Top 30 Disenfranchised Quotes

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You see people who are disenfranchised elsewhere coming

You see people who are disenfranchised elsewhere coming to Comic Con and making lifetime friends. I love seeing the outcasts of society all bonding together.
Scott Aukerman
It is not impossible to succeed as a social democracy, where business and free enterprise thrive, and not abandon the disenfranchised, poor, sick, and elderly.
Richard Belzer
If anything, I feel a bit of pressure to write about less disenfranchised people, because I’d probably sell more books that way and would’ve already had some hot property that I could’ve sold to Hollywood.
Adrian Tomine
You don’t have a very motivated working class, it starts to affect the dynamics of the economy. If workers are disenchanted and disenfranchised, productivity losses will go along with that.
James Sinegal
If the basic structure of Grameen is changed, the worry is that the poor women who are the rightful owners of the bank will be disenfranchised.
Muhammad Yunus
The enemy online is fast. They are ruthless. They prey on the vulnerable and disenfranchised. They use the very best of innovation for the most evil of ends.
Amber Rudd
ISIL is saying to a disenfranchised population, ‘Come join us. Fight the good fight.’ I think we’re actually playing into it when they hear Trump’s rhetoric. And I think it’s dangerous and hurtful as a matter of national policy.
Andrew Cuomo
Americans feel frustrated, distanced, and disenfranchised from our elected government. We deserve more: a government in which we truly all have a voice.
Eric Swalwell
The people who have been unjustly disenfranchised by our criminal justice system and the people who daily fight for them always have, and always will be, the inspiration and focus of my efforts.
Malcolm Jenkins
Part of the reason why people get radicalized is because they feel they are disenfranchised; that they not there; that they are bullied. But if they are represented, they can’t go and say to themselves: ‘Oh, this society hates us!’
Bassem Youssef
I became so disenfranchised, I dropped out of school and I moved to New York.
Isaac Wright Jr.
I get so disenfranchised reading the news, because global borders and lines we’ve created are completely unnecessary. That’s just another person on the other side, and it’s his bad luck that he was born there and it’s my good fortune that I was born here. It’s all kind of illogical.
Eddie Huang
Sometimes when I’m working with RuPaul, I can’t even look at her without feeling so emotional about the process I went through, and what was before the competition and what happened in my life after, and what it’s done to millions of gay disenfranchised freaky kids.
Sharon Needles
For too long, some lazy politicians have engaged leaders of Muslim communities as a shortcut to engaging disenfranchised Muslim citizens.
Sadiq Khan
It is clear that the photo ID requirement is not a solution to a problem but is instead a political ploy to prevent traditionally disenfranchised populations from voting for the candidates of their choice.
Marc Veasey
Every man needs slaves like he needs clean air. To rule is to breathe, is it not? And even the most disenfranchised get to breathe. The lowest on the social scale have their spouses or their children.
Albert Camus
Let discernment in matters of fashion and entertainment determine who should get the vote, and half the country would be disenfranchised.
Howard Jacobson
People are hurting, and they feel very disengaged and disenfranchised.
Ann Callis
I don’t think that the black market’s a new thing. It’s always been a part of history, and it’s been one of the ways that immigrants and disenfranchised people move into the middle class.
Lela Loren
Stopping TB requires a government program that functions every day of the year, and that’s hard in certain parts of the world. And partly it’s because of who tuberculosis affects: It tends to affect the poor and disenfranchised most.
Tom Frieden
Republicans were historically the party ever-expanding freedom to disenfranchised minorities, from newly liberated slaves to giving women the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony was a Republican.
Margaret Hoover
Berta Caceres, a Lenca woman, grew up during the violence that swept through Central America in the 1980s. Her mother, a midwife and social activist, took in and cared for refugees from El Salvador, teaching her young children the value of standing up for disenfranchised people.
Greg Grandin
Inequality causes problems by creating fissures in societies, leaving those at the bottom feeling marginalized or disenfranchised.
Nicholas Kristof
Literature is my Utopia. Here I am not disenfranchised. No barrier of the senses shuts me out from the sweet, gracious discourses of my book friends. They talk to me without embarrassment or awkwardness.
Helen Keller
I’m a big fan of Barack Obama. I think he carries a heavier burden and is held to a greater and higher standard than other candidates : I think there’s a large, large portion of this country that feels disenfranchised and marginalized by the political process.
Chris Carter
Creating more characters that represent historically marginalized and historically disenfranchised people in television and film is certainly important.
Asia Kate Dillon
We are accountable to each other; having an equitable Minnesota benefits everyone, not just the disenfranchised.
Ilhan Omar
If you double count some votes, that makes other votes disenfranchised.
John Ensign
The disenfranchised should be going to art school – not the franchised.
Gary Hume
People who are disenfranchised politically and people who are poor often don’t vote. They often don’t elect politicians, so the politicians who are supporting them are really being very charitable, because they’re not going to give them billions of dollars in campaign funds.
Joyce Carol Oates