Top 30 Cultivating Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Cultivating Quotes from famous people such as Lynne Doughtie, Jordan Peterson, Angela Lindvall, Anna D. Shapiro, Andrew Yang, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Cultivating innovative thinking starts at the top. Lead

Cultivating innovative thinking starts at the top. Leaders can foster a culture of innovation by encouraging creativity and experimenting with new ideas.
Lynne Doughtie
Once someone has spent enough time cultivating bad habits and biding their time, they are much diminished. Much of what they could have been has dissipated.
Jordan Peterson
I’m focusing on cultivating my land. I have vegetables and fruit trees; I want to get some chickens and solar and really get off the grid and focus on just, really, being a mother.
Angela Lindvall
My main interest is in cultivating my company.
Anna D. Shapiro
In most every business, you learn by doing. The apprenticeship model is much more effective than the classroom for cultivating entrepreneurs.
Andrew Yang
After reading about the Al Ain Oasis by ECWC, I became curious about cultivating dates, and browsed about the web a bit, learning.
Caterina Fake
Science is not about control. It is about cultivating a perpetual condition of wonder in the face of something that forever grows one step richer and subtler than our latest theory about it. It is about reverence, not mastery.
Richard Powers
Cultivating a global incubator network would help people from all backgrounds bring creative ideas to market and launch startups that generate more jobs – and would also align to the growing interest among youth for entrepreneurship.
Tae Yoo
In a pluralistic society like ours, I think the ability to resist hate comes from cultivating a civil society that, on the one hand, nurtures the freedom of each group to pursue their faith and distinctive way of life, while, at the same time, fostering the ties that bind us together into a genuine broader community.
William Barr
You have to support the government, not to me personally; I do not want anyone cultivating loyalty to me. I don’t like that.
Rodrigo Duterte
Cultivating a thoughtful citizenry is a project for educators, parents, and religious and community leaders as much as tech leaders.
Ro Khanna
I have interests outside of rugby and have been cultivating them for when I do decide to hang up the boots.
Brian O’Driscoll
We are going back to our roots by cultivating new unsigned talent who otherwise might go unnoticed.
Tommy Hilfiger
I don’t develop anything. I don’t practice, I don’t rehearse. I just go out there, and it’s just amazing and unpredictable and spontaneous every single time. It’s the most cultivating incredible performance that you can go and see live for the amount of money that you can see it for.
Tory Lanez
I am manager at Chelsea. I manage and represent elite and world class players and this for me is an amazing job I’ve spent nine years cultivating all my energy into. I’m not looking for another job.
Emma Hayes
Spontaneity, the hallmark of childhood, is well worth cultivating to counteract the rigidity that may otherwise set in as we grow older.
Gail Sheehy
The mission that unites all of the programs of the Teach For All global network is that of cultivating the leadership capacity critical to ultimately ensuring educational opportunity for all.
Wendy Kopp
There is land in Colombia, fortunately, for everybody. We don’t have to expropriate land from people who are cultivating that land legally.
Juan Manuel Santos
Cultivating more leaders who reflect our heterogeneous society depends on universities’ transparent use of race as one of many factors in an admissions process that is accessible to all.
Wendy Kopp
My desire to be valued is manifested in cultivating relationships with my friends and family.
Zachary Quinto
I always felt like my value was much more in my intellect than it was in my appearance, and so that’s what I spent time cultivating. And some of that I get from my mother, some of that comes from the schools that I went to, and some of that comes from probably insecurity.
Kerry Washington
I always wanted to create this community that would come and tell their own story, shoot it – and watch them. The idea is to not have one entity who creates the work, the project, and another entity who consumes it; the idea is people create their own work, like somebody cultivating his garden.
Michel Gondry
The best way I’ve learned to navigate pivotal moments in my career is by actively cultivating a personal board of directors. The most successful companies and nonprofits have strong boards to help guide them, so why not create our own? The needs are quite similar.
Margo Georgiadis
I decided a long time ago to be myself and not worry too much about cultivating some kind of personality that didn’t feel natural or true to who I am.
Lynn Coady
Positive health means becoming whole-heartedly engaged with our own health care. It means not outsourcing our health to the health care system. It means getting rid of the fear and paralysis we too often feel, and instead cultivating a sense of agency.
Jane McGonigal
I can’t spend any time cultivating celebrity.
Joanna Coles
If right now our emotional reaction to seeing a certain person or hearing certain news is to fly into a rage or to get despondent or something equally extreme, it’s because we have been cultivating that particular habit for a very long time.
Pema Chodron
By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity.
Robert A. Heinlein
By cultivating rich social networks, by cultivating weak ties, not just close ties but the weak ties, by becoming connectors and by connecting others so that they connect us, we create a world in which these self-amplifying feedback loops feed on top of each other.
Jason Silva
Investing in your long-term health means cultivating the skills to prepare your own meals, developing healthy eating habits and a willingness to make time to exercise. The earlier you embrace these habits, the healthier you will be in your 50s, 60s and beyond.
Jason Whitlock