began with Einstein. We attended his lectures. Now the theory of relativity remained – and still remains – only a theory. It has not been proven. But it suggested a completely different picture of the physical world.
Douglas Sirk
Decades of scientific research has proven that carbon pollution is harmful to human health and causes global warming.
Jeff Merkley
Increasing patient access to more affordable, FDA-approved generic and biosimilar medicines is a proven and tested solution to lowering prescription drug costs.
Chris Sununu
Audiences want great story telling; it’s why white people watch my show ‘Black in America.’ It’s why black people watch ‘Latina in America.’ All of that is statistically shown and proven but it was because it was good story telling about people who were outsiders.
Soledad O’Brien