Top 30 Chores Quotes

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Chores which can be done in an hour, I take about three

Chores which can be done in an hour, I take about three hours to do it.
Zareen Khan
I don’t think I would be a writer if I had stayed in Chile. I would be trapped in the chores, in the family, in the person that people expected me to be.
Isabel Allende
If a cow walked into this room, I’d probably walk out. I could milk it, but my dad never forced me to do a lot of chores like that, mostly because he loved doing it himself.
Stuart Appleby
We were taught manners and we had to do our chores – Katie and I grew up as normal kids.
Oliver Hudson
Before I could go out with friends I had to get my room ‘ready for inspection,’ and a good chunk of our family bonding time besides the kids’ activities were definitely all the chores we did. Which I loved.
Emily Compagno
Until Ranveer was born in August 2005, three years into our marriage, I was working in Hindi or South Indian films. After marriage, I began learning how to run a house. My mother wanted to teach me the basics, but I was never home. So when my mother-in-law taught me chores, it was hard to adjust.
Sonali Bendre
Both parents were hard-working and made me work for my pocket money by doing household chores. That taught me the value of money and gave me a strong work ethic.
Eddie the Eagle
I think there are moral obligations, and I think there are economic transactions. So I think that chores are good; I think that allowances are good. I think combining them is bad.
Daniel H. Pink
Really, I don’t like to do any household chores. There was a time when I loved to cook, but that was when I wasn’t writing books.
Elaine Pagels
For me at least, there’s a need for normalcy when I get home. I’ve always been a homebody. When I get home, it’s just a matter of doing the chores that I need to do to get back on the road and then just plopping down in front of some Netflix or college football. I love college football.
Big E
All those who run away to ashrams, thinking they are doing something great are just performing daily chores there – cooking, gardening etc. After all, the place has to be run.
Tanushree Dutta
I love to go home and do the chores and read.
Adam West
Though farm chores and construction work are the most physically demanding jobs that I currently do, they feel like recess to me. And there’s something really beautiful about work that feels like play.
Chip Gaines
More fundamentally, it is a dream that does not die with the onset of manhood: the dream is to play endlessly, past the time when you are called home for dinner, past the time of doing chores, past the time when your body betrays you past time itself.
John Thorn
One thing I think kids need to do is more chores, and take care of their own rooms. Responsibilities are really important to start them with. If they have animals, they have to feed them and care for them. That’s the only way I think I could do it.
Faith Ford
I was obsessed with films as a kid and so recorded as many as I could. I spent all my pocket money and any money earned by doing extra chores on blank videos for my burgeoning cinema.
Sarah Millican
I do not run late. Growing up on a farm, you’re just not late when it’s time to do chores or go to work. I grew up Mennonite, and so that work ethic and timeliness was just ingrained in me from a very young age.
Greg Brenneman
Myself and my two younger sisters and brother were paid for any chores, whether it was washing pop’s car, sweeping the lawn or picking mangoes.
Marie Helvin
My parents were relaxed, but very strict on manners. They encouraged us to follow our instincts and desires, so they were quite bohemian in that sense, but we had to work hard and that included chores.
Alexander Armstrong
My parents pushed us very hard to work, both in the home, doing chores and cooking, and at school.
Wendi Deng Murdoch
On the farm, I had chores. I had a calf. We had a herd of cattle in the pasture. We’d go and get me a calf at a cow auction with Amish people, which I would raise. I gave it a bottle every day, in this cute little coop, like a giant dog coop almost. I’ve always been a big animal person.
Krysten Ritter
When I have time, I’ll be a good girl and do my chores.
Camilla Luddington
There was a Saint Laurent dress that I actually had to hide from my manager. I DJ’d for part of the money, did a shoot and got a discount, and it was still one of my most extravagant purchases. I’ve worn it loads, even to do chores around the house, so surely that makes it ok?
Daisy Lowe
I like doing chores.
John Prine
I had brothers and sisters and did chores and had to pick up the dog crap in the yard and mow the lawn and do all the normal things that kids have to do.
Peter Billingsley
Southern people are raised with a work ethic. My son is 5 years old and does chores. My mom was a dance teacher, and the training and discipline it takes to be a dancer I’ve carried with me in Hollywood.
Jaime Pressly
I learned a lot when I was 14 and 15 years old doing chores inside and outside the household, and as a result, I grew up with a good work ethic.
Jack Kingston
When I was a kid, I’d wake up extraordinarily early every morning and turn on the television, scanning for episodes of ‘The Jetsons.’ For some reason, I loved the notion of a future where there would be flying cars, supercomputers, and most of all, robot maids to take care of the chores.
Ben Shapiro
I help with everything. My wife and I are a team. I pack my son’s lunches, and she takes him to baseball practice when I gotta go train. It’s hand-in-hand. There are no labels on our chores.
Bill Goldberg
I have a lot of help to do chores so I can be with my family, and I never have any help over the weekends.
Diane Greene