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I would be more familiar with Janet Jackson than I was

I would be more familiar with Janet Jackson than I was with the Teardrop Explodes or Joy Division, because I didn’t want to listen to my competitors for fear of nicking ideas off them.
Robert Smith
I started going on YouTube and studying everybody who was super popular, from Taylor Swift to Beyonce to Michael Jackson to Chris Brown, just everybody… That’s what helped me find my voice and helped me find how I write songs, just doing covers.
Kane Brown
The Warriors team with Baron Davis, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson – that was an incredible team.
Mark Lanegan
Oh, Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson. And no matter if he sold 40 million records off of one record and sold 15 off his last or whatever the counts may be, Michael Jackson will be Michael Jackson.
Tito Jackson
If I had to go back to something, I would go back to the ‘Victory Tour’ of the Jacksons, because I love me some Michael Jackson. I’d get my one glove, and my high water pants on, and my sparkly socks and black loafers.
I have the person at home, the person who has his privacy, too. Michael Jackson didn’t do the moonwalk in his kitchen.
Tracy Morgan
If the police ever try to pick me up, Michael Jackson told me I can hide out at his house.
Gilbert Gottfried
Bernie Sanders is our Jesse Jackson only more so.
David Dellinger
I remember specifically a couple of performances that I saw when I was young – River Phoenix in ‘Stand by Me’ and also Michael Jackson, in particular his ability to command such power and love while maintaining such deep vulnerability. It really moved my soul from a very young age.
Asia Kate Dillon
I think it says wonders about people that can write an entire album, and put out an entire album of great songs. I mean, the Brad Paisley’s, Alan Jackson especially, even Taylor Swift – those people can really pen great stuff.
Joe Nichols
I think the criticism Coach Greg Jackson gets is ridiculous and it makes me angry.
Cub Swanson
Both Springsteen and Michael Jackson, who had these huge productions, could always scale them back down to just a song and a melody. All of that influences me. I also try to be a fictional writer, and sometimes I get close, but the things that resonate the most with me – and with everyone else – is what’s real.
James Bay
I have always admired Michael Jackson, and he’s the one I get most inspiration from. I hope to become an artist like him as he won so many people’s hearts and gave that love back to them through his music.
Lee Tae-min
My earliest influence was Quincy Jones. I thought ‘The Wiz’ soundtrack was the most amazing thing I’d ever heard. It was my first record and you had Michael Jackson, Ted Ross, Nipsey Russell and Diana Ross on it. I even took it to show and tell in third grade!
Jill Scott
It is very sad about Michael Jackson, much as in the tragic cases of Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole and other celebrities who have died are a result of drugs. It is always sad when such a bright light goes out.
Grace Park
Michael Jackson has some contact with his mother. I know she is involved with the children.
Martin Bashir
I had a very curly perm in the ’80s, thanks to the ‘Way You Make Me Feel’ Michael Jackson video. I liked the girl in it.
Penelope Cruz
Where are Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton? They don’t speak for Black America, and they don’t speak for me.
Darryl Glenn
Whereas Books of Wonder excels with children’s literature, McNally Jackson is where I go for my adult new releases, and no, it has nothing to do with the fact that Taylor Swift shops there, too.
Adam Silvera
I feel like my peers now are artists like Madonna and the Stones, Michael Jackson and Prince. These are people who were able to take their careers beyond the normal here-today-gone-tomorrow life span.
LL Cool J
I think even before I knew I wanted to be a rapper, I wanted to be an entertainer. I was really into Michael Jackson as a kid.
Chance The Rapper
Obama is no different than Jeremiah Wright Jr., Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton – he’s just more polished and better at hiding who he is.
Jesse Lee Peterson
Old school Janet Jackson is always good. I usually go old school, it’s very rare that I pick a song from nowadays.
Jenna Dewan
I really like Damian Lillard, I like Iman Shumpert’s raps, Stephen Jackson, Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. Those are my favorite ones. I like Lonzo Ball, don’t know about him as a rapper yet, but I know he’s cool.
Lil B
As an actor, you’re like, ‘Yeah, I want that phone call from Peter Jackson saying, ‘You’re my first choice for Thorin Oakenshield.’
Richard C. Armitage
Anyone who thinks Peter Jackson would fall for market forces around him rather than artistic integrity doesn’t know the guy or the body of his work.
Ian Mckellen
I came around at a time when myself, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and George Michael, we were considered kind of dangerous.
Terence Trent D’Arby
If my Michael Jackson routine left even one person feeling uncomfortable or less joyful, I felt like it was in everyone’s best interest to change the music to my routine.
Katelyn Ohashi
Over my dead body when I’m governor of Virginia are we ever going to take down the statue of Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson or any hero of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Corey Stewart
It was a privilege to meet Rev. Jackson, and I learned a tremendous amount from his insight.
Travis Kalanick
I was living on the wrong side of the tracks in Evanston, Illinois, in a home for boys. We had these Jackson 5 records. I really related to their voices – they were about my age, but they were doing it.
Eddie Vedder
Big up Samuel L. Jackson, because here's a guy who has

Big up Samuel L. Jackson, because here’s a guy who has broken down doors.
Daniel Kaluuya
With the ’60s era and Motown, my grandparents actually introduced us to that when I was younger, so I grew up listening to the Jackson Five, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, The Supremes and Diana Ross’ solo stuff. I just loved it.
Jordin Sparks
Anyone who still supports George Bush would still let Michael Jackson babysit their kids.
Hal Sparks
My first introduction to pop music was probably the Osmonds, the Jackson 5, the BeeGees… Then the Beatles eventually. My father was pretty specific about what we listened to early on.
Nick Jonas
I think my fighting skills have certainly been improved by working with Peter Jackson.
Richard C. Armitage
Deion Sanders played two sports, and Bo Jackson played two sports. I’m not athletic enough to do two sports, but I think I’m good enough to do two professions and do them pretty well at a high level.
Pat McAfee
R.E.M.’s ‘Automatic for the People’ – that’s probably one of my favourite records – Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ – that’s some record – Crowded House’s ‘Together Alone’ – that’s brilliant, fantastic record.
Jamie Lawson
Who, adult or child, is Michael Jackson truly close to? What and who is he trying to flee? What’s the nature of the psychic damage he has so clearly sustained? I suspect his racial identity is more a byproduct of that damage than the primal cause.
Margo Jefferson
Michael Jackson is an accidental civil rights leader – an accidental pioneer. He broke ground and barriers in so many different realms in artistry, in pictures, in movies, in music, you name it.
Don Lemon
A little before noon I sent orders to all my batteries to open fire through the streets or at any points where the troops were seen about the city, as a diversion in favor of Jackson.
James Longstreet
As far as I’m concerned, I want to do everything because life is short. So, when I did ‘The Red Violin’ film, I got to go to the Oscars, and I got to meet Samuel Jackson, and I got to do stuff that one wouldn’t normally do in my world.
Joshua Bell
I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, really in suburbia, so my mother was in community theatre plays.
Beth Henley
There I met Gordon Jackson and Dave Meredith who were playing in local bands.
Jim Capaldi
Losing Michael Jackson is a handicap. It’s the Lakers trying to win a championship without Kobe Bryant.
Tito Jackson
Growing up, my parents always played artists like Alanis Morissette, Aerosmith and Michael Jackson, so I just grew to love their music. And I just love so many diverse artists for different reasons; some for their instruments, some for their edge, some for their vocals.
My room used to be full of Michael Jackson posters.
Michael Jackson had a stable vision. He had a strong message, not only pop. People just fainted at his concert.
How do you make something the same but different? That’s the question I had to deal with in my approach to the cover painting for ‘Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes.’ I wanted it to have many similarities to ‘Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods,’ but I knew they couldn’t be too similar.
John Rocco
Whenever you went into any place where there was Michael Jackson footage at Sony, it was like going through Homeland Security.
Kenny Ortega
When my friends talk about childhood, I’ve never heard of any cartoons or TV they remember. The only thing we share is Michael Jackson. That’s how far his music travelled – to a remote village on the other side of the world.
Alek Wek
When I was born, that was the music my mother was listening to. Michael Jackson is a third parent to me.
The Weeknd
I get letters from college kids who have read Percy Jackson when they were younger who tell me, ‘I just passed my Classics exam.’ The books are accurate enough that they can serve as a gateway to Homer and Virgil.
Rick Riordan
I would just take dolls around the house – there’s old VHS footage from my dad, who was an early adapter and had this RCA camera – and it’s me taking a Michael Jackson Barbie doll and putting on a show with that.
Natasha Rothwell
I always had a love of music, from the time I was a little kid, dressing up and singing along with Michael Jackson songs.
When I’m acting in TV or movies, I’m a character. But when I’m doing music, I’m Trevor Jackson.
Trevor Jackson