Top 30 Commenting Quotes

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Every now and then, we hear parents commenting on the f

Every now and then, we hear parents commenting on the fearful things which motion pictures may do to the minds of children. They seem to think that a little child is full of sweetness and of light. We had the same notion until we had a chance to listen intently to the prattle of a three-year-old.
Heywood Broun
I went into photography because it seemed like the perfect vehicle for commenting on the madness of today’s existence.
Robert Mapplethorpe
As treasury secretary, I don’t see it as my role commenting on the dollar in short-term movements.
Steve Mnuchin
As a devoted mother and private person, and with complete awareness that my daughter will one day be old enough to read the news about herself, I would only like to say that I will never, ever be commenting on the dissolution of my marriage.
Scarlett Johansson
Goalkeepers get criticism for commenting on outfield players, but outfield players can comment on goalkeeping; it is not a two-way street.
Karen Bardsley
Generals aren’t in the business of commenting on the correctness or incorrectness of the President’s decisions. Anybody who thinks he should be able to do that ought to be fired on the spot.
Norman Schwarzkopf
Well, I make a practice of not commenting on the role of the relative exchange value of our currency.
John W. Snow
I definitely have fun commenting on the real world and interpreting through the ‘Dear White People’ lens.
Justin Simien
I think if people want to have surgery then fine, if it makes you feel better, brilliant. But it does annoy me when you’re being accused of it, and it’s not nice when people are commenting being like ‘Eughh, what has she done to her face?’ And I’m like ‘Oh my god, I’ve done nothing, this is actually my face.’
Georgia Toffolo
I love it when people criticize me for inquiring or commenting on someone’s marriage when I’m not married.
Kenya Moore
In my twenties, I was virulently opposed to anyone commenting on my appearance, lest it come at the expense of my ability.
Fiona Bruce
Half the guys commenting on MS Dhoni can’t even tie their shoelaces.
Ravi Shastri
When I was growing up, we used to be like the Royle family, sitting around watching lots of TV and commenting on it. It was our focal point.
Helen Baxendale
In reality, if there are 200 people commenting on something online, it’s less than a grain of salt in a huge beach of humanity – who cares?
Suki Waterhouse
It’s a fine line between commenting on social events and exploiting them in a commercial endeavor. This is the tension with which the fashion industry struggles – unfairly.
Robin Givhan
It didn’t really sink in for me when I first heard that we would be supporting RHCP. But when I heard people around us commenting on how incredible it is to be on tour with such a celebrated band, that’s when it finally sunk in and realised what a remarkable honour it is to tour with RHCP.
Suzuka Nakamoto
There’s a lot of hate, it’s terrible. I get it on my Twitter and Instagram all the time; I see it on Kim’s as well. It’s just miserable people, who are sitting in their basements, I feel bad for them, it’s sad. Some people spend their whole day just commenting, it’s really a sick situation.
Jonathan Cheban
Art is commenting on what’s going on around you in your life.
Al Jourgensen
More immediately, I’m currently working on another Dracula in which there will be connections with ancient Egypt. That’s about as far as I want to go in commenting on current work.
Fred Saberhagen
I have to admit to being a music snob. I think, in a parallel universe, I pretty easily could have been Jack Black’s character from ‘High Fidelity,’ working in a record store and snidely commenting on everyone’s purchases.
Paul G. Tremblay
I’m used to people commenting on my body, even women I have just met.
Carole Radziwill
Judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
I was angry and sad that people kept commenting on my pictures saying, ‘You’re too fat to wear that!’ or ‘Cover up! No one wants to see that!’
Tess Holliday
As a professional journalist who nonetheless champions a ‘people’s’ Internet, I am happy to compete against the thousands of amateur bloggers out there reporting and commenting on the same stories I do.
Douglas Rushkoff
I like shows where the female characters are as funny as the male characters, not just commenting on how funny the male characters are.
Graham Linehan
When I was a kid, we all knew who Niki Lauda was. He was a hero, a living legend in Germany. Everybody knows him. And he’s still very present on TV because he’s commenting for Formula One.
Daniel Bruhl
I realized that at the World Cup – which incidentally was my first ever World Cup – the media would be commenting not only on our game, but also on our different styles. That’s why I decided to seek professional help to put my looks together.
Yuzvendra Chahal
Gail didn’t want me commenting on the opinion pages. I was hired by the news department and, despite the rabid assertions of the Times’ enemies and detractors, the two really have nothing to do with each other.
Daniel Okrent
To me, comedy is just twisting reality. It’s commenting or observing or twisting life.
Steven Wright
The great joy of doing ‘The Daily Show’ for me is that I get to sit on the fence between cultures. I am commenting on the absurdity of both sides as an outsider and insider. Sometimes I’m playing the brown guy, and sometimes I’m not, but the best stuff I do always goes back to being a brown kid in a white world.
Aasif Mandvi